listened to it so many times by ear

If it was just that easy…
I would wrap your legs around my hips.
Pull your body close to mine.
Run my fingertip down your spine.
Brush my cheek upon your cheek.
Whisper intimately into your ears,

“This is my confession, so listen closely.
It didn’t take long, but I’ve fallen in love with you.
I’ve wanted you for quite some time now.
I’ve held back and bit my tongue so many times.
I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or I’m just weak,
But tonight just feels so right.
To tell you that…
I really love you.
I didn’t plan on it, but I ended up falling so hard for you.
And all I do is think about you like a crazy maniac.
Maybe I am crazy, but I’m crazy for you.
I’m insanely in love with you.”


-But life is never that easy and I’m never that drunk.


there are silences between us too great to touch, too strong for us to try to undo,

tell me, darling, when did you lose all your words for me? when did your lips pull back, your tongue recoil into your own mouth, like the end of every kiss?

you’d think I would’ve talked more. spoken louder and closer to your ears if I knew that our mouths would turn empty for each other. I would’ve made you say your words again, softer and slower this time, so I can swallow them. listen to them again when the world goes quiet.

—  Reena B.| We are so many worlds apart now.

blue night radio ♡ 161101
translation: thatcoolcatmeow)

(on kim kwang seok’s “love that is too painful was not love”) jonghyun: recently, there were many times that i had to move around with our members so, naturally, i got to know their (music) playlist. minho has been listening to songs like this a lot lately. not only kim kwang seok’s songs but also songs from other big musicians, and songs that have been receiving love for a long period of time. he also watches many videos of them singing live, too. i learned his playlist by ear.

Read books. Read more books. Get inspired. Wake up early. Put on a warm jacket. Watch the sunrise. Do that twice a week. Three times a week. And so on. Add a morning walk to that. Then a jog. Then a run. Stop at a coffee shop. Have breakfast. Go back home. Have a shower. Plan your day in your head. Go through with your plan. Meet people. Young/old, it doesn’t matter. Just meet people. Share your story. Listen to theirs. Really listen. Many people pour a bucket of magic words out of their mouth if you’re all ears. Help people. Again, young/old. If someone stops you in the shopping centre promoting their business/item, listen. Consider. Even if you don’t end up purchasing anything later. Accept flyers from workers that stand on the side of the footpath handing them out. Even if you aren’t interested. Appreciate the natural environment. Sit by the water and just watch. Clear your mind. Meditate.
Happiness is around the corner.

Mercury in the 12th House

People with Mercury in the 12th house are very shy people. These people tend to not communicate very well and they have a hard time having a good flow of words. They feel the need to think a lot before they speak, even more so than people who already do that, it takes a lot for them to speak, some are even scared of it and find public speaking or socializing in front of many people terrifying. They love to serve and help people and Mercury in the 12th uses their words to help like giving advice or being a listening ear. Their thoughts are often swirling with ideas, and are misunderstood and confuse people when they try to share these ideas, because people don’t understand what they mean because their ideas aren’t logical, are more based on their emotions and their subconscious and they don’t have the best communication style.These people tend to fear losing their minds and feel like they are very often, they feel out of control of their minds and they feel flooded with their porous mind and its thoughts. Their difficulty with communication reflects their thoughts in the way that everything just gets mixed up, their words flood out of them and drown in the ocean, unlikely to resurface and are lost at sea, not able to be shown to others, which makes them stay so quiet. Overall this placement is a beautiful placement and must learn to not be afraid to speak, the more that they do it, the more they can emerge from the ocean they live in and can show the world their beautiful ideas and mind.

The Great Silence by Ted Chiang

(This is my favorite short story:)


The humans use Arecibo to look for extraterrestrial intelligence. Their desire to make a connection is so strong that they’ve created an ear capable of hearing across the universe.

But I and my fellow parrots are right here. Why aren’t they interested in listening to our voices?

We’re a non-human species capable of communicating with them. Aren’t we exactly what humans are looking for?


