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A Gift for Adrien- A Miraculous One-Shot

Synopsis: Chat Noir has noticed something. Lately, whenever they finish patrol, his lady happens to pull out some yarn from the bag she’s taken to carrying. Oddly enough, his classmate Marinette is working on the same gift. There’s no way they could be…? Could it?

Author’s Note: I’m still trucking along and this time, with a fluffy Adrinette/ Ladynoir reveal fic requested by Soggy on AO3! Enjoy!

Chat Noir scaled the side of the Eiffel Tower with ease, landing on a steel beam, his eyes glowing in the evening gloom. His ears twitched and his nose caught the whiff of something rather lovely. He lifted it in the air. Licking his lips, he strolled across the beam until he joined Ladybug where she sat on the edge, swinging her legs back and forth as she hummed lightly to herself. She leaned her head just enough to acknowledge his approach. Her bluebell eyes didn’t turn to face him as she was completely engrossed with something in her hands. He smiled. Sitting next to her, he stared at the movements of her hands.

“How’d it go,” she asked, still hooking and wrapping the yarn in a technique he’d remembered as crocheting. He shrugged.

“Not bad. Managed to catch some guy harassing a couple of ladies on their way home but for the most part, it was quiet.”

She nodded. “Yeah. It was pretty quiet on my end too.” A smirk appeared on her lips and she paused in her work long enough to reach to the other side of her seat and toss him an all too familiar bag. With the emblem “TS” on the front, Chat licked his lips as the goodies landed in his lap. He opened the bag quickly. Inside was an assortment of cookies and croissants which he greedily searched through until he found one with chocolate, his favorite. He sat the bag back between them.

“Thanks LB.” She muttered in response. They sat in silence for sometime until curiosity finally got the best of him. “So what are you making? You’ve been working on it pretty hard for the last week or so.” She hesitated, her fingers slowing around the yarn. She didn’t stop though. Absently, she replied, “It’s a birthday gift for one of my classmates.” He smirked.

“Really? That’s awesome. You know, my birthday is coming up soon too.” She blinked. A soft smile crossed her face.

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anonymous asked:

First, 2p!Prussia is an angel. I love him. Second, What would happen if the 2ps found their 1ps bruised and beaten and just trembling and sobbing, curled up in a little ball?

((thank you. he really is an innocent little thing. anyways, i hope you enjoy the answer. Q w Q ))

if the 2Ps found their 1Ps defeated and sobbing–

2p!america: he took a slow step forward, steely eyed, his lips taut in a frown. “what are you doing?” his voice was low and unflinching, and it sounded more like an accusation than a question. when he failed to respond, allen squatted down next to him and hissed, “you’re alfred fucking jones, the one who runs around yelling your name like some idiot hero-wannabe,” he paused. “…aren’t you that person?” after another moment of silence, his expression turned frantic as he gripped his counterpart’s shoulders and shouted, “you’re supposed to be a hero, remember?! what happened to the other half of me that was supposed to spread joy, not pain?!” he choked back a sob. “i don’t want you… to turn into me…” he hastily wiped away a tear and turned away, speaking softly, “i’m… i’m not good, alfred… please, you have to get up and fix everything… because, i… i can’t do it…”

2p!china: “yao?” his voice was laced with disbelief. “is… is that you, yao?” shaking, he realized it was. breaking into a run, he got over to him and got down on all fours. “what happened to you? this can’t be… no… i thought you were wise and capable? i thought you could handle things like this?!” breathing heavily, he noticed his parallel’s tears. gently, he wiped them away; although he wasn’t far from them himself. “i looked up to you… you were so great, how could anyone have beaten you?” after making sure he was okay, zao stood up. he unsheathed a sword, and even if he knew his skills were far below yao’s, he said, “don’t worry… i’ll do my best, the way you tried to teach me…” he was going to take revenge on whoever harmed his counterpart if it was the last thing he did.

