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so, to be blunt, the clique sucks. not all of you, no, but a majority of the clique sucks. a lot of us lack respect, not only for tyler and josh, but for other artists, bands, and their fanbase, such as melanie martinez and the crybabies. (the melanie hate was very very strong on the clique amino app)

i know i’m not being any better than they are now, by ranting about all this, but i NEED to get it off my chest.

let’s start off with the whole fake fan thing. there is no such thing as a ‘fake fan’! only NEW fans! if you meet someone who only knows the radio hits, introduce them to more songs! back when i first got into tøp, i bought a blurryface shirt with lane boy lyrics on it, despite only listening to the song a few times and i hadn’t memorized EVERY word. i wore it to church one night and a clique member ran up to me and busted out rapping the whole song and i got pretty freaked out! i told her that i’d only listened to the song maybe three times and she rolled her eyes, called me a fake fan, and left me alone with my little emo eyeliner and my little emo self. it hurt me, because she was degrading me in the fanbase for not knowing all the words to lane boy.

next let’s talk about faking suicide. that’s OBVIOUSLY not okay. suicide is a very, very serious thing that shouldn’t be joked about. i see it happen within the clique all the time, both real suicides and fake, and both hurt me very badly. but in different ways. do you realize how many people you’re hurting by faking your own death, all for attention? tyler isn’t going to write a song about you, you know, because you “died”.

now the address leaking, ah, the address leaking. that’s tyler and jenna’s personal life and their privacy. they had JUST moved into this new house! they must have felt so unsafe in their own home, which is supposed to be a place of comfort and protection from all you crazy, rabid fans trying to rip his clothes and steal his shoes. how safe would you feel if someone leaked your address online for the whole world to see?

next we have the crashed wedding. that whole thing was so, so disrespectful. that was josh’s friend’s wedding. if you were famous, and went to your friend’s big special day, and a fan decided to break in in the middle of it just to get a picture with you, would you feel annoyed or upset? because in the picture the girls took with him, josh looked pretty pissed. and josh has the right to say “no” to anybody who wants a picture with him. he doesn’t have to do whatever you say, your wish isn’t his command, and that goes for tyler too. ever wonder why they walk fast in public, and why tyler started hearing hoods and baseball caps to cover his face lately? to hide from us.

the crap with the crybabies. it’s nuts. y'all are making nasty comments about melanie’s appearance, and personally, i think mel is a very beautiful young woman. the real ugly people are the ones who made fun of her and her fans, they’re ugly on the inside. it isn’t right. i know that you would all feel awful if someone told you that your tooth gap was the 8th wonder of the world or made rude comments on your eyebrows. mel is a human being, and so are all of her fans, so start treating them with respect. because EVERY human deserves respect.

i understand why the clique is so hated. we’re mostly made up of awful people. i feel bad for tyler and josh because they deserve better fans than us. they deserve respectful, thoughtful people that wait patiently for new music instead of rabid, rude kids who spam their social media accounts, pretty much harassing them and pressuring them into releasing new music, commenting “i love you” constantly on their posts, and invading their personal lives and their privacy.

that’s it. that’s all i have to say. the clique sucks and i’m pretty ashamed that i even called myself a clique member. until you all clean up your act, i’m not one of you. i’m not a part of the clique anymore, i’m simply someone who listens to tøp. i’m just a fan. i refuse to identify as part of this madhouse called the skeleton clique. feel free to rb and rant about it yourself. i’m done

{Reaction} Trying to get Monsta X’s attention when they’re on their phones

Hello can i please request a monsta x reaction when their girlfriend is talking but they are paying attention because they are on their phones so she mentions another member and how they won’t do this to see if they will listen now. You don’t have to do this btw i just thought of this if you don’t want to. Please have a great day tho.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Lee Minhyuk

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{y/n}: “I bet if I talked to Shownu he would listen to me. You know what, maybe I should call him so we can go to the gym together-”

Minhyuk: “What was that Jagi, I was reading fan comments” 

{y/n}: “Unbelievable” 

Yoo Kihyun

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{y/n}: “I wonder if I should go and see Changkyun. I mean, he has written that song for me and all-”

Kihyun: “Excuse me, he wrote a song for you?”

{y/n}: “Really? Of everything I just said, that’s the only thing you pick up on?”

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “Yeah” *Monotone - clearly not listening*

{y/n}: “Oh yeah, I should probably let you know that I’m carrying Jooheon’s baby.” 

