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Deadpool x Reader

Warnings: It’s fucking Deadpool. 

Summary: Your girl Nega hooks you up with Wade Wilson. 

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The bar was dingy as fuck.

Fuck it was downright biowaste, but it was the place your date picked. And now you were questioning the whole damn thing.

Cursing Nega under your breath for setting you up with her ‘friend’, you hustled into the bar and looked down at your phone. Quickly you texted the number of Wade Wilson, the man you had been talking to on and off for the last week and a half.

“I’m here.”

A second later, your cell buzzed. “Holy shit you’re way hotter in person. Fuck me.”

Another buzz. “Full disclosure, I have a boner.”

Another buzz. “Also my penis is big.”

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Bet || R.M.

Originally posted by alltimewolf

Word Count: 2095

Pairing: Ross!Reggie x reader

Summary: Chuck bets Reggie five hundred dollars to hook up with you, his tutor, and the outcome leaves you heartbroken.

Warnings: smut, fingering, cussing, unprotected sex, Reggie being a complete fuckboy, complete filth

Requested by anon:

“Hey Can you do a Reggie imagine where his bet that he couldn’t get the reader to go out with him. The reader is really pretty and awkward. So he tries and eventually falls in love with her. With a really fluffy ending. I know it’s cliché, haha.”

I kind of strayed off from the request, hope that’s okay! I might do a second part where it’s fluffier though!


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Kiwi: Part Five

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two // Kiwi: Part Three // Kiwi: Part Four

He woke up to the sounds of the ocean kissing the sandy shore.

He couldn’t remember what time they finally fell asleep the night before. Sleep had already started to overcome him during the last little bit of the night so he hadn’t been fully conscious, but he did remember a few things: stealing soft kisses and gentle whispers, and the sound of her laugh harmonizing with the sound of the waves. 

He’d never seen her that relaxed before, and it brought her to a whole new dimension that only made him fall even deeper—it was almost like she was a new person every day. Like she was constantly shifting into new versions of herself. 

He turned over in the bed to look at her—she was laying on her stomach, one of her arms resting by her head as the other remained down at her side. Her shoulders were rising and falling calmly with every breath that she took, and it was almost soothing to see her this relaxed—she had this resilient intensity about her all of the time that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, and watching her sound asleep was perhaps the only time that he saw her with her defences completely lowered.

He groaned inaudibly as he gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, sitting up in the bed carefully as not to wake her up. As much as he wanted to stay, he needed to get back to the studio to keep working. He slipped out of the bed and padded across the room quietly, and after some debate, he decided to leave her a note. He didn’t want her to think that he was running off, but he also didn’t want to wake her—he wrote her the note and left it on the bed beside her frame, slipping out of the little home and making his way back to the studio.

She woke up hours later, to the beeping of her alarm going off on her watch.

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Something New | NSFW

Summary: You’ve been putting it off, but you finally asked your boyfriend about something you’ve been wanting to try.

Characters: Reader x Tom Holland

Warnings: NSFW, smut, cursing, light B*SM

Word Count: 1,525

A/N: Read if you’re only 18+. This is my first time, dabbling into this, so take that into consideration. Yeah, the D is censored to keep it out of the tag. How about that LSB though??? Anyways, enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated.

You had been dating your boyfriend, Tom, for about a year now. Everything was great with him. You both had learned to love long distance and he would always come and visit you on his days off, and vice versa. You always looked forward to the days off because that meant lying in bed with him — naked. You just loved feeling vulnerable with him and cuddling, but on other days, you guys wouldn’t stop. It was heaven for you, but you wanted to try something different the next time you saw him — that was this weekend. Tom would be coming home after a long press tour for his new movie and would have two weeks off in London. You were going to bring it up to him and hope it wouldn’t scare him away.

You heard a knock on your door and you opened it to a messy, curly hair, tired, brown eyed boy with bags on his back and feet. You smiled and kissed him softly, and helped him with his things into your apartment. You didn’t speak to him. You knew he was exhausted. After he put everything down, he approached you and just hugged you. This was typical and you both would just hold each other in embrace for a while.

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The Five Things You Know, and the One You Don’t

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2567

A/N:  back for round twoooo…..I feel like we all need some Bucky fluff right now


You lost your second out of four lives in this Nerf war, thanks to someone—someone most likely named Steve.  He’s a sneaky one. It’s pouring outside and nobody was in the mood to do anything productive, naturally the first suggestion had been a Nerf war.

“Y/N, you will be avenged!”

Pietro vaults over the couch, very action movie-esque, which would have been impressive if he hadn’t been shot right after.

“Oh. Sorry, I’m out,” he sighs.  

“It’s okay, I appreciate the backup,” you say, sending your teammate a smile. By your count, it was only Bucky and you left on your team, versus Steve, Sam and Wanda on the other.  You weren’t sure how many lives each of them had, but you all promised to be honest.

“Y/N,” Bucky hisses. He waves his Nerf gun in a complicated circle.



If there was a way to see your face, it would read ‘???’.  A floorboard creaks behind you, and Bucky grabs your wrist and covers you until you’re safely behind the bar. A spark runs down your forearm but you attribute it to your socks shuffling on the carpet. 

He turns to you. “Didn’t I tell you the code?”

“No, it looked like random flailing—“ You raise your gun over the bar and shoot Wanda.  

She slouches. “How’d you know?”

You point behind Bucky. “The floating red stuff around the bullet about to hit him gave you away. How many more lives?”

“None.” She lowers her voice. “Sam’s got one more, but Steve’s got all four. Hurry, this game’s gone on long enough.”

Bucky mumbles ‘Steve’ under his breath and rises to go hunt for his best friend. It’s a good match, Bucky has all his lives too. Sam is yours. You tiptoe around the floor searching for any place that might house Sam.

“Oh, Bird Man,” you coo, knowing the nickname riles him up, “come out, come out, wherever you are.”

Just as you suspected: a poof from a gun misses your elbow. Bending down to pick up the foam bullet, you smile. Based on the trajectory, Sam was hiding behind the bookshelf.  Quietly, you sneak up on him and bombard him with foam before he can retaliate. Good ol’ physics, who knew it actually comes in handy?

You feel the spark again the next morning while getting your coffee, but this time you’re nowhere near a carpet.

