“But I can’t help but drive away from all the mess you made
You sent this hurricane now it won’t go away
And I promised I’d be there but you don’t make it easy
Darling please believe me”

Oh Wonder’s one song a month for a year is almost coming to an end, but do not fear, as their self-titled debut album is just around the corner. “Drive”, is the latest offering from the pair, who shroud the soundscape with all kinds of uplifting tracks, shadowing the sadness laced within the words. Listen to the track up top, it’s one of their bests. Oh Wonder, the album is out September 4 this year. 

I just want to say:
If you ever need to talk, even tho we are strangers, you can stop by my blog and text me. There will be no judgments, no commitments, I don’t know you and you don’t know me.
Just to people talking to each other, trying to fix something that’s wrong.
—  IMissYouArima

Bruh!!!!! Drizzy just dropped another track..Killing off Meek Again! He too Supercharged

“You love her, then you gotta give the world to her
Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour
I know that you gotta be a thug for her
This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more
Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers
You getting bodied by a singing nigga
I’m not the type of nigga that’ll type to niggas
Shout out to all my boss bitches wife-in niggas
Make sure you hit him with the prenup
Then tell that man to ease up
I did another one, I did another one
You still ain’t did shit about the other one