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can u manage to list the songs that jk played in his recent v live?

Whisk Me Away

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[6/7/17] Kohatsu Allen first Showroom livestream - transcript summary

Since it’s easier to type on a keyboard:

  • It was his first livestream!!
  • I joined a couple of mins after it started. His face was super big on the screen lol because he was reading the fan comments/questions out loud in Jap and Eng as fast as he could trying to reply them ALL. This happens very often 
  • He tosses in random English words all the time, like “Alright! (Speaks in Japanese)…” 
  • And then he saw some English comments and turned more serious and said (something along the lines of): “I really want to thank… All my international fans. Thank you very, very much. I’m really thankful for… All the international support” (hand gesturing)  
  • That’s not really verbatim nor everything that he said but hopefully you can imagine what it was like. But I can describe how he says it. Slowly, many pauses, but with a huge damn amount of confidence 
  • Especially when he fires off single words or short phrases/sentences, such as when he was asked “When is a good time to visit Okinawa?” which he responded by saying “When is a good time… August. And… September.” 
  • When asked what kind of Okinawa (his birthplace) food he recommended he said “Taco rice” in the English pronunciation 
  • A Japanese fan asked if he would ever do a livestream with Kousuke, and he replied “By Kousuke do you mean Asuma Kousuke? Well if he asked me to, I’ll like to, yeah.” 
  • Apparently he likes curry a lot. All kinds. (I think) he likes it so much that he’ll consider himself a curry specialist 
  • He likes sweets as much as he likes curry 
  • But not matcha and not white chocolate 
  • He said he was liked dark chocolates too, but if he’s referring to the commonly available brands in Japanese convenience stores then I can tell you that those are not bitter, but effing sweet 
  • He also doesn’t really like anko, which is Japanese red bean paste, which many fans (and me) also do not like
  • Then he was asked what food he disliked and he said “This is embarrassing but I’m actually… really bad at wasabi. Whenever I order sushi or salmon - I love eating salmon - I have to select the option to have the wasabi removed.” His nose apparently can’t handle it 
  • Which is to say, if it’s in those modern sushi restaurants that let you order through tablets, it’s no so bad because he can just push a button. But not all sushi restaurants are that high-tech, so sometimes he has to tell the chef that he doesn’t want wasabi, which is what’s embarrassing lol 
  • So for the livestream agenda there were two. One was deciding on a song live for his birthday event on 5th August! And the other was a Q&A corner
  • So he told fans to hold off the questions till the Q&A since there were many haha
  • Then he started to talk about music and songs. He likes all genres, he emphasised, from rock and pop and Jpop and anime songs to English songs as well… Fans suggested things like ONE OK ROCK and SPYAIR’s Haikyuu theme song, such as Imagination 
  • He was just taking in opinions. And then i suggested (in Jap) “English songs?”
  • And HE SAW IT and responded: “Yeah I do listen to a lot of English songs as well… Like Justin Beiber, Maroon 5… and recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Mariah Carey.” 
  • I think it’ll be really awesome if he busted an English song (that’s popular in Japan) for his birthday event! 
  • He was streaming from a karaoke room and he had a mic and sometimes he would belt a few lines 
  • Someone asked if he’s ever seen snow - because it doesn’t snow in Okinawa - and he says he first ever saw snow in Sapporo, Hokkaido. He was so amazed he kept yelling “Uwaah” and he was excited about getting to build snowmans and having snow fights. But the thing with is Sapporo snow is powder snow and when he tried to hold it the snow just trickled through his fingers like sand 
  • A fan asked him what he was drinking and he said “Ginger ale” 
  • A fan asked him if and how many siblings he had
  • He thought that was a really good question to go on. So he says he’s one of three brothers and asked us to guess which one he was, setting up a voting mechanism for us
  • (While observing the comments) “Does no one think I’m the eldest sibling?!” 
  • I voted that he was the middle child, as did 56.2% of us. 32.8% thought he might be youngest. And only 11% thought he was the eldest  
  • The majority was right!!! 
  • He goes on to say he’s the shortest of the three (182 on his profile). The youngest is 188. And the eldest has two cm on him, so around 184 
  • I asked if they were on good terms and he responded saying that as boys they fought a lot as kids, but these days get along quite well
  • His parents are both tall people
  • And there’s about a two year age gap between each sibling 
  • Dancing came into the conversation and apparently Allen can do popping (!!! Hip-hop!!). He thinks not much people know what that is so he did a very small and subtle arm popping… He said he got into popping because he used to do locking (!!!!!) 
  • To the fans who came late he says “Hello, whether it’s your first time meeting me or not, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Kohatsu Allen. I’m an actor mainly active with stage plays but I also do some voice-acting and modelling.” 
  • It was an hour and ten minutes so time was up and he got a room call from the karaoke staff inquiring about whether or not he intended to extend his stay his stay in the room lol 
  • He thanked his international fans again with his English “Thank you for all fans” and said he thought of them as family
  • He said he’s really surprised by the turnout (over 1000!!) since it was his first livestream and he’d been thinking “It’ll be nice if like a hundred fans could have showed up…” 
  • Lastly he tried to take a screenshot of the livestream screen with all the fans, but was unable to and on top of that froze the video for the rest of us when he tried lol 
  • So in the end he just posed and told us to snap screenshots of him hahaha