“There’s my partner in crime!” Bucky announces when he sees you, “Have I told you about her?”

“Multiple times,” Sam says, clearly miffed, he’s swirling his tea bag more than usual.

“I’ll tell you again.  She kicked ass.”

“Is this coffee bitter, Sam?” You took a sip. “No. It must be you.”

Bucky throws an arm around your shoulders. His touch burns where your tank top can’t cover, and you have to concentrate on breathing properly. It’s like you had just come back from a run, your breath is completely knocked out of your lungs. Bucky’s holding onto you so his legs don’t give out from under him from the speechless look on Sam’s face; he’s laughing and declaring that you made his day.

First; he touches you and you light on fire. Your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin.  The burns don’t show, but it’s hard to breathe with ash in your lungs.  It’s so hard to breathe. You’re suffocating daily.

“What’s up with you?” Nat asks, “I was talking to you and you zoned out.”

“She’s drooling over Barnes,” Wanda replies, nudging you lightheartedly. You confessed to your crush on Bucky at the weekly girls lunch. Wanda wasn’t surprised.

“Yes, Bucky is over there, and yes, I happen to be staring in that direction, but I wouldn’t call it drooling.”

“You’re so smitten! Y/N, I can see it even without my powers.”

“He doesn’t know, right?”

“I don’t think so.”

Bucky’s on the patio, settling in a chair to play cards with Steve and Pietro.  You were staring at him, more specifically at his chest, since he had just emerged from the pool. Each droplet of water was having the time of its life trying to find its way through the maze of muscle definition, and you couldn’t tear your gaze away.  You’re starting to get hot and bothered imagining your fingers as the droplets.  

“Hey,” Nat murmurs.  

She jerks her chin at the guys. Bucky is waving at you to come over and greets you warmly when the three of you pull up seats at the table and Pietro deals you into a game of blackjack. You’re sitting two seats away from Bucky; here he’s barely a head tilt from being in your immediate vision, and you have a full view of the six—no, eight pack. Yikes.

You don’t want to get caught staring, but you can’t not stare.  Cruelly, the universe dips the sun lower in the sky, and its rays spill on Bucky like a goddamn spotlight.

“You have got to be kidding me,” you swear under your breath.

“Bad cards, Y/N?” Nat asks, and you jump on her excuse, nodding. You notice her subtly pointing down to her abdomen, then up at her face.  It’s a silent way of saying, ‘his eyes are up there.’

Bucky stretches to grab his towel, and you can feel yourself blushing when his muscles twist and contract. At the same time, Pietro makes a joke and Bucky’s smiling in that cute way where his nose scrunches. It’s too much too much–

You put on your sunglasses.

Second; it hurts to watch him. He shines. He’s brighter than the sun, he’s too beautiful for your eyes.  It’s hard to look at him.  It’s even harder to look away from him.  You’re going blind.

Two days later, you’re sitting on a bar stool tugging at the hem of your dress.  Nat swears it makes your legs look a mile long when you walk, but you’re tired of standing and are in dire need of a drink. Preferably something strong.  

“Tony, is your floor strong enough to handle this many people? I’m genuinely concerned,” you ask when Tony whizzes by, his arm around Happy Hogan, who is looking a little too happy.  You have to duck when he tries to hug you, claiming you’re too pretty to be sitting on the sidelines.

“Yeah, I designed it, it’ll even withstand Banner if someone pokes him. Stark guarantee.”

“Come dance with me!”

“I’m okay here, Hogan, but next party, alright?”

Tony chuckles and guides his tipsy friend over to a couch. Once he’s sure Hogan has a water bottle to sober up with, Tony hops on stage. “Introducing our entertainment for this evening!”

“Here’s your vodka cranberry.” The bartender hands you a glass as a gorgeous woman walks up to the microphone.

You thank him and take a few sips listening to the woman singing a slow ballad. You scan the crowd, looking to see if Hogan likes the music, but then you see him. It’s common knowledge that if you are looking at someone you can hear their voice better, though with you it’s like your ears are always plugged in to the Bucky Barnes Radio Show.

“Stevie, when do these things end?”

“Late, Buck. Around two.”

“In the morning?!”

You want to unplug the microphone so you can hear Bucky better, his baritone voice is heaven to your ears.  As the singer hits an impossibly high note, you wonder why people are clapping, impressed. Why is anyone listening to this, this noise when he’s speaking?

Struck with a sudden idea, you down the last of your drink and weave your way around the mesmerized guests. You squeeze past two middle-aged men—who, if you’re not mistaken, invented Google; they’re probably smart as hell, but they seem to like the sound of nails on a chalkboard, so you can’t give them too much credit—and find yourself behind the two supersoldiers. You poke the brunet’s bicep.

His bored face lights up at the sight of you.


“Hey, Bucky? Want to go play Monopoly?”

His reply was instantaneous. “Yes, absolutely. I’d love to play Monopoly with you. Bye Steve.”

“Bucky no—“

Bucky takes your hand and you’re around the corner before Steve can finish.  

“You’re the best, Y/N,” he says, and the butterflies in your stomach flap their wings to the rhythm of his words. “I was dying in there.”

“I know the feeling.”

An hour later, you’re losing. Badly. Despite being from the 40s, Bucky is annoyingly good at real estate.  You count forward three spots and land on Boardwalk, one of his properties. Slowly, hoping he’s not paying attention, you move your piece four spots, bypassing the danger of triple hotels.

“No, no, that’s four, not three!”

“Did I roll a three?”

“You did.”

You cover the die nonchalantly.  “No, I didn’t.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow, and suddenly it’s a war, he’s trying to pull your hand up, and you’re trying to keep it down.  To nobody’s surprise, he wins, and the number three is revealed.

“Mwahaha,” he grabs at the last of your pitiful money pile, throwing the coloured bills up in the air. “You’re bankrupt!”

The floor-to-ceiling windows around you show the stars, twinkling magnificently bright in the clear night sky. But Bucky’s singing We Are The Champions and he’s messing up the lyrics and he’s completely off-key and you’re positive it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever witnessed.

Third; your ears are tuned to his voice. You could pick him out in a sea of thousands. His voice makes pretty singers who sing pretty songs sound dull. His voice makes everything else ugly.

