listen to it goddamnit

i headcanon that after Shiro disappears the paladins sometimes use his name as encouragement. it starts with phrases like ‘what would Shiro do’, ‘Shiro wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself’, ‘Shiro what should i do’ etc.

then it goes to comments like ‘Shiro wouldn’t like this’, ‘I don’t think that’s a Shiro-approved idea’, ‘Shiro would be proud’ etc.

one time Keith is about to do something extremely stupid and all he can do is look upwards and mutter ‘Shiro I’m sorry’ before he does the Stupid Thing

then Lance accidentally mutters ‘Shiro help me’ when he and Keith are arguing about Keith having done the Stupid Thing (bc he’s been thinking too much about those words) and there’s a moment of heavy silence before the tense atmosphere breaks and the whole group erupts in hysterical laughter because what the fuck even

and suddenly it’s a Thing (bc it’s as ridiculous as it is therapeutic)

phrases like ‘Shiro forgive me’ become common when someone is about to do something Shiro wouldn’t approve of, the list of such things growing increasingly larger as the phrase is used for more and more trivial things

“Shiro forgive me,” Pidge says as she locks Keith in the decontamination chamber and activates it, because Keith has been stinking up the place by constantly training and refusing to shower.

“Shiro, if you’re seeing this, look away because I think he’s about to do something stupid,” Hunk mutters as Lance gets that special gleam in his eyes.

Lance: “For the love of Shiro, listen to me for one second goddamnit!”
Hunk: “Don’t you mean ‘Shiro damn it’?”
Lance: “Shut your quiznak, Shiro would never damn anything!”
Pidge, quietly: “Not all men.”
Keith, just as quietly, but confused: “But Shiro would?”


“Shiro bless you, you innocent bean,” Pidge tells Keith, and Keith is confused but also smiles because he can’t help but be touched. Everyone resolves then and there to use this phrase on him more often.

“Guys wait. Before we go into this battle-”
“I just want to say”
“Lance no-”
“May Shiro be with you”

And then one day Shiro is back and old habits die hard, words keep slipping and Shiro is Hopelessly Confused and Not (at all, absolutely 0% nuh-uh) Amused. Especially when one of the first words upon finding him are an automatic “Thank Shiro you’re okay” and there’s just… a pause. Such a heavy pause.

but then one time Shiro does an awesome thing and everyone’s like “how did you do that” and all Shiro says is “i work in mysterious ways” and everyone is just d o n e

Why do people say Draco was the “bad boy” just because he was scared and had to choose the dark side.

Like that boy got the best grades (a part from hermione) and he pretty much followed any rules by the professors. he is such a cowardly person, he is scared easily and don’t get me wrong, he’s a very determined person but such a fucking scaredy cat.

If anyone was remotely the “bad boy” it would be Harry because he’s the idiot that got into trouble constantly, never listened to anyone, and oh, finding new ways to die again!

so basically, Draco is the rule follower and Harry is the rule breaker who can’t listen to anyone goddamnit.

old friends and new returns

*insert eminem’s voice* guess who’s back (back back)

I’m gonna be super short. I don’t like people making assumptions about me, so this is a stance of principle. It seems some people think/thought me archiving this blog meant I was “jumping ship while I could” and “running away from fandom” and shit like that. Bitch no, I got accepted into the most prestigious european film school, so I figured I’d rather have a small blog that disappoint 30k people. But. BUT. Seeing as I was never one to give up a fight, or like, stand back, these assumptions piss me off, so you know what? I’m back. I’m reactivating this blog as a big BIG BIG BIG FUCK YOU. Am I gonna be online 24/7 like I used to be? No, but who cares. So we’re back to the same old: talk shit about cersei lannister, get hit, because i’ve seen the grossest discourse around and i knew i had to get back in the game because i hate it. I HATE IT.


