listen to me this makes sense

me last night: i feel so alone…. no one loves me…. wahh boo hoo

me today: i love MUD i don’t need LOVE or AFFECTION all i need is the soil that nourishes all life on this earth *listens to girls just want to have fun on loop while lying in the dirt*

Stay Close to me and the “banquet verses”


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I was listening Stay close to me (Again ahahahah I’m obsessed with this song) and suddenly I noticed a thing…

 As I said in my previous post, and as it was confirmed by Kubo-sensei, This song is related and represents Viktuuri relationship

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 but there were these sentence in the lyrics I was never abled to understand plenty…until now 


“Orsù finisca presto questo calice di vino/Come now, let’s empty this glass of wine soon
Inizio a prepararmi/I’ll start getting ready
Adesso fa’ silenzio/Now be silent.”


“Questa storia che senso non ha/This story that makes no sense

Svanirà questa notte assieme alle stelle/Will vanish tonight along with the stars

(Btw between these lines there is also the part in which the singer refuse the love)

Previously, when I made the first analysis, I had not enough information…

 "Why should Viktor sing about the end of a love story, if he hasn’t met Yuuri yet?“ 

 This was the kind of question I made myself… but listening this song now, after episode 10, everything is clear.

I think Viktor in this few verses was singing about the banquet… 

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He was telling us about a single night, a party night in which there is wine, alcohol

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and people celebrate

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and specifically THE END OF THIS SINGLE NIGHT.

A night in which for the first night he experimented something as love and life.

 So he speaks with his lover, directly… 

he know that the banquet has to end. (Come now, let’s empty this glass of wine soon)

He know that has to prepare himself to the end of this night.( I’ll start getting ready ) 

After that there are the verse of reluctance, in which he doesn’t accept the love…(  With a sword I wish I could cut  Those throats singing about love…) 

 And in the end we have the dramatic truth: This love will end with the sun’s rising. ( This story that makes no sense  Will vanish tonight along with the stars)

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But Viktor suddenly doesn’t accept it..

 he call his lover, he is waiting for him… he want to see him another time, so they together can fulfil their story ( If I could see you From hope Eternity will be born )

Important is the fact that in the duet version These Verse are not included… there is no more the horrible fear of losing their love with the end of the night

For this VIKTOR WITH THIS EXIBITION was dancing for Yuuri, He was calling him, was asking him for a chance, 

to dance again together, 

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to experiment life together


to fall in love together…again. 

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And Yuuri skating on Stay Close to me was responding to his call…unconsciously 

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Riverdale | 1.04 | Betty & Veronica

Are you doing this because you still have feelings for Archie?

Dear future girlfriend,

I promise to hold your hand through all your hard times, even though it’ll be hard for me to watch you go through it. I’ll love you even when I’m mad at you and I’ll kiss your forehead and listen to your words even when you slurring them, drunk and make no sense. We’ll get into stupid fights over ridiculous things and I’ll be a stubborn asshole but I promise to admit that I’m wrong when I am and hold you when tears are streaming down your cheeks in rivers of sadness, and tell you that it’s going to be okay. I’ll be there for you when you’ve just watched a scary movie and don’t want to sleep alone.. heck, I’ll even watch the movie with you. I’ll be right at the end of the phone for when you want to tell someone how awesome your day was and I’ll be right there when you’re lonely and want someone to cuddle with and watch Netflix. I’ll bring you up breakfast in bed when you’re too tired to move but too hungry to go back to sleep. I’ll be right by your side to remind how beautiful you are to me every single day and when nothing seems to be going right in your life, I’ll be there to give you a long, tight hug. I’ll try my best to make sure that you don’t feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, and even if I’m halfway across the world, I’ll make sure that you feel the weight of my love more. When you fight with one of your parents, I’ll help you sort it out because you take after both of them far too much and if they had not given you life then I would be without you. We’ll go to a train station and get a ticket to a random place and spend the day exploring every corner of that location. I’ll be a sarcastic little shit, and take our banter to a next level, you’ll playfully hit me and I’ll tell you that I love you and steal a kiss before you can say anything else. I’ll fight my way through my shipmates to make sure that I’m one of the first people off of the gangway so I can be one bit closer to you. I’ll skype or facetime you whenever I get the chance, or if none of those are working then a phone call or text will simply have to suffice, but I will make sure that whether I’m out in the Gulf, or in port at Birkenhead or Falmouth, you will know just how much I am in love with you. Whether it’s the best day that you’ve had or your worst, I’ll always be there for you. I promise to love you through it all.

INTP Said ...

