All Your Heart (feat. Patrick Stump)
  • All Your Heart (feat. Patrick Stump)
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Transit | All Your Heart (feat. Patrick Stump)

“I’d really like to think that I’m pretty approachable guy. I am incredibly non-confrontational. In a lot of ways I think it’s just my nature. This song, however, is my response to the people who occasionally make a point of trying to tear me down despite not knowing me. Everyone is allowed an opinion, but every now and then I see comments or hear rumblings about kids from other bands who get off on shitting on me and my band. These are the kids who wouldn’t dare give up their whole life for music, drop out of college, scrape money together to buy a van, steal Clif bars from gas stations just to eat on the road, and still feel they are entitled to all the success in the world. I promised myself after the ‘Stay Home’ EP came out and I noticed people actually gave a shit about Transit that I wouldn’t be offended by what an avatar of an ice cream sandwich might say about me or my band on a blog. 'All Your Heart’ is possibly the most positive song I have ever written, despite what it might appear to be about.” - Joe Boynton.