I went and looked up videos of Jung Yunho popping and locking just to remind myself what that is and got distracted. 

He was really sweet, especially because he was really trying to read all the comments in Japanese and English. 

And his English was sometimes more like Engrish but even so I couldn’t help but swoon and still find him so cool whenever he tosses out phrases. 

P.S. Showroom is a downloadable smartphone app but can also be viewed on a web browser. Viewing is free of charge! And he promises that there’ll be lots more livestreams to come in the future! 

how the signs listen to their faves new album for the first time
  • curls up in blankets. earphones in. silently absorbing and sometimes crying. listens to the whole album and is overwhelmed by happiness and is at peace: taurus, cancer, virgo, scorpio, capricorn, aquarius, pisces
  • blasting it out loud for everyone to hear. jumping up and jamming to the new tunes. tweets about every song their on, and tells all their friends how amazing the song is: aries, gemini, leo, libra, sagittarius,

me: *thinking abt angst fic where drarry start hooking up secretly during 6th year both in spite of having horribly conflicting ideologies and generally disliking each other and a little bit because of those things too and they never talk abt politics or morality or the future bc they’re either other’s coping mechanisms and attempts at self destruction and of course it can’t last and it doesn’t but after the war is over they’re both still alone and still hurting and how do u reconcile hating everything about someone but still wanting them?? missing them???? missing how they made you feel?? how they made you feel like you weren’t the worst thing in the world or like you weren’t quite as alone when you were too afraid to ask anyone else to hold you until you couldn’t breathe ????*
me at me: could you literally just do your homework

Modern Music Preferences

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  • Sodapop is mad Frank Ocean’s “Album Release”
  • Two-bit is obsessed with Beyonce and tries to learn the Formation moves
  • Darry is impressed, and slightly turned on
  • The guys save up to take Two to a concert for his birthday one year.
  • He got there and cried his eyes out, literally yelling ‘QUEEN’ and ‘WAIFU’
  • Ponyboy claims he listens to classical, but actually listens to Taylor Swift
  • Sodapop listens to a variation, but he really likes Nicki Minaj. Super Bass is his jam.
  • Steve and Soda know the dance moves for Anaconda
  • Darry loves country
  • Specifically Carrie Underwood
  • Whenever Ponyboy is particularly getting under his skin he starts singing ‘JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL’
  • When Ponyboy was little they used to all stand around the kitchen as their dad made food and sung ‘If He’s Anything Like Me’ by Brad Paisley
  • Sometimes when Darry is really missing his dad he sings it out of habit
  • Steve listens to Steve Aoki, Halsey, Drake, DJ Khaled, Melanie Martinez, Borns, Twenty One Pilots, and Panic!
  • Him and Dallas know the Hotline Bling Choreography
  • Dallas pretends he listens to hardcore heavy metal
  • He also, likes Taylor Swift
  • Dallas relates to Eminem and can rap most of his songs
  • Dallas also really likes Queen, Halsey, and Adele
  • He lowkey jams out to ‘Hello’
  • Johnny assumes Dally listens to ‘The Weeknd’ and tries to subtly impress him by turning it up when it comes on the radio
  • Dally can’t stand ‘The Weeknd’ and makes weird faces every time Johnny turns it up
  • “Really Johnnycakes?”
  • Johnny likes country too, he loves Blake Shelton
  • When he turned 16 the gang all pitched in too buy him cowboy boots.
  • He wears them all the time
  • Two-bit tries to teach the gang Beyonce dance moves
  • It usually doesn’t end well 
  • Dallas is not limber
  • Ponyboy listens to Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez
  • Ponyboy took Justin’s side when they broke up
  • Whenever Steve has a fight with Sodapop he listens to ‘Sorry’ and has an intense sob session
  • Rihanna is the artist EVERYONE in the group likes, even Darry
  • ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ can be heard from the Curtis house all the time
  • So my mom was mad about something and she said to me
  • "You need to stop listening to 5SOS, One Direction, Christmas music, and Justin Beiber while you're doing homework"
  • Me: *gets mad and gives her silent treatment for 5 minutes*
  • Me: "I'm really offended you think I listen to Justin Beiber"

Okay guys, here’s what I think we should do. With the whole Padalecki/Belieber conflict that has recently arisen, I think we should try to get Jared Padalecki higher on the google autofill list than Justin Beiber. If everybody just went to google and searched Jared Padalecki like, twice, we just might be able to make this. I’m just tagging this with fandoms to spread the word. Lets do this!

