Father John Misty - Heart Shaped Box 

Not usually a big fan of Nirvana covers, but this is pretty good. 


(( &. 1 )) muse a is the typical high school jock. star athlete, ain’t to great at school, super popular. muse b is the stereotypical nerd. always has their head in a book, 5.0 gpa, literally lives at the bottom of the social totem pole. muse a & muse b have been best friends since they were in diapers. however, they keep their friendship to behind closed doors. because muse a has a status to maintain. 

(( &. 1 version 2 )) instead of keeping their friendship on the downlow. these two are two peas in a pod. although they have their separate friend groups. if muse a has a game, muse b will surely attend. and if muse b has an important debate thing going on, muse a will be sitting in the crowd although they do not understand a thing going on. but of course, not everyone approves of this friendship. especially the little fans muse a has. *** bonus if muse b gets bullied bc of their friendship

(( &. 2 )) m/f plot. where they’re literally brotp goals. they go out on lunch dates, help each other get at that cute girl/guy in the mall, and randomly show up at each other’s houses. but they also get into really bad fights where they don’t talk for days, maybe even weeks. but because one of them is hella stubborn, they other knows better, and just apologizes, even if it’s not their fault. people sometimes tell them they should get together and then they cringe hella fast because they’re practically siblings and “that’s incest” would be their reply. #PLATONICBROTPS

(( &. 3 )) m/m or f/f. they’re the typical dynamic duo. literally like every teen show or movie has. they share clothes, talk about girls/boys, and just are an awesome pair. *** bonus if they’re youtube/vine/or just famous bc of whatever. or one of them is and the other isn’t. so the one that is famous drags the other around to all the cool places.

(( &. 4 )) muse a and muse b are best friends. but muse a is completely in love with muse b. & muse a has to watch muse b go through so many boyfriends/girlfriends/dates and watch none of them work out. & each time muse a has to comfort muse b and tell them that they’ll find the one someday. oh, and muse b has no fucking clue muse a has a huge crush on them. so muse b stays saying, “you’re such a great friend.” all the time. & it breaks muse a’s heart every time.

(( &. 4 version 2 )) … then one day the roles switch and muse a gets a significant other and muse b gets hella salty about it. time goes by and muse a moves away, still in contact with muse b, they skype/facetime/text/call each other all the time. even if muse a is still dating their bf/gf. while going through some hardships, muse b realizes that muse a is the only person in their life that is always there. & muse b finally realizes how much they love muse a. however, it seems like it’s too late when muse b is attending muse a’s wedding as the best man/maid of honor. [this was based on love, rosie.]

Episode 01: Lost River | June 29, 2015

This podcast contains some spoilers for the film “Lost River”

Michael and Nick are joined by fashion blogger and “everything” vlogger Angela Marcelino for our premiere episode! To start off the show, the three of us gather around to watch Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River. Angela watches it with sound, Michael and Nick without. Join us while we try to figure out what the hell this whole thing was about.

We also discuss the Spider-Man reboot casting news, the Harry Potter movies, and diversity in film.

Be sure to follow Angela on YouTube and check out her blog!

These past couple months I been thinking about what next to do for Australian music. Started with A Good Town For It. That turned into New Oz Music. After I left TheVine nobody wanted to pay me enough to do a weekly Aussie music column so I figured fuck it all, I’ll do it how I want. Emancipate myself from the content mill, do something a little more enduring. So here’s the first issue of the greatest monthly Aussie music zine on the planet.


- An interview with Evelyn Morris of Pikelet/LISTEN notoriety, talkin’ ‘bout how LISTEN has grown from a Facebook status into one of the Aussie music industry’s most vital organisations supporting women-identifying folks in music.

- Reviews of releases from Jess Ribeiro, Zone Out, Ali Barter, Sui Zhen, Snowy Nasdaq, Royal Headache, Ali E, Emily Ulman, Ouch My Face, Golden Features ft. Thelma Plum, TEEF’s Imperium in Imperio comp, Japanese Wallpaper, Alpine, and Darts.

- A short essay kinda spiel by Roy Molloy on the man behind the myth.

- Reports from the boundary at this year’s Community Cup.

New issues out every month. Email tracks, records, gigs, praise, hateful epistles and anything else to jakecleland@gmail.com.