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Out Dancing

Requests: “Hey! I was listening to the song When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge and thought it would give a great story of Newt X Reader. As I love your writing, I thought you could write, but if you can not I’ll understand.❤” AND “Hi, M! I have a request, if its not too much trouble, i was wondering if i could get a newt x reader where newt’s jealous? The story could be anything you want, i just want me some jealous newt, he’d be so adorable! Slight angst and lots of fluff? Hope you have a wonderful day♥️”

Word Count: 3,399

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous and @dont-give-a-bother also tagging @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt’s eyes nearly fall out of his head when you walk out of the bedroom with Queenie. You don’t notice the red blush winding up his cheeks and filling his entire face, and he’s grateful for Queenie’s conversation with you. He can barely tear his eyes from the crimson number you slipped into, from the way the intricate beading wraps around you to the frills that swish with every swaying step you take. Crimson gloves run from your hands to your elbows, hiding more skin than that dress does. He gulps when he looks at the hem drifting only to the middle of your thighs.

Blinking, he pinches his arm. Queenie giggles at his face when he feels her root around his mind. Forcing his gaze from you, he looks at her, more subtle in her flowing olive dress. It hangs off her shoulders with thin straps, dipping in the most perfect places, gems shining on the left side of the chest and cascading down to her hip bone.

She cocks an eyebrow. “Like what you see, honey?”

It takes Newt a moment to form a sentence when you turn your beautiful eyes on him. “You’re radiant.”

“Just me?” Queenie purses her lips to hide her mischievous smile.

Newt’s heart hammers when he looks at you. Not only does the dress expose your collarbones, but it shows off your shoulders, too, letting the heavy crimson earrings Queenie lent you graze the skin usually hidden by your normal outfits. His eyes drift from there to your lips, plump, turned a vivid red by Queenie’s makeup, completely kissable.

“You are breathtaking, as always.” Newt says, swallowing and forcing as natural a smile he can create to his face.

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Routine Part Four (Lin x Reader)

Prompt List||Request Something||Masterlist

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)

requested: yes

Prompts Used:

75) “I’m sorry that I slapped you across your stupid face.” “Are you really sorry though?” “No, and it’s probably going to happen again.”

Summary: What to Avoid When Writing a Musical

Warnings: a lot of swearing, teen!lin being a total asshole (the peak of jerk teen!lin so far), reader not dealing with his bs

Words: 3175

People who want to be tagged (for some reason that will never make sense to me): @yayhamletnonstop, @old-manmiranda, @sharkastic-issues, @fangirlwithasweettooth, @nesthemonster, @defenestrate-yourself-please, @randomfruitsofhappiness, @always-blame-jefferson, @itsjaynebird, @just-a-random-fandom-24, @unknown1200, @theselfishllama, @chloehamiltonn, @love-doesnt-discriminate

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“Hey, Y/n! I have a question!” Lin runs up to you and starts talking as you start to walk home after school on a Wednesday. “So, for this whole ‘what to avoid thing’, what topics are we going to use?”

“Oh, I have a whole list, but it’s at my house.” You point to the dirt path that leads to your neighborhood. It’s the you take every day.

“Oh. Okay, that’s fine I can wait until I come over later. See you then!” He starts to walk in the opposite direction. You mull over a thought in your head, and before you know it, it tumbles out of your mouth. 

“Why don’t you just walk home with me? I m-mean if you don’t want to or if you have something else to do, t-then you can come at the normal time-” You start muttering random things, in the hopes of redeeming yourself from something potentially very awkward, while looking at anything but him.

“Hey, hey!” He tries to stop you, but you don’t recognize it so you continue to mumble words under your breath. “whoa whoa WHOA!” He chuckles at your nonsensical rambling, which cause you to stop. 

“Stop talking for two seconds, please? I mean, I know you like speech but geez.” You glare at him, about to yell a response at him before he cuts you off once again. “Uh-buh-buh. No more talking. You talk way too much. Anyways, I’ll walk home with you, but you might have to wait here while I go to the creative writing room to get my project from my teacher.”

