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Big thanks to everyone who applied and/or signal boosted our application posts! During the two week window of accepting applications, we ended up getting over 467 artists applying! After hours and days of sorting through them all and calculating the absolute maximum amount of artists we could accommodate for, we finally were able to come up with 150 artists! Below, in alphabetical order, is the list of the 150 artists selected.

Every artist above have been sent an email with all the information needed for this zine so if you’re listed above, please check your email inbox!

CALL FOR ARTISTS! Applications for the Pokemon Traveler Fanbook are now open! Pokemon Traveler is a fanbook featuring landscapes from all across the Pokemon world! Artists will chose routes from the Pokemon series and illustrate them in their own personal style. Please check out the faq below before applying.

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Official artist list!

Congratulations for all those who confirmed, here’s the list of the people who will be participating in the Terumob Zine!









- @spitblaze

- @naruysae

- @fireflysummers

- @one-trash-man

- @auro-cyanide

- @brostrid

- @imgay100

- @actuallykei

- @porfoct

- @sketchere

- @milk-teah

- @raspberryholic

- @deathmetalsheep

- @mintysugas

- @vinzha-vz

- @macky-z

-  @yaminerua  (

- @shoichi

- @rhodathepomelo

- @xmoonlitxdreamx

- @youzankiel

Thanks for being part of this project and don’t forget to visit the rules page!


To those who signed up, please do check your emails or have a look here!!

Organizer: Faz//Ren | @fuzzy-ren

@acxrs | @/_acxrs_ on twitter
ARQ | @/laminatedduck on twitter
Avy | @icebergish
Blue | @p4g | @/protagship on twitter
Bracari | @bracari-iris | @/BracariIris on twitter
Brin (Primal Green) | @/primalgreene on twitter
Cesska | @katreea
Chloe | @kurapixel
Clover | @cloverdoodles
Erin | @lunabluebird
Fransesca Colombo/La Fumiko | @lafumiko
Hannamina | @flyingbra
Harmoyin | @melnya
JT | @toxic-crown
Kagayaki | @/shou_kagayaki on instagram
Kei | @undead-cypress
kitt | @tenderfootduo
@lulurionu (both on tumblr and twitter)
@lunamaria-estel | @art-of-lunamaria-estel
mackerel | @bedwithpills
Mandy | @alienmandy
Mar | @/SitiMcSketcher on twitter
Olivia/suaveassassin | @suaveassassinart
Pamela McBride/Sketchy | @sketchymaloo
@reivolutionary-penguin | @reidepenguin
ren | @byeoleyo
Ri Zas | @di-zas-ter
Salma Cruz | @thelotusmaiden
Sarah | @kamuiart
Sophie W. | @i-fantasyp
Sutei (すてい) | @/_sutei on twitter
Toramelle | @/Toramelle on twitter
Vee | @oshimizy
Victoria Smith | @sicklydoodles
Weiwei | @peevishpants
William | @/a5trofrog on twitter

I’m still in the process of sending DMs and confirmations regarding the artist applications, but if there are any changes for the artist list, I’ll update this again.

Here is the artist list!!

Looking forward to working with you all :) 

Artists Links: 

Zine Creator:


Guest Artists:































the official contributor list is HERE!




Big thanks to everyone who applied and/or signal boosted our application posts! After hours and days of sorting through them all, we finally were able to come up with 60 artists! Below, in alphabetical order, is the list of the 60 artists selected.

Every artist above have been sent an email with all the information needed for this zine so if you’re listed above, please check your email inbox!

The artist and writer list for the McReyes Zine, Smoke and Bones, is now available!

Thank you so much to everyone who signed up. Choosing between all of you was an incredibly difficult process; all of you are so skilled and talented! We hope we can see more of your work in the McReyes tag soon. If you’d still like to participate in something, please check out @mcreyesevents !! The Fall Event is approaching, and we’d love to see your work there. 

Congratulations to…!!