Bucky’s eyes should be a crayon colour, you decide.  

He has a habit. Whenever anyone says something ridiculous, Bucky looks to you like you’re the camera in The Office. And when they say a ridiculous paragraph, he widens his eyes in disbelief, pursing his lips to avoid cracking a smile. This happens a lot when Steve’s feeling particularly adventurous. It’s in these moments where time seems to slow, and you wish it would stop completely so you can study his eyes longer. Bucky has a myriad of blue that swirls to create a whirlpool of taunting winks and irritated smirks.  The wrinkled smile lines and long, dark eyelashes accentuate it perfectly.

After all, if you email Crayola, you better have a description.

Your favourite shade is when he scrunches them up from laughing.  They’re so blue they literally glow, as if they repel light instead of absorbing it.  You’re rooted to your spot when this happens.  Like you’re on a ship, and those eyes, blue like an ocean sea, are begging you to set sail with them, to cast your doubts away and leave the mainland behind.  

You’re writing this fantasy into your journal when you realize how deep you are: you’re not on the ship anymore.  

Fourth; the color of his eyes is blue enough to drown in.  He is turning you into a cliched love-wrecked being. You’re drowning, always sinking. Down, down, down.

Screaming wakes you from sleep.  Throwing off your covers, you don’t have to follow the heartbreaking sounds to know they are coming from Bucky’s room.  When you knock, you find that the door opens at your touch.


Bucky is thrashing in his bed, the covers pushed down at his feet, the sheets underneath him dark.  Your eyes rake over his anguished face; he’s sweating, and fighting some sort of invisible monster. Recently you’ve been helping him with his nightmares and you can tell, it’s a bad one tonight.  

You climb onto the mattress and nudge him gently. “Bucky, wake up.”  Nothing happens, so you shake him harder then duck as his metal fist flies at your head. It hits the wall with a sickening crunch, and this is what wakes Bucky up.  He sits up, gasping.

“Y/N? Oh my god.” He reaches out like he wants to lift you up from your flattened position, but before he does, he sees the dent in the wall and recoils.  The anguish turns to horror, and you can’t tell which one is worse.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispers.

You take his hands from behind his back and intertwine your fingers. You push his chin up so he meets your eyes.

“I’m okay, don’t worry.”

“I nearly hurt you.”

“The key word here is nearly,” you soothe, “Let’s get you into new clothes.”

You slip over to his wardrobe and open his drawers to find another shirt.  When you turn around, Bucky’s sitting on the edge of the bed, his face buried in his hands.

He’s in pain, and you feel it too.  You are also angry, angry at the world, because they victimized him; angry at Hydra, because they caused Bucky to feel this way. You want to track down each and every person who hurt him and rip them apart in increasingly creative ways, but you settle for collecting Bucky in your arms and wiping away his tears.  

During your nights with him he’s confided in you the process of getting over his guilt and the fears that still haunt him.  It didn’t happen right away, oh no, it took time to show him you would stay no matter what.  Knowing Bucky, truly, bad and good, past and present, it could never push you away. Nothing could. You’re here for the long haul.

You’re lying on your back when he calms enough to fall asleep.  Bucky’s torso is on top of yours, hugging you, and his face is angled so you can feel his breaths on your skin; you’re satisfied when you confirm they’re even. Playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck, you glare at the ceiling like it’s going to come attack Bucky too.

“No more. Don’t try anything.  Or else you have me to deal with,” you growl to the world.

You’ll fiercely protect this man with everything you have, with every word, every muscle, every breath. Adjusting your hold on his back, you match your exhales to Bucky’s and drift off, mentally making a note to take him to the zoo soon.  He loves feeding the penguins.

Fifth; you know him. You love him. Through a thousand lifetimes, across millions of stars, you’d find him. You’d never leave. You love him. Till death do you part.

Bucky wakes to a rhythmic beating sound.  

Opening his eyes, he sees he’s lying on you, over your heart, and the corners of his mouth turn upwards. Bucky recalls last night. Not the nightmare, no, because you chased it away—he remembers you.  You being here for him, you saying the words of affirmation he so badly needed to hear to calm down, they further solidified the place he had carved for you to be forever in his life. He was so nervous and scared that you’d leave once you saw what he was capable of, but you stayed, and here you are.

On an impulse, he kisses your temple and you smile in your sleep. You’re so beautiful, he thinks.

Bucky watches your eyes move under their lids, and he wonders of what you’re dreaming. Hopefully it’s something good. You deserve it; you deserve the world, in his mind.

The sun is not yet up, so he relaxes again. He’s so comfortable and you’re so lovely, Bucky never wants to move. Your heart, with every beat, pumps into him more peace, and more clarity.

Bucky’s sure of one thing. It’s the one thing you don’t know.

Sixth; he loves you, too.


still new, still small, still really love you all

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fic recs

alrighty, i know i was only asked about supercorp fics but this quickly turned into my end all be all list of recs. this got long and i’m not even sorry. disclaimer that i am Soft and don’t like Angst or smut

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We Don’t Talk Anymore

Originally posted by the9397

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (feat. Jimin or the other way around??)

Word Count: 2.469

A/N: this was requested before I went on hiatus when jungkook released the cover but I just now had the time to write it. I hope you enjoy it!

also I didn’t proof read yet, I’m too lazy rn please bare with me

Strolling down the street, head down, you made your way to your university. One arm clutched around the cup of coffee and the other one gripping your bag tightly, knuckles turning white. The tension in your body was eating you out alive, making it impossible to function properly. 

A piercing sound made its way to your ears, causing you to flinch and letting your cup fall to the ground. The coffee splattered all across the sidewalk, passersby throwing you judging looks while your hand roamed through your pockets, searching for the device that was equivalent to the noise that startled you.

Finally being able to grasp it in between your shaking fingers, you held it to you ear, taking a deep breath. 


“Hey babe, how’s your morning?”, his voice echoed through the device, sounding too eager for your still sleepy state.

“Mhh fine”, you mumbled while trying to dodge other passersby on the sidewalk that walked in the opposite direction. “You just startled me and I accidentally spilled all my coffee on the floor.” 

A pout formed on your lips as you realized you’d had to survive the whole day without your daily cup of sweet bitterness to give you a boost of energy. Your day was practically ruined.   

