Newcomers Lewis Del Mar have a sound like no other. Their incredible debut single “Loud(y)” is one of those songs that you can’t place, it’s got a bit a bit of everything in it. Yesterday, the pair dropped “Memories”, another absolute stomper of a track. Big, bold drums, sprawling guitar chords and a powerful vocal delivery; what more could you ask for? This is a must listen…

Episode 03: Torque | July 27, 2015

This episode contains some spoilers for Torque and Ant-Man.

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Michael & Nick are joined by filmmaker and comedian Rocky Pajarito to discuss Joseph Kahn’s 2004 motorcycle street racing masterpiece Torque. Afterwards, we spend some time talking about Marvel’s Phase Two caper Ant-Man and Judd Apatow & Amy Schumer’s new comedy Trainwreck, as well as some coming attractions.

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It’s barely been a week, and IYES have already shared the second song from their forthcoming Part One EP. Following the cool poppy goodness of “So Crazy”, the Brighton duo get real groovy with “No Wonder”.Once more, the instrumentation is packed with delightfully vibrant sounds that’ll put you in the best of moods from the first instant. Live it up to the track above…