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Name: Skoll
Age: 22
Country: Germany 

I’m a 22 years old from Germany. Most of the time i play videogames on my smartphone or PS4 because i don’t have a Laptop. I also love to read, listening music and sleeping haha. I like ‘old’ things like my polaroid, vintage and grunge stuff. I love cruising on my longboard.

My biggest wish is to move to the USA. 

Preferences: Someone from the USA would be great but everyone is welcome!

“In which she loves a song”

// Tear in my heart || twenty øne piløts \

Source: Google bitc- {Reblog if you love Tøp}
Listening to your old music be like:
  • Me: *listens to music*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Wtf is this?!
  • Me: *sings along anyways*