2p!england: “the time has finally come, hasn’t it?” oliver’s eyes were hooded, but a soft smile remained on his pale lips. gracefully, he moved in slow, rhythmic circles around his collapsed counterpart. “you stole their freedom. you took away their individuality, you forced them to bow down to your queen.” he stopped moving, his back to arthur. “it’s time you pay for what you’ve done. goodness, you’re lucky i’m not going to take their side. if i were one of them…” his voice trailed off into a quiet, maniacal giggle. “ehehehe… well.” he composed himself, then let out a sigh. “if you promise to be a little kinder to me– and to everyone else– i might just think about helping you, poppet…”

2p!france: his eyes fell on francis. he recognized the vibrant blonde hair almost immediately. “…shit.” a few heartbeats later, he instinctively took a drag of his cigarette. “you look disgusting…” he stated without emotion as he hovered above his fallen self. “you look like… me. it’s weird.” he plopped down to sit beside him. “looks like we lost, huh?” he waited for an answer, but didn’t receive one. “this sucks… i don’t know how you dealt with the war scars all these centuries…” he exhaled heavily, then peered at francis again. “you did a good job of hiding your pain, but how you’re feeling right now? it’s how i feel all the time.” putting out his cigarette, he reached for his parallel. “c’mon. i’ll carry you outta here.”

2p!russia: “looks like you finally understand.” ion scowled down to his counterpart. “when you hurt people, they hurt you back. it’s a continuous cycle. violence is inane and unnecessary. how many times must i tell you?” he shook his head in disappointment. “how did i wind up with someone so twisted? ivan, you need to listen to me more.” he reached out his red mitten-clad hand. “as always, let me help you. but let us rethink who makes our nation’s decisions. for once… will you listen to me?” he helped him up. “it is going to be alright… please don’t cry anymore… i’ll never abandon you, and i sincerely hope you understand that, little boy.”

2p!Iitaly: carelessly, he chuckled. “what happened now? did you get kicked around again, loser?” bored, he sauntered over to feliciano. “hey… oh… fuck, is that blood?” upon closer inspection, he realized the severity of his parallel’s wounds. “did someone actually…” he trailed off when he noticed that the tears were coming slowly and quietly, not brash and chaotically like they always did. “…someone really hurt you,” he stated, more to himself than to feliciano. “this makes me… so angry…” his fists clenched. “why do enemies prey on the weak? feliciano, why do you let them push you around?!” his words were like venom. “i’ll make them fucking pay… if they want to release our dark side, then so be it…”

2p!germany: “bruder…?” stunned, lutz rubbed his eyes. the sight before him was unthinkable. he’d never thought he’d have to see ludwig like this again. “i thought… these days were over.” dejected, he sank down to his knees beside him. “but… you fought your hardest, and you were on the right side this time, so don’t blame yourself.” carefully, he patted his shoulder– the one that wasn’t bruised or beaten. “you did good, ole’ ludwig.” despite the inner pain he was feeling, lutz managed to grin at him. “you’re a real soldier. the best i’ve ever known.” he scooped him up and carried him over to the paramedics without another word.

2p!japan: his expression was stern. “look at yourself. those wounds will soon heal into scars of honor. however… these tears…” he crouched down and pulled out a clean white handkerchief. “you’re stronger than this,” he gently wiped them away. “the honda kiku i know would continue to fight. you’ve earned everything you have. you’re above them, and it’s time you show it.” he stood back up. “your energy lies not in a limited container; it’s your will that keeps you going. i know you, kiku. get up, and show them how far you’ve come. do it now.”

2p!canada: “kid… who did this to you?” he shuffled over to the fallen nation. “you’re crying… whatever happened, you didn’t deserve this.” he hovered above him, watching him closely, knowing full well that his life was not in danger. “…you work hard. i’ve seen it. you don’t let anyone know how much shit you’ve gone through, and you put on a smiling face to conceal it.” matt’s own expression was blank. “i’ll never understand you.” after a moment, he sighed and ran a hand through his overgrown hair. “listen, kid. even if i don’t get you, i’ll still help you. don’t even bother to explain what happened or what’s going on. tell me who did this to you and we’ll both go hunt them down. got it?” he tugged matthew to his feet. “you’re gonna be okay. wanna release the bears?”

