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Your MC & Your Role As A Friend

everyone has “that friend.” which one are you? 

Aries MC // The Encourager. You have so much confidence and power in you, so you naturally find that getting what you want is just a matter of putting in the work. You will never let your friends fail and you are the person that they can go to in order to get hyped up, whether it’s before a job interview or the day of their wedding. You love to succeed and you feel like there is no better feeling than seeing them succeed with you.

Taurus MC // The Architect. For a Taurus MC, there is nothing more important than building on a solid foundation. You feel that it is your duty in whatever friendships you have to be the sort of glue that holds everything together, even if it gets exhausting at times. The truth is, you know that if you stopped, the whole building would collapse. You’re the recipient of late night phone calls that your friends keep finding themselves making, and you’ll never stop picking up.

Gemini MC // The Hookup. You constantly find yourself in this position of being used for something. Now, that’s not always a bad thing: in fact, you kind of enjoy having the upper hand in situations like this. People sort of depend on you to get them in to the coolest clubs or introduce them to that one guy that they couldn’t keep their eyes off of the entire night. You’re the social butterfly and the gift that keeps on giving. Your friends are incredibly grateful for all of the amazing things that you pull off for them.

Cancer MC // The Blanket. You cover your friends in warmth and love daily, they will never doubt how much you care for them. They look to you as a means of support and validation. The term “mom friend” is most certainly applicable here. You always come prepared: long car rides? You got this. A day at the fair? Water bottles for everyone! You treat your friends like your family, and because of this, you find it very difficult to let go when someone has wronged you. You want to heal the world and you want to heal your friends as well. 

Leo MC // The Influencer. A Leo MC’s ultimate goal in life is to be recognized for the work that they put in (and being recognized in general doesn’t hurt, either). As a friend, they are undeniably looked up to by the rest of the group. Others actually find it quite amazing how ambitious and generous Leo MC’s are. Their friends are their whole world, and they will pretty much drop everything when a friend is in need. They are pretty much what their friends refer to as “goals.”

Virgo MC // The Critic. While a Virgo MC’s worst critic is definitely themselves, they are also known as the analyst by those close to them. Your friends know that if they go to you for advice, they better expect to hear a no-bullshit, practical response. Now, despite what some may think, being critical isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, your friends rely on you to tidy up the messes that they make, whether they’re big or small. In reality, they know that you truly want to see them be the best versions of themselves and it all comes from a place of love.

Libra MC // The Mediator. An argument just broke out: call a Libra MC, quick! You don’t know how it happens, but you always end up being the one to break up fights and settle things amongst friends. You don’t understand why everyone can’t just act like adults and talk things out normally. In fact, you get really nervous when things escalate! However, you do actually enjoy having the title of the mediator; you appreciate the balance that you bring and so do your friends (even if they go back to arguing the next day!)

Scorpio MC // The Psychologist. Well, Kimmy just broke up with her boyfriend for the fifth time this week, and she’s coming to you for advice. Of course she is! As a Scorpio MC, you have a special gift. You find it very easy to step in to other’s shoes and feel what they are feeling. It’s not uncommon for you to know what people are thinking before the words even come out of their mouths. You almost creep yourself out sometimes with how much you know before you actually, well… know! Even so, your friends always look to you because you are a great observer and listener. 

Sagittarius MC // The Wanderer. You knew from a very young age that you were never meant to stay in one place; your friends know that as well! Because of this, you are constantly being called upon for 3 AM McDonalds adventures, 10 hour road trips, you name it. If there is travel involved, your friends want you there! You absorb knowledge like a sponge, and anywhere you go, your friends will surely follow. They love your care-free, adaptable nature and your ability to befriend others so easily.

Capricorn MC // The Skeptic. Truthfully, you have your shit together. And if you don’t right now, you’re planning to have it together by 4 PM next Monday. The point is, you always have a plan. You are cool, calm and collected in situations that others would normally fall apart in; for this reason, your friends look to you for reassurance. They know that you would never mislead them. You are a sort of big brother/big sister to your friends because you can smell bullshit from a mile away. You don’t take lightly to others messing with your loved ones.

Aquarius MC // The Teacher. Your friends have probably come to realize that you know a lot about a wide range of topics. So, it is only natural that they rely on you to educate them. Having trouble on school work? They come to you. Need to know where Kuwait is located on a map? An Aquarius MC has got you covered! You are unique beyond words and your level of dedication to learning is unmatched. Luckily, you know that your gift attracts some with ill intentions who will try to take advantage of your wealth of knowledge. Keep your real friends close, because you know the difference.

Pisces MC // The Psychic. It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that a Pisces MC’s true power lies in their ability to sense energies on all kinds of different platforms. Many have reported being able to communicate with those who have passed on as well. In their group of friends, this is who they are known as. The person that is extremely sensitive to vibrations. The spiritual essence of life is always within a Pisces MC, whether they know it or not. Their friends feel calm around them, because they know how to soothe so well.

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Achievement Hunter as kids from my Philosophy class

Geoff: EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP, I can’t focus on being depressed with all of you shouting at the same time

Jack: okay everybody, we’re building a fucking fort out of our chairs. Adam, get the scotch tape!

Jeremy: OKAY Y’ALL LISTEN TO MY RAP ABOUT EDGAR ALLAN POE…oh fuck wait I forgot the beat :(

Michael: Someone dare me to eat this whole Bundt cake!! I’ll FUCKING DO IT!!!

Gavin: do you think Ghandi studies about us in heaven?

Lindsay: “Miss Collinway, you better be doing your essay and not looking up some damn video of a Siamese cat” but mISTER ANDrews, did you know that technically they’re called THAI CAT!??!

Ryan: look here’s a picture of that caterpillar I found underneath my bed. i placed it in a box in my room. I named it Bob. I love Bob. ANDY SHUT UP, Bob is better tHAN YOU!

Trevor: shhhh shut the fuck up, I’m trying to throw peeps into Donny’s backpack without him noticing. wHY you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!

Matt: so I built a mini replica of the Addams Family’s house with a bunch of leftover superglue. does it look okay? should i add more windows???

one. Every morning leaves me with a mouthful of sorrow. I tell myself that’s because missing you is like an ache but that’s not all true: I miss you, I do, but more than that I miss myself when I was with you, I miss the girl lost in the wildflowers with her eyes open. Eventually the mornings fade into afternoons spent on the couch sifting through maps and ticket stubs and photos littered across the coffee table, a shrine to all the places we’ve been and never will again, but the weight on my tongue never lifts.

two. Sometimes I spend hours listening to your favorite songs to drown out the sound of the girl in the wildflowers calling my name, I think about how you were always full of dreams and ideas and ink-smudged maps with roads that led on and on until the end of forever, you were always so much, you were always more, and I think I was more when I was with you, too.

three. One year ago I buried two fallen angels beneath the wildflowers in the meadow behind our neighborhood, two children with fragile, brittle bones and decaying wings, the evening light paling our haloes and washing the youth right out of our skin. I was too busy crying to realize one of them was still alive, still worth saving.

four. Today I’m going to dig up the girl in the wildflowers and kiss her dirt-streaked cheeks and hold her hand until it becomes warm again. (I won’t look at your body, but the thought of it will be a ghost in my head anyway, like it always is.) She and I will go traveling to all the places marked on our map that you and I wanted to—I think you would have liked that. We’ll hold hands and run into the horizon until, just for a moment, the light breaks around our edges and we blur into one person again, and it will feel just like coming home.

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Signs Role As A Friend

everyone has “that friend.” which one are you?

Aries MC // The Encourager. You have so much confidence and power in you, so you naturally find that getting what you want is just a matter of putting in the work. You will never let your friends fail and you are the person that they can go to in order to get hyped up, whether it’s before a job interview or the day of their wedding. You love to succeed and you feel like there is no better feeling than seeing them succeed with you.

