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Best ways battles have started in Critical Role:

  • Lady Briarwood leaping dramatically out of a window to finish off Vax before his friends can get to him, rolling a one, and faceplanting in the courtyard.
  • Keyleth summoning two dryads to act as a distraction for an ambush on a camp of orcs… and accidentally placing them directly on top of a pit trap, which they promptly fall into, dying horribly.
  • Scanlan trying to convince an ambassador to the Nine Hells that stepping into a glowing doorway to another plane with a bunch of strangers is totally legit and not at all suspicious.

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Hi~ me again haha! Thanks for last time :) I had fun reading that AU! This time can I request different occupation AUs? Like the Florist and Wedding planner one. Thank you very very much! <33

Thanks for this request! I absolutely adore this AU! It’s so cute!

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Florist AU

Florist and Wedding Planner AU series by ingthing, Gen, 26k (WIP)
An Alternate Universe in which Victor Nikiforov is a renown wedding planner, and Yuuri Katsuki is a florist running his family’s little flower shop. THIS IS SO CUTE OMG

Botanical Gardens and Deathbeds by heinoukola, Not Rated, 4.9k
The short story where Yuuri’s family alternatively owns a flower shop with a small botanical garden instead of an onsen, set in a world of soulmates; and oh God, how romantic is it to meet your destined partner by sneezing into the bouquet he ordered and choking over every word that isn’t a prayer begging for help from above?

For I’m Seeking Romance and You by KUROKOSEXUAL, Explicit, 8k
“Do you have a flower that means ‘You’re sexy and beautiful, but you also look pure and cute? You’re absolutely adorable and I love the big gap, so I want to ask you out on a date tonight’?” LOVE!

Can You Hear My Heartbeat? by W84U, Mature, 6.8k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki is a florist in Japan, he’s never heard a voice before. Viktor Nikiforov is a famous skater with a prodigy little brother. Yuri is Viktors adoptive little brother he’s never been in love. Minami Kenjiro is Yuuri’s best friend with a heart of gold. What happens when they all meet?

Tie-Dyed Peonies by c000kiesandcream, Teen, 5.8k
A party in the city, a difficult order to fulfil, and a first time for everything. Lovely fic inspired by @ingthing’s florist/wedding planner AU!

Hard to Say, but Clearly Felt by Elise_the_Writing_Desk, Gen, 30k
A slow-paced growing romance between a lonely florist and a young farmer who are trying to find fulfillment in life. It’s a sweet story that will make you feel good, and despite the slowly growing romance, I hope it will bring a smile to your face! Such a sweet fic with farmer!Yuuri and florist!Victor! Must read!

Inosculation by lazrbrain, Teen, 4.2k (WIP)
Viktor is motionless, life consisting of his shop and his dog. Yuuri is running, trapped by mistakes he cannot change. Both of them are desperate for more. They find it in each other. I NEED MORE THIS IS SO GOOD

pretty in pink by wbtrashking (fan_nerd), Explicit, 901 words
Yuuri enters the bedroom with a dry cough. “What is this, exactly?” Victor props himself on one elbow with a dazzling smile. “I had it custom made. Do you like it?” There is a magenta flower resting on Victor’s backside and honestly, Yuuri is getting a little concerned about the wedding planner’s sanity. OMG HAHAHA I LOVE THIS FIC! Inspired by @ingthing’s florist/wedding planner AU!

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Hi, I have a question that has been bothering me for a while, do you think any AA Avengers (especially Clint and Kamala) ship Stony?

╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

i’m so excited about this because I’ve been meaning to make a “proof that clint is the AA!stevetony shipper-on-deck” post for quite some time, so thank you for sending this!! now of course we don’t have explicit proof that Clint (or any of the other avengers for that matter) are making bets under the table concerning the relationship status of their team leaders…..but we do have some p r e t t y damning evidence

SO HERE WE GO: Three Times Clint Revealed his Stevetony Agenda (and the one time Kamala did it for him)

  • Fittingly, the first time we see Clint outright commenting on Steve and Tony’s relationship is in the gayest episode of season 1: “In Deep.” To refresh, Steve and Tony just spent time 1) roleplaying, 2) getting up close and personal in submarine vents, and 3) thwarting the Cabal’s evil plans. Once they make it back on the Avenjet, they share this meaningful stare:
  • mmm, sexual. BUT ANYWAY, as they’re staring deep into each other’s eyes, Clint quips—
  • SUBTLE, CLINT, but also tbh same
  • Anyway, the next time this sort of thing happens is in “Savages.” To recap: Avengers go to the Savage Land to prove they can survive without tech, end up running into Hammer and his robo-dinosaurs, and Steve spends the entire time trying to make Tony understand that he’s still capable even without his armor. Typical day. However, when Tony does in fact come to the rescue with his newly created, tech-less armor, Clint turns to Cap and says:
  • Translation: I know that you know how much I believe in Tony, of course I knew he was coming to our rescue jfc
  • And finally, my favorite example of all: “Exodus.” Red Skull gets a hold of the Tesseract, Cabal’s about to take over the world, though Tony tries a last minute gambit and unleashes all his armors to take on the threat. Banter is exchanged, hands are held, long, deep gazes are shared
  • Beautiful. Inspiring. But here’s the kicker:
  • wow. bromance. bro + romance. bros who hold hands for a moment too long. bros who stare into each other’s deep, shimmering eyes. bros.
  • this is literally the definition of a “sorry you guys are having a romantic moment this is awkward but we really need to focus because the fight’s not over??”
  • to this day I still can’t believe they used the word “bromance” on-screen
  • Now unfortunately, these are the only moments that I can remember (at least for Clint). Kamala, on the other hand (who we know canonically writes fanfiction if her conversation with Carol in the S3 finale is anything to go by), has definitely picked up the baton that Clint left behind, so to speak:
  • like that time she literally grabbed a fistful of Stevetony in the midst of battle
  • or that time she told Cap exactly what he loves to hear
  • what an MVP. I’m so proud.

SO YEAH. This was my long-winded attempt to say: yes, Clint (and probably Kamala) most definitely ships stevetony. They’re truly one of our own.

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What are some of the best ziam blogs to follow?

hi :) i dont follow too many people but here are the ziam blogs i do follow, some of them blog about ziam a little bit, while most are dark ziams like myself lmao @0xyzen @malikaesthetics @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @zayniepaynie @antihuda @awwwhoopsehdaiseh @ziamspaynus @oh-no-its-elle @bisexvalziam @verseziam @champaynezaddy @befourjavadd @zlanet @zayndrogynous @zaynfeatliam @liamalmighty @all4zayn @zaynispureperfection @mellygrant @nerds4life @jaegyoo @zlpayne @deniallisstrong @luzcoziam @loveourtimeisnow @be-my-tired-pony @sameoldbloganddance @peachypetalhazz @ziamsclassicbitch @ziamlicious @rindaanah @rightnxt2ziam @harryandlouisarehappilystrong @nicki786 @ziamsession @liampayme @warzoneziam @ziamsthottie @empty-altars @knoorhoran @madat-55 @ziamnerds @ziamgreatesthits @brightziam @josjournal @rainbowliam @zaynliam @irishpalatines @marvelsziam @shiningdistraction @that-regular-chick @ifigureditout @darlinzayn @downtherabbitholeafterzm @happilymissy @myuselessknowledge @guilty1dlove @1ddenisels @paynefulperiods @ot5alwaysinmyheart @justneedbeloved @realityruinedmylifeandstuff @zipplekink 

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Can I get number 45 and 78 with Draco for the blurb thingy? Thank you!

Prompt Request - Prompts List
45. “Make me.”
78. “Stop biting that fucking lip!”

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 329
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

You sat alone at a table in the library late at night, frowning as you continued studying for an upcoming test that you needed to do well in.

