listen up flames

You feel wrapped up, stolen away; can you still be spoils when you’ve stopped the war?

A Spark A Flame A fire by @callmearcturus is so fucking good??? You should all read it, goD

Following erikkarlsson65’s advice and talking to my dog Coco about last season to help me make it through the playoffs.

I asked him about what I need to work on for next season (Coco says make smarter plays and score more goals) as well as what the Flames need to do next season.

He says they need to score a LOT more goals and take less penalties. Oh, and don’t line brawl with the Canucks again.

遊女悲恋 ~水芭蕉の章~ (Yuujo hiren 〜Mizubashou no shou〜)

Entremets is back with a new series! Given the overall aesthetic and the motifs, it seems that the theme of this series will be historical, and will involve the heroines as 花魁 (oiran). Since 悲恋 means “disappointed love,” these three volumes don’t seem like they will end happily. ( ´•╭╮•` )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

There are several women who work as high-ranking oiran in the red-light district.

Disillusioned with love due to transient relationships, suffocating within the confines of life as an oiran, yet blossoming in the splendor of such a district…

—for these women, men who come to truly love them finally appear…

And so, the tragic love stories of these oirans are passed on, generation after generation.

Full synopsis to follow after the cut!

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