That depends.
Could you be more precise?
I was listening to this podcast …
What do you mean by …?
Well, technically …
Why would people … ?
That makes no sense.
Did I tell you about this already?
That wouldn’t actually happen.
Were you talking to me?
Or, it could be …
Have you considered …?
Just thinking out loud.
What was their name again?
But from a different perspective …
How are you defining …?
Not necessarily.
What day is it?
I was reading about …
Are you being serious?
I still have time.
Could you repeat that?
Probably …
I wonder if …?
I’m late for …
What is wrong with people?
It’s a possibility.
Is it that late already?
That’s not entirely accurate.
Where did I put my … ?
I forgot …
What day is it?
I’m trying to think of a better way to …
Just tell me the truth.
Is there more information?
The part I found interesting was …
So anyway …
Never mind.

I’m sure I missed some, but this is a pretty good start. (That actually works, too. … And so does that. I need to stop.)

- INTPtruth

Here we go.

I know that when you type the word studyblr into the tumblr search bar you find things that are literal AESTHETIC GOALZ but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a studyblr and continuing to study. Listen, I am no perfect studyblr and Rome wasn’t built in a day so here are @bohostudying (my) tips on avoiding burnout with your blog and your studying life.

1. Make a Schedule.

One thing that I find very helpful is keeping a schedule of what I need to do every week. I think it is common sense to keep a planner and many studyblr’s would agree that some form of analog planning is good. It is also really soothing and satisfying to see it all lineup. If you want to know about planners you can message me or if I get enough interest I guess I’ll just make a stationary master post.

2. Take Breaks!

a key to avoiding burnout is to make sure that it isn’t 24/7 studying. If that happens you will feel like you are studying too much and then you will want to just completely shut down and stop. So if you do take a break then do something fun, like drawing, dancing, or something that you just enjoy doing. (Make sure that you don’t do it for too long because then you won’t want to continue with your studying.

3. Don’t forget to be aware of your health 

I want to stress this that your health is the most important thing, and if you don’t pay attention to it then you can probably kiss your studyblr goodbye. So while you study it is important to stay hydrated and to eat right. One thing that is really good is to eat something that has sugar and protein in it. That way it can sustain you and also give you an added brain boost.

4. sleep, Sleep, SLEEP

Sleep is so important to the avid studier and if you don’t get enough then your brain will not function right. Also, don’t convince yourself that 4 hours of sleep is enough. You don’t reach REM sleep and if you don’t it is still like not getting any sleep. It is also really important that you go to sleep at the same time every night so your body can get into a habit of falling asleep and waking up early. This will boost your productivity and help you stay more focus.

5. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology is an amazing thing where you can actually have access to EVERYTHING. But, technology can also foster procrastination which is basically every student has faced once or twice in their life. You can download an app like freedom, which blocks apps and tracks your phone time. Also considering sleep you should download an app like smart alarm clock that helps track your sleep. This will really help you with your productivity

6. Use a Habit Tracker.

If you want to stay up with your social media and other things in your life that you want to start, use a habit tracker. Whether it is in your bujo or in a fancy app it will be really satisfying to see your streaks pile up.

That’s all folks! If you think of anything else and message me

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CS Oneshot: So Much For My Happy Ending

A Secret Santa gift for @jenswans. It was lovely getting to know you and you have been ridiculously patient with me! I hope this domestic modern AU with multiple meet-cutes exceeds expectations! You absolutely deserve it and much more! 

5k | T | | AO3  

The morning wind held a hint of spring as Emma yanked on the door to the coffee shop. She had been living in Boston for three months but had yet to find a regular coffee place. The place closest to her house was too pretentious, the one down the street had good coffee but was always crowded with college students, the one on the corner was decent but the blonde barista kept hitting on her. Emma didn’t think she was picky she just wanted a place that served simple, no frills, quality coffee, without ridiculous lines or having to endure awkward flirting.

Emma had high hopes that Cafe Hollow, despite its strange name, could be her place. It was painted in rich neutrals and littered with no-nonsense tables, the music was at a reasonable volume, the line was short, and the menu was a simple black signboard with white letters posted above the register offering simply coffee, espresso, Americano, and cappuccino and no option for sizes. Emma smiled–this was her kind of place.

“I don’t understand. You have milk, you have coffee why can’t you just make me a latte?” The raven haired woman at the front complained in an over-loud voice. Emma rolled her eyes. Why was it so hard to just order what was on the menu?

“This isn’t Starbucks.” Emma heard a male voice mutter lowly behind her and she nodded

“How can you even call yourself a cafe if you don’t serve latte’s?” The irate customer’s pitch rose.

“Seriously?” Emma murmured.