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  • People in the V fandom to the antis: We won't ship it if it's Pedophila! Look! Here is the math, their age gap is--
  • Me, take Sladick as my guilty pleasure and being quite okay with Brudick as long as it's consent: * awkwardly* Yeh, sure, totally. Haha.
  • -
  • Do not harass people because of their ships!!
*Perfect to Me* Newt x reader

❤ Hey, loves! So I recently received multiple requests asking for a reader who is overweight and insecure and seeing as I received quite a few, I’m going to combine them in to one story! I hope that’s okay! Also, to those of you who requested them and to everyone else as well, I hope you know you are beautiful no matter what ❤ and I sincerely hope my story helps you to embrace who you are (inside & out!)

✼ I’ve also written one similar to this before and if you’d like to read it, go here!

It was the evening of the launch party for Newt’s newly released book, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. You were currently at the home of Newt’s brother, Thesseus, getting ready in the guest room. It was an hour before the guests would be arriving and as each minute ticked by, you couldn’t help but feel more and more nervous.

Soon the home would be filled with dozens of people all dressed up and fancy but as you looked at your own self in the mirror, you couldn’t help but feel disappointed by the reflection in front of you.

Everything about you seemed wrong, you thought. Running your hand over your chest, stomach and arms, you mentally took notes of all the things you wanted to change about yourself.

Knock Knock.

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a collection of songs covered by aaron tveit with him not changing the pronouns

aka a collection of Aaron singing female power ballads

  • Popular from Wicked; Aaron as Galinda— “Now that I’ve chosen to become a pal, a sister, and adviser”
  • Back to Before from Ragtime; Aaron as Mother — “I was your wife”
  • Fly Fly Away from Catch Me If You Can; Aaron as Brenda — “He was just a lonely little boy to me / with his sweet and gentle touch he sure unlocked my soul”
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together — “So anyway, like, the other day he calls me up, right? He’s like ‘I still love you’”

and some songs he’s covered that do not involve any pronouns but were originally sung by women:


i’m glad that i don’t really get involved in fandoms anymore (aside from writing anyway)

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure what exactly that is but yay! I'm happy for you!!!!

Thank you and let me explain! Welcome To Night Vale is a podcast that takes place in a friendly desert community. I like to describe it as ‘lovecraft meets war of the worlds meets Stephen King’ all told through the eyes and voice of the alluring radio host Cecil Palmer.

It’s a really awesome show, also Cecil and his partner Carlos (so handsome, with perfect hair and teeth like a military cemetery) are very adorable, the community college is run by Sarah Sultan (a smooth, fist sized river rock), Angels Are Not Real, and Satan is a beagle puppy.

All good content.

Family Dinner
  • Mycroft: *whines* Why are we doing this? We never do this.
  • Mummy Holmes: *pouring out the wine* We're celebrating life.
  • Mycroft: *rubbing his forehead* We already knew Molly was fertile, we do not need another celebration (to Sherlock) Or is this because you still boast a healthy sperm count?
  • Sherlock: *glaring at Mycroft*
  • Mummy Holmes: Not at the dinner table, Mike.
  • Sherlock: *leans in to Molly* Remember, this was your idea.
  • Baby Holmes: *tugging Sherlock's shirt* Daddy, can I have some wine?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I don't see why- *catches Molly's eye* Sorry, son.
  • Mummy Holmes: *rubs her hands together* Right, I take it you still say grace, Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *sarcastic* Every day, mother, dearest *tight smile*
  • Mummy Holmes: *rolls her eyes; clasps her hands and bows her head* 'For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen.'
  • Baby Holmes: Amen.
  • *knives and forks clatter*
  • Baby Holmes: *suddenly; thoughtful* Granny?
  • Mummy Holmes: *smiles sweetly* Yes, angel?
  • Baby Holmes: *prodding his peas* Does God ever listen to people?
  • Mummy Holmes: Of course he does, my dear. He listens to all.
  • Baby Holmes: *confused* Then why doesn't Mummy ever get any more? Is it because she always asks at night time?
  • Molly: *chokes on her drink*
  • Sherlock: *clatters his cutlery*
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Mycroft: *horrified*
  • ...
  • *flat door opens, revealing John, Mary and baby Rosie*
  • John: Sorry we're late *sees everyone's shocked expressions; confused* What did we miss?
I really do (Part 2)

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Isaac Lahey x Reader

Warnings : violence

Part 1

      Weeks had passed but nothing could help the feeling in your chest . You felt betrayed , used , emotionless for the exterior world .

