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This new Mary Lambert music video dropped a few days ago and I haven’t seen anyone talking about it but it’s amazing and super catchy and super gay (both the video and the song) and more people need to be talking about it!!!

Please watch this video I promise you won’t regret it

Imagine Woozi feeling really proud of himself after knowing that his music has given so much happiness and joy to so many people.

music tag thing

@lilchurrogames​ tagged me in this (shit i forgot to say thank u THANK U and hit me w a shovel)  and it took me like 10 minutes to figure out how to do it, because i don’t have any music on my computer yet except for two random albums, and my mp3 player (yes i live in 2006) is dead. but i figured it out!! i also have this bad habit of putting entire discographies on it and then deleting them and putting new ones every few weeks so it’ll be… repetitive

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle. List the first ten songs that come up, then tag ten people.

  1. the white stripes - now mary
  2. sticky fingers - something strange
  3. wolf alice - blush
  4. pj harvey - good fortune
  5. glass animals - pork soda
  6. nick cave and the bad seeds - fifteen feet of pure white snow
  7. warpaint - cc
  8. father john mistty - the memo
  9. sticky fingers - sad songs
  10. the velvet underground - venus in furs
  11. +1 mewithoutyou - red cow & dorothy bc it popped up right after and ifelt bad

i honestly don’t know who did it or not, so just ignore this if you’ve done it already, or do it again, because it’s fun!! so i tag @obnoxious-sims, @blursims, @yumaheights, @surprisepeach, and @lifefroot bc i’m a punk (my music taste is apprently not)

Tagged by @thewindthief Thank you!! I’ve been waiting for a chance to share more of my trash music on here.
Rules: put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that pop up

1. Wakkanai by Galileo Galilei
2. The Boxer by Jerry Douglas (ft. Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon)
3. Power by Bastille
4. Wide Awake by Grizfolk
5. The Currents by Bastille
6. Zenzenzense (Movie Version) by RADWIMPS
7. Change in Chemistry - Haikyuu!! OST
8. Sure As Hell by Tonight Alive
9. Blinding by Florence + The Machine
10. The Greatest by Tonight Alive

10 fav songs - non English

@aph-belarusia tagged me for a current 10 favorite songs, but she did the twist of making non-English songs. And I’m keeping that twist. It’s not necessarily my favorite songs of each language, but well it’s illustrative.

- Força - Da Weasel (Portuguese) 

- Rosa Sangue - Amor Electro (Portuguese)

- Crucifère - Eths (French)

- Magna Insomnia /Somnus - Yoko Shimomura (Latin)

- Mein Herz Brennt - Rammstein (German)

- Molitva - Marija Šerifović (Serbian) 

- Erämaan Viimeinen - Nightwish and Jonsu (Finnish)

Shiroi Hada ni Kuruu Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo - Malice Mizer (Japanese) 

- Llora Inquisicion - Nostra Morte (Spanish)

and now to end, I fucking love this song and I don’t care . Always did, still do. I love it it’s so fun.

- Você não vale nada mas eu gosto de você - Calcinha Preta (Brazilian Portuguese)

Hip hop/rap, commercial, alternative, hard rock, metal, ballad, soundtrack and funk. I listen to everything.

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my mom's comments on every act 2 hamilton song
  • What'd I Miss: oh THIS is Thomas Jefferson!!
  • Cabinet Battle #1: "turn around bend over i'll show you where my shoe fits" still more civilized than the 2016 presidential debates though
  • Take A Break: philip grew up fast
  • Say No To This: how hot was this hamilton anyway (me: what why) a lot of people seem to be in love with him i'm just wondering
  • The Room Where It Happens: this must be your favorite song, because it's about wanting to be included
  • Schuyler Defeated: *hears first four notes* i thought we already heard this song
  • Cabinet Battle #2: i wish all debates were just rap battles
  • Washington on Your Side: the fast talking guy is back
  • One Last Time: did he die
  • I Know Him: is this the king again (me: yes) oh i thought he died or something
  • The Adams Administration: "sit down john you fat motha--" i thought he was friends with john though (me: nope wrong john)
  • We Know: "my god" is it weird that his voice is soothing to me
  • Hurricane: intense
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: were the hamiltons like the kardashians
  • Burn: this is angelica right (me: no it's eliza) well the hamilton doesn't deserve her
  • Blow Us All Away: "How about when i get back we all strip down to our socks" I DONT LIKE THIS BOY
  • Stay Alive Reprise: oh no.
  • It's Quiet Uptown: i should be crying but it makes me wonder if i would be this sad if you died, and i don't know if i would be, so now i'm just guilty (me: oh my god)
  • The Election of 1800: "can we get back to politics please" i agree
  • Your Obedient Servant: this song is almost as passive aggressive as you are
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: how did she forgive him
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "the world was wide enough for both hamilton and me" wow
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: if your father cheated on me and then wrote a song about it i probably would not do anything for him again
  • Conclusion: good music but i'm still not buying you tickets