listen in the places that call your name

Achievement Hunter as kids from my Philosophy class

Geoff: EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP, I can’t focus on being depressed with all of you shouting at the same time

Jack: okay everybody, we’re building a fucking fort out of our chairs. Adam, get the scotch tape!

Jeremy: OKAY Y’ALL LISTEN TO MY RAP ABOUT EDGAR ALLAN POE…oh fuck wait I forgot the beat :(

Michael: Someone dare me to eat this whole Bundt cake!! I’ll FUCKING DO IT!!!

Gavin: do you think Ghandi studies about us in heaven?

Lindsay: “Miss Collinway, you better be doing your essay and not looking up some damn video of a Siamese cat” but mISTER ANDrews, did you know that technically they’re called THAI CAT!??!

Ryan: look here’s a picture of that caterpillar I found underneath my bed. i placed it in a box in my room. I named it Bob. I love Bob. ANDY SHUT UP, Bob is better tHAN YOU!

Trevor: shhhh shut the fuck up, I’m trying to throw peeps into Donny’s backpack without him noticing. wHY you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!

Matt: so I built a mini replica of the Addams Family’s house with a bunch of leftover superglue. does it look okay? should i add more windows???

I hate the fact that I see you in everything.
I recognize you when I see a teal shirt,
for you wore that color,
on our first date.
I dread the number thirty-five,
when those two numbers come up,
my heartaches,
for that was your jersey number
that number I named you
when I had yet to know your true name.
I can’t bare to hear the name of that one town,
for that place was were you called home,
and, oh hell, now do I feel so alone.
It’s getting harder to listen to my favorite songs
because I fell in love with music
when I fell for you.
—  a.a.
And I hate that you’ll never see this m.k.j.

ARIES, your laugh sounds like wedding bells and you smell like lavender. don’t lose this fervor.

TAURUS, adorn your horns with flowers and understand it doesn’t make you any less strong. it’s okay if heartache splits you wide open.

GEMINI, there’s a dragonfly on your shoulder who wants to love you. let them in.

CANCER,  love tastes like poison and most days you swallow stars to stay alive. truth is everything ends and you’re not alone because she is calling your name, if you listen closely.

LEO, take the golden ink dripping from your skin and paint the trees. leave a personal mark wherever you go.

VIRGO, you are a song i want to sing driving down the highway. learn to love yourself loudly and without fear, be proud of this.

LIBRA, find yourself in the unlikeliest of places and try to remain calm. it can only get better from here.

SCORPIO, your reflection will never be as bright as the supernova in your chest and it hurts to realize this. i still love you in the morning and i promise others do too.

SAGITTARIUS, your lungs want you to breathe so you have to let them. it gets easier with time.

CAPRICORN, you want to light your matchstick heart and set fire to the gasoline in your veins. love can keep you warm but desire will easily suffocate if you don’t know when to let go.

AQUARIUS, freedom is right around the corner, but so is sacrifice. brace yourself for the impact and believe. 

PISCES, write until your fingers bleed and then turn that steady stream into more poetry. worship at a neon church, you are creating something beautiful in everything you touch.

Monsta X reacts to their significant other breaking down

A/N: This is my first reaction and I put the original request in there because then the title would be long! Tell me how I did! 

He just walked through the door and he sees you curled up on the couch crying. Confused as you fail to welcome him with open arms as usual, he carefully approaches and kneels before you, placing a hand on your back, rubbing it in slow, gentle circles as he calls out your name. His heart breaks horribly when he sees your puffy eyes and pouty lips but he resists the urge to hug you tightly to ask what’s wrong. He moves onto the couch and listens attentively as you manage to tell him about your problem, he envelopes you in a tight hug and pulls you into his lap, kissing your temple.
“Cry about it as much as you want jagi. But once you’re done, I’ll try to ensure you’ll never have to cry about it again.”

