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prince altean keith; pilot of the red lion

Vampire Times
MBMBaM episode 348
Vampire Times


Griffin: I have a very related Yahoo that I'm— I would be delighted if you would all let me read.
Justin: Okay.
Griffin: It was sent in by Amelia Berger, thank you Amelia, it’s by Yahoo Answers user Dirk, and it’s a similar vein of like, “How did folks get in touch without phones,” right? But the wording of this question is… maybe the best.
Griffin: Dirk asks, “How did people know when to meet back in vampire times?”
[All three brothers laughing]
Griffin: “I know tha—”
[Brothers continue to laugh]
Griffin: “I know that they wrote more letters—”
Griffin: You gotta let me get through it!
Griffin: "I know that they wrote more letters and stuff, but back in vampire times, how did you make plans with friends?”
[Brothers still laughing as he reads]
Griffin: “Did they just wait around all day and hope that they ran into each other?”
Travis: Oh god…
Justin: [Laughing]
Travis: Oh god, what is wrong with our schools?
Justin: You can make all the plans you want, the vampires are gonna ruin them. I mean you could write them a letter and it’s like “Meet me at Ye Olde Arby’s this afternoon” but a vampire is just gonna be waiting there to harangue you!

mcelroy brother laughs

justin: wheezy high-pitched cackle. effervescent, jovial, contagious. a sweet silly laugh for a sweet silly boy.

travis: somewhere between a lumberjack and an old lady. fun, sudden, elusive. the heartiest of the mcel-laughs for the heartiest of the mcel-boys.

griffin: a literal baby goose.  rings out like a trumpet blast from his lungs. just adorable god i love griffin so fucking much

my all time favorite scene w/ the Queen siblings is the one in 3x13

 because look @ this he’s so nervous he doesn’t wanna do it

oh he did it, it’s over, he’s lost her like he lost Tommy

bye thea

she’s all “you’re the guy in the hood, you’re the vigilante”

She’s going through the first wave of finding out, the connecting the dots part and he’s just preparing himself for when she walks out

here it comes

the bomb is about to go off

but wait



my religion is luffy talking about ace and sabo. i don’t even care if it takes him 56 hours to talk about each brother. i LIVE for that gleam of admiration and love that appears in his eyes whenever he merely THINKS about them. can u IMAGINE loving people SO MUCH that your entire being turns into a mush of happiness and love??? i need a cold compress im so worked up about this