Taurus MC // The Architect. For a Taurus MC, there is nothing more important than building on a solid foundation. You feel that it is your duty in whatever friendships you have to be the sort of glue that holds everything together, even if it gets exhausting at times. The truth is, you know that if you stopped, the whole building would collapse. You’re the recipient of late night phone calls that your friends keep finding themselves making, and you’ll never stop picking up.

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Birthday Cake

Summary: Being Childhood friends with an idol is one thing, not being an idol yourself another. Will your ordinary birthday gift be up to par with the fancy gifts his friends have given him?

Originally posted by suhomysuho

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon x Reader
Genre/warnings: angst, lots of fluff at the end
Words: 2.2K
Notes: Requested by my love @oh-beyond to celebrate Junmyeon’s birthday.

The lobby of your building is oddly quiet upon your arrival. Having just endured an arduous day at work you couldn’t be happier with the absence of yelling and crying that usually greeted you. Treading your way into your apartment, you are about ready to collapse on your couch when a box on the counter catches your attention. It had completely slipped your mind that today was Junmyeon’s birthday.  Looking at it now, you remembered how you took the box out of your cupboard that morning fully intended to start making it. However, after a call from your boss informing you that the upcoming meeting had been advanced you scampered around your apartment to get ready on time and forgot all about it.

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“Before I tell you anything else, I need you to know that I’m okay,” you said quickly when dean answered the phone. 

“Y/N what’s going on?” Dean asked gruffly. You could easily picture the scowl, the clench of his jaw, that worried look on his face. And it was only going to get worse.

“I’m in the hospital,” you said, wincing.

What?!” Dean exclaimed angrily, making you drop your face into your hands. Oh, this was going to be so very terrible… “What happened?” he growled, but before you could even open your mouth to respond, he changed his mind. “Never mind. Just tell me where you are, I’ll be right there.”

You heard him long before you saw him. He was practically shouting down the hall looking for you, stomping along in those heavy boots of his. Finally someone must have told him where you were, because then the door was slamming open, and a whole lot of panicked Dean came barreling through.

“Are you okay?” He demanded, grabbing your face in his hands. His eyes were darting around, checking you for injuries. That was when he saw your knee. “What. Happened.”

I fell Dean. I’m fine.”

“That doesn’t look fine.”

“I sprained it, okay? That’s all,” you reassured him, patting his arm. Thankfully he was interrupted as the doctor came in. 

“Mrs. Winchester,” he began, glancing up from your chart, “oh, you must be her husband.” Dean shot you a glance, but he nodded instead of blowing your story. It had been the only way they would let him in to see you. “It looks like a pretty good sprain, but nothing too serious. I’d recommend advil and some ice, but otherwise just rest and try to keep your weight off it for a few days. If you’re not better in a couple weeks, we can explore other options, maybe do an MRI. Other than that, you’re free to leave.” The doctor shook each of your hands, and then he was gone again. 

“Stay here and rest, I’ll go get the paperwork squared away,” Dean grumbled, still sounding angry despite the less-than-serious diagnosis. 

“Bullshit…” you muttered as he left, reaching over for the crutches leaning against the wall. You hopped off the bed, wincing as your muscles protested the movement. They were sore, but nothing felt too bad, so you snatched up the crutches and limped out into the hall. Dean turned at the sound from where he stood at the nurses’ station and gave you a look so terrible you stopped in your tracks and briefly reconsidered your priorities. But then you clenched your jaw and continued hobbling over to him.

“What are you doing? Go sit down.”

“No. We’re leaving, come on.”

“You’re insane, you know that? You’re going to hurt yourself.”

“Screw you,” you retorted angrily, turning to go past him. But Dean reached out and snagged the back of your jacket, holding you in place as he signed the paperwork - with a fake name, so what the hell was the point? - and listened carefully to the nurse’s instructions. 

“Hey,” Dean scolded when you tried to rip out of his grip, “seriously, will you calm down for two minutes?”

“I’ve been here for three hours,” you hissed, “I called you for a ride, so get me the hell out of here already!” Dean narrowed his eyes at you, but you just glared right back at him. When a muscle in his jaw twitched, you realized he was really mad. Well, shit.

“Fine. Let’s go,” he said tightly, gesturing for you to lead the way down the hall. It was slow going with the crutches, but soon enough the two of you were out in the parking lot and Dean opened the passenger door of the impala for you. 

“I don’t need help,” you snapped when he went to grab your arm and help you into the car. Dean growled something under his breath, crossing his arms and watching you struggle until one of the crutches slipped and you went plummeting towards the ground. Strong arms caught you, and then you were pulled against Dean’s chest in a tight embrace. Before you could say anything, Dean was speaking, his voice right in your ear.

“I know you don’t need help, okay? But you also don’t need to do this by yourself. Let me help, sweetheart.” You pulled back and looked up at him, green eyes sincere, his expression worried. When you finally nodded, Dean cracked a smile and kissed your forehead, helping you into the car.

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Drop Me A Line - Asks as Beatles’ Singles

Love Me Do - top 5 favorite love songs?
From Me To You  - do you write letters?
Thank You Girl - person in your life you’re most thankful for?
She Loves You - favorite band?
I’ll Get You - favorite solo artist?
I Want To Hold Your Hand - right handed or left handed?
This Boy - favorite instrument?
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand) - how many languages do you speak?
Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You)  - favorite place you’ve been?
Long Tall Sally - Height?
I Call Your Name  - last person you called?
Slow Down - favorite song to drive to?
Matchbox - do you smoke?
I Feel Fine - song i like to listen to when I’m happy?
She’s a Woman - top 5 favorite female singers?
Bad Boy - top 5 favorite male singers?
Yes It Is - best concert you’ve been to?
I’m Down - song i like to listen to when I’m sad?
We Can Work It Out - whats more important to you, peace or standing up for what you think is right?
Paperback Writer - favorite book?
Rain - favorite weather?
Lady Madonna - are you religious?
The Inner Light - sunrise or sunset?
Hey Jude - artist you most want to meet/hang out with?
Revolution - what song/album would you put on repeat right now?
Get Back - old fad you wish would come back?
Don’t Let Me Down - song that reminds you of a friend?
The Ballad Of John And Yoko - favorite lyric?
Old Brown Shoe - favorite outfit?
Across The Universe - where do you want to travel to?
Let It Be  - last song you listened to so much that someone eventually made you turn it off?
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - what would you name a son/daughter?

[ahahaha i’m back with more for the kid i just sent you i am so so sorry but i am In Love this place is so cool. I still have no idea if i’m doing this right or if this contradicts canon ahaha i hope u like it anyways]


There are sometimes whispers of The One With Many Names. There are whispers of lots of students, of course, even among the Fair Folk occasionally–but by ‘occasionally,’ you mean rarely, and when the Fae start whispering about a student you’d better damn well pay attention to which student it is.

You know who The One With Many Names is; that one freshman who wears a dog tag (“aluminum,” is the answer you got when you asked what it was made of, “at least, I think it’s aluminum? Pretty sure, yeah.”), a dog tag with the genderfluid symbol and the pronouns ‘CE/CER.’ The freshman who came in pale and mousy-haired and turned into someone tall and dark and with too-bright hazel eyes. The one who went through six names in cer first semester before settling on cer current one. The one who draws people with wings and markings and pointed ears in the margins of cer papers and journals and, if someone asks, whispers that they’re fae.

If (when, rather) someone questions further, or scoffs at her (and one of the two always happens, or else ce’ll get self-conscious and explain it cerself), ce hastily adds, “Not the Fae, not our Fae, these are my–mine. They’re very different.” Then ce looks around as though ce’s worried someone (or something) is listening and changes the subject.