The place was silent and empty, however you didn’t seem to mind as you flicked the page over and focused on the writing.

“What are you doing here so late?” A voice asked. You jumped, looking up to try and find the owner of the voice.

“Oh, it’s just you. And to answer your question, I’m studying, in case you hadn’t noticed,” you said, before returning your gaze to the book, though you were painfully aware of the platinum blonde that was staring at you at that moment.

You heard him sit down on the chair opposite yours, and there was silence for a few minutes, until he started shuffling slightly in his chair.

Stop biting that fucking lip!” Draco growled at you as you confusedly looked up. “W-What?” You didn’t know why he would say such a-

As realisation at how frustrated he was getting dawned on you, you let out a smirk, “Make me.

Within an instant, Draco had made it halfway across the room, and pinned you against the nearest bookcase, smashing his lips to yours roughly as he pressed himself against you.

Your hands flew up to his hair, tugging softly at the tufts, receiving some quiet groans in response.

“If I’m not allowed to bite my own lip,” you muttered between kisses, “Then why are you?”

Draco paused for a moment, staring into your eyes. “Oh shut up being a smart arse,” he mumbled with a small smile, before returning to kissing you again.

His hands travelled down your figure, resting on your waist as he pushed you further against the bookcase.

As he started to pull his top off, he said, “Tonight, you’re mine.”

You couldn’t help but bite your lip again.

“For Merlin’s sake, what did I tell you about that fucking lip biting?”

The Ultimate Thriller Guide

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Okay, so we maybe don’t mean Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”…but one of our librarians put together an amazing guide to thrillers - from serial killers to historical thrillers to women sleuths to unreliable narrators, we’ve got thrillers galore to meet every taste.

Elephant - Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan elephant is one of 3 recognised sub-species of Asian Elephant. Since 1986 the Sri Lankan elephant has been listed as endangered. During the 1990′s, many elephants were killed by landmines that were left during the countries armed conflict. Today, the main cause of the decline in elephant numbers is due to an increasing human population, and the resulting expansion of infrastructure into previously un-occupied land. While the ivory trade is not a large industry in Sri Lanka, some trade still occurs. 

Sri Lanka has set up safety zones for elephants, by creating protected areas for elephants to live, and working with local communities to learn to live alongside the elephants. 

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Hey can you please rec me some good blogs? Thanks you!!

Oh my god! This is so hard for me because i follow amazing blogs… You weren’t very specific about which kind of blog you wanted: Liam centric, Larry centric, drama or non-drama. So you’ll get a mix of blogs that i love and are my mutuals :)

Sorry if i forget anyone:

@aaronbutterfield @alarrylarrie @anitasundays @bulletproofhalo @cantexplainthislove @captiveharts @cheekylirry @cuppa-tea-please @dimpled-halo @frenchyls @fullonlarrie @gottabestyles @happilylouie @harryandlouisarehappilystrong @harrysdandelion @hunkyniall @la-dure-realite-de-la-vie @lattebiscotti @laynefaire @liamalmighty @liamsinginghotlinebling @liamslarents @lifestyleofpj @louandhazaf @loubeesarmy @loveisalaserquest17 @lucystarkid @melmanpur @millionlittletings @miniboyfriendloueh @mllesouthernbelle @nourry-yelynu @otpwhatever @paynoaddict @philtatoslouis @rainbowliam @rippedupscript @saracha33 @seethroughmycristalsoul @softlouiswarmharry @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @somos-larry @tinawestmore @tinyhedgehogson @twopoppies @unintentionalarry @vintage1der @watchyourattitude @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Enjoy anon! 


Requests: “Jake Riley 2,3,4 from the prompt list😍😍” Prompt List

“If you keep watching and getting angry its only going to spur her on.” Another officer whispered to Y/N. “She flirts with all of us here. But lately she’s had her eye on your Jake.” Just that sentence alone made Y/N fume. It wasn’t the officer’s fault for telling her. No she wanted to fight that stupid…beautiful blond haired officer. “If it makes you feel any better, Jake doesn’t give into her.”

