listening to kylie


i know it’s not ginny. cause’ even you’re not that crazy.

<< then  w h y  haven’t you told ginny? >>

                                                  << i  d o n ’ t  know >>

✨Squad Goals Season 2 Episode 21: Prego af✨


Justin Drew Bieber is never touching me again because Justin Drew Bieber has gotten me pregnant. After the whole puking in his brand new house ordeal he insisted that I see a doctor the next day and here I am with Kylie listening to a doctor list off prenatal vitamins. When the doctor leaves I sit up in the ugly ass hospital gown and stare at Kylie who’s face is twisted into a worried frown. 

“What the fuck am I going to do King?” I whine and she stands up to offer me a hug, 

“Justin is going to be so hype" 

"I know" 

"and you guys just got that new house…”

“I still haven’t told him wether or not I’m going to move in” Kylie frowns and tilts her head.

“Isn’t that sort of inevitable Rhi? You guys are going to have a baby… Unless…” I look up at her and raise an eyebrow,

“unless what?” She bites her bottom lip and sucks on it for a second before gesturing to the tiny image of a baby. My baby. On the screen. 

“Unless you want to like, get an ab-” I hold up a hand to stop her 

“I can’t get an abortion King” I whisper and she rubs my back in soothing circles. 

“Justin would never speak to me again" 

"It’s your body Rhi If you aren’t ready-”

“it’s his baby" 

"your baby too. You wouldn’t have to tell him. I wouldn’t tell him.” I look at her and can tell that she’s being completely serious,

“I couldn’t live with a secret like that. I couldn’t ask you to either King." 

We exit the doctor’s office through the back and head home. The car ride is silent and I feel bad that I can’t engage in Kylie’s small talk about her cosmetic launches and how the shoe launch had gone. When we walk inside Justin, Zayn, Harry, Cara, Rakim and Jack are seated next to each other shouting and jostling the other while playing Xbox. 

"Pause the game you guys” Justin says and I can tell that he’s about come over so instead I wave him off with a pleasant smile,

“no babe, keep playing, I’m going to go take nap I’m tired as fuck” his forehead wrinkles in confusion and I blow him a kiss.

“Did everything go okay?” I nod and keep up the facade of a smile on my lips,

“Jack, is Selena here?” I wonder and he nods dutifully and points up the stairs. 

“I think she’s in Gigi’s room”  I nod and hurry up the stairs, Kylie whispering a barely audible ‘be careful’ as I take the steps basically two at a time in my haste to get away from Justin’s concerned eyes. 

“ Sex bom St. John!” Selena yells when the door opens and she hops off of Gigi’s bed to tackle me in a hug I hug her back weakly and push past her to lay on the floor. Selena follows suit and lays next to me. 

“What are we doing?” She whispers after a moment, probably because I had been staring at the ceiling with my hands lightly caressing my flat belly. I was only a little under a month along. 

“Thinking about how to raise a baby, manage my career, and tell the father that he’s going to be a father” Selena shoots up and Gigi leans over the edge of her bed to look at me. 

“Wait. There’s a baby in there?” Selena asks skeptically before poking at my tummy. I nod and wait for Gigi to burst with pent up excitement but it doesn’t happen. Kylie must’ve texted her and told her to play it cool. 

“Is it mine?” Selena asks in a serious voice and that actually gets a laugh out of me and  a pillow launched at her face via Kylie. 

“Obviously it’s Justin’s… You don’t exactly have the parts" 

"suck my dick" 

"you’re so foul!” She and Kylie go back and forth before Gigi shushes them and hops off the bed to lay on  my other side. 

“ You okay Rhiannon?” I turn my head to look at her and a tear slips out of the corner of my eyes,

“oh Nonnie” she soothes and then we’re in an awkward floor hug that Kylie and Selena decide they want in on. 

“I don’t want this. I’m scared." 

"You and Justin are going to be the best parents. Do you know how scared I was when I found out about Zara?” I shake my head and she proceeds to tell me all of her emotions and I’m shocked to find that they’re identical to mine. 

“Once you tell Justin I promise that maybe 50% of your anxiety will go away. It’s helpful to know that there’s someone on your side” she’s talking about Zayn but I knew that telling Justin would have a smilier result. 

“I have a question” I ask Gigi, my mood rising. 

“Go for it" 

"how’d you get you body back in like a week?" 



"You want to bounce back or what?" 

"I better stock up then I guess." 

That night

"What are you doing in their babe?”  I’m in my closet running my hands over all of the dresses that I won’t be able to fit when I start showing. Dramatic, but tragic altogether. 

“Rhi?” Justin pokes his head into the closet and I motion for him to come in he sits on the floor and Phillip follows him. 

“I’ve got to tell you something Jay” I say quietly, my hands gracing over  dress that was dripping in crystals and sighing. 

“Okay, go for it” he seems worried but he still plays with Phillip who tries to walk off with one of my Jimmy Choo sandals. 

“I’m pregnant.” It was blunt and quick and nothing like how Gigi had told Zayn with little miniature items and cute little clues. Justin sort of freezes and Phillip takes that as an opportunity to run away with my sandal and I’m too nervous to call after him.

“You’re what?” His eyes keep on moving around the closet rapidly and he runs a hand through his knotted hair. Not really a dad style I think to myself. 

“Pregnant, with child, bun in the oven , knock-"He kisses me then and I can’t help but to kiss back despite the uneasy bundle of nerves that seemed to be a permanent feeling. 

"We’re going to have a baby?” Looking at his now dewy brown eyes I start to feel that maybe this whole baby thing won’t be so terrible. Not when I had someone like Justin in my corner. 

“We’re going to have a baby” I whisper and then he’s on his knee pressing his face to my tummy that’s exposed by my midriff top. 

“There’s a fucking baby in there” he says in awe and I run a hand through his messy ass head,

“yup. Your baby” I say with a smile and he looks up at me before placing a long kiss just above my bellybutton.

“No, our baby” and I’m glad that this moment is entirely our own.