listen to it with your valentine

And if it is solved by walking forward or away
from problems that might kill
emotions will lead you to an ocean
from there you will jump
into a soul that’s unrecognizable
from that shattered mirror
your broken bits cling
onto that light and fleeting
heartbeat that they used to listen to
and it is solved by walking forward or away
from the person that was your only one
and they will swear up and down
that it won’t hurt, no, no
it won’t hurt, it’s only ever a sharp sting
the blood doesn’t boil inside of
these veins, i’m cold
a poem without a beginning
a love without an ending
will you be my valentine
fuck the cards, I’ll ask you
head on, using my voice
as a kiss and my decisions
as a chance to hold you
and if it is solved by walking forward or away
you’ll die a thousand nights
but you can’t fix that one mistake
you’ll love a thousand times
but you’ll never meet that feeling again
you’ll cry a thousand nights
but it’ll still hurt some nights
when your bed is whispering
for their body and your arms
reach for theirs and it’s a hopeless dance
that keeps us believing in shit like faith
and if it is solved by walking forward or away
love promised pain, but love also
promised forever, love promised
to hurt with only lips, love promised
so many things– I’m always lost
but when I’m without you
existence has lost some meaning
when you hold someone that high,
the stars suddenly make sense
the love poems have meaning
the stress is gone, the hours grow short
and the years fly by–
you will be anew, but this life
this love, this flower that we grew together–
everything wilts in the end,
even us, I love you is a garden
and I’ve been burning us alive
I love you is painful,
but it’s the only way
that I know that we happened
it’s the only way
that I know that we existed
at some point
—  it is solved by walking

Things To Do For Your Boyfriend:

1. Kiss his forehead when he’s angry
2. Hold his hand out of nowhere
3. Let him lay his head on your lap
4. Ask him about his day and actually listen
5. Try to get interested in stuff he likes
6. Talk sports/video games/books etc. with him
7. Serenade him with embarrassingly cheesy love songs
8. Get along with his friends
9. Buy him a valentines gift
10. Be more excited for his birthday than he himself is
11. Be nice and love his parents like they are your own parents
12. Love him like every girl on this site wants to be loved and give him a reason to treat you like a princess

—  because boys deserve to be loved right too
Seven Valentines Study Moods

Valentine’s day is on a Tuesday this year. Gross. Studying. Gross. Study your best on this holiday by using one of these study moods to match your own!

  • The Bitter One: Black coffee, listening to punk rock anthems alone in a study room, reading and rewriting your notes.
    • This is probably the most common study mood this V-Day. let’s be honest.
  • The Happily Single One: Sparkling water, listening to top 40 music, reading your assigned texts in a cafe.
    • Doing your own thing is great! So is chilling by yourself in public. Get those readings done in a nice atmosphere!
  • The In-Love One: Sparkling grape juice (or champage!), listening to love songs, quizzing flashcards with your SO (or best friend!).
    • Valentine’s Day is considered a time of togetherness. So go and study with the person you want to hang out with most! Friend-love is just as valid as romantic love.
  • The Lonely One:  Hot chocolate, listening to Adele, studying flashcards on Quizlet.
    • Sometimes if you’re lonely it’s best just to wallow in it a little. That’s okay. You do you.
  • The Indifferent One: Lemon water, listening to soundtracks, writing essays wherever the heck you want.
    • Who cares about this holiday. It’s commercialized. And writing essays is a task that waits for no one.
  • The Mushy One: Mocha latte, listening to rom coms in the background, analyzing literature. 
    • Sometimes you just need to get in the spirit, you know. Rom coms will do that for you. 
  • Shit it’s already Valentine’s Day????: Studying the art of apologizing to your significant other.
    • Oops.

V x MC on Valentines Day! 
somebody stop me xD

Dream about fairytales and only True Love today and I’m sure it’ll come to your life one day ! <3 

and listen to this amazing song
norah jones - love me tender


a playlist for february  [listen]

i. weak when ur around - blackbear ; ii. shape of you - ed sheeran ; iii. for him. - troye sivan, allday ; iv. i want to love - years & years ; v. baby come home 2 / valentines - the neighbourhood ; vi. i’m yours - alessia cara ; vii. the anchor - bastille ; viii. need ur luv - charli xcx ; vix. thinking ‘bout you - dua lipa ; x. ivy - frank ocean ; xi. thinkin bout you - frank ocean ; xii. not afraid anymore - halsey ; xiii. ilysb - lany ; xiv. loving someone - the 1975 ; xv. in my feelings - kehlani


If you can’t move through your fear and connect with yourself, there’s absolutely no way you’re gonna connect with your partner. Listen to me. I know that it’s scary as hell to let another person touch that part of you. But if you do, it’s worth it. Now forget everything I said and just dance.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) dir. Guy Ferland

Fallout 4 has such weird companion mechanics. Right in the middle of infiltrating a raider’s hideout, Valentine abruptly decided that we were close enough to unload his tragic backstory on me. Listen, bud, I love you and will prioritize your personal quest above all others, but is now really the time? Right here, crouched behind this cigarette dispenser, hiding from enemies?