Wonho: “Yeah- wait, what did you just say?”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu 

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{y/n}: “I never have this problem with Kihyun, you know. He listens to me. Here’s an idea, why don’t you listen to me too? what a concept.”

Shownu: “I am listening to you, Jagi.” 

{y/n}: “Then what did I just say?”

Shownu: “Uh…”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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{y/n}: “You said replying to texts would take three secs, you know what, I should just go and see Minhyuk instead.”

Changkyun: “Wait, you had sex with Minhyuk?”

{y/n}: “Listen to me”

Chae Hyungwon

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{y/n}: “I’m going to go and see Wonho instead.” 

Hyungwon: *Looks up* “Wait, no, it’s okay. I’m done now.” *Tosses his phone to the side and pulls you onto his lap.*

Lee Jooheon

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{y/n}: “I’m bored, I’m going to go and have fun with Hyungwon inste-”

Jooheon: *Drops his phone on the sofa then pushes you against the wall.* “I don’t think that he’ll be necessary, Jagi.” 

[ The Carm sketch I was talking about!!! No jacket because I wanted to show off The Guns and also my favourite thing to add onto her design… arms. Seriously they were missing out on how cute that’d look. Added in only the tiniest bit of eye colour cuz my tablet is not hooked up rn and I’m lazy eeehhhh ;))))) 

Hope you like ;0c ]


in reality, he

Hidden{4}[Peter Parker]

Pairing:fem!reader x Tom Holland’s!Peter Parker

Summary:The reader develops feelings for her childhood friend Peter Parker but is scared to admit it because she’s afraid it’s going to ruin their friendship.

A/N:Here’s a shoulder to cry on …because this part sucks,i’m sorry :( 

A really nice quote though!

“Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Her phone had been buzzing for what seemed like hours but Y/N was too sleepy to reach the ground. She felt weak. She had fooled herself. She had played a twisted trick on herself. She had lied,she had given false hope,she had played mind games with her own stupid self. And all because of some boy who couldn’t be blamed for any of those.

Because Peter Parker is Peter Parker. He’s the charming,kind-hearted guy that had stolen her heart without her noticing. It was Peter Parker who helped her get through difficult times,it was Peter Parker who always made her laugh when she was down… At the end of the day,it all came to Peter Parker,her best friend,her rock.

If Peter wanted to be with Liz,then so be it. The girl really seemed to like him too.The truth is that it hurt Y/N. So much. But now that she knew that he couldn’t return the feelings she had for him,she decided to try acting normal,even though it was going to be painful. But it was for the best. That way,their friendship wouldn’t tumble down like some wall.

Eventually,she extended her arm and grabbed her phone which was dropped to the floor a few hours ago.

She had 4 missed calls-1 from Peter and two from Ned- and 2 voice messages.

She listened to the first one:

“Are you still coming over to Peter’s for movie night? Please don’t miss it,t’s a tradition! Whatever happened between you guys can be sorted out tonight! Please call me,okay? Maybe i can help!”

She listened to the second:

“Um…Hey…It’s Peter…So…I just wanted to say…Well,i-i…I miss you…” 

There’s a slight pause. The only thing audible is Peter’s heavy breathing…

“If you tell me what i did wrong,i promise i will try to fix it. It’s been a week since we talked properly and it’s killing me not knowing what’s on your mind…Movie night is still happening….You know where to find us, if you decide to come. I hope you do. See you,i guess…”

Y/N sighed deeply. To be honest,she had missed him too.More than he would ever know.

She was sick of hiding. All she wanted was to tell Peter the truth and ask him to try all over again. Ask him to give her another chance to be his best friend again. Go back to normal. No stupid feelings in between.

Confused. That’s what she was. Confused as ever. Mixed feelings. She was scared of losing Pete. She couldn’t imagine herself living without Peter Parker on her side. It would be a miserable life.

Homecoming was close and her plans were sadly ruined. All the heavyness in her heart was unbearable.  She needed someone to talk to. 

