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dreamworks executive: ok guys don’t give anything away

VAs: alright

jeremy shada: got it!

interviewer: so, can you guys comment on this theory? give us any reassurance?

other VA: no, actually-

jeremy: well,
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Yuzuru Hanyu - Helsinki 2017, Day 2

This interview was held after his morning practice:

I’ve really been able to be carefree going into this competition, and also I think I’ve been able to go through practice whilst concentrating on my skating.* So in that sense there isn’t any kind of strange pressure and I think probably I can stay calm, be confident and make adjustments (to my program) for the actual event.

*this sentence has been cut. It’s actually “whilst concentrating on my skating - cut - well, I’ve been able to go through practice”. He probably talked too much again :)

A second news clip also quoted him:

(I want to take) the limits of what I can do and, no matter what, just stretch those boundaries to their absolute limit and in that condition make a challenge for the championship - I think that’s the most important thing to do.

The linked second news clips has footage of his practice session, but the interview starts off from the “so in that sense” bit. The new sentence is way at the end.

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*”John’s very modest,” says Jenna, likening him to the character he plays. “He’s a little shy, too.”

“I’ve never been the suave guy who gets it right on the first try - never!” he concedes. “I try to magnify those feelings when I play Jim.”

“He really doesn’t know how cute he is,” Jenna adds.

“That’s ridiculous,” says John under his breath.

“He gets all blush-y when I talk about it,” she giggles. “Look! You ARE!”

Officially weirded out

I like listening to interesting or bizarre mysteries from IRL. I just learned of a whole thing called Missing 411, books written by David Paulides. If you search that term on youtube you’ll find a number of videos with interviews and other case studies, primarily of super strange disappearances of people in wooded areas.

I’m officially weirded out right now because of this:

I tried to put you right to the place where they start talking about it, at 2:04:20. Remember in ICoS where there’s that mystery in the Vermont woods? For 50 years people disappear in the same place with no known reason?

Well apparently Vermont is actually one of the places that has a cluster of disappearances in time and space. The IRL disappearances happened in 1926-1950 in the southwestern part of VT near Bennington, and the ICoS scene is set in Northern Vermont, so they aren’t in the same location. 

But when we wrote the whole VT scene, neither of us knew there actually is a legit thing with people disappearing mysteriously in the woods. In ICoS the locals mention this has been going on for 50 years, that the people go for a short errand and never return, and that dogs can always track them to the same spot but nothing can be found beyond that. IRL across the world, apparently that is also a thing, where the people who go missing oftentimes are either super good hikers/in good condition or are planning to go for only a short time and never return. But interestingly, I’ve already heard multiple stories where the dogs either can’t find a scent at all, or they catch a scent and they follow this seemingly impossible path before, also seemingly  impossibly, the trail goes suddenly cold. Some people are never found, other people are found but their bodies tell bizarre tales.

I’m fucking weirded out because we wrote that not knowing any of this shit happens IRL, and we accidentally wrote something not exactly like the clusters that happen IRL, but close enough to some of the trends IRL that it feels like it’s the sort of thing that could have happened, and could have been another unusual time and space cluster in Vermont for unknown reasons.

wtffff how did we keep accidentally writing shit in ICoS that was too creepily parallel to actual reality even when we had no idea at the time I don’t like itttttt


Jack: When I was at school my friend, we both did art, and he really wanted to do a drawing of his girlfriend naked. But he figured he’d only be allowed to do a drawing of his girlfriend naked if he also did a drawing of a bloke naked as well. So it would look like a legitimate art project…. (x)

Amazing  how much we’ll never know about soul punk just because the interviewers thought Patrick’s weight was more important than y’know the actual music wow just think about all the cool trivia we’ll never have think about  all the trivia that Patrick, a trivia nerd, must have prepared only for no one to even be remotely


Darren Criss on Ann Arbor’s 107one (June 13, 2013) - Part 2 | Part 1

Do you have a lot of Doctor Who fan friends?
DT: […] I wasn’t aware that there were things like clubs. And that’s just because I was ignorant, I think. - I just didn’t pick up on that. But even with the Internet, I still haven’t figured out chat rooms and things. I don’t know how they work […]
CT: No - you’ve got to have a name, haven’t you, like Bingo1 or something like that. DalekBigBoy –
DT: Oh, that’s you I’ve been talking to!  (Catherine Tate interviews David Tennant on Chain Reaction) [x]

I’d sell my soul to hear another recorded track of Natasha singing.

I think he’d probably be a bit of a hell-raiser. Yeah, I think he would be arrested. In no time flat, yeah. He’d drag that sword out and be sort of flashing it around, and he’d be wrestled to the ground. Well, they’d attempt to.
—  Richard Armitage answering ‘How do you think Thorin would fare in our world today?’ [x]