listened to this again in a really long time

So we’ve had using Bakugou as a meme or as a verb, but now think about this – using the word Bakugou for a whole language.

Like, one day, when Bakugou is at it again, swearing left and right for now visible reason. The others don’t really react to him, knowing him to well to be faced by his behavior. And as long as he is not insulting them directly, that means that he is not really angry at one of them, so it’s fine.

Until Sero comes back into the room, having left before Bakugou had started, and startles a bit at the sight in front of him. Turning to Shouto, the only one who seems to really listen to what Bakugou is saying, he asks, “What’s got him riled up this time?”

“I don’t really know.”

“Huh? He didn’t say anything?”

“Well, I suppose he did,” Shouto shrugs, “But I don’t speak Bakugou.”

Suddenly, everyone who had pretended to not listen up until now looks up, giving up on their façade of impassiveness, and everyone asks at once, “What?!”

Well, not everyone. Shouto blinks, startled at the sudden attention. Bakugou goes silent, staring wide-eyed at the other boy. And Izuku had choked on his water and is now coughing into his palm.

“Did I say something funny?” Shouto frowns slightly, looking from one to the other. Especially the still coughing Izuku receives a worried gaze.

“Did you just turn my name into a freaking language?!” Bakugou asks, quietly, so incredulous that he doesn’t even yell.


Izuku’s coughing takes on a whole new quality. It’s not a bad thing, though – Shouto relaxes, realizing that his friend is not dying over there, but instead stifling his laughter, shaking with mirth.

Before Bakugou can overcome his initial surprise, his classmates already pick up this chance.

Kirishima starts grinning from ear to ear, showing off uncanny sharp teeth and gleaming eyes. “That’s brilliant!”  

Bakugou whirls towards him, expression morphing from surprise into something akin to shocked anger. “Hair for Brain, I’m freaking warning you….!”

“Bakugou has his own language!” Kirishima continues without a care in the world. “That’s so true!”

“You mean his swearing?” Momo wants to know. “How is that a language?”

“It’s about how he uses the swearing, I think,” Kaminari chimes in, tapping his chin in thought. “Like, he doesn’t use the swear words in their original sense – there is more meaning behind it.”

“Yeah!” Now it’s Mina who has picked up, all for it. “Remember when he told us that we are useless and then did the work all himself? “Useless” actually means that we shouldn’t bother with something that we can’t do when he is there to do it for us!”

“Oh, I never thought of it that way.”

“Or the dead threats! He only uses those when he is embarrassed or touched…”

“… but can’t show it and then he insults us?”


“Could you all shut up, you damn morons?!” Bakugou had finally managed to find his voice again, and that in quite a volume. “There is no such thing as my language, you idiots!”

His classmates go silent, interrupted in their musings, and look over at him, gazes curious and contemplating.

As they start smiling, Bakugou suddenly regrets saying anything.

“So when useless means don’t bother…”, Mina starts, smile turning into a smirk.

Kaminari joins her all too happily, grin mischievous. “…and death threats are to cover something up, then insulting us means probably…”

It is Kirishima who finishes, sing-song voice and all, “Insults means that he loves us!”

And Bakugou all but explodes. He surges forward with loud swearing, catapulted forward by his stuttering explosions – indicating that he is not really in charge of his emotions right now.

He misses Kaminari, who dodges with a jump, and Kirishima, who rolls out from under his explosive friend.

Suddenly, everyone is laughing, screaming, and scrambling to get away from Bakugou, who hollers after them: “COME BACK HERE, YOU GODDAMN PESTS!”

“He loves us so much, guys – whoa!“ Sero laughs before he dives away with a startled yelp which turns into laughter as Bakugou’s grapping hand misses him, too.

“We love you too, buddy!” Kirishima yells, happily, before he runs for his life.



When Aizawa and Toshinori come running shortly later, worried by the screaming and sounds of explosions, they only see their students running around like crazy, sidestepping all the while as Bakugou chases them through the dorms, swearing and yelling.

Only Izuku, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Shouto, Kouda and Iida have somehow managed to stay out of it.