You decide to visit your boyfriend after a hard day. However, while lying with  him in his room telling him about your day, you can’t help but feel swamped with emotions as you relive what happened. Wonho is alarmed as he watches you suddenly cover your face with your hands and proceed to cry your eyes out. Already knowing what it was about as you told him numerous times about your social anxiety but always refusing help because you thought you could get through it yourself, he pulls you into his chest and kisses your forehead, whispering calming words to you in an attempt to make you feel better. Once you’ve calmed down a bit, he won’t be taking no for an answer  anymore.
“We’ll get through this baby. I’ll be with you every step of the way.” He promises as he wipes your tears and kisses your nose.

Minhyuk was never a shy kid growing up. He always loved talking and playing with the other kids wherever he was. However, now that he had a girlfriend who suffers with having anxiety attacks, at first, he never really understood what is was as he’d never experienced it.  fear itself. However, seeing you crouched in the middle of the bathroom floor and becoming stressed to the point of breaking down because of it, he would become extremely worried. He would rush over to you, and sit on the floor with you and rock you back and forth whilst patting your back in reassurance that he was there for you. As soon as you calmed down a bit, he would put a big smile on his face and begin a tickle war, wanting you to forget it. Once he was alone though, he would be looking up ways to help you overcome it.
“Don’t worry jagi, I won’t let dark clouds loom over your sunshine.”

Late one evening when you called him over the phone crying and barely able to explain why, Kihyun didn’t hesitate to drop what he was doingin the dorm to be by your side. He would stay on the phone the entire time, reminding you to breathe and how much he loves you. Once he was at your place of residence, he would take you into his arms and stroke your hair and let you cry into his shoulder. As carefully as he would, he would take you to your room and lay you down before getting you some water. Kihyun would then lay down beside you and allow you to place your head on his chest and refuse to talk about it until you’ve had some rest. His fingers would immediately be combing through your hair as his voice lulls you to sleep. In the morning, he would carefully question you about it, offering you some breathing exercises when you get feel an attack coming on and making you practice it.

Hyungwon is a simple fellow. When he hears you crying in your room, he quietly, very timidly approaches to spy on you. He’s thinking that maybe he had done something wrong or that  you were just stressed from school/work. When he builds up the nerve to enter the room and ask why you were crying, he’d see you crumbling to the floor in distress and his mind would race with utter confusion. He’d be so panicked and scared and wouldn’t know what to do.
“Jagi? What’s wrong?” He would question as he tiptoes into the room, placing a hand on your shoulder. When you look up and tell him what’s wrong through your tears and stuttering, he would firstly feel relieved that you weren’t crying over him and would begin to kiss away your tears as he cups your face, Hyungwon massages your temples and assures you that everything will be alright, later telling you that he won’t sleep until he’s found a way to help you ground yourself if you find yourself in a situation once again.

Hearing you cry scared this poor dimpled boy more than dark rooms and spooky ghosts. He wouldn’t know how to approach you at first, only awkward pats on the back and soft promises that it will get better. At first, he’ll think that it was mind over matter, but, when you describe to him the extent of the situation and told him how much you hated experiencing it, only then would it seriously begin dawning on him that it was a problem. At first, he would apologize about how he took the matter so halfheartedly and then get you something to drink. Once you’ve regained your composure, he would let you place your head on his lap, one hand playing with your hair and the other holding your hand and rubbing his thumb against the back of your palm affectionately. Jooheon would ask you how long this has been happening and if you wanted professional help, of course offering to help you find ways to make things better. He most definitely would not want you to experience an attack again.

Changkyun’s an awkward little guy sometimes. Initially, when he finds you crying, he would try to make a joke to lighten the mood. But, once his stupid puns failed to work, he would frown and begin to panic a little, especially now that you were crying harder. He would feel bad that he didn’t take the initiative to calm you down at first and try to now.
“Ah, what made my pretty girl cry? Who’s ass am I kicking?” He would still try to joke as he wrapped his arms around your waist, swaying with you in the middle of your living room. Changkyun would bite his lip as he listened to you fumble with your words and tell him about your anxiety attacks, his forehead creasing with worry about how to help you. Eventually, he  would sit you both down and want to discuss the matter and address it as soon as possible. With your permission, he would try to get you professional help as he felt that he would probably make the situation worse if he dealt with it alone.