It’s a reasonable fear, that the Fair Folk will take offense, and Many-Names (you keep calling cer that in your head, and even though ce hasn’t changed cer latest name this other one keeps seeping into conversations in reference to cer) is scared stiff of offending the Fair Folk. Ce carries around a notebook filled with the Rules in cer backpack, right next to cer salt packets, and ce shares it with other freshman in need. Ce never lets it out of cer hands, though, instead huddling furtively with those who need it in places lined with salt or iron or protective woods, flipping pages and explaining and elaborating to the ones who need it. You don’t think ce’s realized it, but ce’s slowly but surely starting to make (yet another) name for cerself as one of those precious students who explain how things work around here–without asking for anything in return.

Ce doesn’t realize it, but the upperclassmen see it; slowly but surely, those freshmen who don’t know the rules and thank cer unthinkingly are amassing a debt to her. Ce doesn’t realize it, and neither do those others, but ce is gaining power from these tiny acts of kindness. Even if the easy words of “no problem!” ce throws out absolve them of that debt, the “happy to help!” ce’ll say just as easily is one that does not, one that implies they owe cer later.

Many-Names does not pick up on this. Ce has a degree of obliviousness about cer, but whether that obliviousness is damning or protective has yet to be determined.

Then there are the ones who never got the memo when ce changed to another name. There are some who still call cer by the first name ce used, and no matter which of those past five they use, ce still responds automatically to cer past names before a panicked expression flits across cer face and ce corrects them to the one ce uses now.

Ce responds to Many-Names, too, though.

The Fair Folk watch cer. You don’t know if it’s because ce’s one of the creative-type majors, or because of ‘cer fae,’ or maybe just because something caused cer to change cer appearance with each name, shifting like They do, if at an admittedly slower pace (and you still don’t know what kind of deal Many-Names made to pull that off), but they watch cer. You’re not sure how aware of it ce is, either, but you think ce must have some idea, because cer dorm room has twice as much salt lining the door as it ought to (but at the same time, ce leaves out more vanilla ice cream and milk than cer dorm-mates), and ce wears almost as much iron as ce can get (but ce will freely give some of it to anyone who’s forgotten some). Or maybe this is just paranoia and fear and uncertainty and kindness.

Either way, The One With Many Names is someone to keep an eye on, especially when ce gets that light in cer eyes and starts Asking Questions. Questions to close loophole and make painfully clear every facet of a phrase. Questions about the Fair Folk, and how to “make friends” with them (and then, when you say ce wouldn’t want to make friends with Them, “then at least how to stay on their good sides”), and how to ward them off, and what they do. Questions about Elsewhere.

You have a sizable bet that one of these days, when ce’s not careful and gets caught out alone, without iron and salt, Many-Names is going to be Taken.

You have your doubts on if ce’s capable enough to make cer way back.

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Rfa+V where they get rlly jealous/owning/posessive of mc (like wont let her she her friends without them, going oyt alone, doing pretty much anything without them) and she finally gets mad

Thank you for your request! And i hope you like it!


  • Today you were going to the mall with some of your friends.
  • Yoosung sometimes can be really possessive and jealous about this.
  • In the beginning, you found it cute, but now it got really annoying.
  • So when you were picking your purse to go, Yoosung came to you with a sad face “…Don’t go there MC…”
  • He stands in front of the door “I don’t trust them…” Now he’s grumpy.
  • You know that Yoosung sometimes is not the most confident person that you could know, but all this jealousy is enough!
  • “Yoosung, i’ll go!” You push him aside, but then he grabs your wrist “MC..!Stay here with me!”
  • “NO!” You make him let go of you “STOP YOOSUNG, I WANT TO BE FREE!”
  • Yoosung never sees you so angry…So he just froze “YOU GO OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, WHY CAN’T I GO OUT WITH MY FRIENDS?”
  • He doesn’t know how to act, what to say…But he realizes how much a dick he was, he doesn’t have experience in relationships, so he feels so insecure…
  • A beautiful woman like you…Everybody wants a woman like you!
  • But for the best of the relationship, he stays quiet, and promises you that he wouldn’t do this again…You go.
  • That’s never happened again.
  • But sometimes he’ll follow you, he can’t stop those thoughts…If you got one guy friend, he’ll be so angry and insecure, but he’ll hide when you come home.
  • It’s not like he doesn’t trust you, he doesn’t trust them.
  • When you discover that, you just can’t believe it, and you say to him that you need some time, that you’ll be in your friend’s house for a week.
  • He’s crying so much, but you go.
  • A week it’s not so much, but for Yoosung, it’s…
  • He cries so much during this time, promising to himself that he wouldn’t do that again.


  • Zen’s a very jealous and caring boyfriend.
  • He always warns you about those “beasts ” that has outside.
  • If you’re going out with your friends, he must go, even if a “girls night”, the place you go are filled with men!
  • And if you have a guy friend, well, forget about it!
  • And he hates to see you beautiful to go out without him.
  • You always let him come with you, but this is enough!
  • He doesn’t have power over you!
  • When you were going out, he called you, you didn’t listen, you just ran to your friend’s car, and enter it.
  • Zen only saw you going, he’s screaming your name, oh no MC…You’ll go alone!
  • He goes to his motorcycle.
  • You and your friend didn’t even notice him following you.
  • When you were going out of the car you heard Zen screaming your name.
  • You were surprised…He followed you!
  • “Zen…?!What are you doing here?!” He runs to you “MC!You can’t go out alone,i already said that!”
  • Well…Guess what Zen?I DON’T HAVE TO OBEY YOU!”
  • He froze “But…But…Baby i just want the best for you!”
  • “I’ll not waste another moment of my life hearing your “advice” “ You said that and you then you followed your friends to her apartment.
  • He wanted to stop you…But this only would make things worse, he just sighs.
  • You spend some days on your friend’s apartment, sometimes Zen goes there so he can talk to you, you don’t even see him.
  • Your friend always goes to pick your clothes and your things, Zen always ask if she can give a letter or something for you.
  • You’re ignoring his calls and texts.
  • He’s waiting until you forgive him…But he’s missing you so much.


  • You don’t know why Jaehee is doing this, maybe she fears to lose you…
  • But you want freedom too, she can’t go to any place with you.
  • Or fill you with questions, or not even letting you go.
  • You can’t be with her like this.
  • So you put some of your clothes in a bag, if you need more, you would come back and catch more hand.
  • “MC?You’re going out again? She sighs, looking at you.
  • You look at her “You know i love you Jaehee…But like this, i can’t stay…”
  • “What do you mean?” She looks preoccupied 
  • “…I don’t have to obey you Jaehee…I’ll let you think about that…”
  • She already understands what you’re talking about “Even if you don’t want to let me go…I’ll go.” You continued walking through the door.
  • Jaehee just looks at you going, with a sad expression on her face.
  • After that day she kept thinking and thinking about what she has done and how she can improve.
  • Jaehee always listens to complaints and she always tries to be better, for you, for herself, for this relationship.
  • She’ll be waiting for you.
  • Because now she knows how to treat you better.


  • Well, he’s still possessive of you.
  • You don’t like this.
  • And he can tell that, but he says he’ll change, but nothing of that promise.
  • Again, you were out, and he goes after you…Saying you should be in the penthouse and don’t wear those things.
  • You just could go out with him.
  • When both of you arrive at the penthouse, you were picking a suitcase and putting your clothes in there.
  • “What are you doing MC?” He ran to you, picking your arm.
  • You make him let go, you’re very angry right now.
  • “MC…We can talk about this…I can chan–” 
  • “AGAIN WITH THIS TALK?!” You cut him, he looks surprised by your attitude “I think you need some alone time…To think about what you want for a relationship…Because i’m not your pet” You close the suitcase and you were walking to the door when he grabs your arm again.
  • You just look at him, “If you don’t let me go, i’ll be here…But when i get out, i’ll get the divorce as soon as possible…” 
  • Hearing that, Jumin immediately let go of your hand.
  • And then you were gone…
  • Jumin now is devoted to thinking about what he has done to make you leave.
  • Every day he’ll send flowers to the place you’re staying, with a letter in her, you don’t even know how he found you, but in that letters, he says with all his heart how he’s missing you.
  • And how he’s a new man.
  • Please MC…Come back…
  • He changed.