“…Do I even want to know it?” Aizawa addresses them.

“Probably not, Sensei,” Izuku answers, honestly.

Aizawa considers that for a moment, checks again – Bakugou is not really hurting anyone, not even really trying – and then nods. “Fine.”

And he walks away as if nothing happened.

Toshinori stays to watch, torn between amusement and slight worry. “Do I want to know it?”

His students exchange gazes, considering. Shouto mumbles something that sounds like “Shouldn’t have said that?” but Izuku laughs and pats his back reassuringly.

“Did you know Sensei?” Uraraka is the one to start talking, smiling brightly. “Bakugou-kun has his very own language!”

“Really? Now that sounds interesting…”

Basically, Bakugou never gets out of this ever again. Whenever he starts swearing loudly, his classmates smile so knowingly and almost fond, that Bakugou almost swallows his tongue the first few times this happens.

(He would never admit that he gets used to it over time.)

I just want to say, I love everything about this song. Everything. 

When I first heard the little music snippet in the ad with the dots, I was intrigued immediately and kept playing it over and over, getting it stuck in my head. Then when I heard the whole song for the first time on Thursday night, I couldn’t stop grinning because, first of all, it was the first new song of Ed’s that I’d heard in such a long time and I was so happy to be listening to something new again, but also it’s an immediately very sexy song and whenever I encounter something sexy I pretty much just blush and grin like a huge dork until all the sexualness gets sapped out and buried under my complete nerdery. Also I listened with three other people and they were looking at me and it was embarrassing. But! I really liked it on first listen, without giving it very much thought. I liked the music, and I liked the sexiness of it. Now that I’ve had some time to really think about it, though, I like it five thousand times more.

Shape of You is an appreciation song about a woman’s body. Ed is basically saying, “Hey, I like the way you are put together. I am very physically attracted to you.” There are a lot of songs out there that are about liking women’s bodies and being attracted to them because of their bodies. But the thing that I love about this song is that it doesn’t reduce the woman to just her body. Her body is one aspect of her as a person, and while this song expresses appreciation for that aspect of her, it also acknowledges that her body isn’t all she is. It’s not her defining quality, and it’s not the only reason he’s attracted to her.

The song literally starts out by saying, “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover.” Clubs are designed to emphasize bodies. They are generally too loud to do much talking, so all you can do is drink and dance – and while that’s fun too, any connection you make with another person there is going to be purely physical by default. But where Ed goes instead - the bar - is somewhere that you can actually talk and get to know someone. The girl in the song comes up and starts a conversation with him, and he’s interested in her first because of that, and then they put on some music they both like, and then they dance. But even then, their “story” doesn’t begin until a week later when they go out on a proper date and “talk for hours and hours about the sweet and the sour” - which I’m taking to mean they’re not just discussing the food but also good and bad things about their lives - and they even talk about the girl’s family. This stuff is important to the guy in the song. When he wants to meet a woman, he specifically goes to a place that doesn’t put the emphasis on bodies because he really wants to know his partner, not just to have sex with her because he thinks she’s pretty. 

One of my favorite lyrics is, “Girl, you know I want your love. Your love was handmade for somebody like me.” I really dig this idea! If something is handmade, that makes it unique and personal. It’s… more precious, you know? He’s saying that the love this girl has to offer is special - priceless, even - because it’s not the same as anyone else’s, and it’s exactly the sort of thing he’s looking for. Isn’t that beautiful? I love that such a beautiful sentiment is present in a song like this! Maybe I’m over-identifying with this line because I like to hand-make gifts for people who are important to me, but I just think it’s such a great idea. It makes me picture this girl literally making something, some sort of lumpy stitched-together heart or something that’s a little wonky because it was handmade, and giving it to him, and him being like, “Oh my god, this is perfect! It’s exactly what I wanted!” :’)

The other line that really pops out at me about this song – where I really think the crux of it is – is, “Although my heart is falling too, I’m in love with your body.” What this means to me is an acknowledgement that he’s falling in love with her as a complete person, all the different parts of her, but this particular song just happens to be an ode to her physical appearance. Essentially, “I love everything about you, but let me just take a second here to admire your body, which is one of the things I like.” And of course that’s what the primary theme of the song is.

