“@BTS_twt: 노래 듣다 불러주고 싶어서 자기 전에 한 번 들어봐주세요

“I was listening to this song and wanted to sing it for you guys~ have a listen before you go to sleep~”

Translation of the song:
무릎을 베고 누우면
If you lie down and rest your head on my knees
나 아주 어릴적 그랬던 것처럼
Just like when I was really young
머리칼을 넘겨줘요
tuck my hair behind my ear
그 좋은 손길에 까무룩 잠이 들어도
Even when I lightly fall asleep from your touch
잠시만 그대로 두어요
just let me be for awhile

Trans by ArmyBaseSubs
Please take out with full credits.

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Hiya love ! Could you write something from the song Paralyzed by NF ? I only trust YOU with that hehe

@genesianp HERE IT IS LOVE! Guys, guys, seriously. Listen this s song. :’(

Also! If you’ve sent any message that I haven’t replied, it’s because my inbox is not working (again). I’m sorry, I’m not ignoring you.



His heartbeat is the only thing he hears on his ears, a beat that he can’t recognize as his own. There’s only darkness around him. He hates it. It makes him feel lost.

When his stare starts to focus again he knows he needs to stop. His metal hand is tightly wrapped around your neck, your mouth open, trying to catch air and your hand holding his arm, not trying to pry him away, just trying to make him know that you are there. His tight just loosens a little and the sounds around him start to fill his ears again; a banging on the door and the constant screams of Steve, telling him to ‘wake up’.

But he’s paralyzed. He can’t stop. Your lids start to close; your hands around his arm fall to your sides. And Bucky panics. He wants to stop, but there’s something inside him that tells him he needs to finish it.

This is not him. He’s not the asset. He’s not Bucky.  Where is the real me?

Steve finally takes down the door and hurries to tackle Bucky off of you. “Hey, man, I know you can hear me”. Steve says, struggling to keep Bucky on the ground, resisting the punches of his flesh hand. “I know you would never hurt (Y/N)”.

(Y/N), no. Of course he would never hurt you.

Bruce kneels next to your figure, checking the pulse on your wrist before nodding to Steve in relief. There’s when Bucky sees it. You’re wearing your usual white coat; he remembers when you told him you were going to work extra hours in the infirmary. He remembers he saw you entering in the room, just after he had another Hydra nightmare and he just lost it.

“Take her out of here” Bucky mumbles, dragging himself to one corner, resting his back on the wall, his right arm holding the metal one. Averting his gaze when Steve picks you up and your arm hangs loosely next to you.

“Bucky, I’m fine”. You whisper with a hoarse voice. But Bucky knows you’re not, he can see even in the dark the purple mark you’re now wearing on your neck. He covers his face with both of his hands.

“Steve please, take her away from me”. He replies coldly, Steve nodding once.

He’s left alone in your room; he feels numb and it’s just then when he realizes; it’s not the darkness what makes him feel lost, it’s your absence.

505 -Arctic Monkeys

Request;  505 (arctic monkeys) the lyrics are amazing (with juice) 

Here is the song if you guys would like to listen to it. I have to say I have never heard this song before and I truly did enjoy it. It brought goosebumps. And this may not be what the lyrics actually mean, but this is how I kinda took it. 

Warning; Mention of abuse


Originally posted by breonnanicholee

It never was suppose to get this far, you were just a simple one night stand in a seedy hotel in a little town the club was staying at during a week long run. He was suppose to forget the way your mouth circled when he hit that perfect spot, how your hands clung onto his body as his hips rocked against yours and how those perfect fingers traced the tattoos on his body as you laid side by side on that little bed he was pretty sure had bedbugs and some stains he didn’t even want to ask where they came from. 

Soon one night led to two, then three. His body becoming completely addicted to yours. The room 505, the room on the back side of the hotel, in the corner basically becoming his own. All he had to do was say his name and the manager knew what was going on. He didn’t care how long it would take to drive, he needed your body. He needed your lips, his ears needed your voice.


You were the “perfect little house wife.” Whatever your husband wanted, you gave it to him rather it be money, food, or your body. There would be nights he would come home at normal times, kiss your cheek, and ask how your day was those days were he was the husband you loved. Then some nights, though you hated to admit it it happened most night, he would come home drunker than a dog. His loud voice causing your insides to bruise and his fists causing your outsides to bruise, your fair skin no longer being beautiful and one you loved but full of purple marks, marks that caused you to cry yourself to sleep and beg for the pain to stop. 

You had bumped into the man who would soon save you from the life that you lived, that you feared in the gas station on the outside of town. His charm and sweet little smile causing your stomach to do flips. A feeling you hadn’t felt since your marriage started. One innocent little flirt soon led to leaving the man your number and a hotel room. You weren’t expecting it to go farther, you weren’t expecting to feel any love from the man covered in leather but as he kept coming back , you found yourself going back for more. The passion you felt in those early morning hours making you feel loved once again.  

He knew you were married, he knew your husband was a business man that traveled often leaving you alone at home so getting a call from you wasn’t odd but hearing you cry was. “Y/n? Y/n whats wrong baby, I can’t understand you.” He spoke soothingly through the phone, causing you to take a deep breath to calm down slightly. He had done it again, he promised he would never lay a hand on you, and he had come home to beat you black and blue only to pass out on the couch. “I-I need you.. Meet me in the hotel..” You whispered, hanging up with a sob before grabbing your keys and driving off toward that seedy little hotel, room number 505. 


Laying in the bed, your back turned away from the door you sniffled. You couldn’t believe it, the man had lied to your face. He had swore no more drinking, no more pain. Placing your wet from tears, cold hands in between your thighs, you jumped lightly at the sound of the door opening slightly. “Who is it?” You questioned quietly, a wave of relief rushing over you at the answer. 

