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i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now

Just so you know

Agender people are amazing. 

Bigender people are beautiful.

Demigender people are dreamy. 

Genderfluid people are fabulous.

Genderflux people are fantastic.

Juxeras are geniuses. 

Maveriques are magnificent.

Neutrois are neat.

Pangender people are perfect. 

Proxvirs are powerful.

Trigender people are terribly cool. 

Enbies are entrancing and divs are delightful. Pass it on.

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Things rowers hate:

1. Rowing when it’s freezing out
2. Not being able to go out and having to erg
3. Waiting for 3+ hours to be able to leave a regatta
4. Forgetting a post workout snack
5. When the person in front of you splashes you a lot (especially in combination with the first)
6. Novice boats/coxies who don’t know the course yet
7. On-the-square rowing practices
8. When the sun doesn’t rise until practice is entirely over
9. When coaches wake your boat badly
10. When someone says they didn’t pull as hard as they could have
11. Lightning
12. Heavy old wooden boats
13. When people who don’t row complain about how they have to get up at 6:00
14. Disgustingly polluted water

But it’s worth it

How much of a completionist are you in Monster Hunter?

Do you try to finish every quest at least once?

Do you absolutely need to have done every combination in your list of combinations?

Do you wish to have every award in your guild card?

Do you try to max the levels of all your Palicos?

Do you attempt to find the smallest and biggest crown-sized Monsters for all kinds of Monsters?

Do you dream of having at least one rare or very rare item per Monster in your item box?

Do you plan on crafting every weapon of at least one type? Maybe more?! Armors?!

Are you trying to do all of these!!?

  • Incomplete
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Never Gone

Voices tell me I should carry on
But I am swimming in an ocean all alone
Baby, my baby
It’s written on your face
You still wonder if we made a big mistake

I’ve tried to go on like I never knew you
I’m awake but my world is half asleep
I pray for this heart to be unbroken
But without you all I’m going to be is incomplete

Dear singlets
  • Multiplicity is real.
  • Every multiple system is different.
  • Every multiple system is valid.
  • Every member of every multiple system is valid.
  • Every member of every multiple system is different.
  • Every system and even member of a multiple system copes with stuff in their own way.
  • Those ways are valid as long as they’re not hurting others.
  • No ~romanticising~ multiplicity (whatever the heck you even mean by that) is not hurting others.
  • Stop trying to figure out if anyone is a fake or hate on those you deem fake or attention seekers – THIS HURTS REAL MULTIPLES FAR MORE THAN ANY FAKES!
  • Stop policing us and our identities and the words and ways and concepts we use to express them.
  • Stop trying to speak over us.
  • Stop pathologizing and/or infantilising and/or romanticising us (There’s a difference between a singlet and a multiple doing that).

Thank you!

Kurayami by Mrs Scorpius Malfoy

Summary: Haruno Sakura had no idea that her life was going to take a drastic turn after almost getting hit by his sports car. Uchiha Sasuke, silent assassin, did not know how she would change his view of the world. Crime!AU In which Sasuke is assigned by Orochimaru to infiltrate Sakura university and keep tabs on her for mysterious reasons. It’s only on the first chapter but I will update next week! Please give it a try :) it is my first time writing something in the organised crime and I am excited to hear what people have to say.

It is rated M due to language, violence, and future sexual scenes.