loizeaux sent me this amazing gif-set he found on Imgur. I have to post.

These are the Studio Ghibli movies directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

I was told in an anon that the creator has posted them on they’re own blog as well. They’re blog:

College Tips: What They Should Tell You but Probably Won't

I’m not sure if this will be helpful to many but to those of you who are entering college soon as freshmen/are going back to school after a long break, I have a few tips/commentary.

1. “I’m Smart Though”

This tip is for my arrogant AP kids. I was an AP kid in high school so I’m telling you this from personal experience. What I noticed about the AP kids that I sat in class with were that they had a disgustingly arrogant attitude about being smarter than others that weren’t in AP and being so content with the AP work that they didn’t feel the need to study most times. DO NOT GO INTO COLLEGE WITH THAT NASTY ASS ATTITUDE LIKE YOU’RE INCREDIBLY SMART AND ARE IMMUNE TO FAILING. Study hard and focus because AP classes are elementary school work compared to college. Do not get comfortable with being labeled “smart” in high school because all of that doesn’t matter when you’re in college.

2. Utilize

Use your parent’s stability for as long as you can. Don’t be so fast to be an adult because you are still young and vulnerable and you need their support. Use your college advisors for EVERYTHING. Blow up their e-mails and office hour slots about class courses, job opportunities (on and off campus), tutorial sessions…everything! Use your classmates for study groups. Grouping up benefits you more than you know because it allows you the opportunity to learn the same material but with different perspectives (sometimes your classmates are more useful than your professor).

3. Huh?

ASK QUESTIONS about anything (whether it be to your parents, peers, professors, advisors, random people in the hallway, etc.). Don’t be afraid to talk. Break out of your shyness! Speak! A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

4. Here, There, Everywhere

Buy a calender and write down all of your projects, tests, homework, classwork and their respective due dates (most of your professors will not remind you). Also, make yourself a schedule to allot yourself a timely manner when to do things. That procrastination thing doesn’t fly in college…You can still manage but why go through the stress that procrastination creates?

5. Are you Classy? 

In most colleges, you are prohibited from taking more than 6 classes in one semester but 5 is suggested to graduate on time. It’s important that you pick the days for this 5/6 class course load with caution. Unlike high school, you’re not going to the same class every single day; the most you’ll meet are 3 days a week. Your classes may meet on Mon/Wed, Mon/Wed/Friday, Tues/Thurs, or you may even take all of your classes on one designated day. 

 *Don’t schedule all of your classes for the same day. You will stress yourself out because there’s a possibility you could have up to 5 major assignments all due on the same day (I’ve been there) 

 *Don’t take more than 3 classes per day. Spread your time out. 

 6. Books! 

Don’t buy your books from your school store…they raise the prices up like crazy. Use a website such as:

7. Money on My Mind $€£¥ 

Keep your scholarship on your mind. Don’t you dare lose that scholarship. 

 8. One Day 

Allow yourself at least one day to relax EVERY week if you’ve worked hard enough for that relaxation day. 

9. Sophomore, Junior, Senior…

Make friends with people who are at least 2 years/2 levels of education higher than your own that have similar fields to yours. They will graduate before you and if they just so happen to get their own businesses or become hired by a company with that specific field, you will have a few connections while in college or right after you graduate from college.

 10. If it Doesn’t Work Out? 

College isn’t for everybody. Don’t feel pressured to enroll in an institution simply because others are telling you too. College is a full-time commitment and if it’s not for you then it’s perfectly fine; some of the most successful people on this Earth didn’t attend college! Remember that.

Monday Things

Because everyone loves lists…

  • Navyy’s foot is feeling much better, which is good news for everyone.
  • I did not manage to get everything done this weekend that I wanted to, but I did succeed in taking on a couple of big projects so that is a win.
  • I shaved my legs on Saturday for the first time in a loooong while, and have since only worn pants for no particular reason.
  • The weather is cooler and gray today and for the next couple of days. I had to close the windows and turn the heat back on yesterday, but at least we are not getting any snow. Next weekend looks pretty nice, too, so we may get out and do some garden planting then.
  • Navyy & Minky are going to be picking up some fabric today for a project of hers, and I am having her get some stuff for me so I can try making a skirt with our sewing machine. I kind of know how to sew, but I figured it might be fun to play around a little. We will see how it goes.
  • I have been tracking a bunch of health/self-care related stuff for myself to try and keep more accountable about good habits. So far it has been really successful in getting me to drink more water and eat breakfast much more regularly. Still working on the exercise thing, and I could also stand to go to bed a little earlier again.
  • I am having peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch. I will probably top it off with a little homemade ice cream. Sorry not sorry. Kid life for life.
Townie Mod

I wish there was a mod that prevented any townies from spawning (except for the mail man and other essential ones) - getting really tired of having to delete these badly dressed, weirdly named people all the time >:(

Er…I…I might have derped out a new OC on accident, rawr. ;;

Her name is Nota.

She’s kind of an embodiment of music, and loves to sing~ Which is she is quite good at, I imagine~ 

Not only that, but she has sound powes and music can influence various aspects of her personality at a moment. o:

and yesh hearing some songs or her wanting to sing something big and grand to a wide audience canmake her hyooge too cough cough off the record stuff