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twenty one pilots' songs for different moods
  • Lonely: lovely, johnny boy, screen , forest, ruby, holding on to you, hometown, fake you out.
  • Sad: oh ms believer, friend, please, anathema, goner, time to say goodbye, truce.
  • Struggling to find purpose: march to the sea, implicit demand for proof, addict with a pen, kitchen sink, isle of flightless birds, fall away.
  • Thinking too much: clear, semi-automatic, car radio, migraine, ride.
  • When you can't sleep: ode to sleep, before you start your day, message man, glowing eyes, taxi cab.
  • Nostalgic: slowtown, stressed out, the pantaloon.

Do not liSTEN TO THIS SONG while picturing Will and Nico because you’ll probably end up staying up super late drawing them making DUMB TWITTERPATTED FACES AT EACH OTHER LIKE I DID.


Art by me


back down south

Felix seems really dependent on Locus. In the first scenes where Felix and Locus even showed up and even after the betrayal it kind of seemed Felix had this obsessive need to protect Locus, not so much in that way where you could think “Well, they’re partners of course!”  but in the way where it seems like if he loses Locus he loses a big part of his life and might become a bit weaker.

He would have no reason to save Locus if he’s as strong and capable and such a monster as he claimed, there’s no reason to cover him when he’s about to get shot or get a grenade from his way.

And when Wash tries to get them to stop saying they can end it and walk away Locus thinks about it and Felix actually turns to look at him.

The way it’s positioned is as if he’s glaring at Locus, not because he’s thinking about abandoning the mission but because he’s thinking about turning and leaving Felix.

Now if you know this trash can he has no care in the world if he breaks orders so why would he use it now? Because he’s trying to make Locus stay.

and that grip doesn’t look like a “Buddy!” grip it looks like a “Stay” grip.

Another thing the caught my attention is how Felix looked at him when he walked forward

It doesn’t seem like a look you give someone while they’re talking it’s more of a second glance to make sure he’s staying and doesn’t actually abandon the mission and their orders but most importantly him.

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1. make sure to laugh at mark’s jokes

2. youngjae may be the sunshine here but he’s the maknae slayer

3. never look for other members on a member’s solo v-app broadcast

4. make sure to put emoji if you’re going to leave a message to jackson’s sns

5. be always prepared to fight im jaebum

6. if you’re going to give one member food, make sure to give park jinyoung too

7. if you think kim yugyeom is too gorg, you can always blame his growth hormones

8. kunpimook bhuwakul is bambam’s real name and you can always call him that

9. just let mark tuan eat his damn food

10. coco is some kind of heavenly gift to markjae

11. organic only

12. don’t ever mention nora to jb or he might just cry

13. they are too much to handle but they are worth it

14. park jinyoung & kim yugyeom aka tom & jerry

15. they have real bromance with day6

16. you will see im jaebum in day6′s v-app from time to time

17. bambam is might be big

18. dabbing might be some kind of lucky charm to them so expect inappropriate dabbings

19. mark tuan is either 0 or 100..

20. they unbelievably look good in orange

21. youngjae is already beautiful as he is and don’t you dare forget that

22. you will never really stop thinking about them

23. even when you’re sad

24. and especially when you’re hungry

talked 2 my friend thru voice chat for like an hour n thirty minutes n like… holy fuck i feel… rly grounded like i feel like i’m a real person