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Has there ever been a song from Phantom sung by someone that has just made you burst out into tears? Sorry if it's a bit personal!!

It’s not personal, but it’s hard for to answer since I don’t, usually, feel many strong emotions around Phantom anymore. (This is what happens when you listen to too many performers and spend your free time analyzing them - you get jaded. Try crying when you’re thinking, “Well, her interpretation sounds rather like Harriet Jones, but her emphasis on this line is very much like Leila Benn Harris or Tabitha Webb…”)

I know there were several women, like Elisabeth Berg, Kristin Holck, and Mia Karlsson, whose rendition of ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’ I found (and still find) to be quite moving. Some Phantoms, like Michael Crawford, Dave Willetts, and Earl Carpenter, are also so vulnerable and emotional that it makes even my shriveled, analytical heart ache. (But just a bit.) But probably the most crying I ever did over the show was in my early days, when I was just a fan of the 2004 film and was still focused on the tragic story rather than the performers.



One night, desperate Majnun prayed tearfully,
‘O Lord of mine who has abandoned me,
Why have you “Majnun” called me? 
Why have you made a lover of Leila out of me?
You have made me a pillow of wild thorns,
Made me roam day and night without a home.
What do you want from my imprisonment?
O Lord of mine, listen to my plea!’

The Lord replied, 'O lost man,
With Leila’s love I have your heart filled;
Your love of Leila is my will.
The beauty of Leila that you see
Is just another reflection of me.' 

- Nizami

Image 1: Layla Standing in the Palm Grove, page from a Manuscript of the Khamsa of Nizami

Image 2: Layla & Majnun from Hyderabad, 1770