Drop Me A Line - Asks as Beatles’ Singles

Love Me Do - top 5 favorite love songs?
From Me To You  - do you write letters?
Thank You Girl - person in your life you’re most thankful for?
She Loves You - favorite band?
I’ll Get You - favorite solo artist?
I Want To Hold Your Hand - right handed or left handed?
This Boy - favorite instrument?
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand) - how many languages do you speak?
Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You)  - favorite place you’ve been?
Long Tall Sally - Height?
I Call Your Name  - last person you called?
Slow Down - favorite song to drive to?
Matchbox - do you smoke?
I Feel Fine - song i like to listen to when I’m happy?
She’s a Woman - top 5 favorite female singers?
Bad Boy - top 5 favorite male singers?
Yes It Is - best concert you’ve been to?
I’m Down - song i like to listen to when I’m sad?
We Can Work It Out - whats more important to you, peace or standing up for what you think is right?
Paperback Writer - favorite book?
Rain - favorite weather?
Lady Madonna - are you religious?
The Inner Light - sunrise or sunset?
Hey Jude - artist you most want to meet/hang out with?
Revolution - what song/album would you put on repeat right now?
Get Back - old fad you wish would come back?
Don’t Let Me Down - song that reminds you of a friend?
The Ballad Of John And Yoko - favorite lyric?
Old Brown Shoe - favorite outfit?
Across The Universe - where do you want to travel to?
Let It Be  - last song you listened to so much that someone eventually made you turn it off?
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - what would you name a son/daughter?

「Grunge」 Jimin

• misses the 90’s but remembers none of it
• listens to Nirvana
• likes tattoos but only in places you can’t see
• drives a motorcycle
• likes girls with short hair and brown lipstick
• would make you a mixtape of songs you remind him of
• likes the smell of roses
• buys you rose perfume because he likes roses and he likes you
• Has a jean jacket
• Only pair of shoes he wears are boots
• Torn boots
• calls you by your last name
• cartoons
• talk shit, get hit
• short and gives no fucks
• plaid, cliche if cliche mattered
• sweaters
• blonde
• met at a cafe

loufworld  asked:

Hey ! So my name is Anaïs-Lou (people call me Anna), I'm 16 and i'm creative and kind of crazy and I really like to draw and to listen music and dance. I'm a total cat fan and I love to binge watch TV shows and movies. My favorites place is the library because it's calm and peaceful. I love cooking and also ancient things like antiquities or ancient civilisations and mythologies. I'm a very emotional person and it's kind of hard to make friends but I'm always here for the ones I have ! :)

Your house: Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff | Gryffindor | Slytherin

Your best subject: Charms | Potions | Transfiguration | Care of Magical Creatures | Defense Against the Dark Arts | History of Magic |  Astronomy |  Herbology | Runes | Muggle Studies | Divination

Your blood status: Pure-blood | half-blood | Muggle born

Your quidditch position: Chaser | Beater | Keeper | Seeker | Spectator

Your pet: Owl | Cat | Toad | Rat

Your era: Founders | Tom Riddle | Marauders | Golden Trio |Next Gen

Career: Wand maker | Auror | Teacher | Law enforcement | Department of Mysteries | Healer | Magizoologist | Writer| Spell inventor | Onwer of a magic shop

Get to know the admin tag

I thought id start a tag as i realised i dont know some of you guys as well as id like to :) enjoy, pass it on and tag your friends!