     Isaac tried to talk to you but it was useless you didn’t wanted to hear anything about him .

     When the video went viral it was even more embarrassing for you as everyone was looking at you as if you have committed a crime . You lost all your friends and you was alone. Your parents died years ago and your brother was away gathering werewolves for a pack of his own .

     Thought of suicide crossed your mind but you decided not to put them in practice , you are the only family that your brother haves and you can’t leave him all alone now .

     You made your way towards your house walking slowly . It was already night but you didn’t wanted to go home , your brother just returned and you were sure that he was filled in by his friends about what happened and you didn’t wanted to see the disappointment in his eyes so you wanted it to take as much as it could to arrive home .

     You walked silently when something hit you hard , you fell on the hard ground pain erupting from every part of your body , something jumps on top of you and you feel claws and fangs digging in your flesh , you try to move , to escape but you can barely stay conscious so you close your eyes , welcoming death but suddenly a roar shakes your body and the claws are no longer there . You open your eyes slowly to see your brother looking at you scared and worried .

     “ Don’t give up on me !” he pleads and you look at him a soft smile forming on your face .

     “ I love you …” your whisper is faint and your Max looks at you with wide eyes , before his arms wrap around your body and he brings you to his chest .

     “ Forgive me .” he says and then you feel a sharp pain on your shoulder , a loud scream leaving your neck before darkness consumes everything around you .

     Your eyes open slowly and you know exactly where you’re at . You’re home , on your bed and your brother lays next to you , asleep , deep purple circles under his eyes .

     You climb out of your bed but before you can make a few steps you’re enveloped in your brothers warm hug , you turn around hugging him back , your head buried in his neck .

     “ I thought that I lost you .” he affirms and you tighten your grip around him .

     “ You turned me , I’ll be safe now .” you say and he sighs kissing your head .

     “ Go , take a shower . We are going to talk a little bit about your little friend after you come out .” 

     “ So I have had a little talk with Derek and I know that you’re not going to like this .” Max says and you look at him curious about what he is going to say .

     “ Please don’t tell me that you accepted Isaac on our pack !” you pleaded but Max looked at you with guilty eyes .

     “ I know what he did , (Y/N) . Why do you think that he is at Deaton’s right now ?” Max asks and you sigh .

     “ Come on , (Y/N) ! Please talk to me ! I know that I was a dick and it’s only my fault that others saw the video but please forgive me ! You was never a bet , I just wanted to get close to you but I didn’t knew how so when the boys chose you I accepted because I want to be with you ! I just needed something to push me from the back .” Isaac pleads but you just stay on your bed looking at nothing while he narrows his eyes as he sees that you don’t pay attention to him .

     “ (Y/N) “ he whines and you look at him , coldly , emotionless .

     “ Get out !” you order but he growls and in a matter of seconds he is on to of you .

     “ No ! This time you’re going to listen to me . God damn it , woman ! I fucking love you with all my heart ! And I know that I was a jerk , a bitch and an ass when I did those things to you but I’m sorry , okay ? But I truly love you and I want to make up for what I did . I want you to be mine again , baby .” before you could answer his lips are pressed to your and you give into the kiss as you let out all this hurt and let the love to envelop you .

     “ Fine .” you say pulling apart to breath a little before you slam your lips on his again

   rocket:  near tasha at any distance
   t’challa:  near tasha at any distance
   tasha,  crying:  this rat and cat have better tech than m e