2p!romano: “lovino!” his heart racing with fear, he ran over to his other self. “lovino, can you hear me? have you been shot? did someone cut you?” his expression twisted with anxiety. “are they gone? i-i need to call an ambulance…!” he searched lovino’s body for dire wounds. when he knew for certain that he wasn’t on the brief of destruction, he felt a rush of hot tears in his eyes and held tightly onto his counterpart’s hand. “lovino… i’m so sorry… i’m weak, and i can’t fight… but you…” he held him closely, their foreheads touching. “you’re so… reliable… i couldn’t have wished for a better person to call my counterpart.” together, they waited for help to come, their sobs muffled by each others’ embrace.

2p!austria: “you look… so cute…” roland grinned sadistically, showing off rows of razor-sharp teeth. “my poor little roderich… defeated in battle as always~” giggling, he laid over him, caging him in. “you try so terribly hard, and it’s very admirable. you’re built for other things, and we both know it. you’re a damsel in distress, and oh,” roland winked playfully. “what does that make me? ah… yes. your knight in shining armor, coming in to save you as always.” he pressed a soft kiss to his counterpart’s hair. gracefully, he picked him up bridal-style. “now, away we go!~” laughing maniacally, he ran at high speeds, skillfully evading any and all dangers with his swiftness, strength, and aid of black magic.

2p!prussia: feelings of dread and sorrow crashed over his body. “gilbert…” it pained him to see his parallel not only in this much physical torture, but here at rock bottom– fallen, defeated. crying. he rarely saw this side of him. this side of him… is usually me, gilen realized. “this isn’t you.” he knelt beside him and gently held his face. “bruder. is this what you’ve become?” when he failed to answer, gilen felt a sting in his eyes. tears were prepared to fall, as usual. “i… i won’t let you become like me. y-you’re too great for this. gilbert, i need you to keep going! you can do this, i know you can… you’re…” he felt droplets slide down his cheeks. “you’re amazing in every way. y-you’re so much better than me and i don’t deserve to be related to you! gilbert… please… say something…”

12 Days of Kristanna: Day 1 - My True Love Gave to Me

Here we go! Special thanks to janetthetrigger feistypantsprincess and ominouscloudsofarendelle for their feedback <3

My True Love Gave to Me

rated G

Modern AU

Words: 1051

“I love you!”

The exuberant cry made Kristoff blush faintly, but Anna didn’t notice. Her attention was totally focused on the double chocolate shake that he’d just set in front of her. She used a finger to scoop up a dollop of whipped cream and grinned at him. “Thanks!”

“You’re welcome,” he muttered, focusing on his own root beer float, glad that she didn’t notice the flush on his neck. She never had, after all.

She says it to everyone. It doesn’t mean anything.

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studiokillersareamazing101  asked:

Can you do a new fanfic of Lams? #40 (the new one)

Thank you for the prompt! I sure can!!! Are you guys ready for a ride? I’d say buckle your angst seatbelts, but we’re going on a city bus this time and those don’t have seatbelts! So hold onto something tight, kiddos ;)

“I believe you dropped this.”

At the Corner of Western and Quail

November 3, 8:46 pm

Alexander could barely keep his eyes open as the city bus shuttled him uptown from campus to the border of mid and downtown, where the apartment he shared with Laf, his adoptive brother, was.

He knew they were getting close to his stop, so he just had to stay awake because Laf would kill him if he was late for movie night with Herc and Eliza, but the jerky movement of the bus and its whooshing sounds were like a lullaby to him by that point, since he rode it so often.

He was almost asleep when the bus stopped particularly fast, nearly throwing him from his seat. He was annoyed until he saw who it’d stopped for. A gorgeous boy, his tan skin dotted with freckles and curly brown hair falling out of a drooping ponytail, stepped onto the bus and swiped a college ID.

Alexander unconsciously trained his eyes on the other boy, his heart fluttering when he took a seat across from him. The freckled boy met Alex’s eyes for a moment, a grin lighting up his face.

Alex quickly ducked his eyes away and stared down at his beat up sneakers as his face burned red. He kept staring down until his stop about ten minutes later.

When he risked a glance at the other boy as he scrambled off of the bus he was shocked to find a smile still there. He couldn’t help but smile back.

November 6, 6:57 am

“Mon ami, it is not that cold,” Lafayette chuckled as he strutted ahead of Alex, his navy pea coat cinched tightly around his waist and tight white gloves hugging his fingers.

