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You Smiled by @taggiecb with art from @londonfoginacup

It’s 1758, and on the eve of a battle with the French, Captain Harry Styles of the British army has just begun his appointment as a prison warden in Louisbourgh, Nova Scotia. Harry prepares himself and his guards for their prisoners of war, but nothing could have prepared him for the sight of the most beautiful man he has ever seen–who is now his prisoner.


Just then, the man looks up, and catches Harry’s eye. Harry freezes, feeling as though he’s the one trapped. The man doesn’t smile, just watches Harry watch him, until finally he lifts his eyebrows in question, and Harry somehow manages to release himself from the spell that he feels he’s under.

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Looking for a new D&D Actual Play podcast?

I know quite a few of my followers are into The Adventure Zone, and now that the Balance Arc is finished and the boys are moving into some one-off/mini-arc campaigns, you might be looking for something else to state that epic fantasy tabletop hunger. Or maybe you just want more D&D in your life.

Well I’ve just caught up on Dames & Dragons ( @damesanddragons on tumblr) and let me tell you, if you haven’t listened to this gem, you are missing out. It’s got the same wit, action, originality, and quirky humor that made me fall in love with TAZ, and if you don’t cry at least twice while listening, it’s probably because you’ve got a water genasi on hand to use Shape Water and wick away the tears before they have a chance to fall.

The players and DM are all ladies, and they’ve got a fantastic sense of humor that has me cracking up with every episode (which has earned me some strange looks from coworkers…) and although the story starts small, it quick takes a turn toward the epic. With a colorful, lovable cast, LGBT and disability representation, and enough intrigue and mystery to keep my itching for more, I promise this story is worth your time.

So what are you waiting for? Join the guardians. Protect a goddess. Throw a rad party. Steal from that jerk who’s probably a god. Kill all the gods. Fight the top half of SkullGreymon (That sounds normal.) Roll to fall in love–ohhh, that’s a natural 20.

I need to say it

I know everyone talked about that already but fuck I’m just so angry right now I can’t stand it anymore. You stupid haters and antis and stupid 2-days-ARMYs could you please shut up about Pied Piper ? Those lyrics are beautiful and have nothing to do with sex AT ALL. If you understood anything sexual in those lyrics it means that 1) you don’t know BTS at fucking all 2) you read the wrong translation 3) you don’t understand at least a bit Korean. I understand Korean (a bit but still) and before even reading the translation I understood that it was talking about the fans in a good way and not about anything related to sex. The song is about and for the fans. The lyrics that were mistranslated are “by chance” part of the can-be-misinterpreted-korean-sentences-squad. Korean is a very complex language and if you don’t know it a little bit you can easily misunderstand.

Plus, if K-fans aren’t reacting about the lyrics, you, as I-fans, have no right to open your big fat mouth and spread false things. BTS wrote a song about young girls who need to accept themselves as they are on their last full album, why on earth would they follow with a song that crash all they said back then ? Pseudo ARMYs who believed that don’t know A SINGLE THING about BTS.

Please, if you have nothing nice to say shut up.

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Can I request a Drabble of dramionarry as parents? It is very hard to dramionarry stories so I am asking if u could write me one. Thank you!

Harry’s hands were hurting, but he could hardly tell from the way his heart felt like it was about to explode. Few times had he been so nervous in his life, specially when there was no danger around, no imminent threat or risk to his wellbeing. If anything, this was the exact opposite.

Draco was next to him, responsible for the pain on his right hand, in the same way that Hermione was responsible for the left’s. They were both quiet, walking determinedly with him, and probably with the same thoughts in mind. 

The familiar building came into view and Harry tried to make all of this seem normal. He came here every single day, there was no reason this one should be any different, so he inhaled deeply.

He forgot to exhale until they were past the threshold of the Black Star Foundation.

Inside, the receptionist, Anne, greeted them with a small smile. “Good morning Mr. Potter, Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy,” she nodded politely. “Everything’s taken care of, you can go see him now.”