His angelic laugh made a smile appear on your face and you felt your heart flutter at that sound. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you (Y/N)”, a soft chuckle escaped his lips. “I’ll come by after your first period and bring you a new one, does that sound good?”

You sighed in defeat. “Jimin, it’s not that big of a deal, don’t worry. It’s just coffee”, you laughed. “I can survive without it.”

His grin was practically audible through the phone. “No, you wouldn’t (Y/N) and we both know that. Your unbearable without your morning coffee. I’ll be there.” 

Walking through the gates of your university, you nodded to some acquaintances and smiled. “How do I even deserve you Park Jimin? Thank you, really.”

He laughed. “Anything for my princess. Now go get to your class, we’ll see each other in a bit!”

You giggled and hung up before letting your phone slide back into your bag and taking a seat in the back row. Still in a lovely daze, you started to unpack and placed your paper and pen in front of you, ready to take notes for once during this lecture. It was one of the hardest to concentrate at and even though you told yourself each time before class to focus, that it’s important for your future, it always ended in a disaster. Not once had you been able to listen to what the professor said, let alone take notes. Your nerves were wrecked every time after class and the only thing that could calm you down was Jimin.

All of a sudden your hackles raised and you knew he was in the same room. He had entered and was looking directly at you, making your whole body react to his gaze even though you hadn’t looked at him yet. You didn’t have to turn to his direction to know that he was there. Your body knew. 

Nervously, you started chewing on your bottom lip and kneading your hands together, trying to hold your gaze to the front. If you looked, this lecture wouldn’t be different from all the others. You had to concentrate. You had to stay strong, You had to stay focused. 

A light breeze made goosebumps appear on your arms and your heart started aching when the smell of his cologne hit your nose. Slowly you closed your eyes, inhaling deeply and remembering…

“I could stay like this forever, you know. You, me and this bed”, his deep early morning voice lulled you in. You softly hummed in response, snuggling closer to his chest and inhaling his unique scent. Butterflies danced in the pit of your stomach and electricity shot through your body wherever his fingers decided to caress your naked skin. 

“Of course we’d need to hire someone then to cook for us, otherwise we’d starve to death”, he added, making you giggle. Your eyes shot up and his hands started playing with your hair while looking at you lovingly.

You loved moments like these. He treated you like the most precious thing anyone could ever hold. He made you feel like the Queen on Earth that nobody could ever compare to. You felt safe and loved. All of his being was devoted to you in those few seconds and you couldn’t think of any better feeling than that. His arms were your home. His eyes were your savior. His lips your treasure. He was everything to you and you were everything to him. 

Just the two of you.

“We could just hire Jin. I bet he’d gladly cook for his youngest child, making sure he doesn’t starve to death”, he laughed at your comment, placing soft kisses all over your face.

“I could never starve to death with you in my arms”, he muttered and you playfully hit his chest, making him gasp in fake shock.

“Geez, you’re so cheesy sometimes”, you said while hiding your face in the crook of his neck.

“Only for you (Y/N)”, he laughed, pulling you closer, enwrapping you in his scent. 

Heaven was nothing compared to his arms.

A high pitched giggle made you come back from your memories and you turned your head to the source of noise, eyebrows furrowed and heart aching. One of your classmates was sitting on his lap, throwing her head back and laughing dramatically while he grinned silently, hands placed on her waist and softly tickling her.

“Stop it Jungkook, you know how ticklish I am!”, she squealed, playfully hitting his arms and smiling widely at him. 

“I know, that’s why I’m doing it”, he answered before continuing his mission.

The professor turned his microphone on, making the girl slide back onto her chair and Jungkook turn his gaze away from her, smile fading instantly. His eye bags looked horrible, eyes sad, almost emotionless. His face was pale and lips chapped. All life seemed to be sucked out of him, just like you were feeling. 

His gaze went up and your eyes met, locking for a small eternity. You saw the blood rush through his veins back to his face again, giving his cheeks a pink tint, eyes sprinkling with all kinds of emotions and lips turning to a nostalgic smile. Your heart fluttered just like it used to with a mix of a painful feeling that seemed as if someone was slamming a knife into it over and over again. Your eyes started to water but you couldn’t tear your gaze away from him. He seemed to suck you in, not letting you go no matter how hard you tried to focus on your professor instead of Jungkook.

Until the girl nudged him in the side and he flinched, breaking eye contact and making you release the breath you didn’t even know you were holding. Quickly, you turned to the front, grabbing pen and paper and eagerly starting to write down whatever the professor was telling. Your mind was still in another dimension but your just automatically wrote everything down that you got a glimpse of. You could feel Jungkook’s stare from the other side of the room, yet you didn’t act on it. It burned holes into your ski but you stayed focused - or at least you tried to.

Throughout the whole lecture you could feel his gaze on you, so when class was finally over, you quickly grabbed your things together and ran out of the lecture hall. Almost running into your boyfriend who was waiting in front of the door, Jimin grabbed your wrist before you could splash the second coffee all over both of you.

“Wow there, slow down”, he laughed and placed a small kiss on your lips, handing you the coffee. 

You grabbed it thankfully, shooting him an apologetic smile and embracing him in a tight hug. That was all you needed in that moment. No coffee, no nothing. Just Jimin holding you tight.

He sensed that and pulled you close, still standing in the middle of the hallway, softly caressing your back, placing a kiss on top of your head. You stayed like that for a while before you looked up at him and gently smiled.

“Thank you”, you spoke, making him look a little lost.

“For what?”, Jimin asked and raised an eyebrow.

You chuckled. “Everything.”

That’s when a huge smile spread across his face, pulling you close into his arms again and softly rocking you from side to side, holding you like you were his world.

And you were. 

“Jimin!”, you called for him from your bedroom, looking at yourself in the mirror while adjusting the tight dress, already looking for a pair of shoes to wear.

His figure appeared in the door frame a second later and he looked at you questioningly. “What’s up?”

You stopped in your tracks and pulled another dress out of your wardrobe.

“Which one should I wear tonight? This black one from when we ate dinner with your parents in that really fancy Italian restaurant or the red one that I’m wearing right now?”, you turned to face him and saw his face. 

