headcanons of adult kirishima with long or short hair are a blessing

but pls consider: mullet

also bonus:


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Start of the Giant

All 43 performances safely completed!

After 2 years and 4 consecutive shows, Takato and Shouri will now watch Karasuno from the audience in the fall, and say goodbye now to the cast they’ve worked with since Nekoma’s introduction.  

As I mentioned in my Curtain Call summary, Shouri said during his curtain call message, “I want to play the Battle at the Trash Heap.”*  Later, Ryoutarou tweeted a reply to that statement (x):

“Takato-kun, Shouri
Thank you so much.

Shouri said that he wanted to play the battle of the trash heap, but that’s unfair.  Me too!!! Idiot!”

(x) (x


*I’ve gotten this question a lot, but no, they’ve made no official statements as to whether or not Takato and Shouri will continue being Kenma and Kuroo for later shows.  We may see them return, this may have been their graduation.  We do not know officially either way.  Regardless, the current Karasuno cast members will graduate in the fall, and Shouri and Takato say goodbye to their original Karasuno rivals now to cheer them on in The Strongest Team.  

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First movie: heh, colossus big strong gentle Russian metal giant

Second movie: Colossus picking Wade up and just holding him softly after undeniable Deadpool style romantic tension followed immediately by Fighting Dirty Scene.Mp4