listening to beirut

like fuck these trust fund pieces of shit who move into poc neighborhoods for the “aesthetic” and then call the cops on the people who already lived there for being noisy but have the nerve to go back to their $2000/month one bedrooms and listen to vampire weekend and beirut and other white, pitchfork-approved musicians who got famous by appropriating music from a different race and regularly hang out with their other mostly white friends while drinking PBR and gloating about how they went to art school that their parents paid for so they spent the whole time doing drugs and getting drunk with other white hipsters all the while dodging doing any actual learning like those poor kids who actually needed to maintain good grades to avoid getting kicked out like these are the same assholes who contribute to gentrification and then write op-eds on some edgy blog–because it’s really fucking easy to be a writer or call yourself a “journalist” when you’re already rich–about how minorities need to employ respectability politics in order to be on the same level as their oppressors

song to listen to when youre sad, lonely, and cannot sleep »  listen here

  1. call it fate, call it karma // the strokes
  2. east harlem // beirut
  3. helplessness blues // fleet foxes
  4. i am young // coconut records
  5. only ones who know // arctic monkeys
  6. storm passes away // jake bugg
  7. taxi cab // vampire weekend
  8. video games // bombay bicycle club (lana del rey cover)

ya hey! happy folky daydream tunes

austrailia/the shins cousins/vampire weekend 5 years time/noah and the whale chicago/sufjan stevens you ain’t goin’ nowhere (bob dylan cover)/glen hansard and marketa irglova nantes/beirut another is waiting/the avett brothers ya hey! (vampire weekend cover)/keston cobblers’ club dear valentine/guster hold on/alabama shakes janglin’/edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros wake me up/avicii so nice so smart/kimya dawson love, love, love (everyone)/akron/family


So It Goes - Fanmix for Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five [listen]

The Peacock // Beirut ; Turn into Earth // The Yardbirds ; Across the Universe // The Beatles ; Walk the River // Guillemots ; Soldier Unplugged Version // Strangjuice ; Pioneer to the Falls // Interpol ; Mission // Electric Light Orchestra ; Let it Be // Across the Universe Soundtrack ; Orange Sky // The Thoughts

mamma mia (abba cover) - miniature tigers // crocodile rock - elton john // el scorcho -weezer // come and get your love - redbone // do you want a man? - the vaccines // horny hippies - the dodos // caring is creepy - the shins // go all the way (raspberries cover) - donnie munk // do you want to die together- stars // postcards from italy - beirut

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anonymous asked:

You're so cute that i have this feeling that you listen to Beirut (such a lovely band) But it makes me thinking, what kind of music do you listen to? <3

I’m not familiar with that band at all but I just had a listen to some of their music on YT and I like it! It’s very pleasant/calming – I’ll have to remember to look more into them later on. Cheers for that :)

RE what music I generally listen to, if you check out the track list for songs that appear throughout Life on Mars and Blackpool, that’s a pretty good start! But it can vary quite a lot depending on my mood. Here are some bands/musicians that I’ve listened to over the past week (and a link to one of their songs, if you’re curious):