“When did you get this dress (Y/N)?”, his eyes were big and mouth slightly open, hands scratching his neck - a habit he had when he was nervous. 

“Mhh I don’t quite remember”, you said while he bit down on his lips, gaze wandering up and down your body. But boy, did you remember….

“(Y/N) have you seen m-”, Jungkook stopped in his tracks as he stepped into your bedroom, seeing you standing there in the gift he got you.

“I see you already tried your Valentine’s gift on”, he smirked before placing his bag down onto the floor and making his way over to where you were standing. His hands gently caressed the material of the dress, following your curves, exploring it as if it was all new to him. 

You hummed in response and turned back to the mirror in front of you, Jungkook holding you from behind. A smirk was placed on your lips as he started leaving sloppy kisses on your neck, biting down every once in a while.

“You know, I was wondering if this dress was maybe more of a gift for yourself than for me”, you jokingly teased, making him smirk onto your skin before sliding his hands down your body to the hem of the dress.

“I’m not gonna lie, it is a pretty convenient gift don’t you think? You get something new to wear as you always complain that you don’t have enough nice things to wear and I get to look at you in it”, cocked his eyebrows at you. “And occasionally taking if off of you again”, he winked into the mirror, making you laugh and turn to face him again.

“I thought you had practice tonight”, you smirked, letting your index finger slide down his toned chest covered by one of his typical white shirts. Purposely you pressed your body against his, letting him feel every single curve of yours.

“They won’t mind if I’m late. After all it’s still Valentine’s Day and we didn’t get to the best part of today yet, did we?”, he leaned in before you could answer but you knew you didn’t need to answer. He knew your response anyway.

Hand in hand you stepped into the restaurant, your heels clacking on the floor while the waiter led the way to the already full table. Heads turned to the two of you but you tried your best to ignore it. Jimin squeezed your hand, sensing how uncomfortable you were feeling. You looked at him and he smiled at you reassuringly, making a smile appear on your lips as well.

As you arrived on the table, everybody greeted you happily before you sat down on the bench side, next to Hoseok who was already smiling at you brightly, making you feel more at ease than you would have thought. He was he definition of an angel and could make anybody happy, no matter in what kind of mood they were in. 

Jimin was sat to your left, so when you accidentally kicked someone’s feet underneath the table while adjusting your seating position, your gaze automatically shot up to dramatically apologize until you met his eyes.

He looked at you as if he was trying to take a mental photograph, regret washing over his face and small tears well up before he could blink them away.

“You look really beautiful tonight (Y/N)”, he complimented you, while holding eye contact, searching for something specific in your eyes. 

“You really do (Y/N! I really love your dress, where did you get it from?”, the girl from your lecture, his girlfriend, asked you. An honest smile was plastered on her face and she seemed sincerely interested.

You smiled back at her. “Thank you! Sadly, I don’t remember where I got this from… I think it might have been a gift or something”, you smiled apologetically and she shrugged before turning her attention back to Taehyung who was sitting on her other side.

As your gaze wandered away from her you noticed Jungkook’s expression. His jaw was clenched, hands hidden under the table but you were sure they were tensed as well. His eyes full of hurt, he glared at you before sinking his look and you noticed a small tear rolling down his cheek that he was quick to wipe away before anybody else noticed. 

At his sight, your heart started to ache like it was about to burn down in flames and every inch of your body longed for his touch. You wanted to comfort him and tell him that of course you did remember. That you could never forget, not him and not anything he had done for you.      

You flinched when Jimin placed his soft hand on your thigh, making you turn your attention to him. 

“Are you okay?”, he asked concerned, motioning to your tensed posture. 

“Yes Chimchim, I’m fine”, you faked a giggle, making him sigh in relief and place a soft kiss on your lips before turning his attention back to Jin who had started to tell his famous jokes. 

You shot Jungkook one last look before turning to Hoseok and starting a conversation with him. You had to distract yourself otherwise you’d go crazy in a matter of minutes.

You hoped that Jungkook would do the same. Distract himself. Do something else than stare at you throughout the whole night.

Jimin couldn’t find out. Nobody could find out.



based on the 12x19 clip, a suggestion about Dean’s voicemails from @casthegrumpy and my dum headcanon

Dean counts the bullets again. Locks the box, puts the gun in its holster. He glances over at his phone while he works. The screen is black.

Sam is out on a grocery run because they’ve been cooped up in the bunker for four days with no leads and only takeout to eat. Dean’s hands hurt, cramped like it’s been too long since he fired a gun or stabbed something in the throat. Like the Mark of Cain still exists in his fingers, in his knuckles, his palms.

“Make your voice…a mail.”

“Cas, this is the tenth time I’ve called you today.” Dean hangs up, furious.

Sam keeps saying that Cas is fine, but that only makes it worse. Dean knows Sam is just saying that to placate him, to make him calm down. The fact that Sam knows Dean that well, knows he needs that reassurance, only makes him more frustrated. 

He opens his laptop and scours the web for any kind of strange news. At this point, he’d be happy to take out a vamp nest or a couple werewolves. He doesn’t fucking care if it has anything to do with Lucifer’s lovechild or hell’s fucking royal hierarchy. 

His phone buzzes. He picks it up and tries to answer it before realizing it’s just a text from Sam. 

Do we need eggs?

He types back a quick yes and dials Cas again.

“Make your voice…a mail.”

“Listen to me, you son of a bitch.” He doesn’t quite know where he’s going with this. “You don’t tell somebody you love them and then disappear for a month, alright? Maybe this is all on me. Maybe I–maybe you don’t realize that I…I should’ve said something. There. I admit it. I should’ve said something, so I’m saying it now. I feel the same way, Cas. I should’ve told you, and I’m sorry.” He pauses, takes a deep breath. “Call me back. I need to know you’re OK.”

He hangs up and stares down at his phone. His fingers are tingling.

He hurls the phone at the nearest wall and is satisfied when it shatters.


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With All My Heart (M) // Jackson Wang, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by fanpage-of-jackson-wang

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Smut, Vampire!AU, a little fluff towards the end.

