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HIRAETH: Introducing the male and female lead


Female lead: The White wolf

Name: ______ 

Age: 559 

Profession: Professor of Zoology, Seoul National University 

Position: None, at the moment. 

Pack: Previously belonged to the Nuntis pack, the royal white sun-wolves. Also known as Canis Dirus or the dire wolves, the most powerful wolves to have ever existed. Currently, a rogue.

Character intro: The last white wolf of legend, currently in disguise, calm and collected (most of the times), hates confrontations but will not back off from a fight, doesn’t get intimidated easily.

Male lead: The Black wolf

Name: Jeon Jungkook 

Age: 500 

Profession: Hotelier

Position: None 

Pack: Belongs to the Ráka pack, one of the strongest in current times. Settled in South Korea.

Character intro: Great physical strength, youngest of his pack, treasures his family above all, lady-killer, will protect what he treasures at any cost, always ready for a fight.

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Introducing the new muse to this blog:


Despite what the screen shot shows, she is in fact a Sunbreaker. Contrary to in game height, she is only 5 feet tall and fairly new to the world in terms of being a Guardian. Having woken up and becoming active during the start of the Age of Triumph, she has no clue just how horrible the world around her can really be. 

She’s naive, too easy to trust and will try anything and everything to make everyone her friend. 

Which will prove difficult due to her damaged voice box… Having only the tunes of the Golden Age and even older to express her emotions and needs accordingly.

Novel Sunday #2


Main Character #1: Vanessa

Physical Age: 24 years old

True Age: ?

Appearance: African-American young woman of average build and height; her dark hair is kept in a side braid that hangs over her right shoulder. Her wardrobe is simple: jeans, jacket, T-shirt, sneakers.

Personality: She’s quiet…at first. But that’s only because she’s sizing you up as a person. Once she believes she has you pegged, it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to change her mind. And once she decides she doesn’t like you, she’s incredibly blunt about it. Sarcasm is her main language, as is swearing. The only time she shows her soft side is when she’s dealing with pitiful creatures.

Identifying Character Trait: Raising an eyebrow as she says something snarky; tugging on her braid as she’s pondering over something.

Relationship to Ash: “Secretary”

Feelings towards Ash: “Fuck that guy.”


! meet stella !

so hello there! my name is heather. i noticed that there’s another person named heather, but.. this is the only thing i’ve ever gone by, so i didn’t want to make an alias. anyway, back on track, this is the first tumblr rp i’ve joined. it’d be nice if people would talk to me and befriend me, i feel a little lost. alright, on to stella.

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Angela was arguably perfect, or so she was told. She mastered the climbing wall, she mastered Capture the Flag, she mastered Pegasus flying, she mastered lightning and air, she mastered arts and crafts, she mastered volleyball, she mastered battling, and she mastered questing. She was never afraid because she never didn’t know. The whole world sat comfortably under her thumb, not leaving any room for error. Control was how she liked it and, quite frankly, how everyone else liked it too. It was a relief to know that the weight of the world was on the shoulders of someone as capable as her. She’d never give up the feeling of stability, or at least, she thought she’d never give up the feeling. She was no god, but she could damn well try. There was nothing she couldn’t handle, until there was him. It wasn’t until Jaime that Angela realized she couldn’t control the world around her. It was then that she didn’t even want to.
Grave Curiosity
Nelle Miller -- Breton; wannabe mage; runaway

Nelle was never a stranger to mischief or rebellion. But when her freedom of choice was challenged - no, outright denied - by her father, she chose to run for a chance to live life as she saw fit. Now she’s in Skyrim, trying to locate a childhood friend of her mother’s: some mage that could not only teach Nelle all she wanted to know about Conjuration, but also help set her on her way to successful independece.

