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List 10 of your favorite things then send this to the last 10 people whom reblogged from you!

Getting hugs
Feeling attractive
Eating food
Hanging out with people I’m close to
Going outside and NOT getting sunburnt
Playing Xbox and just chilling
Lounging around
Summer vacation

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List 10 of your favorite things then send this to the last 10 people whom reblogged from you

1. Rainy weather at midnight
2. City lights
3. Music store
5. Lily Collins
6. Sunsets
7. Caramel popcorns
8. Skinny jeans, flannel shirts and sweatshirts
9. Piercings 
10. Dimples

List Your Top 10 Favorite Characters (1 per series/fandom), then tag 10 people

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Fran Fine  from The Nanny

(funny and with a great wardrobe)

Bulma from DB, DBZ 

(she is cute, and super smart and have a a lot of personality i love her!)

Miwako from Paradise Kiss

(she is adorable and she has a great sense of fashion!)

Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk

(he is just hilarious! i love this characther he can be very aggresive and has a lot of energy but he is very sentimental too)
Morticia Addams 

(do i need to add an explination? she is amazing! and I love every version of her)
Charles Vane from Black Sails

(uuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff…. thats it…)

Madison  from Coven AHS

(I think she is a very interesting characther, a little twisted with a great sense of fasion)

Mabel from Gravity Falls

(she is a cutie and has an obsesion with stickers)

Clarence from Clarence

(gummy worms!!)

and ofcourse Donatello from 2014 TMNT

( “not the elevator!”  haha i love him)

Favorite Characters Meme

List your top 10 favorite characters (one per series/fandom) and tag 10 people. I really wish I was more social online, so thank you so much for tagging me the-fangirling-writer

1) Harry Potter (Harry Potter series)

2) Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games series)

3) Matteo Alacran (The House of the Scorpion/The Lord of Opium)

4) Forney Hull (Where the Heart Is)

5) Josefita de la Garza (Like Water for Chocolate)

6) Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)

7) Mario (Nintendo)

8) Captain America (Marvel)

9) Stanley Marsh (South Park)

10) Philip J. Fry (Futurama)

Note: These aren’t really my “top 10″ because I love all my fandoms equally

Anyways, I have no idea who’s already done this. Feel free to ignore this if you did it already or just don’t want to: idahawkins, swanofmischief, addisonsinclairs, calistanista, hollywood-2, enn-the-prep, lyne-hwu, booksanddiamonds, analiawilliams, scarlettdonald

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List your 10 favorite characters (one per fandom) then tag 10 people.

1. Hachiken Yugo - Gin no Saji (bae, precious bby, cutie pie lol)

2. Mikasa Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin (i can’t even explain why i love her so much but i do)

3. Sinon - Sword Art Online (At first i didn’t really like her but guuurl she’s so cool and beautiful *-*) 

4. Aomine Daiki - Kuroko no Basket (husby)

5. Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail (dork <3)

6. Saito Yakumo - Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (lil tsundere haha)

7. Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul (protect the bae at all costs!!)

8. Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender (i had a love/hate relationship with him since the first time i watched the show)

9. Aisaka Taiga - Toradora (omgg i love taiga so much! too cute for my kokoro)

10. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (i’ve been in love with this woman since i was 7, she’s my queen)

Tag game!

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List your 10 favorite characters (one per fandom) then tag 10 people

hmm… I want do it, but I had done this a while ago and my tastes haven’t changed (much) so.. I hope this don’t bother you, gabby, but I will do my top 10 of Pink Hair Anime Girls.


10) Megumi - Gj-bu

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9)  Satone - Chuunibyou’s

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8) Nonon - Kill la Kill

7) Louise - Zero no Tsukaima

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6) Ai - Oreshura

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5) Yuno - Mirai Nikki

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4) Jibril - No Game No Life

3) Morgiana - Magi’s

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2) Inori - Guilty Crown

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1) Satsuki - Kuroko no Basket

0) Deviliku Princess - To LOVE-Ru Bonus bc i can’t choose between them

Well.. that is pink for me..

So i tag:

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List 10 favorite characters (1 per series fandom) and then tag 10 people.