  • Seven hates to get out of that place.
  • And he says to you that he doesn’t want you to get out too.
  • You can’t be locked here.
  • You want to get out, with your friends, alone, not only if he wants and comes with you.
  • You did not accept live in a prison.
  • He said he’s protecting you, this is not what you think.
  • You’ll show him that a woman can be tough, you can do what you want.
  • He knows that, but he always wants to have certainty.
  • But you’ll stay away from him for some days, he needs to understand that you can take care of yourself.
  • When you’re going, he doesn’t even say anything, he looks worried…But Seven’s smart, he knows he can’t say anything to make you stay.
  • You’re taking a piece of his heart with you…
  • When you’re out, he just sighs…Why was he such a little child?
  • He could talk to you about that, instead of making you feel like you’re just a damsel in distress.
  • He already understood his flaws.
  • And he’s ready to change.
  • He would do anything to you comes back the faster as possible…But now he’s just waiting for you to make your decision…
  • He’s feeling so sad, so incomplete.
  • That place doesn’t seem like the same.
  • He was wrong…You didn’t take a piece of his heart with you…You take the whole thing.


  • V is very protective.
  • And he’s very afraid that you might go away…Is understandable.
  • But he can’t go to you when you want to go out with your friends, or he can’t simply make your stay by asking and asking.
  • V must understand…It’s not because you’re out that you’ll leave him.
  • And you’ll make him understand that…By going out.
  • You’re mad at him, sure, but you go to him to warn him, that you’re going to spend some days out.
  • “…What?” He turns to you with a sad expression “Please MC…!Please…I can’t be without you here…”
  • Those words will not make you stay again, you just sigh “My decision is this one.”
  • When you were gone, V fall on his knees, holding your leg “Please MC..!I’ll do anything to your stay!”
  • Again…He thinks you’ll go away forever, well, he has to be taught a lesson.
  • You’ll have your freedom. And even if you look like a bad and cold woman, this is necessary…So you can be a free woman.
  • You could make V let go of you, and then you go away without saying a word and ignoring his screams for you.
  • V almost called Jumin or Seven to find you…But then he realizes…This is what you meant…
  • He smiles when he realizes…
  • V will wait for you like everybody, but he always tries, tries his best to make two plates of food…
  • Even if he has to throw that food away or eat it when you don’t come back.
  • But he’s doing all that with a smile on his face…Calm.
  • Even though it hurt a lot be left alone…
  • He misses your smile.
Sound of Music AU - Roll Call

This delightful tidbit is where Nurse Claire (Maria) meets Captain Fraser’s (Captain von Trapp’s) seven children for the first time. ;)


One - two - three - four - five - six. There should be seven.

Sure enough, there was an obvious space between children numbers four and five. Loud footfalls were heard as a young girl flew thru the door and skidded into position.

Captain Fraser stepped forward with an outstretched hand and eyebrow raised in silent rebuke. The girl handed him a book, her finger still holding it slightly ajar to mark her page. She made a small noise of dismay as he clapped it shut and handed it to me.

Collected Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the spine read. A mystery lover reading far above her age group.

Having collected his contraband, he inspected his troops. Each child had something at fault to be fixed and he corrected them without so much as a word. His eldest’s son’s posture wasn’t all it could be, the youngest daughter’s bow was coming loose from her auburn curls.

He resumed his place at my side and cleared his throat, “Now, children, this is your new nanny, Mistress Beauchamp. Ye may address her as Nurse Claire or Mistress Claire.”

Seven sets of eyes fixed on me with renewed interest, their gazes ranging from mild curiosity to downright disapproval. I swallowed hard and tried to smile at them.

Buck up, Beauchamp, the fiends can smell fear.

“Listen carefully, Nurse, so that ye ken how to call them when ye want them.” He glanced at me to admonish this before turning back to his children. “Ye will step forward and give yer name when ye hear yer signal.”

He pulled a metal whistle from his pocket and began an indistinguishable series of dots and dashes, the tone and pitch each command deafening in the confines of the room. I placed one hand to my ear as I tried to hear the names being shouted at me as the children bopped in and out of their line.

“Ellen!” “William!” “Janet!” “Brian!” “Marsali!” “Joan!”

All went according to the Captain’s instructions until we got to the littlest of the Frasers. Freckled cheeks flushed, the sweetheart stomped forward, just like her siblings, but returned to her place without a word.

I caught her father’s expression out the corner of my eye as I tried to hide my smile. His slight amusement was tempered with undeniable pride as he prompted her again.

Her little chin lifted in determination as she repeated her actions, still without introducing herself.

It was the Captain’s turn to hide a grin, something he did with great skill. “Margaret,” he provided.

Little Margaret pulled a face and it was all I could do not to laugh. Gracious, she was adorable.

He handed me something, saying, “Let’s see how well ye listened.”

The hell was I going to whistle for a child like a dog.

“Oh, don’t trouble yourself, sir. I’ll learn their names,” I tried to brush him off. “You’ve given them such beautiful names, it would be a shame not to use them.”

He sighed, obviously losing his patience with me. “Nurse, Lallybroch is a large estate and I willna have ye shouting after them like a fishmonger. Take it, the children will help ye.”

I accepted the metal tool of belittlement from him. Of course they would help me, they’d help me right out of a job. I wasn’t born yesterday.

“When I want ye, ye’ll hear this,” he continued and began another pattern of notes.

“Stop!” I cut him off. He and the children stared at me, eyes wide with surprise. “I will not answer to a whistle, sir. Whistles are for dogs and other beasts, not for children and certainly not for me.”

He gave me a cold look before turning to leave, apparently finished with my instructions.

I blew a short blast on my whistle. He may be done with me, but I wasn’t done with him. The man froze, visibly bristling, then turned to face me.

“You didn’t tell me your signal.” I said simply.

He rose up to his full height and glared at me, “Ye can call me Captain.”

With that, he was gone. I stared out the door he had just disappeared thru and heard a chorus of giggles behind me.

Maybe they were children after all.

I turned back to them and they all snapped back to attention. “At ease, soldiers.” I commanded, rolling my eyes heavenward when they immediately responded.

“Now that we’re alone, could you tell me your names again? And how old you are?”

The eldest Fraser stepped forward. Her dark chestnut hair was plaited over one shoulder, her eyes flashing blue fire as she spoke. “I’m Ellen. I’m sixteen years old and I don’t need a nanny.”

I smiled, “We’ll just be good friends then, shall we?”

With a look of skepticism, Ellen stepped back and her brother, a tall and redheaded chap, stepped forward.

“I’m William. I’m fourteen and I’m impossible.”

“Are you?” I laughed, “Who told you that?”

“Mistress Josephine, four nannies ago,” he answered, clearly proud of himself.

The next child, a young teen with freckles and strawberry blonde curls, moved forward, announced “I’m Marsali,” and stepped back into formation.

This one was going to be trouble.

“You didn’t tell me how old you were, Janet,” I grinned, letting her know she didn’t fool me for a second.

“I’m Marsali,” The bookworm stepped forward and shot a look of superiority towards her elder sister. “She’s Janet. She’s thirteen years old, and you’re smart. I’m ten, and I think your outfit is the ugliest I ever saw.”

I looked down at my clothes as the real Marsali stepped back in line. I knew I wasn’t wearing the latest fashion, but what was wrong with jeans and a button up blouse?

“Marsali, you shouldn’t say that.” A chubby cheeked boy between Janet and Marsali scolded.

“Why not? Don’t you think it’s ugly?” She retorted.

“Of course, but it’s not nearly as bad as Nanny Louise’s.” He explained in a matter of fact way, then stepped forward to introduce himself. “I’m Brian. I’m eleven. I’m incorrigible.”

