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adjective | ro·co·co | rəˈkōkō

A style, primarily of interior design, that appeared in France around 1700. Rococo interiors were extensively decorated and included elegant furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, easel paintings, tapestries, reliefs, and wall painting.

Art History Glossary: A helpful list of art and architecture terms to support curious rookies.

Creative-field Studyblrs!

“Hi, everyone! This will become an official list that I’ll link on my blog and on the @studioblrcollective blog! (feel free to reblog/message me and mention where you think you fit in and your concentration and I’ll add you!). I’m sorry if I didn’t categorize you correctly, I just tried to make my judgment based on what was on your blog page.

I really believe that the creative side of the studyblr community needs some love, so that’s why I’m doing this little feature/list! No likes or reblogs necessary, but it would be nice to help spread some love around!







I would love to be able to add so much more to this list so if you’re a creative field studyblr that fits in these categories (or would like to add a category) feel free to let me know and I’ll update it! <3

Havana - Cuba

Cuba is the largest of all the islands in the Caribbean, and with a population of 2.2million people, Havana is also the largest city in the Caribbean. The city was created in 1515 by Spanish conquistador Diego Velazquez. 

Havana’s architecture is incredibly diverse. The cities castles, that can date back to the 16th century, are juxtaposed against colonial buildings, and then modern high rises. Old Havana is where the cities most iconic neo-classical and baroque architecture can be found. This part of Havana is heritage listed by UNESCO. Best explored on foot, there are plenty of walking tours available for those wishing to explore the city. 


noun | oc·u·lus | äkyələs

Latin, “eye.” The round central opening of a dome. Also, a small round window in a Gothic cathedral.

Art History Glossary: A helpful list of art and architecture terms to support curious rookies.

Why does tumblr staff hate ARCHatlas?

I keep quiet most of the time but I honestly feel like tumblr @staff does not like ARCHatlas and are actively sabotaging it.

ARCHatlas does not show up in the architecture blogs list (over 100 blogs) because of the “algorithm” they use, but a blog that has not posted in four years show in the top ten recommendations? (do not believe me, check @architecture!)

ARCHatlas does not show up in the mobile search for architecture top posts but does show up in the desktop search for architecture, no one can tell me why? (maybe because there is no freakin’ reason! but this does limit greatly exposure to posts)

ARCHatlas was taken down for six weeks for claims that were quickly refuted but ignored, you know they never responded to any of my emails? (c’mon @staff!)

ARCHatlas has been more than once classified as “adult oriented” content. (architecture porn!)

I swear, every so often I feel like saying “screw you” to tumblr.

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