listening to it nonstop

ierohero  asked:

ok katz you need to listen to will wood and the tapeworms right this fuckin minute i've been listening to their album Everything Is A Lot nonstop for the past few days and they're so dramatic and theatrical and weird and fuckin great

they are… bizarre… like idk if i like them but i appreciate the Weird

My heart hurts for Chester Bennington and his family.

Man, Linkin Park got me through some shit.  My last year in high school, and first year in college were so awful, and they were the angsty music that I listened to nonstop when I had do deal with all that crap.  They made me feel less shitty.

I hope he knew how much people cared for him.  


we’re just a lie away from proving to ourselves we’re not afraid. - 5/3/17

for my own silly little celebration for landing back home from my vacation, here’s three gif headers anyone is free to choose from and use with credit appreciated but not needed. ☆


pls watch this shes truly an angel