Grinning, I responded, “Congratulations.”

“What’s incorrigible?” He asked, smiling back.

“I think it means you want to be treated like a boy, not a man.”

Satisfied with my answer, he stepped back in line and the next child stepped forward. She looked up at me shyly, motioning me to come closer. I did so and she took my hand.

“I’m Joan, and I’m going to be seven on Tuesday,” her voice was so sweet and innocent, “and I’d like a pink parasol.”

I winked at her, earning me an even sweeter smile. “Pink is my favorite too.”

Little Margaret stomped her foot beside me and I knelt in front of her. “Yes, sweetheart, and you’re Margaret?”

Beaming at me, now that we were on the same level, she held up all five fingers on her left hand. A leftie perhaps?

“You’re five years old?” I feigned astonishment, much to her delight. “Why, you’re almost all grown up!”

Margaret and Joan shared a giggle, completely disregarding their former rigid formality.

A look down the line told me the rest had as well. They now studied me in wary curiosity. Who could blame them? Twelve nannies in, what, five years? That’s a new nanny every five months, on average. And hadn’t Captain Fraser mentioned that the last one only stayed two days?

“Can I tell you a secret?” I asked in a loud whisper, now that I had their full attention. “I’ve never been a nanny before.”

Janet got a mischievous gleam in her eye and I suddenly regretted voicing that thought. “You mean you don’t know anything about what you’re supposed to do?”

I shrugged, deciding to run with it since the cat was already out of the proverbial bag. “Not a thing. I could bandage a wound with my eyes closed but I haven’t the foggiest idea what to do with children.”

Brian snickered as Janet closed in on me. “Well,” she began slowly, “the best way to start is to tell Father to mind his own business.”

I tipped my head back and laughed outright. I had to admit, the idea was tempting.

William eagerly hopped on Janet’s advice bandwagon as the rest of them crowded around me, “And never come to dinner on time!”

Marsali giggled, adding, “Never eat your soup quietly!”

Brian slurped loudly in my ear before practically shouting “Always blow your nose during desert!”

“Don’t listen to them, Nurse Claire!” A new voice sounded from behind me and I turned to see Margaret glaring at her siblings with all the wrath a five year old could muster, which was a considerable amount.

“Oh?” I chuckled. “Why is that?”

Throwing her arms about me, she proclaimed, “Because I like you!”

My heart felt like it was about to melt into a puddle right then and there. These children were so precious and they desperately needed the love I could give them. I hugged precious little Margaret as a boisterous voice announced the housekeeper’s arrival.

“Alright, children, ye best be off on yer walk. ‘Tis half past two an’ ye ken how yer father gets when ye are behind yer time,” the plump woman ensconced in an apron commanded as she began to shoo the children out of the room. “Dinna dawdle. Quick, quick, quick.”

They reluctantly obeyed, leaving by a door I hadn’t noticed before. The younger girls peeked over their shoulder to catch a last glimpse of me before going out and my heart skipped a beat.

“Nurse Claire, I’m Lallybroch’s housekeeper. Ye can call me Mrs Fitz, as everyone else does,” she extended a callused hand and I shook it.

“Pleased to meet you, and do call me Claire,” I requested. “‘Nurse’ is far too formal.”

Mrs Fitz shook her head, giving me a compassionate look. “If it isna formal, it isna acceptable a’ Lallybroch. Come, I’ll show ye to yer room.”

She led the way thru the door the children had exited from and I caught a quick glimpse of them as we started up the stairs. “Poor things,” I commented quite to myself.

I thought I heard Mrs Fitz make some sort of Scottish noise of amusement, but was distracted by a sudden movement in my pocket. I dropped my bags in surprise as whatever it was made a desperate attempt to flee. My hand closed around something slimy as I removed the wriggling creature and I let go of it on reflex.

A rather perturbed looking frog hopped away from my feet as Mrs Fitz spoke, “Ye got off lucky, 'twas a snake wi’ Nanny Louise.“

Standing up for her

Request: hiya love can you do a imagine where y/n is in the fencing team , y/n would be walking in the hallway with her uniform and saber (a certain sword they use in fencing ) and y/n sees Hannah getting bullied by the guys like sexual harassment and out of no where y/n pulls out her saber and just says something really badass leaving everyone speechless and leaving Hannah being bestfriends with y/n . Y/n teaching clay and Hannah to fence the next day.

Words: 1001

Warnings:  swearing and catcalls.

A/N: Hello lovelies! Thank you for sending in requests. To the people who sent in asks for imagines requests, I see them and I’ve added them to my list. I feel self conscious in posting my works here but I see your comments and I just feel so grateful and motivated by it so thank you so much! Also, I’m still taking imagines request but it might take some time posting them because I’m working through other requests please bear with me! Lastly, I’m not sure if this is badass enough, but anywayI had fun writing this. I hope you like it! Im sorry i suck at titles

Originally posted by greyingshepherd

It’s only the third period of the day and honestly, you couldn’t wait for this day to be over and vent your frustration in fencing. Since this morning, everyone has been buzzing about the childish list of who’s hot and not. It swiftly circulated among students, especially with people posting it on their snapchats and instagram stories. The thought of walking through the halls was revolting as numerous catcalls have been thrown at you ever since people saw the list. Ridiculously, some people genuinely believes it was a good thing to be labeled as ‘best tits’. Sighing, you walked close to the lockers trying to avoid further encounters before you finally give in to the urge to smack someone in the face.

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7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x Reader - Part 5

As promised here’s the next part. Sorry it took long and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. <3</p>

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 - Here  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1

It took the rest of weekend to get over what you had witnessed at the party and you came to the conclusion that you were being over dramatic. Sure, Hye Mi was someone you held a deep dislike towards but Jungkook was still a ‘player’ and who he ‘played with’ was none of your concern, even if it turned out to be her.

Upon entering school on Monday, you were surprised to see them both sitting in their separate seats, Hye Mi seemingly trying to hide from someone. When you had sat yourself down, Jungkook took that as his cue to greet you.

“Hey, my cute Y/N. How are you?” Head snapping up, you were met with Jungkook’s signature bunny like grin.

You were suspicious, who wouldn’t be? The sudden compliment had caught you off guard and you weren’t sure how to respond properly.  

“I’m good…” Jungkook either didn’t take notice of your cautious response or ignored it because he began to make small talk with you. You occasionally nodded to give the impression of listening but the only thing you could think of was his strange behaviour. It seemed like he was too drunk on Saturday to remember what had happened and you silently thanked god. You didn’t want to have to deal with the awkward tension of an argument so early on a Monday morning.

When the time for class to start had come, he stood from his crouching position in front of you and pinched your cheek.

“See you later, sweet cheeks.” He then winked at you and left.

Was he using his 'player charm’ on you? He never treated you like that so his unusual behaviour had left you confused for the whole morning.


When lunch had arrived, both you and Areum had made you way to your seats at the boys table. Jungkook immediately flashed you another wink, much like the one from the morning.

“Hey, doll.” The various nicknames he had given you throughout the day were starting to annoy you and you weren’t sure how long it would be until you flipped. Areum sent you a surprised look and you replied with a shrug. She seemed to get the general message as she returned her attention to her lunch. You too wanted to know why he was behaving like this but  instead decided to keep your mouth shut.

Surely, it would be over by the end of the day.



It was when you were exiting the school with Areum where you had had enough.

“Bye, babe. See you tomorrow.” Freezing in place, you turned your body painfully slow until you were directly facing him. “What did you just call me?”

“Babe. What’s wrong?” You felt something within you snap and you marched towards him, grabbing his collar.

“Listen Jungkook! I’m not one of your playthings or side chicks. I’m your friend. Stop calling me these bullshit sickeningly sweet names because I swear to god I will punch you in the face.” His smile had dropped and he placed a hand on yours, prying your fingers off of him.