 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! It is not yet past midnight here (10:32 CST), but I am too tired to stay up another hour and a half so here it is! AMYPLIER!!! :3

 I know not everyone has someone special to share this day with and I’m one of them, but I love this holiday, because I like all forms of love. Also, I love all of you! I want to see you smile, listen to your stories about the day, laugh with you, and be complete trash about Youtubers! XD

 This isn’t just a holiday about making that special someone feel amazing, it’s about making yourself feel amazing. Know you are loved and you love yourself. It doesn’t have to be loving everything about you, because we all got flaws, but appreciating those as well is also another form of love. 

To my friends and the goofball I drew this for! *hugs and butterfly kisses cause I like them!*  @floatingmegane-san @lissachan504 @itsfoxyy @biscuitplier @thatonechickyoudontknow @mary-plier @captain-ass-ass @markiplier @konoira @aohoshiart @koujakuzure



Heeere’s my secret shallura valentine’s gift for the wonderful and fantastic Dragons, aka @shiroallura! Forgive me that I added some angst, but per your request I also added a friends-to-lovers trope ^^;). This is based on an au story I plan to write, and I kinda went overboard with this little scene after listening to this song . Hope you like it, lovely!! <3

#12 Dating EXO would  include series: Chanyeol’s Edition:

-Him being a giant baby and clinging to you while sleeping, with his legs wrapped around yours and arms holding you tight.

-Him buying you a massive teddy bear for Valentine’s day, and then he’d get jealous because you would be cuddling the bear instead of him.

-Him trying to wake you up by kissing your cheeks, and when you refuse to wake up he’d jump on your bed like the child he is until you wake up.

-Spending nights listening yo music he composed and to songs he wrote because your opinion is what matters the most to him.

-Spending hours talking about absolutely anything on the phone when he is on tour, he can’t go a day without hearing your voice.

-You holding him tight when things get just too much, and reassuring him that everything will be alright.

-Trying to prank you but ending up failing, because he just couldn’t control his face, you know when he smiles that creepy smile and it tells you that he is up to something.

-Him singing you to sleep when you wake up at 3am after you’ve had a nightmare, because his voice gives you the security you need.

-Him teasing you when you can’t reach something from the upper shelves, and instead of getting it for you he’d lift you up for you to get it.

–Him being a jealous somehow possessive boyfriend, he wouldn’t like any guy to touch you or flirt with you, but he isn’t the type to order you around because he knows that he doesn’t own you.

-He likes cuddling, spooning with him being the big spoon, or you’d sit on his lap with your head against his chest, but sometimes in rare occasions he’d like to be the small spoon, or he’d like to lay his head on your chest while watcing a movie and he’d like it better if you played with his ears and hair.

-He’d love to go down on you, and he’d love it even more if you went down on him.

-He does not tolerate a lot of sexual teasing, he’d get so rough omg.

-He’s not really kinky, and he wouldn’t engage in anything that would cause you any type of harm, but occasionally he’d love to change things a bit, like trying different positions and stuff just to spice things up.

-He’d buy you sexy lingerie and would want you to model them for him.

-While undressing you he’d be so impatient he’d rip your clothes apart.

-He’d take you to meet his family, because he is such a family oriented guy, and they would adore you.

-He is so oppa material, like he’d love to take care of you and tease you all of the time and protect you, and he would want you to count on him and trust him.

Title: Love was made for Me and You(Reader x Bucky Barnes) 

Summary: The anti-Valentine’s Day reader decides to plan something special for their hopeless romantic of a boyfriend. 

Word Count: 1547

Warnings: It’s just really cute OKAY

A/N: My lil heart really can’t take a romantic Bucky but here it is anyway… I’m deceased. Here’s the song I was listening to, originally sang by Nat King Cole but I loove the Frank Sinatra version. I hope you enjoy!!

