Romione Fics in 2016
In alphabetical order… a list of Romione Fics published/updated in 2016 (mostly from Tumblr authors I’m aware of but if you’re an author let me know!) @aloemilk - No Hyphens Needed - Love Me...

I will keep updating the previous post, but incase you get a non-updated reblog across your dash, this list is a stationary page that should always be the most up to date (and much easier to bookmark and come back to.)

And we have reached 500 followers! First of all I want to thank all of you to stick around with me and my doofus ^^ In those months I have been on here, I have met a lot of wonderful people and right now I’m gonna list these people up! I can’t live without them!

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Hi, everyone! I recently reached 2k followers and I’m so happy! I want to thank you all for your support and for being there. Every Single one of you means a lot to me. Also, I’am especially thankful to all the blogs listed below. You guys make my dash a better place, really! Keep awesome and have a nice day!

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Pedophilia Supporters? Hmm...

To sugirdaddy It has come to my attention by one of my readers that my name, and many other artist’s and writer’s, have made it on a list of  pedophilia supporters. First off, can I just say, it is pretty awesome to be on a list in the first place. Now you’re probably thinking, no nightfall24​ this is a bad thing, bad bad bad, pedophiles are bad! And you would be 100% right, my friends. 

Pedophiles, rapists, bullies, and pretty much anyone who does something non-consensual and harmful to another is horrible and disgusting and should be punished by cutting off their dick or other appendages.  

With all of that being said, I am not, and will never, apologize for my stories. Whether it be happy little wolves, or dark mentally unstable men manipulating a teenage boy, they are fiction and character studies, nothing more. 

I am not defending my writing against a blogger who has most likely never even read a story from the writers she’s blacklisted and told others to shun as well. However, for my readers and other who might pass by here, I want to make a distinction between supporting pedophilia and writing stories that have multiple layers of dark, light, and gray and make readers think. Stories that are not about having sex with underage (fictional) characters, but about understanding motivations, illness, sorrow, loneliness, manipulations, and darkness that consumes us all. 

Some one who cannot see this, does not want to see it, or is triggered due to their past should stay away from these stories. I have absolutely no problem with someone who does not wish to read these types of stories. Everyone has a right to read or not read something, which is why we have tags to warn those who might be triggered. I do, however, have a problem when someone who is not part of the subculture of this fandom sticks their nose inside and immaturely and ignorantly bashes these artists. 

So, to sum up this little rant: I cannot speak for the other writers, but I do not support pedophilia, I am not apologizing for writing ‘Lies,’ if you are upset by these types of stories please read the tags and avoid, and if you don’t like a certain subject…mind you own fucking business and go on your merry way.

Umm…thanks for reading? (side note: I’m responding to her post like this because I couldn’t figure out how to reply to sugirdaddy​‘s original post. It is here if you’d like to read it.