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🌱hello! I’m roro, your local free-range latina 🌿this is my first “bujo” post • idk why i choose to finally be organized in the end of april but you know, late is better than never •

• i’m a junior (grade 11) in the usa and i’m in a few AP classes • i hate my school and all of the people there but i’m tryna graduate so i still put effort in this bullshit •

hobbies • dancing, drawing, listening to music, writing curse words in pretty font, animals are fun, eating too much • vegan life ✌🏽 •

• i have like 500 mental disorders (related to anxiety) • so you will probably see a lot of things here that will make you say “same” • it’s tumblr, we’re all fuck-ups • 🌱i hope you like my new bujo🌿

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do you ever imagine something running along side you while you look out the window of the bus/car? i always see my favorite oc (aka eon.) running next to me (by running i mean flying, jumping on cars and houses, climbing poles, and falling over.) like everything's animated in my style and it's so weird.. and another thing is when i'm listening to music i try to make an animated music video too! i dunno i just wanted to share this with somebody because i find it really cool.

… i’m… not the only one who does this? i’M NOT THE ONLY ONE???

things aren’t animated in those imagines, but yep. def do it.

Just Me, Coffee, & My Big Mouth

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Characters- Sam x Reader, Mary
Summary- You can’t leave it alone, so you have to say your piece. All you can do is hope she’ll listen, and that Sam won’t be too upset.
Word Count- 1,620
Warnings- mild cursing? Also kind of calling Mary out a little on her bs about “needing space”.
A/N- This is for Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k ‘Sammy Says’ Writing Challenge! My prompt was “I mean, what if there’s something…not natural?” I’m sorry it’s a little late, ladies but I hope you enjoy!

You know you shouldn’t be here, and yet you are. If Sam knew, you were sure he’d tell you to leave it be. He’d tell you that it ‘doesn’t matter’. Like hell it matters, you think. You knew it mattered to him. To Dean, too. They were your broken little family and if you could do anything to fix it, you would.

That’s why you were in Oregon. Tracking the phone hadn’t been that hard- the tricky part was setting up the meeting in the old diner to look like coincidence. You angled yourself just right, right at the bar where you knew she’d sit and waited. It wasn’t long until she showed, blonde hair curled nicely and clothes not too unlike what you were wearing. You watched her out of the corner of your eye, her eyes tripping over your own figure before she beelined toward you. You act nonchalant, pushing yourself to act natural.

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i’m listening 2 drake and someone in the traffic next to me listening 2 drake too but i’m listening to take care and they listening to views so i would 100% beat them in hand on hand combat

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"You will be found" song destroyed me too, I cry every time i listen to it

Especialy For forever, Requiem, if i could tell her,Dissapear, finale, waving through a window and THATS IT ALL SONGS ARE SAD except Sincerely me tho cuz hue gay–

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I love how he doesn't share much about his songs or visuals are about, I really think he understands fundamentally how subjective art is and he just wants his art to speak for itself and let people take what they want from it. I would love to listen to him for hours discussing melodies and song construction and the craft of writing music but I appreciate that he doesn't get bogged down in trying to impact a specific meaning to his listeners

me too because sometimes knowing what a song is specifically about makes it lose some of it’s power to move you in your own personal way. I’m glad that (I think) he feels the same way. Same with any art really.

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Welll so my day was weird and I ate half a potato and listened to swang by rae sremmurd which is my favorite song everrr ever in the world. And I would tell you about my crush but I have a million crushed so it would take forever but my MAIN crush has tattoos and plays the guitar and i wanna squish his cheeks *blushy face* well thanks for listening i love you <3

your welcome love you too :)

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My bf who doesn't listen to BM keeps trying to make me be friends with his lame kvlt buddy who thinks Summoning is shit and too mainstream and only listens to limited edition casettes from local BM bands from fuckin rural pennsylvania

this is hilarious but in all seriousness tell your bf that his friend is a flaming nerd

I was tagged by @lonyn thanks friend :D

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▪️last movie I watched: I think mine was Beauty and the Beast too!
▪️last song I listened to: Love and Great Buildings - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
▪️last book I read: I am currently reading the new Star Wars Thrawn novel cause I’m going to meet the author next month ;)
▪️last thing I ate: I had a yummy spinach salad but then I came home and threw up so….not good
▪️where would you want to time travel to?:  Hmmm every time!! I really love regency period dramas so I would love the like the 1800s. I would not want to stay there cause women were treated awfully then (lets face it there is no time in history where women were not treated awfully) but it would be fun to wear the dresses and hair and go to parties and be super pretentious and offend people by showing a bare wrist :o

▪️fictional character I would hang out with for a day: I would hang out with all bioware characters! The normandy crew, the tempest crew (and non crew ;)) all the DA companions! Also I was watching Agents of Shield last night and I really want to hang with Melinda May and have her teach me how to be a badass (sorry if i was supposed to keep that to one character)

▪️If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: I went swimming yesterday at the gym and it made me really really miss the water so I kinda want to be at the beach and go swimming in the ocean

▪️Current fandom obsession: Currently in Mass Effect Andromeda (cough*reyes*cough) hell :D

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relationship status: single
favourite colour: grey
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (but i love lipstick too)
last song you listened to: party in the usa - miley cyrus (lol fuck me)
last movie you watched: …. rugrats in paris
top 3 characters: meredith grey, sansa stark, harry potter
top 3 ships: kane/abby, damon/elena, jaime/brienne
books you are currently reading: it by stephen king and a clash of kings by george r r martin
top 5 musicals: les miserables, mamma mia, sweeney todd, the lion king, into the woods