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Jack: When I was at school my friend, we both did art, and he really wanted to do a drawing of his girlfriend naked. But he figured he’d only be allowed to do a drawing of his girlfriend naked if he also did a drawing of a bloke naked as well. So it would look like a legitimate art project…. (x)

Alright everybody listen up! Since Ricky’s interview I’ve been on the tags and a lot of what I’ve seen from a lot of the fandom is horrible. I”M A HUGE CLEXA STAN, but this was not about us. This was about a POC man speaking out and telling his story about how he was bullied by the show runner. And with that being said I want to list a few things I’ve seen being said.

1. People are saying “He’s telling us to keep watching the show but why does he expect us to watch it after everything blah blah blah, etc.” JUST MAYBE it’s because there is still a wonderful cast and crew that he absolutely adores on the show still. Now I understand why some people have stopped watching the show after everything, and that’s okay! I would never want anybody to watch something that would continue to make you sad or trigger you. And I think Ricky understands that. But like he said their his family so of course he wants us to support them. If you don’t want to watch the show cool fine don’t watch, but don’t hate on him for wanting us to continue to support his friends. He doesn’t want them to be unemployed like some of you so clearly want by trying to cancel the show. Like I said in my other post there are still amazing characters on this show that I will continue to watch until the end because i want to see their story lines and other people deserve the representation they still got on the show (Bellamy as a POC male lead, Raven and her disability, Jasper with his PTSD, CLARKE THE BISEXUAL FEMALE LEAD, etc.)

2. This goes with number 1 but some are saying that Ricky is guilt tripping you into continuing watching the show? I can see how it could come off that way but I don’t think it was ever his intention. I just think this is a man that loves his cast and crew and is saying to stick with them. If my friend was in a tv show I would be telling everybody to watch that damn show. Yes there has been sensitive issues, but if your going to spread hate about Ricky because you think he was guilt tripping a already broken fandom just stop because I don’t think that was his intention. Yes he said he wasn’t aware of the issues surrounding Lexa’s death till it happened, but I’m sure he understands how we feel to a degree. He even said Lexa shouldn’t have died like that, she deserved a heroic death if she was to die. Even went as far as saying Lincoln and Lexa didn’t need to die, they could have just left then came back! So yes, even he agreed the writing was WEAK and that there should be a better show runner. I mean at this point I don’t understand what some of you want from him? I mean did some of you expect him to say DON’T WATCH THIS SHIT SHOW. No. Because he supports and wants people to support his friends, and he was being professional.

3. I feel like people wanted more tea spilling? This was never about bashing on anybody like Ricky said, this was about how he was standing up for himself after being treated badly by the show runner! Ricky is in actor and we don’t know how much he was actually allowed to say. We all know there is probably more to the story but he did say Jason was a bully to him, and he didn’t have any screen time and wanted to leave from season 2 but CW was so nice to him that he stayed. He was professional through all of this and said he was very sad that he couldn’t play Lincoln anymore because he was his favorite character he’s ever played so far. I just think people were watching expecting to much from Ricky?Like saying something bad could have ruined his career probably, he deserves respect for how he handled that part of the interview.

Lastly and again. THIS WAS ABOUT RICKY WHITTLE. This wasn’t about LGBT people or Lexa. This was about Ricky sharing with us something personal so we would understand and stop the rumors floating around. Also to show us to stand up against our bullies. The fact that he did talk about Lexa/Alycia and the rest of the cast was great, but I was watching for Ricky. So no hate to Ricky please! I’m so done with the hatred going on in this fandom I feel like I get a headache every time I go on the tags now because one good post follows ten bad ones