Netflix to watch list. (mostly just documentaries)

i’m slacking… movies i want to watch that are on instant.

-Paranormal Activity 2 [X]
-Breakfast at Tiffany’s (cause i still haven’t seen it all the way through.) 
-Walking Dead season 1, since i deleted it all from my dvr.
-Mad Men [season 1 X]
-The Science of Sleep 
-SLC PUNK!! (i love this movie)
-Bomb It [X]
-The September Issue [X]
-We Live in Public
-Our City Dreams
-Art & Copy
-For the Bible Tells Me So
-The Pixar Story
-Seasons 4 & 5 of Army Wives
-Conan O'Brien Can’t Stop [X]
-Thumbs Up
-Food Inc.
-Fantasic Flesh
-Super High Me


The Cinematography of Robert Yeoman

 (Wes Anderson’s Director of Photography)

Whoooaaaa never seen it.  People’ve told me to see it, though.  Gotta get on that shit.  

SAME.  Like jesus fuck they’re all like ‘a movie about mental illness! :D’ and then you watch 2.5 hours of horrible drama.  And you can bet all the acting will be bad and there’ll be at least one dirty greyscale flashback in the rain.

I do the same thing except the complete opposite.  Like if a film is hyped I also get hyped and I start believing it’s gotta be like the best movie that’s ever existed EVER and I go right into the theatre totally believing that all my expectations are gonna be met.  Yep.

Anyway.  In this case they more than were.  By official opinion of me, mentally ill person, and my dad - social worker of mentally ill criminals.  It’s a fucking amazing movie, doesn’t make mental illness the villain or soft-core it up.  Watch watch watch.