About Me;
name? Gia
birthday? 4th August
starsign? Leo
hair colour? Blonde
eye colour? Blue
place of birth? UK
pets? A dog called Dylan and a pony called Marcus
Hobbies? Riding, drawing and art, listening to music, playing videogames, writing, skateboarding, photography

My fave kpop groups;

First Bias- Jimin
Current Bias- Yoongi
Bias Wrecker- Taehyung
Fave Era- Run
Most Listened to Track- Lie

First Bias- Jackson
Current Bias- JB
Bias Wrecker- Mark
Fave Era- Fly
Most Listened to Track- Homerun

First Bias- Sehun
Current Bias- Sehun
Bias Wrecker- Lay
Fave Era- Love Me Right
Most Listened to Track-  Artificial Love

First Bias- Mingyu
Current Bias- Mingyu
Bias Wrecker- Hoshi
Fave Era- Mansae
Most Listened to Track- Lean on Me/Expectation

First Bias- Dahyun
Current Bias- Dahyun
Bias Wrecker- Tzuyu
Fave Era- Cheer Up
Most Listened to Track- TT

Big Bang
First Bias- G Dragon
Current Bias- G Dragon
Bias Wrecker- Taeyang
Fave Era- Lets Not Fall in Love
Most Listened to Track- Sober

First Bias- Jennie
Current Bias- Rose
Bias Wrecker- Jennie
Fave Era- Stay
Most Listened to Track- Whistle Acoustic. Ver

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Friendly reminder that you don’t have to be someone’s emotional support if it makes your mental state unbearable.

Friendly reminder that ignoring someone’s sad tumblr posts or facebook statuses is fine if you are not in a good mental place yourself.

Friendly reminder that if someone calls you and you’re like, “Oh no, I can’t listen to this person bitch about their life for one more second,” and your chest gets that tight feeling like you can’t breathe just by seeing their name on your phone screen, you are more than welcome to hit the ignore button.

You are the MOST responsible for your OWN mental health. Don’t take on the responsibility for someone else’s unless you 100% feel like you can.


“Ugh, it’s just really hot today. I’m all sticky and sweaty!” You exclaimed, wiping the sweat off your brow before continuing to speak as Harry listened from the back of the car. “Thank god there was a smoothie place right next to work.”

“Uh-huh.” He had been staring at your drink for the past twenty minutes – it was practically calling his name! You had picked Harry up from work today. Usually it was the other way around, but since you had gotten off early from work, you decided to be a good girlfriend and pick him up. It was a last minute decision, really – which explained why you had only gotten a smoothie for yourself 

“Anyways, this girl at work – her name is Amanda or Amy, or something like that. She’s really nice! She was like, bringing iced coffees around the office and asking people whether they wanted a donu-” And then you heard a slurp. “Wha- are you drinking my smoothie?” 

You heard a little bit of shuffling and a small cough before Harry spoke up again.



“You got an extra large one anyways!” Harry whined, picking the cup back up and taking another couple sips of it. “I love you.” He said sheepishly as you rolled your eyes playfully. 

“Love you too, you smoothie hog.” 


gifs aren’t mine!


People harassed Tyler and Josh until they were literally forced to give a statement. I seriously cannot believe that people who listen to their music and KNOW what they advocate actually think they would hate anybody for who they are. I can’t believe anyone thinks it’s acceptable to harass anybody via social media. Calling someone homophobic because they didn’t speak out about yesterday’s Supreme Court decision fast enough & threatening them by saying they’ll lose your support if they don’t tweet something within your demanded time frame is cruel. Believe it or not, some people choose to not put everything on a social platform. I hope the clique can be a safe place for everyone INCLUDING Tyler & Josh. Slandering their name because you want them to answer you is not okay. I feel awful that they had to see all that hate & that it affected Tyler’s frame of mind. Love won yesterday and people still chose to spread hate. Anyways, congratulations to everyone who sent them hate and finally got their response AND I hope you’re sending an apology their way right now.

Question time

ca1. is your current age an odd or even number?