Summary: You and Jackson are both Vampires from rival families, but that wasn’t enough to stop the two of you from falling in love with each other. Having to resort to secretly meeting in cheap, remote motel rooms; Jackson doesn’t let that stop him from showing you exactly how much he needs you, in every way imaginable.

|| WARNING: This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature. Contains biting, squirting and general rough sex. You’ve been warned. ||

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Coming Out

Characters: Uncle!Dean x Niece!Reader, Father!Sam x Daughter!Reader (Reader is a teenager, age not stated but arounbd 16 or 17)

Words: 1180

Summary: The reader talks to her uncle about figuring out her sexuality. Once she figures it out, she tells her dad that she’s bi-sexual. 

Warnings: talk about sexuality, crying, bi-sexuality 

Hey guys. This is a special story to me, very special. I wanted to write and post it this month because it’s Pride month, and it seems more than appropriate. I’ll talk more about it all at the end of the one shot, so enjoy. 

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The Arrangement (Part 14)

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Summary: Dean tries to cope with your breakup, and then gets a surprise visit from Crowley. Your friends take you out to try and cheer you up, but eventually you head home alone, only to find someone waiting for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: Language, alcohol consumption (like a lot) (this is not how to cope with feelings, friends), heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, desperation, suspense, cliff-hanger

A/N: Reminder… I love you guys a lot. Like so much. Don’t hate me, it’ll be okay!

Check out the series masterlist HERE

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Dating Alex Standall would include...


Anonymous: hi, I really liked your ‘dating zach would include’ thing and I was wondering if you can do something similiar with alex :)💗



- Alex was murmuring some sort of internet-meme joke when Justin made a fool of himself in class, and no one heard it except you, which was why you bursted out laughing – causing everyone to look at you oddly.

- Alex thought this was cute though, since not many people understand his humour, sarcastic and sassy.

- One day during class, he gets picked on for a maths question, to save his embarrassment of not knowing the question, you answer it for him, so he waits outside after class for you to finish asking the teacher a homework question just to say thanks for saving his ass.

“ You really saved my life in there, me and math are clearly not a match made in heaven.”

- You offering to tutor him but he turns it down bc poor Alex is too awkward at first.

- He finally gives in, and your friendship blossoms from there.


- You catch him staring at you in class and he plays it off by ‘dropping’ his pen on the floor or faking a massive cough fit. (This is how I personally deal with awkward situations LMAO)

- Everyone being suspicious on how he was acting towards you.

“I have to cancel our study session today, I’ve got a date – well hopefully I do.”

“Who’s the lucky girl, Standall?”


- Sending each other SO MANY memes. And I mean SPAMMING LEVEL.

- Poor Alex getting teased so much when you guys became official. Mainly because the boys were not used to Alex talking to girls.

- A lot of the guys try to flirt with you to piss Alex off for fun, but their tactics don’t work on you – bc Alex is an angel and you’re so grateful to be his girlfriend.

“They’re idiots, don’t worry about them,” he says, before putting his arm around your shoulder and walking away.

- Alex needs to vent A LOT, because he keeps a lot of his emotions inside, and being the kind hearted person that you are, you’re always there to listen.

- When either of you are sad, it’s an automatic call for a cuddle session, usually on the couch, usually with pizza delivery and usually with a massive fluffy blanket.

“Wow you seem like you love that blanket more than me. Why are you snuggling it and leaving ME, it feels like the north pole over here!”

- *The type of person that says horror movies don’t scare them but starts shaking 10 minutes in.*


- You being the first person to ever see him cry, and the sight of him in such despair broke you heart.

- However, even though it’s you, he still has trouble with confiding his thoughts with you. Especially when he thought that you’d be sick and tired of what he thought, was a whiny attitude.

- You and Alex would never have fights, unless it was about him keeping things from you; him not wanting you to be upset or think badly of him, or leave him for his insecurities.

- You’d have to reinforce it to him SO MANY times, but don’t worry, he’s improving.

- You guys pull strengths from each other – in other words, he completes you and you make him feel the same. Alex doesn’t really have anyone to rely on, to trust, to love, but that changed when he met you. But this also means that he is extremely scared of losing you.

“I love you, you know that right?”

“Yes Alex, and I love you too!”

“Please don’t ever leave me, I know I’m not perfe-”


- ALWAYS asking for your opinion about EVERYTHING. Clothes. Studying. Life. Name it.

- He’s always texting you in the middle of class whenever you guys have different subjects, 99.8% of the time it’s bitching about how boring school is, or how annoying everyone is or that he’s counting down the minutes until he gets to see you.


- You getting slightly scraped when you fell to the ground trying to separate his fight with Montgomery in the carpark.

- When he saw the cut on your elbow, he could have thrown Mr Porter into Montgomery’s Jeep and try to beat the shit out of Monte but he didn’t want to leave you hurt and by yourself.

- As much as you love Alex, he is incredibly stubborn and will refuse to believe that he is ever wrong, until you start ignoring him and that’s when it finally makes sense to him.

- Forehead kisses bc even though you’ve been dating for a while, the bOY IS STILL AWKWARD AF SOMETIMES so he just goes for the forehead, he finds it affectionate and adorable. (Plus he wants to smell your hair bc it’s always a nice flowery scent)- weird but very true

- Resting his head on your shoulder, or lying on your lap, explaining to you his dilemma of dorky things.

“ I don’t know whether I should read the Harry Potter series again, or watch the movies AND THEN read the books!” He says frustratedly.

“Why should it matter, goodness you’re such a geek!”

“I’m a cute one though.”

“I’d have to agree on that.”


FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ME ABOUT ANYTHING: I can do any character in 13 Reasons Why!

Note: Yes, the main message of 13 Reasons Why was to raise awareness for mental illness, peer pressure, rape and suicide, and how it can affect the lives of not only the victim, but those around them. 

If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me, or if not, talk to someone – an adult/parents/friends. :)

Can’t Escape Myself [Demon!Finn; Part 1/2]

Requested, #357: “When is a monster not a monster?” “When you love it.” - Demon!Finn (Prompt from here.)

Author Note: So this is a Demon!Finn AU type story. It was inspired somewhat by the way the TV show Charmed was explained. This is my first AU style story and I hope it flows well. It’s really long, like 6000 words long.

