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Banana Bread

Flourless Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Banana Bread


Healthy Chocolate Banana Bread

Zucchini Banana Bread



Chocolate Chip Banana Zucchini Bread



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klance anastasia au where keith is a missing prince, and his older brother/current king shiro is offering a giant reward for information, or his return. con men hunk/lance find amnesiac keith and are startled by how much he looks like the missing prince and convince him to get an audience with the king in the hopes of getting the reward. ft. zarkon as rasputin, shay as queen allura’s cousin and pidge as puka but human


Favourite Hakyeon hairstyles by @hakyeon-trash 

Space Vocab in Maltese

celebrating NASA’s news of the new 7 exoplanets found! 🌏☀️💫

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  • aljen – alien
  • astronawt – astronaut
  • astronomu – astronomer
  • atmosfera – atmosphere
  • dinja – earth
  • ħajja – life
  • kewkba – small star
  • orbita – orbit
  • osservatorju – observatory
  • pjaneta – planet
  • qamar – moon
  • rokit – rocket
  • sistema solari – solar system
  • skoperta – discovery
  • spazju – space
  • stilla – star
  • teleskopju – telescope
  • univers – universe
  • xemx – sun
  • xjentist – scientist
  • żona abitabbli – habitable zone
(nonsexual) ways to make an age regressor happy

(this can apply to any age regressors as long as it’s nonsexual and real age regression,,,and these are just things I like. Most of these involve a carer/caregiver, but you can do some of these on your own.)

  • tie my shoes (because its hard for me to do it right)
  • give me stuffies as a gift
  • pour apple juice (or another favorite drink) into a sippy cup for me
  • hold my hand while walking in public (or not if you dont like pda (it doesnt even have to be romantic, platonic hand holding exists too))
  • cook me some kiddy foods (dino chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, pb and j (or just j if u have allergies)
  • ice cream and/or candy for dessert
  • watch my favorite shows with me
  • help me with my homework (school/college is hard :(
  • play with my hair or comb it
  • movie night! Probably going to watch Disney or Dreamworks or maybe even a Pokemon movie! And don’t forget popcorn and blankets and stuffies.
  • Kid-friendly video games like Pokemon, Kirby, Pet simulator games like Nintendogs, Mario
  • When we’re bored, we can color/draw
  • Play-doh/ Slime
  • Oh yeah did I mention we can make slime! There are several recipes out there! Some don’t even require Borax if you can’t get it….I don’t even know what Borax is…..
  • Kid-friendly youtube vids (cute cat/dog vids, vids about toys/slime)
  • Play pretend! We can pretend do be animals or superheros or princesses/princes 
  • Go to the playground. Who cares if I’m physically too old. I’m still a kid inside ^^
  • Play online dress up games
Editor’s Pick Masterpost

Normally, Wednesdays are used to recommend fic that doesn’t quite fit into our other categories.  But they’re too amazing to not give to you.  

Today’s post is the Master-post of Editor’s Pick fic recommendations.  It is probably our most eclectic list as of yet.  In here you’ll get a wide array of ratings, multiple ships and pairings, a little bit of something for everyone.  

So, broaden your horizons, and read some amazing fic that you might not otherwise read.  As with every other list, each link will take you back to our original post which will provide you with ratings, length, spoilers, and trigger warnings.

