listen up tour


“We’re playing a lot of new songs, and it is a sort of venture into new territory for people who may or may not know my music [and] people who know me pre-‘Glee’ or pre-StarKid. There’s a lot of music that I had that I may or may not play on the tour. It’s more of an experiment. I’ve been working on a solo album for basically 26 years. It’s been changing throughout my life, depending on where I’m at personally, as it should. ”



after darren’s concert in June, I uploaded a picture of the middle image and suffice it to say, because we had never seen it before, it got a few notes. a few people asked me to scan the picture, but I couldn’t back then because I wasn’t home for the summer, but now that I finally am (and still haven’t seen anyone upload these), I figured I’d scan and upload all the pictures featured on the poster that I had never seen before. 

so here we go. these are all from Darren’s $10 Listen Up Tour poster.