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what's up with that other blue mordesh :o what's he about

The other blue mordesh, ah yes, I’m gonna assume it’s this asshole right here:

Neirin is something of a mordesh “bad boy”, he sang in a band, he’s been in gangs and been associated with cartels, he owns leather jackets and looks hot in them. He’s quick to make friends and quick to start fights, loves a good time and hates being held down by things like, ugh, rules

Recently though, he was caught smuggling goodies out of the Enclave his older brother belongs to. Ratted out by his own brother! There is no loss of love there, since they never got along. He donated his body to science for a lighter sentence, and isn’t eager to repeat that particular experience any time soon (let’s just say he didn’t always have part of his head replaced with metal).

It seems like all is well now that he’s a Legal Assistant to a certain infamous Protostar Lawyer, but let’s be real, those guys are crooks, and Neirin has been suspiciously close to the guy ever since he was hired…

 Aimrys Mirnen

Aimrys is your typical docile librarian with a tender heart. Imaginative and highly intelligent, the englishwoman has a curiosity that knows no bounds and a chipper attitude to match. Yes, she’s the one formulating awful puns while the spiked walls are closing in. It’s rare that anyone will see her without a genuine smile. 

Though Aimrys has an undoubtedly caring tendency… she has a problem with overdoing it, often forgetting about herself whenever dangerous situations arise. The brunt of her concern and compassion is directed at her boss, Achilles, much to his utter dismay.

Her past is not one that is brought up in civil discussion, lest one would like to make the devil recoil in horror. Being raised in a church only stimulated her hatred for certain beliefs, but amplified her survival instinct, which became particularly useful when her home became the dank, dark streets. She strongly believes that while her past was gruesome, it does not justify any ill actions, so she is quick to bottle up her anger or any form of discomfort. The very definition of a glass cannon, this witch has immense power within her and will use it to protect those she cares for. 

Defiance Character Introduction: Alak Tarr

Alak Tarr is a Castithan, the son of Datak and Stahma Tarr. He was born after the Votans’ arrival on Earth, and because of this he is subject to both the cultures of the humans as well as old Castithan traditions and societal values. He is much less manipulative than his parents and has compassion for many people, though he can be very defensive.

Alak is in love with Christie McCawley, the daughter of Rafe McCawley, who is Datak and Stahma Tarr’s enemy within the town of Defiance. 

He also runs the town’s radio station through the St. Louis Arch.

Nikolai Wynn

Your modern everyday monster hunter. From a young age he’s been trained to recognize and vanquish any type of supernatural being he’s come across. Given his “occupation” he moves around frequently to avoid detection and dangerous situations. However, at the moment, he is taking up residence in Eads, which he believes to be a regular off-the-grid small town. ( not that everyone and their mother is a werewolf, vampire, witch, or other)

Often times, the man has been deemed as immature and careless. This is actually quite the opposite when he’s on the job. Nikolai has exceptional leadership skills and serious disposition in regards to the responsibilities he’s been shouldered with. Although, that won’t keep him from playing around–interjecting with a sarcastic comment or two every now and then. 

Currently, he lives with his girlfriend, Bree and her son Sammy. While he’s never been accustomed to home life, he finds that it grants him a strong sense of security. In the forefront of his mind, their safety remains a lingering question the longer he stays with them. 

 Character Introduction 001 ✝   THE MESSIAH

Mudou Setsuna  :  無道 刹那

At the age of 16 Setsuna is the latest reincarnation of the Organic Angel, Alexiel. Like the other vessels for the fallen angel’s soul before him, Setsuna was fated for a early violent end to his life. 

Coming to terms with his incestuous feelings for his sister, Mudou Sara. Setsuna finds himself thrown into the turbulent and dangerous realm of Heaven and Hell, when the plot to awaken the powers sleeping inside him ends with the death of his beloved sister. Setsuna fought his way through the Astral Plains to reunite with his lover and earn true happiness.

╫Suis-je belle?╫ Character intro

Ren chewed on his lip as he moved through the dorms. He had begged and pleaded with the administration to be put in the girl’s dorms but they had said no. He felt so out of place here. And he knew…He just KNEW that someone was going to say something mean or beat him up. They always did. The place always seemed to change but the reaction never did. He would be an outcast forever.

He found his room and slowly started to put his things away. He hung up his clothes carefully and arranged his make-up on the little desk before throwing all of his stuffed animals onto the pink and teal floral sheets his Aunt had bought for him before leaving. He smiled and touched the flower petals before gather a brush and mirror, going out to the little common area. He crossed his long creamy legs and started brushing his hair.

He hadn’t been able to convince them to put him in the girls dorm but after alot of coaxing and crying he’d managed to get the girl’s uniform that he now wore. He smiled and touched a bit of pink lip balm to his lips, smacking them together and pouting in the mirror. 

