listen to some of their cool song u guys

The Monkey Majik band as monkeys haha

Monkey Majik is actually one of my fav. bands that sing in both japanese & english (#U u U#) im def. a fan of their stuff haha
made this a month ago for them to see (but i doubt they did) because they’ve been doing so much to help out with the rebuilding of japan after the earthquake and  stuff….also it was Balise’s birthday so this is a present i guess haha

Lucio Headcanons bc no one can stop me:

  • Has a tumblr blog, and always reblogs stuff people make for him and it makes him so happy he’s always like “!! Thank you so much!!!! This is so good!!!!! Ahhh it’s so cool to have such nice fans like u guys!!!!!!!”
  • Still lives in his home neighborhood w/ his parents
  • Can listen to p much every kind of music so his iTunes playlist library is an absolute mess but he still ALWAYS knows what song is next w/ out having to look at it
  • Has live streams sometimes where he’s messin aroung, figuring out some new music stuff, and generally talks to whomever comes around a lot. He loves it when they help him figure out how to pronounce certain words in English!!
  • His legs are def prosthetic
  •  He doesn’t have any Legit Siblings so he basically considers all the kids younger than him in his neighborhood his little siblings that all just live in different houses.
  • He’s rlly well liked in his neighborhood.
  • When there’s people who can’t pay for things they need (groceries, clothes, etc) He buys stuff for them with some of the money he makes with concerts/people just donated to him.
  • He loves being and eating healthy, but he’s also one of those people who just loves sweets. Candy, cakes, drinks, whatever it is there’s about a 70/100 bet he’ll like it.
  • When he gets excited he’ll speak in v excited Portuguese.
  • He get’s real flustered at all the compliments and stuff he gets on IG and Tumblr and wherever else he uploads pictures
  • Shows his friends (, 76, whoever rlly) cute/silly fanart people’ve drawn of them
  • Sometimes he finds silly art of him or his friends in his tag on tumblr and he straight up laughs for 10 minutes about it it makes him so happy

hey this song is pretty cool man omfg i wanna make a video to it some day!! i think u guys should listen to it