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you’re in love

REQUEST: Hi! I love your blog so much and I wanted to asked you if you could write something based on the song “You’re in love” by Taylor Swift, like maybe the reader and Seb have the same type of story? 💕😘😍

WARNINGS: just straight pure fluffffffffffffff

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves!!!!!!! I hope you all have/had a wonderful day! This one is a preeeeetty long one… uh, I don’t even know where all of this came out of lol but probably listening to the song on repeat helped, though i’m not sure. Anyway, here it is.


You walked into the dark room and bit down on your bottom lip. The amount of people scared you and you were debating on running out and going back home.

Looking around, you spotted an empty crook near the bar. You rushed over and flagged down a bartender before ordering the strongest drink you could possibly think of. That usually calmed your nerves.

Smiling politely and nodding your head at the bartender, you took a sip of the drink and winced at the taste burning the back of your throat.

You were suddenly nudged forward and you rolled your eyes. Of course there were drunk people around already. People didn’t waste time at events like this.

“I’m sorry!” The person placed their hand on your bare shoulder.

You looked over to see who dared to place their hand on you only to have your breath taken away. His eyes were as clear as the blue sky and his smile was charming.

“It’s-uh, it’s okay.”

He went back to talking to the person next to him and you drowned yourself in the liquor in your cup. Once you had downed it, you placed a bill down and set your empty glass cup over it.

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Happy valentine’s day, Akashi-kun aka @sooora-i!!><

This year I’m your Kuroko and I can say that we pretty much have the same taste with Mafia!AU AkaKuro;;;v;;; I always adore your art and now I’m drawing for you so I’m kinda nervous;;

I really hope you’ll like it!! (。・//ε//・。)

Thanks to @akashikuroko & @fyenale for holding WYSV again!! This is my second time participating and I really enjoy it (*´▽`*) thank you!!

― Chaz 

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Blink 182
Breaking Benjamin
Bullet For My Valentine
Bring Me The Horizon
Escape The Fate
Falling In Reverse
Green Day
In This Moment
Marilyn Manson
Motionless in White
My Chemical Romance
Panic! At The Disco
Sum 41
Three Days Grace

Listen To Me

Summary:  You stay in your room when the Saviors come, only to be surprised that the one Savior you’re trying to avoid comes to see you.  Smutty threesome with Negan and Rick

Category:  Negan X Reader X Rick 

Warnings:  Non-con, SMUT, NSFW,  things that happen in a threesome 

A/N:  This is the first threesome I ever wrote.  I think it might have gotten a little long.  I wanted to write it for Valentine’s Day.  If there’s enough interest I might develop this into a bigger arc.  

Tags: @theonethatgotaway213 @megandrawsspace @marauderice @kellyn1604 @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers @unicorn-blood-splatter

               The pages might as well have been blank.  You sat crossed legged on the bed trying your hardest to focus on the book, but your eyes kept darting towards the window. The Saviors were out there.  They came for their pick up early and Rick had rushed down to meet them.

               You glanced at the empty space in the bed next to you.  Rick was lying there only a few minutes ago, taking a much deserved rest.  You hated the amount of stress he was under and tried your best to be the caring, understanding girlfriend he needed.  You sigh, feeling a bit ashamed that you’re not by his side now.  

               Negan scared you too much.  You wanted to stand proud next to your man, but the way the Savior’s leader stared at you made you too uncomfortable. The last time he cracked a joke about taking you home and making you one of his wives.  At least you thought it was a joke.  

               Your eyes move towards the window again and you debate on standing up and taking a peek outside.  The image of the dark haired man with his baseball bat sends a shiver down your spine.  Of course the devil would be gorgeous.  That was the way the world worked now.  

               The door to your room opened and you jumped up, sliding to the edge of the bed.  Rick appeared, with his eyes fixed to the ground.  

               “That was quick.”  You rose and walked towards him. “Was it smooth this time?”

               “No Doll.”  A hand grabs the end of the door and pushes it all the way open. “I’m never quick and things are always rocky around here.”

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Yuri x Listener: Valentine's Day Morning
Yuri x Listener: Valentine's Day Morning

Contains: Unbearable amounts of domestic af fluff, a couple kisses, and quiet voice

You and Yuri wake up on Valentine’s Day morning, but you’re not quite ready to get out and do the plans you two had for the day. So, he simply stays and cuddles up with you.

A/N: Character x Listener is actually a guilty pleasure of mine man xD There’s a moment in the audio where Yuri mentions “Mariska,” which is his cat. I looked around forever and I couldn’t find anything that says the cat’s name so I settled on naming the kitten myself. Also, if any of you have any idea on how commissions work and what goes on in the process, please tell me, so I can know what to do when I put up commission info xD Thank you so much for all your love and support, and I hope you enjoy this audio!!