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Scientific Fact

Prompt: The reader has always been self conscious of her body, but maybe it takes a cute, sarcastic doctor to show her who she really is. 

A/N: This is my first fic on this blog. Being self conscious of your body is something every person goes through and it should not be look down upon or ignored. Every person is beautiful, no matter the body shape, the hair color, or even skin color. And I think that everyone needs to be reminded of that. 

Title: Scientific Fact

Author: Alice yo


Song I’m Listening To(Idea i got from a friend): Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, You Are Enough by Sleeping At Last

Why couldn’t Star Fleet uniforms be baggier, you thought as you tugged on your shirt. You tightly pulled the front of the shirt away from your front in attempt to make the form fitting clothes looser. You sighed as it seemed to only tighten more. You gave up and decided to just go ahead to your station in the med bay and skip breakfast.

“L/N! I need you’re help over here now!” Dr. McCoy yelled across the room. You rushed over to the bed that contained Captain Kirk. His arms were clutched over his stomach that seemed to be bleeding. You grabbed the medical scissors near by opened his shirt. 

Everything seemed to move in a blur as you and the medical team took care of Jim’s wounds. You sat on his bed after everyone was done and listened to his recounting of what happened. After hearing the fight he had been in, you couldn’t imagine putting yourself in his place. You walked over to where Bones was standing. His arms were crossed with his face in deep concentration. 

“The damn man needs to learn when to stop,” he grumbled. The irritated look on his face looked almost like a pout.

“You gotta give him credit though. God, knows I could never do what he did,” you scoffed before walked away. You missed the shocked and confused look he gave you. 

The day carried on with mostly minor injuries, and occasionally, the expected motion sickness. You ended up skipping both lunch and dinner because honestly, you could afford to miss a few meals. 

You walked into the med bay a little more drowsy that the day before. And this seemed to catch the attention of the sarcastic southern doctor. 

“Y/N, are you alright?” he asked, clearly showing concern. You rubbed your eyes as you smiled and yawned. 

“Of course, Leo,” you said. “Just a little tired.”

He eyed you carefully before putting you to work. Today, you would be lifting and sorting through the boxes of supplies. It wasn’t anything you hadn’t done before, but today the task seemed unreasonably challenged. When you stood up with the tenth box in your hands, you vision became spotty. You swayed and stumbled. 

“Y/N?” you heard Bones call. You slowly felt your body tipping, as soon the ground seemed a lot closer than you thought. But before you reached the ground you felt arms wrap around you. The last thing you heard was, “Damnit woman,” before you blacked out. 

You woke up in one of the biobeds to none other than Leonard sitting in the chair sleeping. You sat up, still seeing a couple spots. The moving apparently woke the cute sleeping doctor because he shot up and scolded you for moving. 

“Damn it Y/N,” he whispered. “What the hell happened to you? Don’t you dare lie to me.” He scolded.

“Leo, I’m fine really, I just haven’t gotten around to eating lately.” You said looking down. 

“Not eating? Y/N,” he chastised. “You of all people should know…”

“Yes, I know I need to eat! I just, god, I need to lose weight and I figured it would help if I skipped a few meals. I just wanted a better body okay?” you asked ashamed.

“You wanted a better body?” Bones scoffed. His eyes softened at the sad look on your face. “Hey, look at me.” You reluctantly looked into his eyes. 

“It’s a scientific fact that your body is perfect just the way it is. Okay? I’m saying this as your doctor and someone who cares about you.” He said sternly, shocking you. You smiled when his eyes went wide at his own confession. He looked down.

You reached for one of his hands that was resting on the bed. He looked up at you hopefully. You smirked. 

“It’s a scientific fact that I care about you too.”


Hi everyone! A lot of people asked about my process so I thought I should answer everything on this post

I first get my inspiration from somewhere. Usually from movies or documentary. This time I revisited an old idea I did in school, an illustration inspired by Jonsi’s “Animal Arithmetic” taking reference from Dinka tribe from south Sudan mixed with some Klimt gold fanciness.

My very first sketch often looks super messy, loose and even abstract, trying to capture the mood I was going for.

I do a tighter sketch on top of the first rough. Here I try to place things differently(hopefully better) so that the whole composition looks more designed.

Using line of action for leading the eye and framing.

The stick and ox’s leg forming a triangle.

Separating the design elements. Rectangle-shaped cattle being dominant makes the boy with the round shapes stand out.

I do several more and value studies if the illustration is for some project but I will just jump into color for this one.

Please listen to some music while watching this or else you’ll get super bored haha. I will upload the final image in the morning.

577- Draining Kiss

Fairy Type. Glamour. Look good and feel great, encourage fear and respect when people see you. This is more about bringing people’s attention to you to make your day better and have people listen to what you have to say, rather than being a curse.

What You’ll Need~

  • Sigil to respect
  • Lipstick, in a color that makes you feel fierce


  • Create your sigil. It should be in a strong color, or one that matches or goes with your makeup if you want to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Apply your lipstick, with intent to be noticed, acknowledged, and respected.
  • Kiss the sigil to charge it, leaving the the lip shaped mark of your makeup.
  • Go about your day, allowing people to know you’re there and to listen to what you have to say.


  • You can carry your sigil with you to let it continue to charge throughout the day. When people notice you it can help power your sigil, which in turn will make people notice you.
‘The trouble is, you see, that if you DO know Right from Wrong you can’t choose Wrong.  You just can’t do it and live.  So…if I was a bad witch I could make Mister Salzella’s muscles turn against his bones and break them where he stood…if I was bad.  I could do things inside his head, change the shape he thinks he is, and he’d be down on what’d been his knees and begging to be turned into a frog…if I was bad.  I could leave him with a mind like a scrambled egg, listening to colors and hearing smells…if I was bad.  Oh, yes.'  There was another sigh, deeper and more heartfelt.  'But I can’t do none of that stuff.  That wouldn’t be Right.’

She gave a deprecating little chuckle.  And if Nanny Ogg had been listening, she would have resolved as follows: that no maddened cackle from Black Aliss of infamous memory, no evil little giggle from some crazed vampyre whose morals were worse than his spelling, no side-splitting guffaw from the most inventive torturer, was quite so unnerving as a happy little chuckle from a Granny Weatherwax about to do what’s best.
—  Terry Pratchett, “Maskerade”
Diamond Knight Theory


There is a theory going around that Rose Quartz was once a diamond in command at the Homewarp. The cut of her gem was more diamond shaped and normally Rose Quartz is more smokey in it’s color. And of course these images that give big cryptic hints on the theory. 

Pink one being split off from the group to revolt against Homeword to protect her new home.


If the same symbolism is being represented among the pillars wouldn’t the damaged one be for Rose Quartz side? Seeing this and the the diamonds from this image we can see that they do not have distinct appearances (especially within their hair) but maybe this could have been a previous form of the diamonds.

If this isn’t the case then the alternative could very well be the “Knights” put in place to help protect the ones in charge and theoretically Pearl was assigned to Rose Quartz. How she reacted to protect Rose was defiantly affected by how she felt, but it could also be instinctive to protect the one she was assigned to as a “Knight”. And considering how Pearl acted around this place, like she was home, made sense. She would’ve spent a lot of time here fighting. 

If there’s something else someone notices please feel free to add on.


Name: Naomi Cai
Age: 13 months

Naomi is a calm and quiet child, but very well rounded and a good listener. She’s quite smart for her age and spends much of her time learning her colors and shapes.

I’d like to see her model so I can see her maybe open up more as she starts to grow. Since very little was known about her when we adopted her I hope this will help her personality to shine through.