Alex, on the other hand, was bundled up in a bulky knit sweater with an even bulkier flannel coat over it, fuzzy mittens Martha had knitted him on his hands, and a scarf wrapped tightly around his neck, his mouth hidden in it, though the scowl on his face was still obvious.

“It is too that cold and you know it,” Alex huffed. Even though they’d reached the bus stop he kept pacing back and forth, arms crossed, shoulders hunched, in an attempt to stay warm.

Lafayette simply laughed at him. “You will feel better once you have your coffee, mon ami.”

“Coffee can’t change the temperature,” Alex quipped.

“But it can change your attitude,” Laf said, reaching out to grab Alex as he passed by. He pulled him close. “I will keep you warm, mon ami.”

Alex felt something warm on his head. His hat. That’s what he’d forgotten. “Thanks,” he mumbled, readjusting it.

The bus pulled up to their stop, and Alex and Laf climbed aboard, swiping the college IDs and grabbing onto the metal pole near the exit. In the mornings they always made one stop before continuing to campus–– coffee. Or, for Laf, a soy latte. But, for Alex, black coffee.

Ten minutes later, they were standing in line at their favorite local coffee shop. Alex barely registered the people around him before he had his coffee, but he kept staring at one boy who was sitting at a small table, sipping from a to-go cup, frantically flipping through a huge textbook.

“Mmm, Alexander has his eye on someone,” Laf said, elbowing Alex.

“Shut up,” Alex said as he took the coffee Laf handed him and drank it even though it was still scalding.

The two boys went back outside and walked to the street corner, the corner of Western Ave and Quail Street, to wait for the bus. Just when they spotted the bus two blocks down, someone ran up behind them. Alex was shocked to see it was the boy from the coffee shop. He stared at him again, the coffee making his brain work a little faster.

Those freckles, that easy smile, why was this kid so familiar?

Of course, Alex thought. The bus. He’s the boy from the bus.

When the bus pulled up and the boys filed on, Laf took a seat next to an elderly woman and winked at Alex, gesturing with his head toward two empty seats next to each other toward the back. Alex rolled his eyes, but obliged. Sure enough, coffee/bus boy followed his lead.

“Ride often?” he said with a wink.

God, even his voice is perfect, Alex internally swooned.

“Sorry, that was cheesy, I just…” he laughed and scratched the back of his neck. “Um, my name is John. John Laurens.” He held his hand out to Alex.

“Alexander Hamilton, but you can call me Alex.” He took his hand, electricity shooting through him even though the cloth of the gloves was keeping their hands from actually touching. “And I do ride often,” he said. “By myself, and with that dork,” he pointed to Laf who seemed deep in a conversation with the old lady next to him.

“Boyfriend?” John asked.

Alex couldn’t help the hysterical laughter that bubbled up out of him. “No, my adoptive brother.”

“Oh, oh, sorry,” John scratched the back of his neck again, a blush spreading across his face.

Before Alex had a chance to reply, John stood up. “My stop,” he said, vaguely gesturing toward the window. “Uh, see you around?”

“Yeah,” Alex said, giving him a small wave. He watched Laurens thank the bus driver and file off the bus. “I guess I’ll see you around,” he whispered as Laurens walked down the sidewalk without sparing a glance back at the bus.

November 9, 2:29 am

Alexander couldn’t stop laughing even though nothing at that moment was funny.

He’d had a pretty awful day. He hadn’t done as well as he wanted to on an essay and he felt certain he’d tanked an exam he’d taken earlier that day.

He couldn’t stand even the smallest failure. He knew how much the Washingtons were paying for his education, even though his scholarships covered most of it. He couldn’t let them down. He couldn’t let his mother, who died in poverty in a strange land, down. He couldn’t let himself down.

But he’d let them all down that day. And he just couldn’t handle it.

So that’s why he decided he could get a drink after a long day. And another. And another. And soon it was nearing two in the morning and Laf was yelling at him in French over the phone, telling him to get home that instant.

So he’d stumbled out of the bar to the nearest bus stop. How he’d managed to swipe his college ID and take a seat without toppling over at least once he had no idea. He’d just leaned his head back and shut his eyes when someone nearby cleared their throat.