And let’s talk about the girl’s body! Where is the part where he mentions her tiny waist and big boobs and curvaceous ass? Where are her slender ankles and large eyes and perfect hair? WHERE? Oh. He doesn’t specify. He doesn’t say that she has conventionally good looks. She might, and she might not, but the important thing here is that the actual shape of the girl doesn’t matter because whatever her shape is, it’s a shape that he likes and finds sexy. I love this. The song isn’t called Shape of a Supermodel. It’s Shape of YOU, because your shape is unique and attractive and the perfect fit for whatever person falls in love with you. And! Holy shit, their first date is to an all-you-can-eat restaurant where the girl actually FILLS UP HER BAG WITH FOOD. YES ED!!! THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS! THRIFTY EATING. GET YOUR DAMN MONEY’S WORTH. YES. YESSSSSSSS. And that line, “Every day discovering something brand new,” is so right because when you’re in love with someone, or in the process of falling for them, you do notice new things about them all the time, and every new thing is a little treasure that makes them who they are and gives you even more reason to love them. 

Oh, and I also want to point out that the guy says, “Follow my lead,” and then the girl says, “Follow my lead,” and they “push and pull like a magnet do.” I’m loving that bit as well, because no one is in charge of this relationship. It’s perfectly equal, with each one contributing the same amount, exactly as it should be. And I love the fact that Ed sings higher when the girl starts talking in the song. That’s a nice touch. :D

Gosh, the more I think about Shape of You, the more impressed I am with it. It’s catchy as all hell and perfect for radio, and it’s super sexy but in an inclusive and body-positive way, without reinforcing any harmful stereotypes, and it actually has a beautifully romantic message in it too. Everything about it is perfect and fun and emotionally healthy. This is exactly the kind of music we need right now! I hope other artists are taking notes.


for i 
am the shadow 
and i 
am the true self 
and im you 
and youre me

i am so sad about the persona 4 musical that i spent weeks on this set because all of these songs are incredible you can listen to most of them here on the creators soundcloud

Hello! I do the music thing!

So, since my channel is scraping up to 20,000 subscribers and it would be really cool if I hit that before the new year, it’s time for a bit of self-promotion!

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I do the simple task of making Homestuck and Homestuck Related (Hiveswap, Music Team Projects, etc.) music longer, via looping them seamlessly, not just repeating the song over and over again. That includes fan music and official music alike. This is my YouTube channel where I put those songs. I do this for people who want to listen to a song for a long time, but either do not like looping a song over and over again (if the loop isn’t somewhat seamless, it gets repetitive and distracting) or aren’t able to for one reason or another. 

Such a channel and the extensions themselves, are really good for studying, work and playing in the background with other games.

In 2017 I plan to finish a large majority if not all of the most popular Homestuck albums and start moving onto either remixing my own music or really getting to making a totally comprehensive extension library with lesser known fan albums.

Updates is planned to be 3 times a day, so subscribing is really helpful to keep tabs on everything happening.

So, there you have it! Like Homestuck music? Wish it was longer? Consider a subscribe to my channel and check out over 500 already extended songs! 

i’ve wanted to say for a long time, i’m so endeared by even’s little things?? like when he listens to someone, he really looks at them and really listens, and when he laughs, he does this thing like he moves a tiny bit closer, once again looking straight at a person and laughing with them, always including the ones he communicates with at the moment, always showing that he wants you to laugh with him, always showing that he listens and he’s there, not just present, it’s honestly amazing, even is the kind of person who pays attention

im listening to the new beauty and the beast soundtrack and its fucking fabulous but what struck me was a part of the mob song

I havent heard the original in a long time so im not sure but i think theres a new lyric

When they arrive to the castle Lefou sings “theres a beast running wild theres no question, but i fear the wrong monster’s released” and im

he’s talking about gaston and im so proud that disney really shows he’s having second thoughts about his idol

then again it may be an old lyric idk imma check

Story time!

