The reason why there isn't much CNBLUE fics around

because everything (bromance and whatnot) already happened in real life there’s no need for fics

we have the i’ll-teach-you-how-to-play-an-instrument (skinship vers.) plot

and where the manly male lead expresses his fondness for the shy female lead

and the bickering couple that ends up together

and the heart-wrenching one-sided love

and the cliche, love triangle

and of course the ones that are so in love

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ok, so firstly, let me start of by apologizing for how long this post is. i have included everyone i follow (save for the few people who haven’t updated in ages like 8 months or so) because i wanted to thank everyone who’s filled my dash with posts for the last 2 years or so. i have a lot of things to celebrate: being on tumblr for over 2 years, passing follower counts that i didn’t even think i’d ever reach, having really amazing followers and getting notes on all my crappy gifs and edits. however this post is not just for celebrating, it’s also sort of like a goodbye gift? idk, i’m thinking of taking some time away from tumblr, to focus more on school (since exams are coming soon) and life. anyway, thank u to all of these blogs ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ i’m sorry if i missed anyone, spelt a url wrong or anything, it took me so long to get all of this sorted out and alphabatized so i’m sorry if i’ve put you under a category which you don’t appreciate but u can message me and i’ll move you~

ps- i hope all the people whom i have listed as friends think of me as a friend too (╥﹏╥) also if anyone who thought that you were my friend but i haven’t put you under the friends list, i’m sorry it’s probably because i was unsure and too scared whoops

pps - italicized blogs are senpais (tbh everyone’s basically a senpai to me) - also all of the blogs listed under friends are also senpais (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

ppps- also it’s not a follow forever bc i tend to unfollow people i’ve put in my follow forever…ha ha h a


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Ok. So I was supposed to do this once I reached 500 followers. I might be late since it has been months I did it. But Anyway! I want you to guys know that I love you all. Thank you for existing AND thank you for putting up with me (the ones they do).

Bold: People that have a special place in my heart 

❤: People I can’t live without

A-G : 

arbuzowy ❤ // avesko // ahjummaknae // aradira // ayysatchmo /boicetory /blamekai // blockbcrew // berrylyn1028 // byunniebae // b-bumb // chemburlee // chenchencrazy// cnbluedaridu❤ // cntardisblue // creeperofkpop // come-back-home-gd // come-on–ljs // cl-gizibe /daydreamingseoul /da-efenshi // dramabooksandco // dark-sexy-metal // dara-ssi // dabadaboomshakalaka // ewkpop // fncmakesmehigh /fly-highxx // ftislandletsgo // fuckminseok // fckchomi // garikon13 // gizibe-ciel // gotcnb // getlayd

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helloiamdiyo // hyo-soo // hellyeahtrafalgarlaw // hoseeok // hongbixns // infinitelyyourinspirit ❤//  igottab-bbc // jhwanism // jong-dazed // jpegproject // jinkclit // jaelii-sarang // j-u-ng-kook // k-anythingfangirl ❤ // kirtashdraco ❤ // killed-by-kpop ❤ // kdioh // kaiaotic // koreansky21 // koimoon09 // kenjhummas // laydownunicorn // lil-feenz // lolaki // lune-obsession // lepuffpuff // listencnb // lilunnie99 // mavikartozu// min-bommie // michibabo // maknaencheese // maknaelover // mayus-wor-ld // naliz22 // nothing-is-possible 

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If I forgot someone please please forgive me. Just text me and I will fix it. I’m just too stressed and I wanted to finish this~

I can’t believe it… I just reached 1k followers! Omg this is so unreal! OTL Anyways, since I’ve reached this UNREAL number of followers (srsly guys you’re the best) I thought it was time to do one of these. You’re all so lovely and talented omg ;_; Thank you so much for always making my dash beautiful and fuckin AWESOME. I’ve learned so much with you guys :’) Most importantly, I’ve learned to love and respect nine very different girls and now I’m pretty honored to call myself a SONE. Thank you! 

I follow a lot of awesome people and I probably forgot a couple of blogs I really wanted to include… but I promise I’ll include y'all next time. I hope you guys have a nice year! And thank you once again!!

italics are my friends
bold are my favorites

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Thank you all for making my tumblr experience a wonderful one!

So here I am, again. I wanted to make a post last Christmas season for a follow forever but due to my busy schedule because of my business I didn’t get to make one. So here I am actually making one.

I want to thank each and every one of you.. most especially my followers. without you, i wouldnt be actually updating my blog anymore if it weren’t for you guys.

I would want also to thank for the people whom I follow because you guys fill up my dash with never ending updates of our boys. 

I once told myself that when I get a thousand of followers I would make a giveaway but right now my followers increased and increased as time goes by and I never once did a giveaway (because i’m broke guys. lol). I had this tumblr since 2011 and I am that you guys sticked to me from the start. I hope you guys find my blog nice and up to date. Okay, I am now rambling and saying nonsense stuff again so here goes for my follow forever 2014 edition :)

28061991 ~ minyuukk ~ stillinlovecnb ~ jjong-asm ~ yongscoffeeshop ~ cnbrunei ~ yongsarang ~ yghws ~ cnblue-centric ~ thiscanofworms ~ colormecnblue ~ segawangcoffee ~ yonghwass ~ yonghwa-in-my-heart ~ cnbluelovely ~ listencnb ~ cnburningbeast ~ f-ortunecookie ~ cntotheblue ~ bluenabluena ~ sexybassist ~ tonilovesblue ~ sori-jilleo ~ thechoomingbingu

I love you guys so much~ thank you for being friends with me and for talking to me when i message you guys!