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bbRusty and bbHags in 2009!

And for more Yelling About Rusty and Hags, please have this article from 2008 about Rusty’s brother, Matt, who played NCAA hockey for University of Michigan, where he was teammates with Carl Hagelin and was infamous for a YouTube of him dancing to Fergie’s Glamorous, a song that Rusty and Hags did a perfectly choreographed dance routine to at the Cup party after the Pirates game this year, nine years later IM FINE NO ONE LOOK AT ME.

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I know right! 

Look at him!

Can he not?

Just no

stop that villian 

I take offense 

He’s mocking us 


Begone Satan

He pushed your old granny in the water. You thanked him

Behind bars where he belongs. His crime? Mass infatuation

He is laughing at our pain 

BONUS… He teams up with Mr Brazilian Hot Pants, that other life ruiner Andrew Matarzzo. They are here to make sure we suffer

the gruesome twosome 

Their aim is to end honorable women worldwide. Even men leave their wives for these boys. 

They want you to join them. Who’s knee will you sit on? You are damned either way…

They will not stop

This is the table were they tie you down and cut your throat for their satanic rituals for eternal beauty. Number of victims currently unknown.  

Let this post be a warning to you… Don’t look at Froy. Don’t look at Andrew… they are both in on this together. You fall in love with one, the other is right behind you… you will be damned or murdered. 

Life Ruiners #3

I made a post about beautiful boys that ruin my life and beautiful men, so I wanted to make one with beautiful women, here’s a handful.

These ladies

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are so damn beautiful and gorgeous

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and amazing and kickass

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that it’s not even fair.

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Seriously, how do they do it?

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I’m kinda jealous because 

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they are so wonderful.

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All these women are goals.

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Probably forgetting some more amazing women out there, but these one I especially admire <3