“Someone nice.” Juice whispered, walking in all the way, the sight of you there so broken hurting his heart. Moving to lay down behind you, he wrapped an arm around your body and moved his hand to go through your hair, your sobs soon coming back. The warm body of the man you loved, the man that held your darkest secrets, causing your body to relax. In his arms you knew you were truly safe. 

All night long he held you in his arms, telling you how much he loved you, how he was going to take you away from this place. Hotel number 505 was nice, it held many memories for you but your new home with Juice in Charming was better. The divorce from that evil man that ruined your life was nasty, the man taking almost everything from you but you didn’t care.  There was a here family who loved you and would stop at nothing to protect you, a man who would never hurt you and love you like you deserved, and the life you deserved was yours and no one could take it from you. 

Man oh man! Its been about two weeks since I have actually posted something. For those of you that follow and enjoy my work my apologies for how long its been. Any way I was up late listening to some of my music on shuffle and this guys theme song came on and I just couldnt help the urge to draw him. Im not to sure how familiar you guys are with the JRPG Disgaea but this guy is one of my all time favorite characters I present

“Bite the Dust”


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Alexander Rybak is a Belorussian-Norwegian who won Eurovision for Norway in 2009 with his song “Fairytale” :) he plays piano, sings, plays violin and he’s just really cute and nice guy I suggest listening to his music! His favorite song of mine is “Kiss and tell”


yuugi: …now my life gets better, every letter that you write me
laughing at my sister ‘cause she wants to form a harem

anzu: i’m just saying, if you really loved me you would share him

yuugi: ha!


[MV] Jessica - Fly (ft. Fabolous)

My God, I’ve missed this voice so much. Bless.


sO the Euros Football Championship is coming up and this is the song our national television chose for all the TV ads and it’s such a staple of Italian culture, I mean it forreal.

I watched one of the ads and suddenly felt really sad for all my non-Italian followers who have never listened to this song and probably never will. But seriously do. It’ll give you ~feels. It’s such a feel-worthy song.

song lyric meme!

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that one song that reminds you of your otp

for me it’s Run and Go (twenty one pilots) I mean can you just imagine:

Vincent: I am up against the wall, the wall

Scott: Oh, I hear them coming down the hall

Vincent: I have killed a man and all I know, is I am on the run and go.

Scott: Don’t wanna call you in the night time. Don’t wanna give you all my pieces. Don’t wanna hand you all my trouble. Don’t wanna give you all my demons.

Vincent: You’ll have to watch me struggle, from several rooms away.

Scott & Vincent: But tonight, I need you to stay.

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Ok, so I'm sure I passed the song recommendation deadline, but there's one I just heard that struck me as the most Damen/Laurent song I know: Army by Ellie Goulding. It has lyrics like "You understand like no one else can/ we both know what they say about us/ but they don't stand a chance because/ when I'm with you I'm standing with an army."

YOU ARE KILLING ME PLEASE LEAVE, JFC. Thanks for your rec, bby!

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Hi! Top 5 Yulma songs <3

Ask me my Top 5/Top 10 anything

…. Well. That’s gonna be painful.

Alright let’s do this *puts on sunglasses* - and in reverse bc Number 1 kills me and needs to be appreciated as such:

5-  What If the Storm Ends? - Snow Patrol

What if this storm ends?
And leaves us nothing, except a memory, A distant echo

I want to see you as you are now every single day that I am living
Painted in flames all peeling thunder
Be the lightning in me that strikes relentless

What if this storm ends? 
And I don’t see you as you are now ever again
The perfect halo Of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against the planet’s last dance
Just for a minute the silver forked sky
Lit you up like a star that I will follow

Now it’s found us like I have found you
I don’t want to run, Just overwhelm me

4- Song To Say Goodbye - Placebo

Before our innocence was lost, You were always one of those ,
Blessed with lucky sevens, And the voice that made me cry .

My Oh My.
You were mother nature’s son, Someone to whom I could relate ,
Your needle and your damage done, Remains a sordid twist of fate.

Now I’m trying to wake you up, To pull you from the liquid sky ,
Coz if I don’t we’ll both end up,
With just your song to say goodbye.
My Oh My.

4-   Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy

Sometimes before it gets better, The darkness gets bigger
The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger
Oh, We’re fading fast, I miss missing you now and then

So give me your filth, Make it rough
Let me let me trash your love
I will sing to you every day If it will take away the pain
Oh and I’ve heard you got it, got it so bad
‘Cause I am the best you’ll never have

3- X Amount of Words - Blue October

Give me recipes for happy with the chemicals gone
Drinking freedom from a bottle to the tune of belong

I’m sick of shaking never waking from the hell I achieve
I never knew you till you left me with the crying disease
Another curing, reassuring way to buckle the knees
So mistreated, I repeated Never blessing your sneeze

Now deleted and defeated I will stand on my own
Yeah your memory that punches me has broken the bone
Give me recipes for sorry I’m admitting I’m wrong
Still your memory that punches me has broken the bone 

1- Yami ni Furu Kiseki - D’espairsRay (Classical Version / Rock Version)

My heartless words torture you. Well I suppose until even now it pains you
And in the interior of the pain, the fact was that you continued to conceal a face unknown to me, didn’t you?
Without feeling your pain, I was making you suffer alone in the darkness
I feel your existence until it hurts, Your smile that seemed broken was what I noticed first, Our fingertips touched, they shiver as if they were freezing
You, looking like you would disappear in the pure white snow; show me the weakness you carry with you
Don’t cry, for you are no longer alone
Let us watch the dream together…

Let us go to meet the waiting sorrowful, white, first blizzard of the season
If this earth should fall to a desolate end
Let us clasp our hands and walk, the two of us…

Thank u for the suffering, and for playing ;O Take care!