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1. ARYA STARK  (A Song of Ice and Fire) 

2. Todd Hewitt (The Chaos Walking trilogy) 

3. Levi (Fangirl)

4. Agatha (The School for Good and Evil)

5. Cress (The Lunar Chronicles)

6.Count Olaf (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

7. Evanjalin (Finnikin of the Rock)

8. Khalid (The Wrath and the Dawn)

9. Krestel (The Winner’s Trilogy) 

10.  Calla (The Raven Boys)

I tag YOU person reading this!!  

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Top 5 Favorite People ( IC )

Seviar shook his head a little, “Why someone who ask what people I like.” He frowned a little, “I almost don’t want to answer, out of all the things you could have picked. People. In no order. Sol. Kythaila. …Rose…Del? Maybe. I know a lot of people…I don’t like putting them on a list of favorites. They are people not things.” He man grumbled a little. “And truth be told I am not even sure how I feel about the list I made.”

sassvanlis tagged me in this so let’s see how it goes…


1) Laura Hollis, Carmilla
2) Clarke Griffin, The 100
3) Lexie Grey, Grey’s Anatomy
4) Jim Halpert, The Office
5) Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec
6) Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter
7) Charlotte King, Private Practice
8) Amy Raudenfeld, Faking It
9) Taystee, OITBN
10) Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill

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List 10 favorite characters (one per series/fandom) then tag 10 people

1. Sansa Stark (ASOIAF)
2. Clarke Griffin (the 100)
3. Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)
4. Sarah Manning (Orphan Black)
5. Stella Gibson (the Fall)
6. Quinn Fabray (Glee)
7. Ben Wyatt (Parks and Rec)
8. Jamie Moriarty (Elementary)
9. Sun Bak (Sense8)
10. Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine Nine)

Idk who to tag, so whoever wants to do it :)

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1) Carmilla Karnstein, Carmilla
2) Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter
3) Beca Mitchell. Pitch Perfect
4) Seely Booth, Bones
5) Hanna Marin, Pretty Little Liars
6) Peter Parker. The Amazing Spiderman
7) Alex Vause, OITNB
8) Chloe Price, Life Is Strange
9) Grace, Mamrie and Hannah, Youtube Personalities (pretty sure that counts)
10) Amy Raudenfeld, Faking It

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name: Alaz
nickname: Laza (pronounced lay-za because once my english teacher called me Azal and i was like thats not my name)
birthday: june 19
star sign: capricorn (+aquarius cusp)
gender: mostly female, occasionally not, not really concerned
height: 5′3′’ ish (around 160 cm?)
sexual orientation: obviously not straight and currently having a minor crisis about the details, bisexual out of habit 
favorite color: dont rly have one
time rn: 9:11 pm
average hours of sleep: 8ish
last thing i googled: runs in the family lyrics
number of blankets i sleep under: one quilt thing but none in the summer just a bedsheet thing ???
favorite fictional characters: amethyst from steven universe, a million book and movie characters i will not bother listing right now, 
favorite famous people: amanda palmer mayb ? idk i have too many and most are dead
celeb crushes: i have too many and they are mostly dead
favorite books: i have too many and they are not mostly dead thank god
favorite bands: pink floyd, the who, idk i have too many and guess what???
the last movie i saw: inside out 
dream trip: anywhere tbh
dream job: writin
what am i wearing atm: sweatpants and a baggy tshirt that would be a croptop if i were taller

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List your 10 favorite characters (one per fandom) then tag 10 people.

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-Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki Ken(gghg there are so many favs)

-Haikyuu: Lev Haiba(GHGHGH SO MANY MORE)

-Owari no Seraph: Mikaela Hyuakuya(AND YU&YOICHI OFC BUT ITS ONLY ONE EHGH)

-Durarara!!: Izaya Orihara(ofc)

-Homestuck Fandom: Meulin Leijon

-Gangsta: Nicolas Brown

-Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Noriaki Kakyoin

-Free!: Haruka Nanase

-Neon Genesis Evangelion: Rei Ayanami

-Kuroko no Basuke: Kise Ryouta

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