Y/N swallowed the anger down and crossed her arms. “You know I come to give him his lunch like once a week. And its like she knows. And when she knows shes always touching his shoulder or pressing her hand to his cheek.” She was pretty sure her face was red. She probably looked like that angry emoji.

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What if i would love you till the end? You would never be alone again.

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Of all the fics you have written, which one is your favorite? Sorry if it's been asked before, I've just found you.

This has actually never been asked!!! *nervous breathing* It’s also quite hard to answer… Hopefully nobody becomes Very Angry with me for listing a few T.T

Kingdom of Crows is my favorite for building history/backstory in a relatively short amount of words. Also, just the tone in general.

Dreamless is my favorite for the fun I had collabing with RC, and for how challenging it was to write! Almost no dialogue in 15k words, non-human Hinata, language barrier, switching POV…

Meta/Movie Star AU is my favorite for its sheer ridiculousness, and the fact that I think I managed to pull off the concept fairly well, something I was not sure I could do at the outset. 

Somewhere to Belong is my favorite for its sheer emotional weight. It’s my most nostalgic fic (my second HQ fic ever, and first KageHina… and a full month and a half of brainstorming with Ellie). I’m still so proud of the style and tone BUT:

Hunger, I think, is my most polished work, and my favorite overall. I love the world that’s grown out of it, and still have a lot of stories I want to tell there. 

stuff i liked about supergirl 213 – a comment by me

  • a surprising amount, given that i foolishly looked at the discourse before i watched. which is how i know it’s time for me to step the hell away from the fandom proper, because there is blood in the water for the show at this point and some of the utterly irrational things i saw before seeing the episode are just, having now seen it, mind boggling. there is nothing that will make the fandom as a collective happy now, and that level of relentless disenjoyment is just not what i want out of my fandom experience anymore. i’m old and tired and have what i think is a pretty rational measure of when something is harmful, and i just want to enjoy shit and make up stories about people with pretty faces. that’s not what everyone is in fandom for, it’s not even what i was once in fandom for, but it’s really all i ask out of fandom now. i’m not going to get it here anymore.
    • mon-el with kara sucks. to be clear: not what i’m talking about.
  • i started this weekly list because of the salt that had already started before season 2 had started, so here we go:
    • kara used her very own brain to save the day in a clever, sneaky manner!
    • alex is me, i am alex. it’s embarrassing seeing yourself on television.
    • maggie sawyer, mvp. took a look at an old hurt and realised holding onto it was getting in the way of happiness now and decided to let it go. what a healthy, mature, adult thing to do and i’m sorry fandom is going to shit all over alex for it for all eternity now.
    • winn my son <3

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Hi lovelies! Since I’m always running out on queues, and sometimes have no idea where to turn to, to “re-fill” my queue, I’ve decided to create a queue list! So if you’re interested on being added, continue reading!


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- must have a Q+ account, obviously
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- follow from me, if not already
- i will queue from you loads, within reason tho :) 
- possible follower gain
- a new friend (me yay)
- you can queue from me whenever you want to (if you want to, you don’t have to, ofcourse!)
- q4q w-h-e-n-e-v-e-r you want
- featured on my Queue list page (under co)
- and ofcourse, you are now my go to for queueing!


- have a similar blogstyle! (clean/ minimal/ aesthetic/ white/ fashion)


- banner was made by me ( @glossomly ) picture from weheartit
- i will pick around 10 blogs (depending on the blogs) whenever this reaches a descent amount of notes. i will probably add more blogs to the list over the span of time
- if you’re on the list, and i notice that you’ve changed blogstyle, which may not be in my interest, i’ll have the right to remove you from the list! 

if you have any questions, don’t hestitate to send me a message!

Good luck guys, and happy reblogging! :)

Lots of love,  Sheryl    ♥