Once there was a man named Brad who got arthritis in his knee and unfortunately could not move it. The doctors decided to replace it with an iron joint so that he could move his knee again. The doctors warned Brad not to get his new knee wet until the skin grows over the screw that was still sticking out. Brad refused to listen and the screw rusted making him once again unable to move his knee.

Frustrated, Brad threw his arms up and exclaimed, “oh the iron knee!”

Shower Songs//A Leo Valdez Imagine

Anon said: Your Leo imagines are perfect ! Can you please do one where you’re a daughter of Apollo and you’re a really good singer and Leo listens to you sing while you’re in the shower and you catch him when you get out or something ??? Thanks, babe. <3

You got it babe


You stood under the hot stream of water, letting it unknot the muscles in your back. You shampooed your hair and sang a song softly under your breath.

“Shake it shake it and we’re movin’ again, been a long time comin’ for the working man, shake it shake it and we’re movin’ again, when the money’s high, we can start to spend.”

Being a daughter of Apollo, you were good at two things: archery and music, but you didn’t usually let people hear you sing, but it was something you loved to do.

You finished your shower and toweled off and got dressed. When you finished, you grabbed your stuff and headed for the door. Suddenly, you heard someone clear the their throat. You turned around and saw a certain son of Hephaestus leaning against the wall, flames dancing across his fingers, 

“Your voice is really good.”

Your face flushed red. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Eh, long enough.”

“Ass,” you muttered.

He grinned. “You love me.”

Your face turned even redder. “In your dreams, Valdez.”

His face was suddenly very close to yours. “Yeah.”

“S-sorry, what?”

He pressed his lips to yours. “I really like you, (Y/N).”

You giggled. “I mean, I hope so. Otherwise that kiss would’ve been a little awkward.”

This time, it was his turn to blush. 


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Fluffy HC of Kid, Law, Zoro lounging about on the couch with their SO :)

Three of my most favorite characters hell YES ⁝(๑///௰///)◞⁝˚º


Naps. You on top of him or just snuggled against him if the couch is large enough.

He likes to keep you close or just touch you in any way, so he would have an arm around you or have you sit on his lap, maybe as you watch the sea scenery outside or just enjoying each other’s company. Keep in mind that Kid doesn’t really have the patience to cuddle for hours though. Some intimate times on the couch anyone?

It’s actually one of his favorite times when he just lays down, you on his arms and him listening as you talk. He won’t actually listen 80% of the time - he would if and only if the topic interests him - but generally he just loves to listen to your voice. Again, these won’t really last long so it’s best to enjoy it ot the fullest.

Another favorite time of his is when you’re both seated on the furniture and you’re helping him clean and paint his nails black. If he’s feeling generous, he’ll sit on the floor and paint your nails in return as you lounge on the couch.


Law’s definition of lounging about on the couch involves books, and maybe some cuddling if he’s up to it. His favorite position is actually you sitting and his head on your lap as he dozes off to dreamland. He secretly likes it when you think he’s asleep and starts to play with his hair.

Most of the time you’ll lean on his back and him on yours, while he’s reading whatever reading material he has and you entertaining yourself. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep in this position but you always end up on the bed or on the couch with blanket over your body.

In cases where your interest in books matches, he might hug you from behind, sit you down between his lap, and the both of you can read together.

He will never ever admit it but whenever you go out from the bath with your hair wet and you’re too lazy to dry it off, he likes it when you sit on the floor in front of his seat on the couch and he gets to dry your hair.


He basically naps everywhere and couch is just another slightly comfier place to do it than sitting on hard wooden floor and dozing off. So nap it is.

Tucks you close to him and falls asleep within seconds, doesn’t matter in sitting or laying down position you both are in. He likes to place his head on your shoulder and sleep. It’s kind of uncomfortable and his neck hurts a lot afterwards, but your scent just makes him sleep more soundly than normal, so he tolerates the pain.

You sometimes manage to coerce him to sit down and watch a film using a projector den den mushi but he usually starts to nod off in the middle of it, and you’ll follow suit.

