listen 365

i whisper into your ear at dead of night
our bodies still intertwined, fingertips on fire
i never believed in god
but i believe in worshipping you

your body like the epiphany of a goddess in moons shimmer
enchanting your hair to silver and half moaned words into prayers
promising the glorious rush of innumerable deathless deads
and hell rising with your fingers on my skin

is it called love? or is it just the faith of a disbeliever
confronted with paradise?
whatever it is - i believe in you and me and this insanely
religious thing happening to us

—  You’re holy and I am not but I don’t need to be because I have you. | j.i
365 days of Memories of My mom

Wow this migraine is fucking killing me

I remember going to the ER because my migraine hurt so much, it had been days and days without breaking. My manager wouldn’t let me leave early, but I still made it to the urgent care before it transitioned to ‘ER’ time.

They decided that instead of giving me what they had last time, a shot to break the miserable fucking cluster, they would give me an IV of four different medications because ‘they don’t like drugs’. I was understandably confused. And upset. I called my mom and had her come in while I waited for the incredibly (to me) slow process of a whole bag of saline plus whatever other shit they used to drip.

I was pretty fucking loopy by the end of it, but shockingly! It didn’t work.

But my mom came when I called, just like she said she would always do.

Pixies - "Doolittle"

Awesome album art! Which happened to be my favorite part.

I know so many people who freak out about the Pixies. I do understand why they are popular. They are original. No one sounds like them, and they are well rehearsed in that originality. However that originality just didn’t strike a chord with me. Every song was different. This is good for some albums and bad for others. In this case, it made me feel disjointed. I could never seem to get a rhythm for the album. One song would have weird, almost spoken word kind of lyrics and melodies. The next he’d be screaming. Then a song sung by a woman. Then an upbeat pop song. I just never understood it.

I did appreciate the lead singer’s passion. Actually, the whole band had passion. Like I said, they are quite original, and to get a whole group of people on the same page, a page that is a little left of center, is a feat in and of itself.

Grade: The late 80s had a lot of angst huh?

Stand Out Track: “Debaser” -

follow spree + compliments!!

So my vacation’s ended and there’s still half the summer until uni starts, so I’d love to follow some more blogs! I’m only following around 110 at the moment. So if you post the following: 

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  • HP, B99, GOT, Musical theatre

then please, if you’d like:

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*throws grammar out the window* mutuals if u could do this i’d give u the compliment but most importantly i’d love u 4ever?? 

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Journey Update

No, not an update about the band Journey, but rather an update on my musical journey through Listen 365.

This has been a fun project for me. I’m beginning to see music in a way I’ve never seen it before. By forcing myself to listen to something brand new everyday, I have gained an appreciation for music as an art form. Listening to a vast array of people, from all walks of life, express themselves, is pretty crazy. I have learned to not be so judgmental of music that I previously would have avoided. And because of that, I have been able to transfer that in to my everyday life. I’m watching movies I would have said, “Hell no, that looks stupid!” I’m talking to people that I would have said, “They look like a bunch of douches.” I’m chilling out.

I have also joined a band since starting this blog. I play drums. I have never had the kind of understanding of my instrument more than I do now. Since Listen 365 has forced me to listen to music differently, it’s forced me to look differently at how I play music. It’s been an musical awakening of sorts. 

Thank you to all who read this! You’re feedback has been awesome and very motivating. I’m excited for the rest of the year!

Much Love,