There will be a Part Two. And it will have a lot more Demon!Finn, and a lot more…intimacy. ;)

Special shout out to @chasingeverybreakingwave @ratherkissawookiee @running-ropes & @heelturn-timesten for their feedback, support, and inspiration.

Gif from @actofbalor.

@superkixbaybay @heelcharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars @pjanina13 @spot-of-bother @bolieve-that @m-a-t-91 @chasingeverybreakingwave @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @heelturn-timesten @imaginingwwesuperstars @running-ropes @wrestlingnoob @daintymissdevitt @nickysmum1909 @ambrosegirlforever @mistressbalor  @balorsdomain  @cosmicswimming  @rollinsbabe @ileana0300  @purgatoryhatesme  @squirrel666 @alexahood21 @bitchesgonnabemad @thegenericluchadora

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I’m no hero, and I’m not made of stone.
Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
I’m on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.

When you met Finn, he had been the definition of a total sweetheart. You’d been at a bar/restaurant with friends, at the bar part, of course. While waiting to order your drink, you’d been smashed into by some random. Finn had been the one to steady you on your feet and ask if you were OK. That had led to chit-chat, then to a conversation, and on to your group sitting with his group to enjoy the night.

He’d been practically bashful when he asked you out on your first date, and equally adorable throughout the occasion.

As you got to know Finn, you found him entirely endearing and enjoyed listening to him tell stories of his life in Ireland and his travels for wrestling. When you spoke about your own life, his gaze never left your face, and he always had questions to ask of you. There was a gentleness to him, from his voice to his eyes to his smile. He made you feel safe, supported, wanted.

The months passed easily, with the two of you seeing each other with every opportunity. Finn traveled for work, but on average, you were together most nights of the week. It alternated between your place and his.

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The Voice Inside My Head

Deadpool x Reader

Warnings: it’s Deadpool. 

A/N: This is for @girl-next-door-writes celebration challenge! I had the song ‘I Miss You’ by Blink -182. Also I’m a complete procrastinator and wrote this last minute, but I think it’s pretty good! Forgive me WW! 

Originally posted by my-daily-space

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In the Arms of Justice Pt 22 (Cop!Bucky x reader)

Characters: reader x Detective Barnes, Steve, Tony, Pepper, Sharon, Clint, Natasha, OC Sarah and Maggie Rogers. (Most only mentioned)

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.

Warnings: Fluff, some angst. Some anxiety, also blood, murder, weapon and death mentions (none of it graphic), violence against women, gritty police drama tv show kind of feel.

Word Count: 1263

Tags at the bottom. TAG LIST IS CLOSED, I’M SO SORRY.

A/N: Welp. We’re nearing the end! I’ve got one more part planned and then we’ll have to say goodbye to Detective Barnes. At least for a while. I’m so grateful to all of you for your passion and support for this series. As always, your comments and feedback mean the world to me. Thank you!!! 

<<<Part 21   Part 22   Epilogue>>> 

In the Arms of Justice Series Masterlist

Full Masterlist


Originally posted by yourlipbalm


You laughed as he wrapped an arm around you and pulled you to his side. Getting lost in his gaze for a moment, you pecked a kiss to his lips and then flicked your eyes to the side to see someone approaching.

“You ready for this?” you asked Bucky, seeing the tight line of his lips.

Taking a deep breath, he grasped your hand and nodded. “Time to face the music.”


Stepping forward a few feet with you beside him, Bucky stopped in front of the goateed, dark-haired Captain. He looked vastly different than how you had seen him previously in his office and in court, which was always in a finely tailored suit. Instead, he was currently dressed in jeans and a black band t-shirt with an unzipped hooded sweatshirt over it. It was a jarring sight, like seeing your teacher outside of school or something. Bizarre.

“Captain Stark,” Bucky greeted him, extending his hand.

“Barnes,” the Captain replied, shaking the man’s hand roughly before releasing it and turning toward you. “Ms. (Y/L/N), it’s good to see you in one piece. Mostly,” he taunted, nodding slightly to the wound on your side.

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More Like Her || Archie Andrews

Originally posted by jubillee

word count :

pairing : Archie Andrews x Reader

warnings : upset reader, bitchiness??

summary : You’ve been friends with the gang for all your life, even dating Archie, you thought you’d like Veronica like everyone else but you start to think Archie is cheating on you with her so that’s not okay.

a/n : thanks you all for requesting for being on my tag list, but for now i will not be adding more people. also, i was listening to this song, it might put a good mood setter for this imagine! 

posting schedule : wednesday, friday, sunday!

     You thought she was a nice girl. Everyone thought Veronica would make a nice addition to your group of friends, you thought that Ronnie was cool that she would fit in nicely. You thought that for a while before you started to pick up on some things that never would add up in a normal person’s mind.

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Originally posted by wonhontology

(Another day when smut didn’t want to come out and having serious hoseok feelings but when am I not? This is about poor baby being stressed. Fluff)

Hoseok threw himself on to the bed, his light hair hitting the pillows next to you, making you look up from your romance book that you’d been getting lost in since Wonho had been away a lot with his hectic schedule. Surprising you, he turned on his side, wrapping his muscular arm around your stomach, placing his leg over yours and nuzzling in to the crook of your neck before adorably rubbing his tired eyes. Gazing at how stressed he looked, you put your book down before kissing his forehead. He hummed at your touch, a slight smile on his lips. 

“Hey Mr Needy, are you alright?” 

You asked, your heart sinking as his eyes closed, enjoying the moment of tranquillity. His hold on you got tighter.

“I think so baby. I just missed you.” 

He uttered, his lips tickling your neck as he spoke. Oh, your boyfriend could be so sweet sometimes, well, all the time. 

“I’ve been right here baby.” 

You replied softly, running your finger tips through his lilac hair, trying your best to soothe him. He opened his eyes, propping his head up with his hand. His gaze fell over your body from bottom to top, drinking you in. Hoseok let out a deep sigh before looking longingly in to your eyes.

“I mean, I’ve missed ‘you’. I’ve missed waking up in your arms. I’ve missed you putting your legs over my lap while we watch movies. I’ve missed your beautiful laugh when I say cheesy things. It’s been so hard doing all of this without you. You’re my energy, baby, the reason I breathe.” 