Somehow he just knows if you try to wriggle out from his hug and his arms will tighten around you when you try get off or away from him. There is no escape. The only way to make him let go is to wake him up or push him off the couch.


At BanzaiCon, @thechrizzler and I did something we’ve wanted to do for a long, long time - we premiered our lecture Representation in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

This is a discussion about how HP mirrors our own world and how what we as readers experience in popculture effect how we see the world/ourselves/each other (amongst other things).

It was such a fun time! The room was over-crowded and we were supposed to talk for 1 hour but ended up exchanging views with the lovely peeps that had come to listen for another 45 minutes. I really hope we get the opportunity to do this again!

(Pro-tip: “White” by Richard Dyer is a really good read if you want to learn how to unmask and deconstruct the white norm throughout history!)


I was tagged in a photo survey by @lawfulgrunge (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ We haven’t spoken in forever! I can’t believe the coincidence that you tagged me in this on my birthday.(*’∀’人)♥ My hair has gotten long since the last time we talked, been cut short again, and grown a lot again, haha.

 The survey asks to post your home and lock screen, as well as the last song you listened to, and the last selfie you took. The full name of the song is “we’ve never met but can we have a coffee or something” by in love with a ghost.

That selfie is kinna old now lol… Looking at it now, I haven’t changed my home or lock screen in a really long time. Herbie is too cute I wouldn’t consider changing it. 

I tag @rose-flavoured because her selfies are amaze and her phone backgrounds are always good. Also, @tateshaw, @bunnies-moon, @lionwithyou, @important-if-true (if they haven’t already), and pretty much anyone else if they feel up to it.



It’s been a really long time since I drew Toy Bonnie, and I just wanted to draw him again like the old days hehe. And this is also for all you people who have been requesting him for a while now, (sorry about that) but well here ya go! did you know i was listening to psy daddy while drawing him?

I was messing around with the clipping art again, and ended up with a somewhat cloudy coloring, hehe. 

DS by me


I have feelings about this moment.  First, how rare an occurrence it is for someone to actually ASK Sam how he is.  I can’t remember the last time someone legitimately asked Sam about his feelings and was really willing to listen to his response.  It happens so rarely that Sam is actually taken aback for a moment.  He can’t answer.  He shrugs.  And answers with probably the most non-committal, non-answer of all time.  Aces.  He’s aces.  (And really, digging a grave for an imaginary mermaid IS a good day for Sam Winchester, how sad is that??).

Of course, he’s not really aces, as the scene later in the barn proves.  He’s frightened.  More-so than he’s been in a long time.  And he hasn’t been able to open up about these fears with anyone.  He’s TRIED (and he tries again with Dean at the end), but no one is listening.  

And here, finally, someone is willing to lend an ear.  This just gives me so many feelings.  Can Sully just stick around forever?

I looked in the mirror and I really saw myself this time. I wasn’t the same girl I was three or four years ago. I was more mature, and I didn’t look so scared, that vacant look in my eyes was gone and they were sparkling again. I was glowing with confidence. I was pretty, and I wasn’t going to listen to anyone who told me otherwise. For the first time in a long time, I liked what I saw.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #21

In 11th grade I had this hardcore crush on someone in my friend group, let’s call her G. This other girl in the group, let’s call her F, was like my go-to person to talk to about G, and she’d give me advice and stuff, and encourage me to “just make a move!” “ask her on a date!”. Fast forward to sometime during 12th grade once I was over G: I talked to F again and she confessed to me that she had had feelings for G for like a really long time. And I had never known until then. F was afraid I’d be mad when she told me this, but I wasn’t. Mostly I was amazed and impressed with her, because that means that F had spent that entire time encouraging me to go after the girl she was secretly in love with. F had been patiently listening to me talk about the feelings I had for G, and being supportive and giving me advice, while the whole time keeping the secret that she wanted to be with G. She had to pretend she wanted her crush to be with someone else. Can you imagine how painful that must have been for F? But she was such a good friend. I never really understood how she could’ve been so strong to put up with all that for me.

Anyway like I guess now I can kind of understand how she felt. Sorta.