The universe is so vast that intelligent life must surely have arisen many times. The universe is also so old that even one technological species would have had time to expand and fill the galaxy. Yet there is no sign of life anywhere except on Earth. Humans call this the Fermi paradox.

One proposed solution to the Fermi paradox is that intelligent species actively try to conceal their presence, to avoid being targeted by hostile invaders.

Speaking as a member of a species that has been driven nearly to extinction by humans, I can attest that this is a wise strategy.

It makes sense to remain quiet and avoid attracting attention.

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Reinstalled my newly signed sun visor in the Impala~

I’m so happy and so grateful to everyone who has helped me get this far from where I was. I’m truly blessed and I’ll honestly never be able to thank everyone enough. 😭

Just Me

Summary: Y/N is a princess that wants a little more from life than becoming someone’s wife. She is given just that when a dark shadow-like figure takes her away in the middle of the night.
Warnings: gender roles are stressed in this and it makes me want to scream

“How many times? How many times have I told you that you are not to joust with your brothers?” My father hollered, eyes bulging from their sockets and veins protruding harshly from his forehead. I clenched my jaw as I listened to his rant, biting my tongue to keep myself from hurling several choice words that would only get me into more trouble.
      “Yet you continuously disobey me. Your lessons are vitally important! However you find the audacity to skip them so that you can frolic in the grass and play?” I imagined smoke billowing from his ears in thick columns, filling the room in a haze often seen encircling a fire.
      “You are a young lady- one who is supposed to uphold her royal duty and become mild-mannered, but- look at me when I’m talking to you!”
      I jerked my chin up, blinking visions of lava exploding from the top of my father’s head out of my eyes.
      “Honestly, Y/N,” he panted, tone sounding more concerned now than angry. “What were you thinking?”
      I shrugged. “It looked like fun. I don’t know, Father. I just wanted to try it. My studies are so boring, but my brothers get to-”
      “Never mind what your brothers get to do.” He cut me off sharply. “Your studies require knowledge necessary for you as a princess and as a future queen, understand?”
      Chewing my lower lip, I hurriedly nodded before saying, “But Father, you’ve said that a princess needs to be well-rounded. Wouldn’t that also encompass jousting? And-”
      “I know what you’re about to say, and if you know what’s best for you, you won’t mention it.” My father warned darkly, tilting his head in such a way that his crown teetered slightly. “You have embarked upon many misadventures and done several things that a young lady shouldn’t-”
      “But why?” I threw my arms by my sides, unable to maintain the respectful, submissive princess I was supposed to be. “Why can’t I go on adventures? Why can’t I joust? Why can’t I play in the garden with my brothers? Why-”
      “You’re a princess, my dear!” He exclaimed. “A young lady. Your place is in the castle with your books, and one day, in another castle with a husband to look after you.”
      I wrinkled my nose. “But I don’t want to get married.” I told him honestly with a hint of hostility. “I want to be a queen. I want to rule. I want to lead people and-”
      “And you can do all that once you’re married.” My father said in a voice that was sickly-sweet.
      “Why can’t I be a queen without a husband? Why do I need a man to validate my position of power?”
      He didn’t answer my question. He just sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Y/N, my dear, I am very tired. It is time you grow up and stop questioning things. Just accept what is to be.”
      “Well, I don’t want to.” I spat, crossing my arms. “I don’t want to grow up if it means I have to be that.”  
      “Everyone must grow up.” He hesitated, a hand hovering over my shoulder before going back to his side. “It will be fine.”
I laid in bed that night, staring at the ceiling and listening to my father’s words echo in my ears over and over again.
      “Everyone must grow up.”
      “…a husband to look after you.”
      “Everyone must grow up.”
      “Your place is in the castle…”
      “Everyone must grow up.”