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Snarry friendship had so much potential !!! I like to imagine them bonding and Harry could have been a healthy support for Severus. :(

god i KNOW like harry and snape are rollinginthedeep.mp3 bc they have SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL (we could have had it alllllll)

harry could have learned so much from snape if either of them had managed to give even just a little. it’s frustating to me now to read the occlumency chapters bc it’s like…. the potential is THERE. it’s there but both harry and snape squander it. snape is too caustic, too wrapped up in who he thinks harry is bc of who he looks like; and harry doesn’t trust snape and doesn’t want to listen to him or even pretend to listen to him. if harry showed some respect snape might have responded - if snape had treated harry even an ounce more kindly, harry might have responded. but neither of them give, so their relationship dies. 

snape would have been an excellent mentor for harry and it ruins me AGAIN that we see this so OFTEN - in the occlumency chapters particularly, but also at the end of hbp (hell when harry works with snape’s book in hbp! see how harry learns from snape when he doesn’t know it’s snape teaching him?) when snape is giving harry all of these super vital lessons? teaching harry via dueling the way harry learns best? (he does that with occlumency too! at some point snape notices that harry is a physical learner - or just doesnt have much faith in his ability to learn from a book lmao.) he’s arguably the best versed in dark arts and their defense, he knows so much about voldemort, he’s obviously excellent at sabotage and strategy…. harry could have learned so much

and what snape needs, more than anything, is compassion. love. he is a plant withering and he needs some goddamn water and if there’s any character who could provide that, it’s harry j potter the most compassionate and kind character in the entire goddamn series. dumbledore’s relationship with snape is far more distant, too entrenched in war leader and spy to really blossom - so snape needs a relationship with someone, anyone, who can give him appreciation, sympathy, acceptance. and since they share so much history, since their backgrounds are so similar, is there anyone better suited than harry to give that to him?

perhaps snape could have healed, even just a little, by having a willing ear to listen to his past. god, look at how outraged harry is on snape’s behalf when he sees the marauders bullying - and that’s when he doesn’t even LIKE snape! can you imagine what kind of good that outrage could have done snape, who carries those seven years of humiliation with him like an open wound? how much that might have closed it, to have someone, anyone, acknowledge and even feel anger about the wrongs done to him?

listen there’s a reason harry and snape’s relationship comes up in fic again and again. there’s a huge amount of potential between them and it’s so frustrating to me that it’s so wasted in the books bc of the actions on both sides. 

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Lol Steve is furious bc he's jealous and Bucky is furious bc a woman got to tap Tony before he did. LOL. IMAGINE Bucky and Steve slow creepin' up on them in the penthouse just to hear them go at it in bed. Imagine that the soldiers spying on them having sex

You guys… this… got out of control. I’d apologize but I’m not sorry.

“I have never heard Tony make a noise like that”

“Buck this is weird, we shouldn’t be listening to–”

(“Oh goddamnit Di, deeper deeper I can take it!”
“Anthony, you are darling like this. Beautiful.”)

“Shit.” Bucky is pressed up against the door as close as he can get, trying to listen and Steve is trying NOT to listen but absolutely failing because… come on.

“How is it that we’ve never seen him NAKED, but Wonder Woman there gets him in bed within the first hour? I mean she literally has only been in the compound for an hour!” Steve is seething and Bucky rolls his eyes.

“Maybe because she’s WONDER WOMAN, punk. Still, that’s some game she’s got.”

“It’s got to be the breastplate corset thing.” Steve muses. “Can’t look away from it.”

“Yeah but why would THAT have Tony rolling over and begging her–”

“For the love of god don’t finish that sentence.” Steve begged.

“You guys are gross.” Clint’s amused voice jerks both of them away from the door and they both blush furiously. “Listening at a door? Gross.”

“Clint it’s not–”
“Yeah it’s not like–”

“I had Widow drop a camera on the window.” Clint motioned for them to follow. “I’ll even make popcorn if you want.”

“Excuse me.” Steve tried to look affronted. “We are absolutely not–”

“Son.” Buckys voice dropped to mimic Steve’s. “Just don’t. We both know we are going to spy on them. Come on.”
“Do you think it worked? Do you think they left?” Tony asked, from the couch, and Diana smiled down at him, sweeping her long dark hair off her shoulder and dropping onto the couch next to him.

“Anthony. I do not understand much about this world, but hearing a virile man such as yourself shout ‘deeper’ is enough to peak anyone’s curiosity. I can’t imagine your peeping toms are at the door any longer.”

“Yeah.” Tony leaned back into her arms, shifting a little because he was still sore from earlier. “Thanks for being gentle by the way.”

“Darling.” Diana kissed his head, then his lips. “I would never hurt you. There is something to be said for making slow, sweet love to someone so beautiful.”

“Boss, the camera Black Widow dropped in the room is being accessed.” FRIDAYS voice intoned and Tony grinned.

“Come here and kiss me Princess. Let’s give them a show.”

“Ah, my love.” She smiled into his eyes and leaned in to kiss him again as the camera went live. “Are you sure you want them watching? I won’t be as gentle this time.”