“Well what the fuck do you want then?! You weren’t happy at the party because I wasn’t thinking about your feelings and now that I’m making some kind of fucking effort, you decide to freak the fuck out! Make up your mind, Y/N!” Taking several steps back, you stared at him with a glare on your face.

“I just want you to treat me like a friend. I don’t need you drowning me in compliments every two seconds. Heck, you can call me loser for all I care. Just don’t treat me like those girls you throw away to the side every week. I’m not that desperate for attention.” Feeling like you were being too much of a bitch, you gave him a strained smile and made your way back to a shocked Areum.

“See you tomorrow, Jungkook!” Grabbing Areums arm, you walked ahead and left him standing there.

If only you could see the impressed smirk that spread on his lips.

“She must be bipolar or something…”


It seemed like your words had successfully gotten through to Jungkook without causing any unwanted anger since the next day, his greeting lacked the embarrassingly sweet pet names.

“So, what was that about yesterday anyway? And don’t lie to me, Jungkook.” He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and then lent his chin on the backrest of the seat in front of you.

“You seemed like you were upset with me and I just wanted to make you feel happy, I guess.” Raising an eyebrow, you tilted your head and stared at him. “You guess?”

He pushed his lips out and glanced to the side, avoiding your question.

“If you call me by those crappy nicknames again, I’ll leave you for Taehyung.” Eyes widening, he snapped his attention back to you.

“No way! He can’t replace me, nothing can replace me! Those 7 years aren’t going to be ruined by Tae.” Jungkook proceeded to grab your cheeks, and pinch them causing you to flinch and grab his hair. Playfully tugging at it, you sent him a threatening glare and he slowly released his grip on you.

“I’m serious. You’re not leaving me.” You weren’t sure why but your cheeks heated at his sentence and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“You say that like we’re dating or something…” Instead of replying, he shot you his bunny-like grin and tapped his wristwatch with two fingers.

“Wha-” Before you could ask him what he meant, he jumped out of his seat and strolled back to his desk.

You definitely were not dense. That action was his way of saying 'soon’ without having to actually speak.  

He didn’t think your friendship could become more, did he?

Deciding that it was best to ignore what had just happened, you retrieved your notebook from your bag, preparing for your first lesson.


Lunch soon arrived and you made your way to the lunch line alone. The line had been moving unusually fast today and you were already eyeing the special dish of the day, when a tap on your shoulder broke you out of your trance. Upon turning around you were met with the familiar face of Jung-Hoon, a boy you shared a couple of classes with. He was relatively popular and most claimed he was the typical good-boy, although how he really acted was a mystery to almost everyone.

“Hey Y/N. How are you?” You supposed it was rude to continue staring at him with your eyebrows furrowed, so you offered him a friendly smile.

“Hi… I’m good, what about you?” He obviously didn’t sense your confusion as he continued to smile brightly at you, seemingly satisfied with your reply.

“I’m great, thanks for asking. Actually, I originally wanted to ask if you wanted to hang out at some point this week? You know catch up a bit?” What was there to catch up on? Sure, you had been partners a couple of times for school projects but other than that you were never close enough to be considered friends. You, being someone who could never say no in the face of kindness, agreed to his idea.

“Cool! So, I’ll see you at the bubble tea place around the corner on Saturday at 2?” Slowly nodding your head, he placed his hand on your shoulder and presented you with one last smile before jogging off.

What just happened?

A couple of minutes later, you were heading towards your usual table with the boys and Areum when you spotted Jungkook’s perplexed face staring right at you. Sitting down on your seat, he immediately bombarded you with questions.

“Was that Jung-Hoon? He was speaking to you right? What did that bastard want?” Taking a spoon of egg fried rice and stuffing it into your mouth, you slowly chewed whilst allowing Jungkook to finish asking his questions.

“Yes that was Jung-Hoon, yes he was speaking to me and Bastard? He’s a nice guy.” A scoff escaped Jungkook’s lips and he scowled at your last sentence. “Nice guy my ass, that guy is the devil in disguise.”

“Really? He invited me out on Saturday…” Jungkook’s head snapped up so fast, you were sure it was going to fly right off his neck.

“What! You said no right?” When you shook your head he almost choked on his food. “Jungkook… are you jealous?” Surprisingly, he didn’t react to your question and instead looked at you with a seriousness you didn’t know he possessed.

“Yeah, I’m jealous so don’t hang around with that piece of shit.” Letting out a heavy sigh, you began playing with your rice. “It’s too late Jungkook. You know me, I can’t say no when people are being nice.”

“Fucks sake!” He smashed his hand down on the table, effectively bringing the surrounding tables attention on you for a split second before they realised it was just Jungkook getting angry. Knowing about Jungkook’s bad temper, you hadn’t even flinched at his action. You took a sip out of your water bottle, holding his furious glare with a look of indifference. Huffing in annoyance, Jungkook ran a hand through his hair in frustration, calming himself down.

“If that shit hurts you, physically or mentally, i’ll fucking kill him.” Nodding, you beamed at him, happy that you had come to a somewhat normal conclusion.

“Thanks Kookie!” When the nickname left your lips, he looked away whilst rubbing the back of his neck.


“Someone please explain to me why Jungkook has decided to stop being a little bitch after he’s woken me up.” Needless to say, Yoongi complained about how inconsiderate people are for the rest of the lunch break.


The days came and went until Friday arrived and once again Areum was absent from school due to sudden vomiting. You had felt increasingly uncomfortable at the smiles Jung-Hoon had been sending you from across the classroom but decided against telling Jungkook because, let’s be honest, he would lose his shit over it.

You were continuously questioned by Jungkook at lunch, over whether you still wanted to meet up with Jung-Hoon, to which you replied 'yes’ each time. He looked like he wanted to argue more but left it at that when the bell to signal the end of lunch had rang.

When you had reached the end of the school day, Jungkook insisted on walking you home, claiming he wanted to visit your family.

“Why?” Your one word question had grabbed his complete attention and he simply smirked.

“I’m sure your mother misses seeing her child’s 'soulmate’.” Blushing, you began walking ahead in a poor attempt to leave him behind.

“That was like 9 years ago. We’re not 'soulmates’ anymore.” His smirk widened and he peered down at your red face.

“Actually, we’re soulmates until I say we’re not.” Rolling your eyes, you stopped in front of your house, pulling your keys out. When you opened the door, you were immediately greeted with your 15 year-old sister bounding down the stairs and enveloping you in a hug.

“Wow, this is a first. S/N giving me a hug?” She giggled and turned her attention to Jungkook, a look of realisation settling on her face.

“Jungkook!? We haven’t seen you in ages!” He grinned and ruffled your sisters hair, making her smile back.

“I’m impressed you remember me, you were 6 the last time I saw you.”  Your mother emerged from the kitchen, an excited grin planted on her face and you groaned.

“Ah! Jungkook, is that you? You’ve grown up so well!” She proceeded to embrace him as if he was her long lost child and he returned it with as much happiness as her.

“It’s nice to see you, M/N. How are you?” Whilst they broke into a small conversation, you took that as your opportunity to escape to your room. Around ten minutes later, Jungkook followed, throwing himself on your bed.

“Damn, I’ve missed coming here.”

“Don’t get too comfortable. We’re not kids anymore, I’m a grown girl and you’re a grown boy. This isn’t normal for people our age.”

“Yeah, but we’re soulmates remember?” There it was, that word again. Feeling your cheeks heat up, you gaped at his boldness.

“Shut up!” Picking up a pillow, you brought it down on his face with as much force as possible and he only snickered into it.

“You’ll come around eventually.” Deciding to ignore his last comment, you grabbed your books and sat at your desk. Studying was the best way to get him off your back. Or so you thought.

Feeling him place his chin on your shoulder, his natural scent filled your nose and caused the rest of your face to turn red, butterflies settling in your stomach.