HOGWARTS AU || CHARACTER INTRO - @everxwatchingxeye

​CHARACTER NAMEBill Cipher William Dorian Slyfer
HOUSE: Slytherin
AGE/YEAR: Professor: Care of Magical Creatures
OTHER INFO (clubs? prefect or not? pets? etc…): Not much is known about Professor Slyfer other than that he should have been fired years ago and yet still seems to have a job. His exact age is unknown he doesn’t look older than twenty, but other teachers swear he’s been working there for years. He’s small, standing at only five feet, and some swear he has pointy ears. Though others say it’s pointed teeth, and still others say it’s neither. There are rumors that he’s a vampire or an elf. No two students can agree. The only thing agreed upon about him is that he’s absolutely insane. Classes often include: being exposed to terrifying creatures, being exposed to literal monsters, and almost getting mauled. If someone isn’t sent to the hospital wind before the day is out, it’s been a pretty slow class. The average is one grievous injury per class period. There is also talk of Slyfer being into dark magic and while this is not confirmed by any stretch- it has certainly never been denied either. Oh, and there is one more weird legend about professor Slyfer that is whispered in the corridors:                             H̷̸̴͍̘̖̻͈e̪͕͎͟'̵̧͕̣̖͡ͅs̢̭̮̩̦̥͈̼͈͜ ̶̥͉̙̝͎̱̮̻a̶̻̤̦͚̬͉͡l̞͔̱̬̤͙w̛̳̟̖̥ͅa͉̹̤̰͝ͅy̢̺͍̪͓͝ş̢͈̭̩͉̫ ̣͙͚̤͎̮̠͠ẁ̝̰̙̝̦̖̮̳a̩͇̗̮̱̫̣̣t҉̤͚͔̺̝̘̰̘̟͡c͚̕͞h̶̰̻̯̦i͔̤̭̜̤͇̤͖̯͢͝n̻̘̘̼g̠͎̻̳͉̱̫͝͡ ̛̗̪͝ͅy̯͔̫̱͈͚͜o̴̭͍̥͚̰̼͝ͅų̦̝̗̳̺͚̺̞̹͜͝                                    ƃuᴉɥɔʇɐʍ sʎɐʍl∀
Born of the Rift
Gregor Rift-Born -- Nord; Hold Guard

Gregor grew up an orphan in Riften before a mercenary took pity on the young boy. The merc thought the young boy showed promise, and so he ‘adopted’ (or more accurately, Gregor just never went back to the orphanage) Gregor and took him in as his own. Gregor was trained in the ways of fighting, had a brief stint as a Legionnaire before retiring, was a mercenary for some time, and then returned to Riften as a Hold Guard in order to better fund the Orphanage with his wages.

michel luc calderon-pascal / 48 / owner, orgullo de floriana studio
x   born in paris, france to his mother and father
x   his mother left when he was six; he was without a mother until age eight, when his father met and married a cuban woman named floriana calderon
x   floriana raised him as her own son, teaching and incorporating him into her cuban culture, and taught him his first love: dance.
x   he planned to study architecture and during his mandatory military service, became more and more interested in pursuing a professional career in ballroom
x   after he ended his service, he moved to new york to put to use the skills he’d developed during his young life; he worked his way into the industry, through broadway, and various performances, competitions, and teaching gigs. 
x   at 35, he managed to take the bulk of his savings and secured a loan to open his own studio
x   he turned out competition-winning partners and put much his passion into the place; it became well known in a short time
x   he met his wife in his studio; at the time, she was fifteen years younger than he was and they married haphazardly
x  after seven years of marriage, they managed to conceive their son by accident. within the first year of his life, michel’s wife left them without explanation. 
x   after a few months of being a single parent in new york, and being largely very bitter about his wife’s departure, he decided he needed a change of scenery, and a project. he set out to open another studio, and settled on coventry, massachusetts. 
x   when the card came in the mail reminding him of his registration in the national ballroom association’s championships, he was reminded that he was partnerless without his wife. however, he wasn’t going to let her departure keep him from pursuing his one true love; he decided to set out on a search for the perfect partner.