They all wanted to be horrified, scandalized at seeing the Amazon Princess pushing Tony into the bed, to her body rolling and moving in a way that had Tony screaming and arching his back.

They wanted to uncomfortable with the sheer LENGTH of the cock on the end of the harness sitting snugly around her trim waist and perfect hips, the amount of everything that Tony was taking was almost… almost…

None of them were horrified.
All of them were blushing and shifting and fanning themselves because… /fuck/.

Steve was the first to break, running from the room to seek some privacy to.. to… well. Anyways.

Bucky wasn’t far behind him.

Clint just reached and traced his hand up Natasha’s thigh and she smirked at him.

“How you feelin’ baby?”

“It’s like the best porn in the world. The hottest man I’ve ever seen and the only woman besides you who has ever come close to turning my head.”

“She’s amazing isn’t she? Look at the way she moves. All that grace and power.” Natasha murmured, and her breath hitched as she shifted in her seat and she scooted closer, widening her legs so Clint could touch more, further between her thighs.

“Yeah?” He asked curiously and she nodded, green eyes sparking with arousal. “Yeah baby girl, come here.”

“Apologies, love.” Diana pressed soft kisses up and down Tony’s back. “I know we only meant to kiss for you friends, but I am afraid you are irresistible.”

“Its fine.” Tony said though gritted teeth, his voice raw from yelling, and so SO sore he couldn’t even lay on his back. “It’s fine. That was so good. I don’t need to walk for a week, it’s fine.”

“You’re sure?” Her long fingers stroked over his lean muscles. “If you would like, you can have me next. I would enjoy the feel of you inside me.”

“Oh-oh–” Tony breath stuttered but he shook his head. “Maybe tomorrow, Princess. Let’s just cuddle, huh?”
The next morning, Tony limped into the kitchen with Diana following him closely.

“What’s going on?” Tony asked innocently.

Clint and Natasha were all over each other, kissing and whispering soft things because their night together had been AMAZING.

Bucky and Steve were on opposite ends of the kitchen, staring into their coffees and refusing to make eye contact with anyone.

Tony tried not to laugh and glanced up at Diana, who smiled that perfect smile and dropped a kiss onto his lips.

“Anthony, I fear we have broken your team.”

Tony laughed, then flinched, and limped for some ibuprofen.

Steve and Bucky glanced up only long enough to stare jealously at Diana.

She just winked.

Maven in Glass Sword
  • in castle
  • Maven: I hate Mare so much that bit- *trips and hundreds of photos of Mare fall out*
  • Guard:
  • Maven: *trying to pick up photos frantically* no listen these are for evidence for mother she needs to know what mare looks like so thats why i have- *more pictures fall out* just listen *sweat dripping from forehead*
  • Guard: your highness maybe i shoul-
  • Maven: *slips on a picture and all the pictures scatter on the ground* LISTEN TO ME GODDAMNIT

Hi, shut up and listen. 

Sonic Youth - Sister (full album)

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hello friend i see you enjoy got7 and yamaguchi. pls imagine transgirl yams listening to just right and trying to convince herself that she's a-okay just the way she is but failing miserably because she's just still really not comfortable with herself. (kindly ignore the fact that yama doesn't know korean)

Hitoka-san (。’▽’。)♡ :

Yamaguchi! One of my favorite Korean groups had a come back the other day and their single is so cute!! I bet you’d like it. It’s called Just Right. Listen if you get a chance?

full size

Shiny Thing Syndrome
  • Me: Ahhh, time to work on my novel.
  • New idea: Hellooooooo!
  • Me: Wait your fucking turn.
  • New idea: <dances seductively>
  • Me: Not looking.
  • New idea: <stands at window with boom box>
  • Me: Not listening.
  • New idea: <slides hand up thigh>
  • Me: Goddamnit. Just 1000 words. Then you wait.
  • New idea: Sure, sure, just 1000 words... You can stop whenever you want to.
  • [50,000 words later]
  • First novel: You fucking did what?

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Do you see Kaminari as the type to have moments with some of his friends where they just randomly start singing? (like, someone says a lyric randomly bc it's stuck in their head, and the other just sings the next one n so on)

I headcanon Mina as the type to sort of sing always one way or another, and Bakugou as the type to hum a lot without realizing, and of course Jirou as the singing-my-way-through-life too, so yeah, why not! If he knew the song he’d definitely start singing too, mostly because I can really see him as the type to get songs stuck in his head super fast haha