“Help me study.” There was no room for arguing and you allowed him to place his own books on your desk and sit beside you.

You ended up tutoring him on topics he struggled with until the sky turned dark and it was time for him to leave. When he had left and you were closing your books, you discovered a note wedged between the pages of your notebook.

'Call me if something happens tomorrow. I won’t forgive that bastard for upsetting my soulmate.’

Why did this note make a delicate smile spread on your lips and make your heart flutter?

You told yourself it was his concern and nothing more.

Jughead & Reader: Complicated

Summary: Your father is good friends with FP so it’s no surprise when he asks your dad to take care of Jughead while he tries to get his life back on track. You and Jughead start spending a lot of time together and you come to realize that you care about him as more than a friend. But things are complicated since he’s dating Betty Cooper.


Length: 2,435

a/n: NSFW

Listen to: Falling Away With You - Muse 

Exhausted from school, you walked up the stairs to your room. You planned on throwing your book bag on the floor and climbing into bed to take a nap until it was time for dinner. It’s pretty much what you did every day after school. 

As you walked down the hallway you noticed your bedroom door was open. You were confused because you always closed your door when you left the house since you liked your privacy. Normally your dad never goes into your room without permission but you just liked to keep things private. 

You poked your head in and saw Jughead Jones, a friend of yours from school. He was in the process of unrolling a sleeping bag when he noticed you standing at the door.

“Oh, um.” He stood up and put his hands in his pockets nervously. “Hey,” he said.

You furrowed your brows. “What are you doing in my room?”

“Oh, your dad didn’t talk to you yet?” He asked. 

“Obviously not.” You shook your head and set your bag down by your desk. You sat down in your chair and saw there was a tattered duffle bag in the corner of your room which looked like it belonged to Jughead. “What, are you moving in?” You joked.

Jughead looked a little nervous and uncomfortable. Before he could answer, your dad called your name from downstairs. You glanced at Jughead before you left your room, beyond confused. 

You walked downstairs and met your dad in the kitchen. “There’s a boy in my room,” you told him as you sat on the counter.

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Shance Valentine Special

A random Valentine’s day AU for y'all! Warning: sugar. Diabetics should proceed with caution.

Shiro owns a small flower shop. Valentine’s day coming up so he has to hire an assistant for a few weeks to help carry the load. That’s where our dearest lance comes into the picture.

Lance is a struggling college student (yet again lmao), and he sees an ad for a job paying 15$ an hour where all you need is to know how to make bouquets and flower crowns properly. Lance sees an opportunity, calls up his little sister, and spends 3 hours learning how to make flower crowns to get the job.

The next day he walks into the flower shop like waddap I got a big cock- uhh I mean flower. I mean I know how to flower. I meAN I’M HERE FOR THE JOB HI MY NAME IS LANCE (listen, Shiro in an apron, sleeves rolled up, the entire place smells like flowers. You would shit your pants as well)

Shiro tests him and wow, the kid is a little clumsy but he knows his shit and his colors pallets! Hella aesthetic!

Consider Shiro impressed.

Consider Lance hired.

Consider them both crushing.

They click immediately, with Lance’s constant babbling and Shiro’s vast general knowledge. Lance snarks about rude consumers after they leave, and Shiro always shakes his head, amused, because he already knows better than to let them get to him in any way.

They flirt, obviously. Lance keeps bringing up how they’re each other’s Valentine date seeing as they’re going to be spending it all together, working. Shiro chuckles and tells him it’s not a proper date, and it’s sad he’s been treated so poorly he thinks it qualifies as a date.

Lance almost suggests Shiro should show him what a real date looks like.

Shiro almost asks him out on a date.

But they don’t, because it’s still too soon. They’re still very unsure of the other’s feelings, even though Shiro keeps catching Lance glancing his way, and Lance definitely notices the way Shiro finds the smallest excuses to sling an arm around his shoulder, grab his wrist, bump their hips when they work side by side.

They feel it, but they don’t know for sure, and so they pine, and wait, and pine some more.

Valentine’s day!! Exhausted, Hands full of tiny thorn stabs, smelling like flowers and sweat, our boys finish the day. As of the next day, Shiro won’t need an assistant anymore. This would be the end. As they clean up and organize things for tomorrow, these facts hang in the air like a suffocating blanket of truth. They’re quiet, not because there is nothing to say, but because they both WANT to say something, they want to say a lot of things, but they can’t. The feeling grows heavier and heavier, they both work slower and slower, dragging out the moment they have to go home.

But no matter how much they stall, eventually the work is done. Nothing to do but close the door and go home. They stand, hesitating, outside the door, shuffling their feet and gathering their courage. Then suddenly, together they speak:

“Shiro, I-”

“Do you want to maybe go to a-”

They both shut up and chuckle, gesturing the other to go on.

Lance is staring at Shiro’s dimples as he speaks, because he’s too embarrassed to meet his eyes. “I… uh… Well,” he scratches behind his head, “I thought maybe you’d like to do something? This weekend? Like a movie or-”

“A date?” Shiro injects, eyebrows raised.

“I- well- uh… Yeah?”

“Then yes.” Shiro smiles wider and Lance is momentarily blinded but he really doesn’t mind because HOLY FUCK Shiro just agreed to go on a date with him WHAT WOULD HE EVEN WEAR- His thoughts get cut off by Shiro asking, “Where are we going?”

To which Lance has to admit, “I have no idea, I didn’t really think I’d get this far. I wasn’t planning on you saying yes.”

Shiro frowns. “You value yourself way too little. But it’s okay, we can work on that. And by then, I’ll show you a real date, how does that sound?”

And honestly, no sound has been sweeter to Lance’s ear than those words. Well, except maybe the “I do” Shiro says at their wedding a few years later.

Good Enough

Originally posted by kths

“Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.”

Summary: You and him were two complete opposites from each other… You were just the maid’s daughter, but him on the other hand was a celebrity… Girls practically threw themselves at him just to gain his attention… He could choose any girl… but he chose you..

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9

Part 10 everyone~ 

More Parts:

Part 11 // Part 12 //



Taehyung’s Point of View

“I’m back,” I announced as I opened the door to my hotel room hoping to find all the boys waiting all together for me but as soon as I walked in I quickly looked around and noticed one person missing.

“Hey! Where have you been?” Jimin asks me but instead of answering his question I completely ignored his questioned and asked a question myself.

“Where’s Namjoon?” I asked and all the boys shrugged except for Yoongi.

“Oh he texted me and said that he was going to hang out with Y/N.”


Didn’t Y/N say that she was busy? Did she blow me off to spend some time with Namjoon? Does she not like me?

“Do you know where?” I asked Yoongi and he shrugged and quickly slipped on his headphones.

I know I don’t have the right to be jealous or mad but I couldn’t help but to become curious all of sudden. Like why did Y/N not agree to spend time with me? Did I say something wrong? Why is she all of sudden distancing herself from me..

I walked out of the hotel room and I grabbed my phone and I clicked on Namjoon’s name and his phone began to ring.

Where could the two possibly be?

The ringing continued to go on till I looked up and noticed Namjoon and Y/N both exiting the elevator together smiling. I hanged up and I was going to walk over to the two but I stopped and couldn’t help but to overhear their conversation.

“I really needed that. Thank you once again.” Y/N says as she smiles at Namjoon and I could see Namjoon smiling as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“I hope we can do this again.”

“For sure,”

I noticed Y/N walk up to Namjoon and the two pulled each other into a hug and I couldn’t help but to feel hurt. I mean did Y/N have a crush on Namjoon this whole time? How did I not notice that in the first place?

I looked down and turned my back.


I heard my name being called but.. Did I really want to face the two right now?

