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Idk how to phrase this so I hope u follow! I just saw stiles-lydia()com/post/156339779477 and I never saw the connection bw "you held your breath" and the saying "don't hold your breath"? Like how long have ppl been saying "dont hold your breath, dont wait forever" about L to S and her saying that was kind of symbolic to me in that way of: look what happened for sticking w me and helping me become this person! Ik its not what the writers meant but I still like it. Hope this makes sense haha

Wow….. that’s beautiful. That’s really, really, really beautiful, anon. Like, I just got tears in my eyes. 


Thank you for choosing to send this to me. It’s one of the best asks I’ve ever gotten. 


So I know that one pic of Beyoncé on the jet ski with a designer dress has been going around for a bit but I feel like we need to address this one from a different angle.
It looks like she’s in a badass spy movie chase scene and this was a freeze frame moment to tell a backstory monologue lol. Plus that smoldering look perfectly ready for the camera despite going like 40+mph in the ocean? iconic