“Uh, Alex?” The voice was familiar. But which of his friends would be on the bus at that hour? “Alex? It’s John. John Laurens? I believe you dropped this.”

Alex blinked his eyes open and took in the other boy’s freckled face and the mitten he was holding out to him. It was indeed Alex’s mitten, but his hand wouldn’t listen to the order his brain was giving it to just take the glove. That’s when he began to laugh.

“Alex?” John said, inching closer to the boy. He squinted at him. “Are you drunk?”

He’s so disgusted with you, and no wonder. You’re nothing but a huge failure.

“Not drunk enough,” Alex slurred.

Laurens furrowed his brow. He looked like he was about to say something when Alex’s phone rang. Alex stopped laughing and looked at Laurens, panic on his face.

John sighed and reached into Alex’s coat pocket, answering the phone like this was completely normal. Like he always answered stranger’s phones for them when they were too drunk to function.


“Who is this?” a heavily accented voice snarled from the other end of the line.

“Uh, John Laurens speaking for Alexander Hamilton.”

“Cute bus boy? Oh merde,” the voice said. “Uh, is he…”

“He’s very drunk,” John said, eyeing the smaller boy. “What’s your address? I’ll make sure he gets there safely.”


When Alex woke up the next morning his head was pounding. He slowly got out of bed and, with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, hobbled into the kitchen for pain meds and water.

“Yeah, I’m in my first year of med school,” someone who was not Laf said.

“A doctor!” Lafayette exclaimed. “Oui oui!”

“Well, hopefully a doctor some day.”

Alex stopped in the doorway. “Shit,” he muttered.

“Hey,” Laurens said with a little wave. “You scared us a bit last night.”

“A bit?” Laf said. He walked over to Alex and took him by the shoulders. “You are very lucky we had a future doctor with us.”

“Sorry,” Alex mumbled, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Hey, wait, can I talk with him for a sec?” Laurens stood up and walked over to the other two boys.

Laf sighed and pulled Alex close to him, pressing a kiss onto the crown of his head. “We will talk later, but I am going to work and you are staying here,” he instructed.

All Alex could do was nod, which hurt his head, but he tried not to let it show. Laf was gone two minutes later and Alexander was left alone with John Laurens. Adorable John Laurens. Future doctor John Laurens.

“I’m guessing that you getting drunk isn’t a normal occurrence?” They both sat down at the kitchen table, Laurens passing Alex two pills and a glass of water.

“You guessed right,” Alex said with a sigh. “At least not since, like, the tenth grade, but that’s not important.”

“It probably is,” Laurens countered.

Alex swallowed both pills with a big gulp of water. “I don’t exactly want to spill all of my baggage to a cute boy I was hoping to go on a date with.” He blushed once he realized what he’d said. “Oh my god. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Here you are helping me and I just––”

“Alex.” John reached out and took the other boy’s hand. “Take a deep breath, okay?”

Alexander did as he was told, but even once he felt calmer he couldn’t meet John’s eyes.

“You said some stuff last night, um, about… well, about school, your mom, yourself…”

“Shit,” Alex said, slinking down in his seat. “You can just go now. I’ll take a different bus from now on.”

“Alex,” John said, squeezing the other boy’s hand tighter. “I like you, okay? I want to go on a date with you, too.”

“You do?” Alex looked up at John, who offered him a small smile.

“Yeah, I do.” He stood up, tugging at Alex’s hand. “But today I promised Lafayette I’d keep an eye on you. So we’ll let the meds kick in then have breakfast and coffee. Black.”

Alex’s eyes widened. Laurens just rolled his.

“I always notice a cute boy’s coffee order,” he said with a wink. “So come on. Laf said we should watch a movie.”

Laurens kept his grip on Alex’s hand as they went into the other room and Laurens grabbed the remote, selecting a kid’s movie from Netflix. Laurens kept his grip on Alex’s hand as the movie started and held it all the way to the end, even though Alexander had fallen asleep about halfway through, his head leaning on Laurens’ shoulder.

Laurens kept holding Alexander’s hand. And he planned on never letting go.