Also, Justin Bieber just got arrested for drunk driving 

everytime i play music my mum asks me to either play a. lorde - royals or b. i know you want me - pitbull. and im like mum its now 2015 and were going to listen to sorry by justin beiber

Excuse me? Excuse me? Are you fucking kidding me?  I’m pretty tolerant on youtube comments but I lost it when I read this one. You, sir, need to grow a pair. It ‘sucks’ because more girls like a band than guys? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Why is it that some guys have this logic that if you’re a girl that likes a band or group, you obviously must be a 'fangirl’? Do you have, like, any girl friends? There are plenty of groups I’m a fan of and love their music, yet I don’t consider myself a 'fangirl’ for. There are also plenty of groups I’m a fan of and love their music that I DO consider myself a fangirl for. Why? Is it because I get overly excited when I hear of a new album? Is it because I feel happy when I get to watch there MV’s? Is it because I actively follow the group on social media sites? Is it because I listen to them all the time? Is it because I honestly wish for the members of the group to be happy and healthy? I’m a horrible fucking person, right? I don’t deserve to listen to these groups? 

Oh, hell no. Don’t excuse him because of that logic. He doesn’t deserve sympathy for being the minority, a role most women play in our society. He needs to fucking grow up and act like a man instead of a brat. If you love a group and enjoy their music, you wouldn’t fucking care about the other fans gender. Fuck, you should be happy the group even has fans. 

Who fucking decides if music is crap or not? You? Stop fucking shaming people for the music they like. Stop dragging other artist names in the mud to get your fucking point across. Were you fucking chosen as head speaker for all 'Young Females’? So what if the majority of them listen to One Direction? Let them. So what if the majority of them listen to 5SOS? Let. Them. So what if they listen to Justin Beiber? FUCKING. LET. THEM. 'They like every song released by the artist, whether it’s bad or good.’ Once again, who fucking decides if a song is good or bad? Different music appeals to different people you ignorant ass.

Stop fucking insulting other groups in order to praise yours. Stop calling singers 'faggots’ because they have an abundance of girl fans that love them. Stop calling singers 'gay’ because you don’t like them. They’re gay because they’re doing what they love? They’re gay because a vast amount of girls love them and their music? Stop taking you fucking inner jealousy out at them. 

I don’t care if this is targeted at One Ok Rock, this shit needs to stop for every group. 

ah i hate myself for making this



Carter laying in his hotel room bed, crying softly about you. He misses you out of his mind, but he just won’t admit it to any of the boys. You and him both knew your relationship would be hard, considering he had to leave so often. You had been busy all day, so you couldn’t talk to him at all. He left you a lot of voicemails, saying how much he loved you and missed your sweet kisses. You didn’t call back because you figured he was asleep by now, but he wasn’t. He was crying about you. Your phone buzzed. Matt had sent you a picture of Carter in bed, he told you to call him. Matt knew Carter was depressed about not seeing you for this long, but it had only been 2 days. Matt included how Carter just kept listening to that Justin Beiber song, “All that Matters”. The lyrics played over and over in your head. You read the message and stared at the picture longer than you meant to. “Carter..” you mumbled softly. You dialed his number and waited impatiently to pick up. “(Y/N)!? Why didn’t you talk to me? Are you upset?” Carter asked. You could hear him sniffling through the phone. “No. I’m so sorry, Car. I was busy today. I just want you to come home.. I miss you..” You said, biting back your tears. Carter was quiet for a minute and you could tell he thought the same thing. “I love you, (Y/N). I’ll see you soon, i promise. I’ll always come back for my girl.” He said, finally. You cheeks lit up and you smiled. You began to tear up, you couldn’t help it. Carter never was emotional but he always was with you, especially when he was away. “I love you too, Car.” you replied.

Okay the Justin Beiber lyric picture IS NOT MINE. I found it a long time ago and i thought it just fit for this picture. If you know who it belongs to, you can message me and I will give credit to the owner.
love you xx