“Someone should tell her there are four other coffee shops on this block that would happily accept her patronage.” The voice added in a rich English accent. Emma gave a chuckle and glanced back to say hello to her fellow annoyed customer but stopped short.

 He was a taller man with dark brown hair, a strong jaw covered in scruff, and a mouth quirked into a smirk that Emma found both endearing and dangerous. She gave him a small smile back as her heart did a strange leap and she turned back around to see the woman leaving in a huff. Emma pretended to be interested in the menu as she tried to center herself. It had been a long time since she had felt such an instant attraction–not since Neal– and the thought disturbed her, set all her personal alarms ringing. She ordered her coffee to-go and was striding out the door before the guy had a chance to try talking to her again.

Emma didn’t go back to Cafe Hollow. She told herself it was because their coffee was weak but deep down she knew it was because she didn’t want to run into “coffee guy” again. She knew it was ridiculous but after Neal, after being abandoned and betrayed, she just couldn’t trust herself or her gut when it came to men. Especially not drop-dead gorgeous men with accents and hair that looked softer than a puppy’s fur. She threw herself into her work that week taking on more skips than usual to make sure she was distracted.

That’s how she ended up at a bar called Neverland in a skin-tight red dress and heels that were killing her as she waited for her skip to show his face. She was busy watching the door when someone slid next to her.

“What a charming coincidence.”

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i aways feel a little moved when i listen to isak talk to even about infinity and the immensity of universes and the endless possibilities they contain. there’s wonder and excitement and curiosity and innocence in the tone of his voice

and it makes you wonder, when was the last time he let himself express these thoughts so freely? did he ever? over time, isak had gotten very aware of the image he projected and he wanted to have control over that image and so he wouldn’t always express these thoughts he had, and he sometimes would express thoughts he didn’t agree with, but which fit with the image he wanted to project, so he’d express them as if they were his own. he said it to eva, he was fake. and i think he would also keep things simple, and wouldn’t insist on discussing matters that were actually meaningful. because it’s so much less risky to simply talk about trivial things, to limit yourself to subjects that aren’t worth remembering, that won’t challenge people’s perception of you, or rather the “you” you choose to present 

but this conversation he’s having with even is the type of conversation that requires you to let someone in the house of your thoughts. and it’s always a risk, to open the front door of that house, to let someone step in and to show them what it looks like on the inside, to show them the rooms. but isak not only sees even as a trustworthy guest, he actually wants him to come in. so you can see isak, with each of his words, unlocking that front door and presenting him some of the rooms, such as the one with the parallel universes, and also letting himself explore them alongside even. and the thing is that isak had been alone in that house for so long and it feels so nice, to finally have someone there, to finally allow himself to have some company

A conversation that definitely happened but probably actually over text or phone call continues:
  • B: she's having TWINS jack
  • J: haha that's great
  • B: you seem distracted, sorry for always freaking out at you over Beyoncé stuff ahhhhh
  • J: no you're fine. if you listen to me rattle off stats trying to make sense of games and pay attention and only chirp me a little I am more than capable of letting you be excited about Beyoncé's private life
  • B: okay yes that's a fair trade
  • B: but do you need me to let you go?
  • J: how's she gonna pick two names at once when I can barely decide on one I like
  • B: WHAT

I’m still trying to figure out how the Ranger specialization in Origins even makes sense how can you call a bear to your side in the Deep roads where there are no bears. Did you bring a bear down there with you? Was your warden like “hey Alistair don’t let me forget to pack an extra bear just in case”

WAIT A SECOND WHY HAVE WE NEVER TALKED ABOUT RANSOM AND CHOWDER BC LIKE…… IT MAKES SENSE TO ME AS A PAIRING????? like Stressed Out, WorkWorkWork Justin Oluransi plus California Sunshine Smile Christopher Chow… and like they’re different in how they present their personalities but actually really similar ??? like chowder gets v focused on things the same way ransom does, and ransom is ever the optimist just like chowder… and just imagine all the funky ways chowder tries to get ransom to relax, and all the fun ransom has trying to debunk all of chowder’s weird rituals that he swears by. they could be like… rlly good. best best friends if not more. needs to be explored further.

listen. sometimes it’s going to be so hard you’re going to come home, cry, and question your entire being. you’re going to let yourself down. it’s going to feel absolutely crushing.

and then time will move it all under the carpet. you’re going to drink some water, get more sleep. you’ll pet a dog and laugh at a dumb joke your friend tell you. these small moments will be your saviour. catch them in the palm of your hands and hold them like the most precious thing you own.

just give it some time, my love. give it a little bit more time.