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Close Your Eyes- A Peter Parker Imagine

Anonymous Requested: hi, can I have a peter parker imagine where your watching harry potter and peter hasn’t seen the one where they show you Snapes good so he’s like I hate snape he is such a horrible person and so your like fight me, literally fight me, and its just fluff? thanks so much, your such a good writer! I love your blog so much, its my actual life

Close Your Eyes

“HEEEELLLL NO!” you yelled once you heard your study partner say what you think you just heard him say. Instead of studying, you coerced Peter into letting you watching Harry Potter for getting a question right. He just couldn’t resist.  “Listen, Snape always bullies Harry and was just always a jerk! And look at his greasy hair!” he yelled, pausing the tv to show an unflattering shot of Snape on the screen. “Peter…. How many of the movies have you seen?” you asked slowly, trying not to blow up. “I’ve seen five movies,” he said, trying to hide his face from you. “Well, get prepared because we are watching all of them.”

You were in the middle of the fifth when you heard Peter mutter, “I still think Snape is a bad guy”. You whipped your head around to look at him. “What?” you whispered. His eyes widened, and at that moment, he knew he messed up. “Uh nothing [Y/N], I think he’s sexy?” he said, trying to make it up to you. “Fight me!” you yelled, shoving him lightly. He laughed lightly and said “Yeah, I think Snape sucks!” You looked at him for a second before tackling him right off his bed, textbooks flying everywhere.

You two were laughing and rolling around the floor, trying to tackle each other when Peter’s Aunt May came in. “Well, this is a sight I thought I’d never see,” she said, smiling above the two of you, trying not to laugh. You sat up and fixed your hair, saying hello to her as casually as you could. “Peter, I’m just glad she’s nice and pretty,” she said before walking out. You were a deep red and shifted your eyes around the room, looking at anything but Peter. “I still think Snape sucks,” Peter said from beside you. You rolled your eyes and tackled him again, rolling around the floor and trying to pin each other.

He tried to not use his crazy reflexes to move too quickly or pin you too hard, so he tried to let you win but he couldn’t take it anymore, so he rolled you over quickly and pinned your wrists to the floor. “Wow, that was hot,” you said with a smirk on your face. “Hey, don’t smirk at me. I might not be able to resist myself,” Peter said with a wink. Even though you and Peter were study buddies, you had always been flirty buddies as well. Neither of you ever made a move however because you both were afraid the friendship would be ruined.

By the time you two actually began to pay attention, the sixth movie began to play. “Close your eyes,” Harry told Ginny as he leaned in to kiss her. “Hey [Y/N], close your eyes,” Peter said. “You can’t use a pick up line to surprise me when I just saw how it works,” you said laughing. “Screw it then, I’m just going to kiss you,” Peter said, leaning to give you a long kiss. You had finally been waiting for the moment and it was everything you had hoped for. When you pulled apart, you looked him in the eye and said “We’re better than Harry and Ginny”.

I absolutely loved writing this because I love Harry Potter. I’m getting a Harry Potter tattoo in the next year. I hope you enjoyed this!