      I let out a harsh breath, angrily throwing myself onto my side. I didn’t want to grow up. I didn’t want to be a quiet little wife who went along with whatever her husband wanted and stayed in the castle. I wanted to be a leader, someone the people could look to and respect and trust. I firmly believed that I could be a great queen without a king by my side. I believed there was something more for me than to end up like my father had described. I believed-
      There was an odd click that echoed in my silent room. My bones locked my body in place, awaiting further sounds. An elongated creaking. The soft whistle of wind breathing life into my curtains. Then the movement of something- but what?
      I summoned my courage, sucked in a deep breath, and sat up.
      The windows were opened. I found that strange, seeing as they had been latched shut by attendants before I retired for the night. The drapes were waving to me, as if to say goodbye.
      Slowly, I shoved the silk sheets off my legs and stood on the cold floor. The hem of my nightgown brushed the back of my legs, causing my heart to race.
I was being silly. I marched over to the window and reached for one door. Out of the corner of my eye, something moved…
      I immediately released the handle and whirled around, eyes scanning the dark room with narrowed precision. Whatever it had been, it was flying- a bird, perhaps?
      That’s when I spotted it.
      It lurked in the darkest corner of the room, figure wavering as it hovered above the ground. My breath caught in my throat. It looked like the shadow of a man, but there was no body to produce this shadow. Where its eyes should have been were glaring white lights- and they were honed in on me.
      Deciding to be brave, I raised my chin and demanded, “Who are you and how did you get in my bedroom?”
      The shadow said nothing. It just floated there, observing.
      I grit my teeth. “I command you to answer me, by order of Y/N Y/L/N, Princess of-” The words were ripped through my throat when the shadow suddenly dived, snatching both my wrists in its hands and hauling me out the window. I let out a scream, eyes wide and watering as I stared at my kingdom below, gradually growing smaller and smaller…
When I awakened, I was lying on something gritty and powdery. My eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light bearing down on me to piece together the facts: I was lying on a beach, in my nightgown, with no recollection of how I got there or where ‘there’ was.
      I shook the sand from my hair, scowling. Whatever that shadow-thing was, it was going to pay for kidnapping me and taking me to this place…
      I staggered up the beach, fighting the sun in my eyes and the steep sand dunes all the way. I didn’t know where I was going, but I wanted to get out from the open. I didn’t know if the shadow was going to return. It and I weren’t off to a very good start; I didn’t want it to come near me again.
      I stayed just along the tree line, keeping an eye out for anything that could be dangerous or useful. I didn’t know what was inside the thick bunch of trees, so I wasn’t going to chance it.
      Eventually, I came upon boulders all lumped together in shallow water. My mouth felt paper-dry and my legs were exhausted from the overuse. I plopped down on a small rock and cupped my hands to finally get some water…
      “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
      I jumped up, splashing everywhere as I whirled on the newcomer.
      He was dressed in all green- he looked as though he had been born from the forest floor- and his curly brown hair was disheveled slightly. His jade eyes were alight with mischief, and his drawling smirk indicated he was highly amused at the sight of me.
      “See, that water comes from the sea.”  He explained, propping one booted foot against a large stone and resting his elbow on his bent knee. “And the sea happens to be salt water, which you shouldn’t drink.”
      “I know that,” I told him coolly. “I’m just not in the current position to be picky.”
      He raised his eyebrow. “Why do you say that?”
      “Well, I’m a bit lost at the moment.”
      The boy snorted. “Obviously. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t lost.”
      I regarded him carefully. “Would you… would you mind telling me where here is?”
      “It’s the place where all lost boys come.” He told me. “The island of Neverland.”
      “But… I’m not a boy.”
      “Right you are.” He remarked, eying me in a way that had me crossing my arms over my chest.
      “I don’t belong here.”
      “I wouldn’t be so quick to say that.” I stared at him curiously. “Well, the Shadow brought you here after all.”
      “That’s what that thing is called? The Shadow?” I closed my eyes and shook my head. “Never mind. That doesn’t matter. What matters is this… Shadow… took me from my home. I’d very much like to go back now. Could you help me?”
      The boy quirked an eyebrow. “I’m afraid not. You’re already home.”
      I stared at him blankly. Was he crazy? This was not my home, not at all…
      “You were lost. You believed. Now you’re home.” He started simply, almost in a bored tone, as if he had been through this several times before with several flustered, confused girls.
      “I am not.” I started firmly, feeling immense satisfaction in the way his eyes widened slightly. “I am Princess Y/N Y/L/N of the Kingdom-”
      “Yes, yes, I know you’re a princess.” He waved his hand dismissively. “I know more than you would probably like me to.”
      I fought the urge to swing my fist at him the way I had seen my brothers do when they were angry with one another. “Then as a princess, I command you to take me to the ruler of this island.”
      He laughed at that- one lacking mirth but at the same time full of amusement. “You’re commanding me, are you?”
      I kept my chin level, the way I believed a queen would, and said, “Yes. To your ruler, please, or the king of this island. I would like to make arrangements with them to see me home safely.”
      “There are no kings in Neverland,” the boy revealed. “Just me.”
      “I see.” I watched him with cool contempt. “And you are?”
      He smiled then, in such a malicious way that it made my blood run cold. “Peter Pan.” 