You didn’t know what to say; you were stunned. He’d taken your breath away. You knew Hoseok was romantic, a true gentleman, but he’d never said something that had touched you so deeply before. With your heart racing, falling even deeper in love than you imagined was possible, you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, pleading for him to come closer with your eyes and before you knew it, you were kissing him harder than you ever had before. It seemed like the two of you were feeling particularly needy. Hoseok gently cupped your cheek in his hand as he affectionately teased your tongue with his, claiming your mouth, desperate to fill the void he was feeling. His lips on yours felt heavenly, so plump and peachy, you hadn’t been kissed like that for a long time and suddenly you knew what he meant by truly missing you. It was moments like this that he longed for. His lips lingered upon yours for a few precious moments, brushing against yours and pecking cute, innocent kisses upon them until he placed his head on your chest, wrapping his arm around you again. 

“I just want to listen to your heart beat for a while.” 

He murmured, making your urge to take care of him go in to a frenzy. There was something about your man that made you want to baby him, to make him smile that smile that made everyone fall for him. You held him in your arms, watching him cuddle you and be so at peace. You could tell he could stay there forever and so could you, he was all you needed in life and all you needed to be happy. 

“I have an idea baby. Stay right here.” 

You instructed as you climbed off the bed. Hoseok pouted, his sad puppy dog eyes coming to play as he reached out for you. He knew how to tug on your heart strings too much. 

“I have something planned for you. Don’t worry Hoseok, I’ll be back in a moment.”

The sound of trickling water echoed around the steamy bathroom as you washed Wonho’s prominent abs with a cloth, droplets of water chasing each other down his soft, milky skin. He sat in between your legs, leaning back so his head rested on your shoulder. You liked it this way. It was intimate and beautiful, you could hold his hands and kiss his cheeks as your stressed lover needed taken care of. Skin on skin, you placed an adoring kiss on his temple.

“Do you like taking care of me jagi?” 

Wonho asked, breaking the blissful silence. His question made you giggle, your heart swelling and filling with warmth.

“Yes I do, very much.” 

You replied, bringing the wash cloth up his strong arms, leaving a trail of glistening suds. Wonho beamed, the reflection of the bubbles in the bath sparkling in his eyes. 

“I like it too…although I feel a little emasculated.” 

He admitted, his chubby cheeks turning pink. Once again, you giggled, running your hands through his wet stringy hair. Hoseok smelled delicious and there was something about seeing him in his naked glory, soaked with water that made your downstairs speak to you.

“There’s nothing wrong in letting your girlfriend fuss over you baby.” 

You reassured him, starting to rub the cloth on his thick thighs, tantalisingly close to his groin.

“I know but…I think I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking care of you. I like taking care of you too.” 

His words made you smile. Inwardly, you purred; you liked it when he took care of you and he did it so well.

“Well, if you’d like, you can take very good care of me when we get out of the tub.” 

The suggestive tone in your voice sent a grin on Wonho’s lips. He took your hand in his before kissing each pad of your finger tips.

“I think that can be arranged baby.” 

7 Minutes in Heaven (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hey I love your work! Can you do a jughead X reader were the whole gang is at Cheryl’s party and they end up being dared to spend 7 minutes in heaven and there is a looot of sexual tension. (Smut or no smut your choice) Thank youu xx 

A/N: Writing this in the car so lets hope this works well.

Warning: Light Smut (Literally Just A Makeout session)


7 Minutes in Heaven (Jughead x Reader) 

The blue fabric hugged your frame as Veronica pulls you into the main room.

 “Listen up, Bitches. We’re playing a classic and if you don’t play, well you know the house rules.” Cheryl’s voice cuts through all the chatter around you.

Her eyes scan the room. “And I mean everyone is playing this. You too, Wednesday.”

You turn and see your best friend leaning up against the wall with a scowl on his face.

“What game is it?” One of the mindless Vixens ask.

Cheryl claps her manicured hands together as her famous smirk crawls onto her face. “7 minutes in heaven.”

Couples after Couples were picked.

You sat praying that you wouldn’t get picked or end up with a douchebag.

When Reggie and one of the Vixens came out of the closet, Cheryl turns to you with a grin. “Your turn, (Y/n)!” She grabs the empty bottle and spins it.

“Lets see who the lucky person is.” Her eyes twinkling a little.

It spins and spins.

The glass dragging across the table when it stops. 

On Jughead.

Your heart stops for a second. There’s no way he’ll agree to it. Right?

“Oooh. Donnie Darko!” Reggie laughs and stands up. “If he won’t do it, i’ll gladly take his place.” His eyes trailed up and down your body.

You feel a hand tug you farther from the jock.

“Lets go.” Jug’s voice low and a scowl still on his face.

A few cheers fill the room as Cheryl shuts the door.

“You two can’t come out until something happens.” She says through the door and you hear a click. 

She locked us in.

You turn and see Jug with faint pink cheeks. “We don’t have to actually do anything, Juggie.” You touch his cheek as he steps closer.

His body blocking you in against the door.

A burst of confidence shocks his body and he leans in with a smirk.

His eyes travel down to your lips and he says in a low voice. “What if I want us to?”

You felt your body heat up as one of his hands touch the cool wood behind you and the other skim down your check to the base of your neck.

You let out a small whimper as he places his lips on yours in a burning sensation.

Your hands go to his raven hair and his leave a trail of fire wherever they went.

Pushing you up against the door, you both let out a groan when your bodies collide.

His fiery lips leave bruises in their wake as he makes his way down your neck, leaving you gasping as you feel heat pooling in between your legs.

He bunches up the fabric against your skin.

You tug at his shirt trying to take It off while keeping contact.

“Time’s Up, Freaks!” Cheryl’s voice cuts through your blurred thoughts. His fingers skim your thighs.

“Another time?” He breathes against your neck.

You shake your head and let out a small whimper as he tries to pull away.

“No. My house? Now.” He digs his nails into your flesh producing another gasp from you.

“I thought this was 7 minutes in heaven? Not 7 minutes in heaven and meeting up after?” His voice teasing.

You grind your hips against his, feeling his own problem.

“We never did fit in.” You pull away and fix your dress as he searches for the beanie you had thrown to the ground.

“I never want to.” He kisses you one last time and opens the door. 

A/N: Sorry it’s so short but I just wrote this up while in the car!