2. have you ever been called fat?

3. name five things that cross your mind every single day.

4. what was the last song you listened to?

5. what are your initials?

6. what was the last picture you took on your phone of?

7. where did your last kiss take place?

8. where is a place you are dying to visit?

9. can you do a cartwheel?

10. do you want kids one day?

11. how do you like your eggs?

12. what food/s do you dislike?

13. what did you do last night?

14. do you enjoy rollercoasters?

15. what’s your favorite season?

16. if you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

17. what’s the best dream you ever had?

18. do you enjoy discussing politics and/or religion?

19. who would you chose to play you in a movie about yourself?

20. when was the last time you masturbated?

21. what is one thing you’ve always wanted to try but are too scared to do?

22.  are you right or left handed?

23. what is your earliest memory?

24. what would be your preferred way to die?



You knew what you were going to see when the walls opened. You were shaking all over, tears welling up in your eyes but refusing to escaped, blurring your vision.
The walls slowly clinked open and you saw his crumpled body laying straight ahead. You collapsed to your knees, the whole world spinning around you. The only family you had left was a mere few feet away from you, lifeless.
You knew people were calling your name above, but you sat in your own bubble of despair and mourning. You couldn’t hear anything. Ben was dead. You had no one left who really could understand you, who would listen and try to meet all your needs, who cared and watched out for you, he was your older brother, he couldn’t be dead.
“He can’t be dead!” You screamed, tears streaming down your face like a violent river.
You were dragged away kicking and screaming inside the Homestead. The placed you on the bed, and left you alone. You curled up in a ball, shaking. The vision of his limp body flashing before your eyes, running through your head. How could they have done this? You know he was losing it, but at least he was alive.

You remained in your room for the next couple of days. The boys would send up someone to bring you food, no communication was exchanged. You sat alone on your bed, reminiscing about the good old days.
The door creaked open, meaning it must be lunch time. But a group of boy came in this time.
They carried a tray of cakes, ice cream, cookies, brownies, all sorts of sweets that you love.
“Hello y/n!” Chuck piped up from the back. You cracked a smile for the first time in days.
“Hello Chuck,” you replied quietly. He plopped down on the bed next to you and you ruffled his floppy curls.
“Frypan whipped these up for you,” Minho placed the tray down on the table and you grabbed a cookie and nibbled.
“I made this for you…” Gally handed you a sidled figure that resembled you and you smiled.
“Thanks,” you looked down.
“Hey, listen, I know it’s tough now. I’m just going to be frank, Ben was a great kid. He was a great brother. He’s in a better place, and honestly he wouldn’t want you crying over him. He would want his beautiful little sister to be happy, move on, make something of herself,” Newt smiled. Ben told you he had a thing for you and you blushed. You denied it to Ben, I mean you weren’t going to tell your brother that you were in love with his best friend.
“Are you still sad y/n?….” Chuck said.
“No, not anymore….Chuck,” you smiled.
“Good! But we’re here for you. I know this isn’t easy. But we care about you and you can talk to us anytime. You aren’t alone,” Thomas said encouragingly.
“He’s right, we’re all still here,” Newt winked.
“Thank you,” as you said that they all ran over for a group hug knocking you down causing you to break a laugh.
“That’s what I like to hear!” Newt giggled.

banshee!simmons au - listen (+the annotations)

A young man named Leo Fitz travels around the world on his car, trying to find a new place for living. After a long ride he gives himself a break and goes to the near forest where he meets lovely and lonely woman called Jemma. Despite Jemma’s “go away”s and “save yourself”s Fitz decides to stay and explore this forest…

the clicker - petri alanko; the witch - igor kornelyuk; the banshee - anthony demare; monster - meg myers; cry of the banshee - alizbar; devil at your door - frally; waking up in a nightmare - petri alanko; the night is dark - ramin djawadi; blinding (instrumental) - florence and the machine; dear darkness - pj harvey.

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