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|| Sketched Love ||

[[request prompt: I loved “Our Love Story” And was wondering if you could write something similar with a Peter Parker x reader where they go to school together and the reader is and artist, and she is always drawing sketches of him during class and stuff? Thanks :)]]

time to work on requests ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́) this time I’m all about writing for my main boi, peter parker

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53, , @nekonerdxox , @pepcvina , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none, just pure fluff that comes with experiencing love for the first time ♡

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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Kino as a boyfriend. [Pentagon]

// *SCREAMS* !! // Kino would be the sweetest, most perfect boyfriend.

  • This kid is pure and sweet. Energetic and loving.
  • Your relationship will be one that everyone else envies.
  • He would only have eyes for you.
  • He would want every moment spent with you to be memorable and fun.
  • He would be your best friend.
  • He would have no problem with public displays of affection.
  • In fact, he’d yearn for it.
  • He would want everyone to see how proud he was to have a best friend and lover like you.
  • He would give you tons of hugs and sweet kisses in public.
  • He would hold your hand or have his arm around you.
  • He would need to know that you are always there with him, and the he is there with you.
  • In private, the kisses would carry more feeling, but still be just as sweet.
  • He would be a cuddler.
  • He would use his aegyo to get whatever he wanted, and how could you resist?
  • He would be a tease. *blush*
  • There would never be a dull moment with him.
  • He would want to try something new and exciting.
  • He, of course, would have such a sweet side.
  • He would just hold you and stroke your hair.
  • Or he would pull you off the couch and dance with you to some slow music.
  • He would want to take you everywhere with him.
  • He would introduce you to everyone, including his family and other members.
  • If he couldn’t be there to walk you or help you, he would trust his members to help you.
  • He would trust you, and his hyungs, to behave.
  • He would always compliment you and call you pet names.
  • Your dates would be fun.
  • He would take you to an amusement park or the zoo. Some place that the two of you could run around together and feel free.
  • He would be a sweetheart though.
  • He would offer to carry your bag or feed you a bit of his food.
  • He would always make sure that you are happy and help you through any tough times.
  • He would listen to your every concern and try his best to make you smile again.
  • He would really be your best friend and your bond would be unbreakable.
  • People would look on you two and would instantly be able to tell how good your relationship is.

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A/N: I don’t hate Camila Cabello, no worries. If you think that my stories look similar to someone’s writing, please tell me. I try to be unique and come up with my own ideas. Might do part 2 and 3 as well but I don’t know. Feedback is always welcomed

Word count: 884


You were doing your homework, writing down all the formulas of functions and the tables in Mathematics. Your phone buzzed on the textbook. A slight sigh slipped out from your mouth as you saw your best friend’s name in it.

“Audrey, it’s not the right time to call me—I’m revising for the final Math exam,” your voice sounded very accelerating from calming to pissed.

“Y/N, you have to listen to me! It’s an urgent thing.”

You rolled your eyes, took a deep breath. You didn’t want to be that awful friend who always came up with excuses to leave the conversation.

“Tell me, I’m listening,” you placed the phone back on your textbook, loudspeaker turned on. You were expecting something mild coming from her mouth, you weren’t ready for some another drama or hurtful event.

“He called me yesterday,” Audrey’s raspy voice gave you a tingeling sparkle in your body.

“He who?” You wrote down the last formulas and tried to sketch the square and cos2x functions in the notebook.

“Shawn. Your ex-boyfriend?” Audrey told the name that you didn’t want to hear for a long time. You dropped your pen on the floor, still starled by the name. “Y/N, are you alive?”

You shaked your head a little to come back to Earth.

“Yeah, I am. What’s with him?” you tilted your body a little to get the pen between your fingers.

“He wanted to know if you are in the town or not.”

“Audrey, I haven’t talked him for 7 months! Why the heck he wants to talk with me when 8 months ago he broke up because I wasn’t good enough to him. I’m not going to talk with him. He has that Cabello girl now,” you stayed crowded and focused on your last function.

“He sounded very distraught, miserable and frustrated. I know you don’t want to talk with him but at least ask from him what’s wrong. I still believe and know that half of you loves him and wants him.” Audrey told the truth–I still loved Shawn, I never stopped but I can’t be that easy to get.

“Audrey, he just plays with your mind–don’t let Shawn make fool out of you. He knows how to twist your feelings.”

“No, Y/N, stop lying to yourself! I know myself at least that much that I could make differences between truth and lie.”

You wanted to scream top of your lungs. You had messed up your last function thanks to Shawn, not Audrey. You needed push down those feelings that your heart told you to do—to call Shawn.

“Audrey, remember that he was the fault why we broke up. He cheated on me with Camila. You and Lily told me that he was the fault too, not me. I’ve learned my lessons and tried to fix my faults. I’m not going to fall again for him.”

She laughed, letting out the most adorable giggle.

“Oh you, babe, you can’t even hear yourself what you are talking about. Yeah, you did tell the same thing we told you but Y/N, give him a chance. At least for one time. Shawn is actually a great lad, very caring. You know that. Y/N, you have a heart.”

Audrey didn’t stop tell you how much heart you had and how much you had to lose when you didn’t get back with Shawn. You didn’t want to bother your head anymore with that and you said last words to her. You finished your last function where you made little corrections.

After finishing your revision, you couldn’t keep your hands off from your contact list. You tried to confess yourself that you didn’t need to do this. But your heart told otherwise.

“Okay, uh, maybe this isn’t going to be that bad. Maybe I’m overreacting, maybe I just, I don’t know anymore what I’m talking about,” You mumbled with yourself. You didn’t want to sound whiny or something but a little you wanted to talk with Shawn. At some point, you needed to break your flaws and boundries and do what you needed to do.

You pushed easily on the touch screen, feeling red liquid boiling inside, nerves in your head racking from bit to bit. You thought it was a bad idea to do it. Your throat got dried, you started biting your nails, eyelids blinked fast, heart beat rate rocketed into air. Everything you had spitted out from my mouth to Audrey, it made you think that you were a mean person. The calling beep made you more nervous by every second, the heart wanted to bound out from your chest. It got faster and faster. You wanted to gave up already because there was no chance Shawn would take up the call.

Suddenly, the long, noisy beep stopped. You stopped breathing for mere seconds, struggling to catch the breath.

“Y/N,” a humble voice called out your name through the phone.

“Shawn.” You congealed. You missed the voice. The one word from his voice took you back to the start where your love with Shawn started.

Caught His Eye On a Desert Road

The road was dusty and awfully stifling, hopelessly stretching on in both directions with nothing but pavement in sight. I swiped my arm across my forehead furiously, and cursed the damn sun for what felt like the hundredth time this morning as it beat down on me, and scorched the already too hot asphalt beneath my beat-up chucks. I had shucked my plaid button up hours ago under the unbearable heat, tying it around my hips at around 10 that morning as I sought some sort of relief. But my remaining tank-top and cut offs did little to battle the midday heat, and I was still as sweaty and miserable now as I was when I’d first peeled the offending garment off.

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Lin X Reader: I Care, Too

Word Count: 1, 760

Request: *anon* Lin x reader fic !! They’re at a party and Lin is trying to confess his feelings to the reader the whole night but they keep getting interrupted or pulled away so then when the party is almost over lin pulls her aside and confesses his feelings! Kissing maybe ?? But mostly snuggles at the end

Pronouns used: She/her

Writer’s note: This was fun to write. Sorry it took so long, but I’m really pleased with the result. -Mod BJ

You gently sound three knocks on the painted door. After waiting a few seconds to no response, you rap on the door three times again, this time with more force. The door swings open and you find yourself face to face with your good friend, Jasmine Cephas Jones.

“Y/N! You’re here!” Jasmine exclaims, a smile growing on her face. “Most of us thought you weren’t coming!”

“I managed to finish most of my work early, and I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to drop by four an hour or two and see everybody,” you respond cheerily. “That is, if I’m still welcome.”

“Of course!” Jasmine responds. “Everyone here loves your company.”

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