listening to 'your own disaster' and looking at this is a bad idea just fyi

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

Set in the same verse as the siren AU of an AU (see here and here), in which Jade is a werewolf and Dave also gets to experience the wonders of a supernatural date friend.

@camarilla-intuition I about 500% sure this was not what you meant. But this is what happened.

You love Jade Harley.

You really, really do.

Like, cross your heart and hope you die. You look at her, and you just up and fucking know, because it’s like a musical in your heart and you wanna get all funky with the tap dancing and twirling around lampposts while yodelling about unicorns and rainbows and Obama —it’s just true fucking love.

So. Jade Harley. All the love.

But she sheds like a motherfucker. Shedding as in massive loss of hair. It’s almost like you have a dog. FYI: you don’t. Unless it’s an invisible ghost dog like Karkat’s invisible ghost fish he buys fishfood for. Karkat doesn’t have a fish. Anymore. Had one, years ago, but Gamzee ate it. Accidentally.

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