@nukawinter, @tomodraws, @confessionsofasexytorturedmage, @rumpling, @dovahbutt, @oblivionscribe, @art-mago, @sigalawin-art, @chuckyxd, @cyyaan, @khoren, @randomdraggon, @herearecollembolas, @aerinhawke, @fawxdraws, @humbertsobek, @bellicose_z, @nikorys, @olwiak, @shanablackrx, and @savodraws


@smalls2233, @thetrickyowl, @borkborfheck, @hellagaymccree, and @ukelelerapgirl

Make sure to check your emails, everyone! You all have a personalized acceptance image waiting for you, plus some important links and templates!

In addition, our charity poll is up! The zine is going non-profit for now, but in the event that we sell more than anticipated, you can vote for which charity you think the zine’s profits should go to here, even if you didn’t sign up!

Thank you so much for all the support!


Little previews of my piece for the Siblings artzine! feat. my favourite space twins Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker ofc (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  

This anthology celebrates sibling relationships, rivalries and stories from all kinds of media, and pre-orders are open from now until July 31 - check it out and grab a copy here because there are SO MANY incredible artists sharing their love and talent in this zine <3

who’s in the zine? we can tell you that!!

this zine has 22 people working wonderfully and diligently on it!

@frogopera @minako-exe @dustails @deterrrence @dragontype @buccellatisboyfriend @luruar @short-and-artsy @decentlydrawndoppio @heavenascensiiondio @froyog @themadamharu @afriel @stoneoceanlesbian @nijimura-okuyasu @cinnabarlab @mattart @metarica @puppetmon @roido @zapataflor20 @zakbagansghostadventures 

thank you so much to all of them!! their art is all gorgeous and well worth supporting!

Let the drawing begin!!

It’s time for the drawing period to start! All artists have until August 23th to finish their pieces and submit them to me somehow! So here are a few guidelines to remember:

  • No NSFW! Everyone should be able to enjoy this zine so let’s keep it clean.
  • Pictures must be as close to these guidelines as you can manage: 6.875 x 10.5 in., CMYK format, and 300 dpi.
  • Please remember to put your signature or watermark on there, people should know who drew what.
  • When you turn the final piece in please tell me the names of these lovely oc’s as that will be in the final zine.

And with that let the fun begin! PLUS ULTRA!!

YOI Artwaps Zine Guest Artist List

Hey everyone here is the official list of Guest Artists! The Participant list should be published by Saturday, April 8th




















I made a zine on watercolor paper filled with drawings, poems, life advice, little fold outs, etc. if you want to own the original copy of it go check it out on my etsy here

such stuff as dreams are made on is pleased to announce its official list of zine contributors! We received almost one hundred amazing applications; it was a hard decision, but we eventually narrowed down our list. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s work in the finished zine.

Thank you so much to everyone who applied!

Preorders for the zine will open on August 1st, so stay tuned!


a courage || ALIENMANDY || Apollo || bracari || Christina Qi || Erica Doyle || glithch || Jenna Y. || Kara Kern || Kotanya || leylses || M. Cat. White || michi || Nadia Kyobe || Nat Roze || Rocketdoq || Rycheza || Shannon Kao || sophianecatrix || Strontium || Xenia Rassolova


B Taylor || Douglas McDonald || Eden Arielle Gordon || irisbleufic || Katherine Xiong || Nora Pearson || Renn Elkins || smallepics


agronaa//amy || Amrita Chakraborty || HMS G || Jay S. || Jaz Vallin || Kelsey-Jean || Marilyn Schotland || owlinaminor || Tate
Mermay Zine
A 8.5x11 zine that is filled with 24 fully colored mermaids designed & drawn by Noa Ikeda. Orders will be shipped in a rigid mailer to guarantee no folding of the book. For orders to Canada and United States, please expect 7-14 business days for the book to arrive. For International Orders, please expect anywhere from 1-3 months due to customs.

The books are all here!! They’re now available for purchase at the Etsy store ^^.