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Winter’s Ten Songs I Listen To On A Daily Basis Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @kpopyourcherryy

  1. ‘La Di Da Di’ by Cross Gene; it’s just fun, but I love Black or White too.
  3. The Eyeby Infinite; Have you seen them???  Okay then, can’t wait for the next comeback.
  4. ‘Watch Out’ by HotShot; DO I REALLY NEED TO GIVE A REASON WHY?!?!
  5. ‘Drip’ by Meng Jia; Yet another member of the China Line that broke free and snatched my ass.
  6. ‘Trespass’ and ‘Hero’ by Monsta X; Honestly at least one MX album gets played a day.  Few artists kpop or other can I listen to the album all the way through.  Monsta X is one of those artists.
  7. ‘JUICE’ AND TABLE FLIPPIN’ ‘JULY’ BY WOO HE FINE/KRIS WU YIFAN!  I know y’all saw this coming.  Let’s not even.
  8. ‘Joker’ by Dalshabet; Mainly because it sounds like they’re saying choke her.  And it sounds like Joh Kuh and that’s funny if you know Korean lmao.
  9. ‘Read U Wrote U’ by Alaskka, Detox, Katya and Roxxy (unfortunately); THIS IS MY SHIT!  LIKE, NO JOKE.  Well all but Roxxy’s part, I just can’t.  The edit with Tatianna instead of Roxxy is better in my opinion.
  10. ‘Don’t Recall’ by KARD; No explanation needed.

Honorable Mentions:

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guess which idiot forgot her headphones at home and now bored as hell

no escape // ramp up // final credits.

6 word story.

we are not on a beach in hawaii // instead caught // breaking ribs of spring // adam and eve // queered at the seams // too soon yet coming.

he sits // rocky mountain // desperate dreaming of blushing cheeks. 

first kiss in days // muscles beg release // study // be all you want to be

wish you were here with me // cannot flee // ticking hands of militant needs. 

cheese, vinegar, coffee // dirt, chemicals, bustling // adore his stink // she, sweet like evergreens. 

thank not for understanding // fated // must know // you’ve got me. 

xxx SirPup Kingston // 02.27.2017

“love is like the open sea” – “beach in hawaii” by ziggy marley

  • Phichit: I have no love life.
  • Yuuri: what are you talking about? You have more of a love life than me
  • Phichit: are you really sure about that?
  • Yuuri: *looking down at engagement ring* oh yeah
  • Phichit: yeah.