The Signs on the 4th of July
  • Aries: Refusing to participate because they "Don't Wanna Be an American Idiot (rock guitar strumming)"
  • Taurus: Having too many burgers at the barbecue and getting really sick
  • Gemini: Telling everyone who would listen about how they wrestled a bear last year, and how by doing so they saved the lives of two thousand terrified people
  • Cancer: Covering their ears at the fireworks and screaming
  • Leo: Getting on one of those float thingies and tossing candy, screaming "IM BETTER THAN HALF THIS COUNTRY!"
  • Virgo: Holding a fire extinguisher the entire time, actively waiting for something to go wrong
  • Libra: Singing "GOD BLESS AMERICA" really obnoxiously and causing everyone to turn their heads and throw shade because their singing is ruining the fireworks
  • Scorpio: Laughing at Cancer's misery while eating Doritos
  • Sagittarius: Illegally setting off sparklers in their backyard
  • Capricorn: Lecturing everyone about the great plights of this Nation whilst wearing an Uncle Sam costume
  • Aquarius: Setting off the illegal fireworks with Sagittarius, burns the house down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Pisces: *sobbing* I LVOE AMURRRCA *takes out flag and waves it feebly*

Autistic Nick Fury ignoring bureaucracy and charging in at Bogota because in his mind he has his own set of what is to be done that doesn’t always match other people’s, besides he’s always struggled with diplomacy, people are so ridiculous at the best of times

Autistic Fury having files in his head where he stores all the different information and sorts it, he like to say it out loud to organise it but there are too many ears listening so he just stims to concentrate his energy instead

Autistic Fury refusing to pretend to be nice to people he doesn’t like unless it’s necessary because he hates confusing smiles and false appearances (Although he understand their uses, natasha is proof of that)

Autistic Fury not being diagnosed for years because he was told he was ‘just being a troublemaker’ whenever he couldn;t understand something or was abrasive with people

Fic: Inked

Time commuting to and from NYU with Elliott gets Blaine thinking about tattoos, and Kurt helps Blaine explore his possibilities. Rated M for sexual content. Read on AO3 here. 

When Blaine comes back to New York, Blaine and Elliott end up on the subway from NYU to Brooklyn together a fair amount. At first, Blaine suspects Kurt requested Elliott play nice and look out for Blaine through his transition to NYU, but they genuinely get along. Most rides, Elliott listens in bemusement as Blaine recounts the adventures of his day in a new school, sometimes soliciting advice, sometimes looking for a sympathetic ear, and sometimes just happy for even more attention. After so many years playing the mentor he wish he had, Blaine finally has someone like him but more experienced who he can actually look up to and whose advice he trusts.

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drive / a pynch fic

on ao3

Ronan felt kinetic. 

He couldn’t sleep.