Defiance Character Introduction: Stahma Tarr

Stahma Tarr is a Castithan woman, born and raised in the Votanis star system before it was destroyed. She was of higher caste on their homeworld and earned passage to Earth on the arks, where she met Datak Tarr, a man of lower caste but to whom she married and bore a son, Alak.

Stahma is thoughtful and cunning, just as much if not more so than her husband. She seems content to let things work themselves out and use them to her advantage rather than using brute force and power. She is the perfect example of a Castithan wife, subtle and beautiful, but she is intelligent and knows when to play her cards.

✝ Character Introduction 025 ✝   THE ANGEL OF HEALING

Archangel Raphael

The Elemental Angel of Air and First Chair of the Virtues, Raphael is known far and wide as the best healer in all of creation. He is also known as the biggest womanizer in Heaven and devotes much of his time to seeing his female ‘patients’. This behavior stems from his former associate Belial, who 'introduced’ Raphael to carnal pleasures and humiliated him when Belial’s vulgar acts were revealed. 

He is best friends with Michael, who was the only person who didn’t treat him differently after the incident with Belial. Whether Michael was oblivious to the news or genuinely  didn’t care is unknown, but it helped Raphael escape the desolation of shame. In return for the salvation Michael offered, Raphael has sworn to never forgive the one person who changed his friend. Lucifer.

Defiance Character Introduction: Irisa

Irisa is an Irathient woman, born to two Irathient parents but rescued from them at a young age by Joshua Nolan. Since this, the two have been nearly inseparable. Nolan has raised Irisa since she was very young and treats her like his own daughter. Irisa, in turn, treats Nolan similarly to a father.

Irisa has lovely red hair and bright orange eyes. Like most Irathients, she is very good with weapons and fighting, particularly simple blades, which she keeps on her person at all times. 

She is strong and independent, and very protective when she needs to be. She is also generally quiet and though she can be feisty, she doesn’t needlessly burst into fights.

character introduction:Sadiq Adnan


abilities: Pyrokinesis- basically meaning he can light things on fire and make things explode with his mind.

information that Natalya has gathered: Sadiq Adnan, the soon to be husband to Yekaterina Cherneko. He has several relations to an underground crime ring, due to one of his brothers being apart of it. Before his relationship with Yekaterina, he was also apart of said group, but his contact with them as of late has been minimal. Yekaterina may trust him but Nikolai is still on edge around him, Ivan still remains neutral in regards to Sadiq but does not seem to like him very much. Sadiq has crossed paths with ‘the Monochrome Devil’ but so far he hasn’t figured out her identity. It’s a standstill between the two, both threatening to kill the other if either drag Yekaterina into trouble. But Natalya does trust him enough to protect Katya from harm.

relation to Natalya (Monochrome Devil): He is her soon to be brother in law, the current protector to her older sister, Possible informant on the underground crime ring, and an ally.

This new land… Is so soft. And pathetic… They feign their strength in numbers, pretending that they are united under a single, just cause. Pitiful. They are weak– united, a force to be reckoned with. But they would fall so easily– so quickly, to the siren’s song of greed, lust, power… They would shove a blade in one another’s back, should the opportunity present itself and promise to be rewarding. Manipulating them will be a simple task, time consuming, though simple. United they are a war machine. Divided, they are an army of insects, waiting to be crushed under my boot.

I will search for others– others like me. Even the defects and the exiled of the Raen. I will reach out to them, and rally them to our own cause… Band together, the strongest and most clever of the other Xaela clans that seek their rise to power in this place. And just as my own had fallen, I will wipe out any other tribes that dare stand in my way or threaten my vision.

Qaratani, as she always has, is far too eager to spill blood– but she restrains herself for me. She is loyal, and always has been. She understands my longing to redeem myself in the face of the failure that was my previous tribe’s demise. No longer, will I be the victim– and neither shall she. 

I will sweep a path of glory and blood, for those who would unite under the Khyadaan name… And together, we will march through Eorzea, and one by one, this land’s nations will fall under the rule of my fist.

Prepare yourself, scaleless vermin. For your world has caught my attention. And I hunger for dominion of it.


“Killing zombies is not my thing… I’d rather take a nap”

Here comes Kokone!

Before the apocalypse she was working as the photographer in the local newspaper,but when you are trying to survive,there is no time for taking photos [and we have to be honest, zombies are not so photogenic],so her skills are currently useless.

She is really nervous because of the lack of sleep and stress. Also,she would do anything for a cup of coffee.

At the moment she is wandering near supermarket,hiding from zombies and wishing to find anyone,who is actually not trying to kill her.