Without thinking about it much,she dialed Peter’s number.She wasn’t sure of what to say.Maybe she just wanted to hear his voice…

“Hey,it’s me…I guess none of us is good at answering phonecalls…Listen,Pete…I’m coming tonight,if that’s okay…I have so many things to tell you…I’m the worst best friend in the world…But,i’ll explain everything. Um…Anyway,i hope Ned has chosen a good movie this time…See you guys tonight…”


PART 2  





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The San Jose prospects are not toddlers and it's very wrong to call them that

No, it’s actually not very wrong to call them that.  I’ve seen this weird argument springing up in hockey fandom over the last few months, that calling a hockey player a child/infant/toddler/son is somehow infantilization and is therefore wrong and bad.  Listen, don’t come at me, an actual grown adult women who has studied this bullshit, about infantilization.  Instead of “woman,” most of society still likes to refer to me as “girl” and I’m at an age where people are starting to wonder when I’ll find a nice man to take care of me because, in some circles, women are still viewed as too child-like and immature to handle shit for themselves.  Women are pressured to remain as young as they possibly can for as long as they possibly can in order to even be seen as desirable by society.  As women age, they’re less likely to see themselves reflected back to them by the world around them; try finding a book, television show, or movie that depicts the story of a middle-aged woman rather than one who is much younger and therefore, by society’s standards, more worthy.  Women are praised for not looking their age and, when older women actually do see themselves depicted in advertisements, it’s usually for anti-aging products.  I won’t even get into how the infantilization of adult women also sexualizes young girls and may influence child pornography, but know that that’s all out there, too.

Against that backdrop, no, calling a group of prospects “toddlers” can’t even hold a candle to the infantilization that women face constantly.  And here’s why: calling an 18 year old dude who is 6′2″, 195 pounds, and who looks like he could rip the world apart with his bare hands an “infant” is being done because it’s funny.  It’s not being said to demean him, to patronize him, or to insinuate that he shouldn’t be taken seriously by society.  It’s not being said to make him believe he should act younger than his age if he wants to be respected and accepted by society.  It’s not being used to influence the way he behaves, dresses, or presents himself to the world.  It’s being said because, of course he’s not an “infant,” no infant could possibly look like that, and that’s the joke.  Not only that, but a group of prospects is never going to hear someone call them “toddlers” to their face (in any sort of negative way or otherwise), while actual groups of adult women, in higher education courses and workplaces all across the globe (and in restaurants, bars, homes, stores, etc., etc., etc.), will likely still be called “girls” when another adult wants their attention.  So no, I don’t agree that calling an 18 year old prospect a “toddler” is wrong, because there are no real, actual consequences attached to it and it sure as hell isn’t going to influence how that prospect, or any other prospect after him, engages with and participates in society, and it has no impact on how society values that prospect.

We’re watching a sport filled with grown, adult men who can take care of themselves, we’re all aware of that.  The players are also aware of that.  My calling one of them an “infant” isn’t going to change that and I’m not doing it in hopes that I will change it in any capacity.  So I will continue to call grown adult men “toddlers” as a joke because it’s a damn miracle I still have any sense of humor left after being actually infantilized by society for more than two decades.

Sa oide nasai odori nasai…

I can’t stop listening to this song and at some point this happened. And well, since we have reached fanart levels, I think it is safe to say this guy is currently my fav of the show.

Let’s see what happens later on.

That's What Friends Are For.

Prompt by: @derpyvessalius12
Lance outwardly sighed, grumbling to himself as he walked away from the failed simulator session.


Pidge and Hunk looked after him from behind, but decided that maybe it was best for them not to go after him right now.

They had finals to study for anyway.

Lance went straight to the dorm room he shared with his crew mates, dropping into his bed with a grumble.

It was frustrating, being Lance.

He was constantly trying to keep up a positive demeanor, whilst keeping his friends happy, and focus on on school.

It took all he and his family had to get him into the Garrison and now it was… was clearly all in vain.

Lance was just a waste of the money that his family had desperately needed.

“Go to school, hijo. Be an amazing pilot and do good things for our family and the world.” His mama had told him when he had first refused.

Lance knew then it would be impossible to face her if he ever let her down.

Now look where he was.

Lance was such a failure.
Just a step in, for that Leith guy.

The blue eyed boy would change if he could; would be better if only he could try harder.

But he couldn’t.
Lance was already trying his absolute hardest and he was still screwing up.

He was holding everyone back.

If Lance could just fly straight then Hunk could easily man the simulators systems and keep them safe.

If Lance could just hold off on his ego and instinct for a moment and listen to Pidge, maybe they wouldn’t crash so often.

’…They called me the tailor because of how I thread the needle…’

Pft, yeah right.

The only needle he’d ever thread was the ones in the skin of all the victims he would have if he ever actually flew a mission.

Lance hadn’t realized he’d drawn his knees up close to himself, hands over his ears and he was shaking.

Not another panic attack.

Why did it always turn out this way?

Lance always had to be over dramatic about each of his failures. Why did he have to think the things he did?

If only Lance could be better, as good as he wanted to be, as good as Keith.

