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me: wow i really want to write a book some day :)

my brain: you haven’t had a truly original idea that worked out in years, when you do have an original idea you don’t get past four pages, you can barely hold onto projects for a long period of time, and the chances of you writing a book and it actually getting popular are probably slim

me: wow,,,, i really want,,,,,, to write a book,,,,,,, some day,,, :)


♥‿♥ the lightwood siblings love each other so much and want to make sure everyone is safe and protected at all costs ♥‿♥

I’ll just leave this here

My mate just came up behind me and slid his arms around my waist, pressing a kiss to my neck. Would you like someone to join us in bed, Feyre darling? 

My skin stretched tight over my bones at the tone, the suggestion. You’re incorrigible. 

I think you’d like two males worshipping you. 

My toes curled.


“Back off, Ren! I’m TRYING to make my daily ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!”

Kylo interrupts the General during one of Hux’s daily intercom announcements to the crew of the Finalizer.

//i’m obsessed with Hux’s daily announcements (x) hux says that only people who are acting “suspiciously” should be detained… and the stormtroopers detain him! Why was he being so suspicious ? maybe a little kylux action on the bridge? #LET HUX LIVE 2017!

Nora: Andrew and Neil share an apartment, have two cats, and travel everywhere together.

Me: I know exactly why I’m crying in the club right now.


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cw: violence, weapons.

Humans are weird 101 (music part 1)

Do you know what Aleins definitely don’t get? Human music tastes.

Most species like to keep their sound wave space clean in order to better locate, hear commands, and sense danger. The fact that humans purposely block these necessary alert functions baffles them.

In the early years of human-alien co-habitation, aleins had no idea what their ear pods or listening devices were for. Most assumed that they enhanced hearing and therefore would only speak in quiet voices so they wouldn’t bother the humans ears. Soon this was found out not to be the case especially when important information was whispered to a human wearing soundproof headphones.

But soon aleins began to understand they were listening to things. Unfortunately none of them appreciated human music as much as the natives

Alien: *listens to a few seconds of scremo and hast to sleep off the ringing in his sound processors*

Alien: what do you mean you listen to that for pleasure? There MUST be some element that is beneficial about your human ears being destroyed on repeat.

Human:*shrugs* I like the emotion

Alien: *looks up human emotions while screaming: fear, anger, sadness, horror*

Alien: *stares wide eyed at human*

Alien awkwardly wraps tentacles around human.

Human: what are you doing?

Alien: human guide book said that when humans became emotional they need physical contact in the form of bugs

Human: you mean hugs?

Alien gently pats them with a tentacle: whatever you say…

Alien: these human phrases are just repeated over and over again. I do not understand the appeal

Human: it’s just not your genre

Alien: what about Shaun? I thought he was on loading deck four?

Human: *face palm*

Alien: so what makes this country music?

Human: oh you know, the twang in their voices and the acoustic instruments, that sort of thing

Alien: these are all about females of your species and four-wheeled ground rovers and fermented beverages

Human puts an arm around alien: most music talks about girls and booze, but you KNOW it’s country when it talks about a truck

Alien: ahhhh this one. This one is my favorite

Human: I haven’t even picked a song yet

i just wanna say compare this to everything liam has ever said about zayn and think for yourself.. that doesn’t add up that doesn’t make sense.. so I’d rather believe everything we’ve heard and seen all these years than one scripted interview full of bullshit… 

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Hi! How about your favourite 1D harmonies? Bonus question: whose voice would be best suited for a career in country music? Thank you!

Hi there!

Drum roll…

Top 1D moments of harmony

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1. If I Could Fly, 2:12. ONLY

2. Little Things: 0:48-1:14 and basically everywhere there are two voices

3. Fireproof: the whole damn song

4. Once in a Lifetime: 0:49-1:14. Damn.

5. Story of My Life: 1:14-1;19. Frozen

6. One Thing: 0:49

7. Don’t Forget Where You Belong: 2:25-3:25. HOOOOOOOO

8. What Makes You Beautiful: 0:46. If only you could see

9. 18: 2:44-4:00 (looks kind of like I’m citing gospel because I AM)

10. Night Changes (acoustic): 1:50-2:25

11. Through the Dark: 1:56. Oh they’ll carry you over.

12. Hey Angel: 2:31 (not in the video, in the studio recording). Back seat of his car.

13. Fool’s Gold: 1:02-2:00. Those magical fourths

14. Change My Mind (This is Us version): 0:34. Baby, if you say, you want them to stay

15. Gotta Be You: 1:58. But if you walk away. 

Anon, they could all be country stars. 

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Harry: Lucinda Williams’ Blue.

Louis: Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Niall: Bob Dylan’s Girl from the North Country

Liam: Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now, as performed by Willie Nelson

Zayn: Eric Clapton’s Have You Ever Loved a Woman (I cheated. It’s blues)

Thank you for the ask! It was fun.


When tragedy struck at the Burrow, it used to be Molly who took the situation in hand, guided it, helped make sure everyone came out of it okay. 

The war and the loss of her son, though, made her different. Made her more scared, because she knew so intimately how the losses would feel. Made her quieter and less willing to give orders to the strong men and woman who had once been toddlers around her ankles. 

Luckily, though none of her children are interested in taking up her glamorous position, her two daughters in law are perfectly suited to the task of running the house in crisis. Hermione and Fleur work seamlessly together, and keep the entire clan in as much as possible under any given circumstances. If someone gets hurt, or goes missing on a mission or one of the kids is sick or …anything, really, they emerge to manage the chaos. 

man I sure do wonder how Chloé, a girl without a mother who was raised by a powerful and influential and wealthy father only to be shown love and affection through material means which ultimately led to clear social akwardness and obvious issues in forming interpersonal relationships with her peers, would be treated if she was a boy

oh wait