“Thank you Anne,” Hermione answered, patting Anne’s hand with a smile. Harry found it difficult to speak, so he simply nodded and hoped that Anne knew that they were very grateful for her help. Draco couldn’t even nod.

They kept walking, all knowing where they were supposed to go. The three of them knew this place like the back of their hands, and the nerves made them walk unusually fast, so they arrived at their destination rather quickly, and then they simple froze.

The window overlooking the nursery was very wide and it made it impossible for them not to see. It was nearly empty, a soft light illuminating the room with only two people inside. One was Mary, the St Mungo’s nurse who was sitting in the corner, reading a knitting magazine. The other, was a small newborn baby that Harry, Hermione, and Draco had just adopted.

Harry wasn’t sure how long they stood there quietly, just looking at him sleeping in his small crib, the only crib in the nursery that wasn’t empty.

Since Harry founded Black Star, this nursery had never had any residents. There had been older kids in need of help, but never babies. The already small wizarding world had taken a hit with Voldemort’s return, and people stopped having babies for a while. Things were starting to go back to normal, but the living conditions were better since Voldemort was defeated, and the fact that the foundation hadn’t had to take in any orphanaged babies was one of the best things Harry could have ever hoped for.

But this tiny boy wasn’t so lucky. His mother passed away at St Mungo’s briefly after delivering him, and there were no records of his family, so he was taken here, where everyone knew he’d be welcome with open arms and oportunities.

Harry had found out that same morning about his situation, and he told Draco and Hermione immediately. It wasn’t a hard decision, they had already discussed the posibility a while ago, so they left their house and rushed to Harry’s workplace as fast as possible to meet their new son. 

Harry couldn’t believe how small he was; with wisps of dark hair on top of his round head, and his body wrapped in a white blanket like a caterpillar. He had only been in this world for a few hours and he was already a fighter; strong, healthy, and with so much life ahead of him. 

Draco let go of Harry’s hand as he touched the glass from the window separating them from the baby. “We haven’t…” his voice was strained so he cleared his throat. “We haven’t thought of a name.”

Hermione let go of Harry’s other hand and dried a few small tears with the back of her hand. “No, we haven’t. There are so many to choose from.”

Harry felt himself holding back tears at the sight of them being so affected. 

“Draco liked Scorpius,” Hermione said with a smile as she sniffled. 

Draco smiled, his eyes still glued to the crib. His voice was soft and clear when he spoke again, “There’s also James.” 

Harry couldn’t help the rush of tears, and he removed his glasses in order to wipe them away properly with his hand. He felt the warmth of Draco’s and Hermione’s bodies as they each wrapped arm arm around him. 

It was hard for Harry to imagine his heart feeling fuller than it was right then. But as he looked up again to the small pair of eyes that were slowly opening, he realized that as much as he was completely, head-over-heels in love with the two people holding them, there was always something left to love.


doctor/master au : DC Comics

Peter Capaldi aka Joker and Michelle Gomez aka Harley Quinn 

                 ‘I hope Puddin’ wasn’t too mean to you.’
                                              ‘Pud… din’?’
         ‘now, did he push you out of that thing, or did you fall? couldn’t really tell. he can be very mean sometimes. except to me, of course, because he loves me so much.’

look at this commission of my @thearcanagame apprentice and Julian from @kerbabbles??? I’m so happy??? I’m just… screaming?? I keep staring at it like *eyezooms*

anyway, meet Laika, who’s so jumpy by nature that when she tried to run away from Julian in the shop and he pulled her back, she just straight up passed out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lowkey Julian’s like ‘……. this is Asra’s apprentice really’ yes Julian really

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How does Serbia feels about macevoj

The two most important and beloved women in his life are together and happy, and he’s honestly so happy for them. He buys them matching pyjamas for Christmas and helps one of the girls organize surprise birthday parties for the other, and honestly, he’s super sweet and supportive about this whole thing.

바다 is so good. I really like the music and I can hear the emotion in their voices. I finally found my favorite song in the album.