As smart and techie as Pidge.
Hardworking as Hunk.

Better than who he was.
If only—

There was a knock on the door, and Lance quickly collected himself.

Not now, you can be ridiculous later.

Lance stood up, smoothing out his orange uniform and pretended to be organizing his desk.

“Come in.” Lance called, hoping his voice hadn’t wavered too much.

When he looked up to see who was entering, Lances shoulders slumped when he saw Hunk.

The blue eyed boy sighed and smiled, “Oh hey, Hunk. Did you come in here to study? I’ll be out in just a second so it’ll be quiet and—”

“Lance.” Hunk looked at his best friend with a sympathetic look, eyes holding concern.

Oh no not that look.
Lance hated that look.

That was pity.

“Look, don’t listen to what Iverson said, okay? We actually did better this time.” Hunk tried at positivity. “We still had both wings.”

Lance let a smile quirk up, but honestly Hunks words didn’t help as much as he had hoped.

The only reason they lost wings before was because of Lance trying to show off.

“Yeah, thanks buddy…” Lance mumbled, rubbing his eyes and shuffled with some paper.

It was starting to hurt.
His head, all of the thoughts rolling through it and getting stuck and infecting.

Hunk frowned, watching his friend.
He hated to see Lance upset.

The bigger male knew exactly the causes of his stress, and how to fix it.

“Are you okay?” He asked, quietly.

Lances posture stiffened, and his head bowed slightly. Of course he wasn’t.

There were rare occasions that he ever was, and damn Hunk for knowing exactly how to push him over the edge.

Lances hands started to shake, and the tears started to swell and the darkness started to swarm around him.

He wasn’t okay.

His heart started to beat so loud that he could hear it in his ears and Lance found it hard to breathe.

Lance started to reach up to cover his ears to block out the static and be rid of—

Strong arms guided his arms down and wrapped around his small frame instead. A tight embrace, full of comfort.

The darkness went away.
The static started to fuzz out and he could hear Hunk behind him, speaking.

“You’re okay, Lance.”

You’re okay, Lance.
Yeah, he was.

Lance was okay now.
The tears kept falling, but he was okay.

Lance turned around and returned Hunks hug, whispering thank you’s and apologies.

He would be okay.
Hunk soothingly rubbed the boys back and he couldn’t help but smile.

Lance told Hunk what had happened, and the thoughts that had come to his mind.

Hunk concluded, although he too was crying at hearing someone he cared about so deeply thinking so poorly of themself, that Lance was definitely not a screw up.

He was Lance McClain.
And Lance McClain was not a screw up.

He was Hunks best friend and a hella gold one at that. Maybe he needed to work on flying, but there were so many hints Lance COULD do.

Lance would go on to do so many great things that neither of them even could even dream about yet.

They say there for hours and talked.
As they both were about to go to sleep, Lance spoke again.

“Thanks for everything, Hunk.”

The blue eyed Cuban could hear the sleepy smile on the other side of the room as Hunk spoke.

“No problem, man. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?”

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Can you just maybe write like a continuation of the Band AU. Like maybe Tommy meeting Trinis mom and stuff and maybe fluff between the girls

On Trini’s mom, Tommy Is a Girl’s Name, Kim trying to be the favorite, and Zack’s attempt to summarize it all in song form:

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

“I know.”

“Really, it’s not.”


“So the pouting is… you being totally okay with it?”

Keep reading

Do you ever find yourself really wanting to be in a band and then you remember you have no musical talent whatsoever

I might be a bit hooked on to @sarchcngscy‘ s tattooartist!Adam and florist!Ronan AU. Also I might have been procrastinating a little bit. 

jesus h christ my grandparents aren’t evacuating for hurricane irma, oh no, they’re insisting they’re going to be FINE in Tampa

they’ve got a fuckin’ forest reserve pond in their backyard and if that floods, its getting in their house. if the drains on their street flood (which they always do) it’s going in their house.

like i understand that my grandpa doesn’t like to travel but come on, even my auntie and uncle in atlanta are flying up to michigan for the week to avoid the storm 

roy: hey, vik, it’s roy … yeah, i’m good. n-no, don’t tell mom or cleo that i’m calling. listen, i really need a job. can you maybe get me an interview at the restaurant you used to work at? no, i’m not planning on being an astronaut anymore and yes, i know i’ve mentioned it since i was a kid– vik. an interview. please. … yeah, okay. come by tomorrow and see? thank you, this means a lot. okay, take care of yourself too. i’ll check back in, promise. love you too. bye.