Banging Your Head Against a Red Haired Brick Wall by Blair Provence

Red Valerian by @dashakay

Covenant by Rhonnda Lake

Eyes on You by Shawne

History of a Kiss by Elapses

The Third by Susanne Barringer

Strange Fruit by Punk Maneuverability

Out of Time by @dashakay

Phenomenology by @h0ldthiscat

Another Breath by Robot Iconography

What Not to Wear by Audrey Roget

Amicable Intent by KatyBlue

Out of the Question by Robot Iconography

Dying is Fine, But Death by Brighid

Some Books About Crooks by Sab

Shadowboxer by @somekindofseizure

Dream Within a Dream by Paige Caldwell

Deliberation by Sophia Jirafe

Beige Walls by Geb

How to Fake an Orgasm by Punk Maneuverability and Sab

Only Apples by Kelly Keil

Knock by Gnatalie

Seasons of Change by Gina Rain

Traffic by Sab

After by Alanna

Adios by Cici Lean AKA Pendgirl

Things Began by EPurSeMouve

Nobody’s Son by Marguerite

Hair: The Mulder Family Style by @frangipanidownunder

Aprons and Undershirts, The Smell of Someone You Love by @mangokiwitropicalswirl

We Are Buried in Every Place We’ve Been by @suncrossed

Seeking Warmth by @nowwhateinstein

Five Wishes by FirstofOctober

Chess by Cecily Sasserbaum

Crawl Space and In the Closet by Gwendolyn and @dashakay

In the Car by Adrienne

Melancholia by Jeylan

Madeleine by Amal Nahurriyeh

Boundless by Meredith

Buttons for Eyes by Cofax

Soldier Girl by Wintersong

Small Lives Awake by JET

London is Drowning by Oracle

Losing My Religion by Paige Caldwell

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag by Kel

For Now by Ann K

anonymous asked:

You think what clarke's said about young women to have children is foreshadowing Bellarke babies?

I think having children is of utmost importance in keeping humanity alive. Therefore, it is an issue in the apocalypse. And they are acknowledging that. This is not shipping. This is necessity.

I think we’re focused on fighting and surviving, so think that’s not something for this show, but one of the major themes is about how life should be about more than just survival. 

Parenting is a HUGE thing on this show. The generations. Raising kids. You just don’t get this many parental relationships on most shows, certainly not action shows where it’s all about fighting and survival.

I think trigedasleng gives us some hints about intention for this world and one of those hints is the word “fyucha” –FUTURE– for babies. 

I think that both Bellamy and Clarke have shown parental instincts with kids and their people. 

I think it’s less about foreshadowing of bellarke babies and more about a reminder of what their intentions are. Survival of humanity. Not just fighting, but procreating. Also, living. Having something to fight for. 

I said it before about the symbolic possibility of Clarke or Octavia, particularly, becoming pregnant and having a child. It fits with the symbolism and it also fits with the genre. Think Children of Men. Post apocalyptic science fiction absolutely addresses having children. It is PART of the genre. Maybe it’s not what most of the fandom is used to, as fans of teen CW soaps, which no. We don’t want to see teens having babies in those worlds. But it is part of this genre.

People got really angry at me the past few times I mentioned the possibility of Clarke or Octavia getting pregnant. They probably didn’t even realize how insulting their ideas about motherhood, pregnancy, single mothers and struggle were to a struggling single mother (that would be me) but they were. I apparently offended them with the concept that their badass feminist faves could possibly be lowered to the dehumanizing depths of having to have a child.

Which frankly, I found offensive myself. Mothers aren’t lesser beings and becoming a mother is not some horror that is inflicted upon our heroes to take their power away and make them suffer. That’s not a feminist perspective, kids. That’s misogyny. 

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Accidents Happen Series Masterlist

Summary:  Reader is accident prone, comes from a sheltered background, and has been with the Avengers almost a year when Steve finds Bucky and brings him to the Avengers Tower (post CATWS, pre CACW). Bucky takes an interest in the reader’s quirkiness. (mostly fluff)

Part One: Accidents Happen

Part Two: Melt With You

Part Three: Evasive Maneuvers

Part Four: Never Tear Us Apart

Part Five: Unavailable

Part Six: No Light, No Light

Part Seven: Tabula Rasa

Part Eight: Somethin’ to Talk About

Part Nine: No One Like You

Part Ten: —–> coming Friday, Feb 24, 3pm EST (Final Part)


Full Masterlist (avengerofyourheart)

“when you’re a kid they tell you:it’s all grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid and that’s it. The truth is the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker and so much stranger and so much better.”

Advanced English Nouns 2

Benthos - The flora and fauna found on the bottom, or in the bottom sediments, of a sea or lake

Sinecure - A paid job requiring little or no work.

Vicissitude - An unexpected change or fluctuation

Attercop - A bad-tempered or spiteful person. A spider. Also spelled Ettercap

Awl - A small pointed tool used for piercing holes, especially in leather

Proselyte - A person who has changed from one opinion, religious belief, sect, or the like to another.

Marginalia - Notes written in the margins of a text.

Pogonophobia - Extreme dislike of beards

Regicide - The act of killing a king

Anachronism - A person or artifact appearing after its own time or out of chronological order

Orichalcum - A yellow metal prized in ancient times, probably a form of brass

Defenestration - The act of throwing someone or something out of a window

Peccadillo - A small sin or fault

Ecocide - Destruction of the natural environment, especially when deliberate

Gossamer - Fine cobweb on foliage

Deicide - The killer of a god. The killing of a god.