i know it’s not ginny. cause’ even you’re not that crazy.

<< then  w h y  haven’t you told ginny? >>

                                                  << i  d o n ’ t  know >>


She & Him - Happy Holiday.

((because @ghostrhi wanted me to post this, im posting it. Warning for angst with no comfort. just pure agony))

Gavin pulls his scarf up closer, the cold air biting around his neck. The weather doesn’t normally get this cold around here,  one of the many things he escaped when he moved here from England. His hands are in his pocket, one fiddling with the keys to his apartment, the other with his phone.

“Bit chilly isn’t it, Rye?” Gavin smiles to himself as he stands still. “You love cold days, always using them as an excuse to cuddle. Not that I minded.”

Gavin sighs, shifting his cold feet and resumes. “You missed a great lad adventure yesterday. Michael has been working on these new bombs, ones that are more compact but have a bigger blast radius. And of course we needed a place to test them. So Jeremy and I found a building thats been set to get torn down. But when we get there we found a whole other crew set up there! Jeremy tried to get us not to test the bombs, but you know how Michael gets when he wants something to explode. The base got mullarded, you would’ve loved it. Jeremy and I got most of the other crew distracted away from the base so no one died. The look on their faces though-”

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Episode 2 has finally arrived! Is it Halloween themed? No! I only just thought of that! But it is funny, a little shorter, and full of just terrific advice.

In this episode we answer your questions about everything from university to older men, (we really talk a lot about older men), and delve into the Gross Crush List™, which may tell you more than you needed to know about Grace and I. 

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somuchspoopyness  asked:

H9w about all 3 lads? Like the other crew thinks it was easy to get the youngest of the fahc and it's not like the only lady could stop them. They kinda just nab Jack since she was in the explosion that took out the lads.

But oh wait Jack’s that frees them after the torture of the lads in her face and everything. (Sorry not helping) Also mom to the rescue.

((i just kinda… focused on the ‘Jack rescues the lads’ bit. and uh. spit out this))

Jack comes too with the feeling of ropes around her arms and bruising on her head. It takes her approximately one second to realize whats going on. She’s been kidnapped.

She takes a deep breath and opens her eyes. Time to see what she’s dealing with here. The first thing she notices is that she’s in a small room. Tied to a chair. Alone. She can hear muffled voices outside, some kind of hallway from how far away the voices are. She glances around the room. No security cameras that she can see, but there could still be various bugs. Door was wooden, meaning a good kick near the handle should open it. She starts checking her pockets, no weapons there. Seems these guys were thorough with getting rid of all her hidden knifes. But not thorough enough with their tying. She starts pulling on the rope, slowly making her way out of it. Who the fuck uses rope anymore, really?

She pretty far along with getting out of them when she hears it. A shout, loud and angry and heartbreaking and undeniably Michael. 

“Don’t you fucking touch him!” Jack hears, clear as day despite being muffled by doors. “You are all dead! You hear me! Dead! You’re going to regret even thinking about us! Just wait until the Vagabond gets a hold of you, the things he can do- DON’T TOUCH HIM MOTHERFUCKER-” Theres a loud hit, the sound of a blunt object hitting skin and Michael’s voice gets cut off and Jack’s heart sinks to her toes.

 Whoever these people are have the lad. And from the sound of it some of the others. She redoubles her efforts to get out of her binds.

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