listen to heavy metal

Fandom vs Canon Norway
  • Fandom: *glaring* *more glaring*
  • Canon: *glaring* *smiling*
  • Fandom: I love my little brother Iceland so much he is my only obsession no one else can touch him
  • Canon: *trolls Iceland on multiple occasions* Aw you're so cute little brother~~~
  • Fandom: Denmark you're so annoying. *chokes him*
  • Canon: Denmark, hush, I need to talk to this rlly cute fairy and you keep scaring her
  • Fandom: *eats a stick of butter*
  • Canon: Imagine how many calories are in that
  • Fandom: *listens to classical music, sips coffee like an aristocrat*
  • Canon: *Probably listens to heavy metal and inhales coffee in the mornings*
  • Fandom: Stop worrying you're so annoying.
  • Canon: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
  • Fandom: *shows no emotion* Whatever.
  • Canon: *giggling at a stupid snapchat from Denmark whilst cuddling his pink bunny*
  • /Let's be real people./

Ricky Kasso: Satanist Slayer

Satanism has been subjected to intense criticism ever since it was popularized by figures such as Anton LaVey, but statistics show that homicides motivated by occult beliefs have always been extremely rare in modern times. The case of seventeen-year-old Ricky Kasso of Long Island is therefore an anomaly, yet continues to be one of the most horrific examples of ritual murder in living memory.

Ricky Kasso was born and raised in New York, and his childhood was an unexceptional one. Its only when Kasso discovered a book on Satanism at his local library that his personality became unstable, and he drew the attention of his peers and authority. He became a heavy recreational drug user and skipped school to listen to heavy metal music whilst reading books on witchcraft. Neighbors were shocked at the way Kasso would scream “Hail Satan!” at passing pedestrians, and he earned a reputation as a bully. Kasso even formed a cult that dedicated itself to Satan and bragged to friends about conducting blood rituals at the infamous house in Amityville where Ronald DeFeo murdered six members of his own family.

In June 1985, when Kasso was seventeen, he confided to a friend that he wanted to sacrifice a victim to Satan in order to increase his power. Kasso decided his target would be fellow drug enthusiast Gary Lauwers, who Kasso believed had stolen bags of PCP and mescaline from him. Alongside two other friends from the cult, Kasso lured Lauwers into a lonely patch of woods with an offer to get high. The four teenagers took hits of LSD and gathered around a small campfire, until Lauwers annoyed Kasso by trying to leave because his mother would be worried about him. Kasso took out a knife and stabbed Lauwers in the chest, while the two other boys held him down. Kasso demanded Lauwers’ say “I love Satan”, but when the unfortunate boy said “I love my mother” instead, Kasso gouged his eyes out with the knife. When Lauwer’s was dead Kasso covered his body with leaves and fled the scene.

Ricky Kasso could not resist bragging about his crime, and two weeks later he was arrested for murdering Gary Lauwers. An autopsy of the body revealed the victim had been stabbed between seventeen to thirty-six times in the chest, with five of the wounds peircing his lungs and heart. Kasso claimed he had heard Satan telling him to kill Lauwers in the form of a crow, and laughed when he heard Lauwer’s funeral would be closed-casket due to the state of the body.

Unfortunately justice wasnt served for Gary Lauwers; Kasso hung himself in his prison cell while awaiting trial. The two other cult members involved in the brutal murder recieved lesser sentences.

  • kageyama is surprisingly really good at strategy games
  • tsukki is nice when he rejects confessions
  • daichi has heavy metal songs in his playlist
  • suga listens to chopin when he studies
  • every time a girl flirts back with oikawa he gets all flustered bc he’s not used to bold girls
  • one time when the girl he likes flirted back he blushed so hard and fainted
  • all of the seijou members have at least 800 followers on twitter but 25% of them are oikawa’s fangirls
  • oikawa probably has 10k followers
  • one time during training camp hanamaki, matsukawa and oikawa were in charge in making dinner and they burned the food so the team had to order take-out
  • ever since then watari and iwaizumi cook dinner for them
  • goshiki’s bangs have its own hairbrush
  • ushijima can cook really well
  • tendou would pester ushi on making him a bentou
  • ushi declines bc he doesn’t even bring his own bentou and buys cafe food
  • kuroo is now taking care of the cat kenma and lev saved
  • yaku has the heaviest bag in the team bc he brings a first aid kit
  • kenma, kuroo and yaku are popular with girls
  • they would always come to practice with a bag of chocolates every valentine’s day and share them with the team
  • which yamamoto eats while crying
  • yaku gets pissed at the love letters he receives bc they’re all like “i don’t care about your height please go out with me yaku-kun <3”
  • when kiyoko was a second year she made chocolates for the team which tanaka and noya hogged and she decided never to make them again
  • but suga is also popular so he and tsukki would share their chocolates with the team (but not without tsukki telling them how pathetic they are)
  • asahi has a sister who is probably ten years younger
  • “tsukki remember when we were younger and you used to blush every time i compliment you?” “shut up yamaguchi” “sorry tsukki”
  • tsukki said that while blushing
  • kinoshita, ennoshita and narita always have group studies but they promised not to tell tanaka and noya bc they don’t want them
  • bokuto always hangs out with akaashi in his classroom in the morning
  • the first time this happened and the homeroom teacher walked in he/she said “bokuto do you want to repeat a year? bc i don’t want to be your teacher again. so scram go back to your classroom”
  • this is the first thing the teacher says everyday to the point where it became automatic
  • “bokuto go back to your classroom” “sensei he’s absent today”
  • every time bokuto is absent his classmates would ask akaashi to give bokuto’s papers to him even though he’s a year lower
  • and akaashi is respected by every person in fukurodani like  e v e r y  p e r s o n

friendly reminder that you can like whatever you want, even if those things seemingly contradict. you can love listening to heavy metal and doing yoga. you can do musical theatre and dress in all black with dark makeup. you can love getting your nails done and wearing red lipstick and ride a motorcycle. if you like it, do it.

there is a universe inside of you. don’t let anyone put you into a box.


Monday, March 27: Grave Digger, “Heart Attack”

“Heart Attack” closed Heavy Metal Breakdown and rather loudly presented Grave Digger as not the most technically proficient of the new crop of German metal acts, nor the most melodic or professional, but arguably the craziest. Perhaps more than Accept’s epochal “Fast as a Shark”, the final song on Grave Digger’s debut album was the first true thrash metal song to come out of Germany- Accept may have unwittingly begat thrash with Restless and Wild’s legendary opener, but Chris Boltendahl’s screeching and Albert Eckardt’s frantic drumming sounded like direct counterpoints to Kill ‘Em All.  “Heart Attack” lived up to its title thanks to its unrelenting aggression and speed, with Boltendahl in particular sounding especially unhinged.  The sheer insanity on display took German metal to another level, raising the bar and forcing a lot of bands that were still primarily influenced by Judas Priest to step it up a few notches.