He paced the floor of his room, over and over again, his headphones on and yelling angrily in his ears. He felt wild and caged, and he didn’t know what to do with himself or with his current mood. Moonlight streaked across his floor, silver and quiet, and he wanted to be outside and on the streets and away from this damned room and away from himself, but Gansey had meaningfully taken the keys to the BMW and so Ronan was stuck in his room.

He wondered how many times he could listen to the same song before going insane. 

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Translation of 365's [Demo] Lyrics

Here’s the translation anons requested for the second song, “365.” Again, the lyrics are pretty corny, but compared to Wolf’s [demo], they’re, at least, cute imo? Please don’t ask me for the audio leak; other users have it up all over tumblr, and it really doesn’t take much to find it.

Added which members sing which lines, etc.

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Dean sang along to 80% of the shit he forced Sam to listen to as they turned over numbers on the odometer. God only knew how many times he’d listened to Dean’s favorite Zep album (actually that was a toss up between Houses of the Holy or Led Zeppelin II. Dean was obsessed with both of them) or how many times he had to endure Dean’s I’m really angry right now playlist (a ridiculous amount of ear-bleed inducing Metallica) but this, this was new.

They’d just left a hunt in Wichita, Kansas. Cas had joined them but left as soon as they were done. Dean had acted really off since Cas’s departure, staring after the Continental as it left them behind at a diner. Even Dean’s attempts at doing some quick work on what he lovingly referred to as the Pimpmobile hadn’t delayed Cas.

“I’m sorry, Dean. But there are things I need to attend to. My apologies.” After that, Cas had climbed into the car and drove off, leaving Dean staring after it with his shoulders slumped.

“C’mon, Dean. Let’s head home.”

“Yeah.” They’d gotten in the car and Dean had reached across Sam’s lap to pull a tape out of the glove box. Compared to the others, it looked fairly new. He popped it into the deck without another word.

Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon popped up first. Sam didn’t really think much about it, and Dean wasn’t singing along - just sort of humming and staring out the window.

Settling back in the passenger seat, Sam read through the stacks of emails on his phone.

The Rain Song popped up next, and Dean’s humming became more involved, little snatches of lyrics bursting from his lips. He’d catch himself singing, glance over at Sam, and clam up tight.

I’m Not in Love, Fooled Around and Fell in Love, Since I’ve Been Loving You, and Ready for Love followed in quick succession, Dean getting more and more into each song.

By the time I Want to Know What Love Is popped up, Dean was singing passionately into the steering wheel, one hand over his heart as he belted out the lyrics.

A thought occurred to Sam.

“Dean, are you singing to Cas?”

“Yeah,” Dean answered dreamily. He seemed to realize what he’d said a second later, and Sam fought to hide a grin as the car served. “What?! No! I mean - no - why would I - just like the song -”

Sam pushed the eject button on the tape and stared at the writing on the label. “Songs for Cas? Really?”

Dean blushed bright red. “Shut up.”

You know, going through some of the tag, I’m glad you all recognize that what the people did in the chat and the crowd was wrong.

I think that speaks more volumes for the community than anything else. The fact that so many people recognize it as bad behavior is a good thing.

Next time something like an award show or any convention where Mark is at happens, we can all remind each other and our friends to be respectful to one another.

No, not everyone will listen but it doens’t hurt to remind people to behave better when seeing their favorite youtuber.

You never give up. No matter how hard things get. No matter how many times you look back while running in the dark. No matter how many people you lose, remind yourself that not every person is a loss nor will they realize you were a gift until they’ve lost everything too. Stay alive just so that you can listen to the wind gushing through your ears. Stay awake just so the sunrise can burn your eyes though you were trying to see something beautiful. I guess that’s what happens, the beautiful things hurt you the most. They poison you because they’re a lie and never teach yourself to love lies even though the truth may be ugly. It will always be the truth. Reality will always be at your doorsteps and she ain’t leaving.
—  DesertWinds