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Nine gothic misfortunes

1. You have an enormous black dog which must be walked for four hours daily or it puts its excess energy to use in lighting witch-fires in awkward places. One day you were feeling a little ill, so you asked the unreliable narrator to walk the dog instead. The unreliable narrator faithfully walked the dog for four hours. It is a complete mystery as to why everything is on fire.

2. You hid under the grand staircase to escape that thing that was knocking at your window in the height of the storm. Now there is a ‘delivery failed’ notice on the mat. You are going to have to pick up your artisan cheeses from the local depot twenty miles away.

3. The malign spirit possessing you has lapsed on its ghastly rent, and as a consequence you have been re-possessed by a bailiff. It is somewhat alarming to be in the possession of a supernatural bailiff. Your body spends more time in the high court of the dead that you would like.

4. You came to this graveyard on the cliff over the sea at the dead of night with the intent of digging up the grave of your long-lost love, which you believe to contain the silver dagger that alone can settle her unquiet ghost. It is a stressful situation. You were never very good at numbers when stressed. You believe you may have taken twenty rather than thirty paces from the old yew tree and may in consequence have dug up a badger.

5. A dread raven has settled over your door, from which it hourly proclaims your doom. You made a plan to get rid of the raven. The raven network appears to have got hold of this plan, because another smaller raven turned up to perch on the shoulder of the first and proclaim its doom. Now a third, even smaller one has turned up. You have recursive ravens. There is probably a lot of doom about to come down.

6. Lacking a cellar, you have walled up your rival beneath your floorboards. Unfortunately your rival is a mouse and seems to be enjoying it down there. Will the cheese board will never be safe?

7. Now that they the have closed the refinery across the bay, the mist no longer descends over the high moor at night and as a consequence gruesome deeds cannot be done unnoticed. You have a huge to-do list of gruesome deeds. The local undertaker has started to call you up regarding supply chain issues.

8. You have been staring into this abyss for some considerable time. It is not gazing back. In point of fact it is ignoring you completely. It looks like you will be going home alone tonight.

9. Your grandmother has refused to pass down the ancestral curse, instead bequeathing it to the local cats’ home.

Big thanks to everyone who applied and/or signal boosted our application posts!

During the two week window of accepting applications, we ended up getting over 600 artists applying! After hours and days of sorting through them all and calculating the absolute maximum amount of artists we could accommodate for, we finally were able to come up with 160 artists! Below, in alphabetical order, is the list of the 160 artists selected. If you want to see what series each artist is doing a piece on, go HERE to see the full list!

Every artist above have been sent an email with all the information needed for this zine so if you’re listed above, please check your email inbox!

rings wade concivevably used to propose to peter

  • a ring pop
  • a half eaten ring pop
  • shitty dollar store ring with a huge ass plastic diamond that lights up
  • torn condom
  • plastic spiderman ring he stole from a cupcake at walmart
  • actual engagement ring still on a severed finger
  • plastic glow in the dark spider ring he got trick or treating
  • purity ring
  • birthday party pack of child sized hello kitty rings
  • mini doughnuts
  • blood covered diamond ring he stole from the jewelry store robbers they just beat up
  • toy ring in a capsule from a 50 cent toy dispenser
  • 5 y/o ugly class ring with the name scratched off, wade is 35
  • a cock ring
DS-1 || Peter Parker

→ a/n: i’m a star wars nerd and a total nerd for Peter so 
→ synopsis: you’re helping build the Death Star, but Peter’s busy doing something else, like, staring at you.

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little things that make me happy ♡

- old antiques filled with energies

- blooming flowers

- warm chai tea in the morning

- genuine laughter

- seeing people be in love out in public

- when a stranger smiles at me as we are passing by

- bookstores on a cloudy day

- the smell of cinnamon

- the unique essence that comes with each season

- pretty perfume bottles

Send me 🔦 + a symbol for our muses
to spend a night together at a haunted:

  • 🚜  farm
  • ⚓  island
  • 👠  shop
  • 🌲  forest
  • ⛷  resort
  • 🏰  castle
  • 🏡  house
  • 📖  library 
  • ⛪  church
  • ✏️  school
  • 🚑  hospital
  • ▥  jail/prison
  • 💀  cemetery 
  • 🎥  movie set
  • 🍳  restaurant 
  • ⛴  cruise ship
  • 🏨  hotel/motel
  • 🎡  theme park
  • 📂 office building
  • 🗽 historical monument


  • morning montages feel like a personal attack. especially when those montages involve everyone being happy and with someone and kara’s living alone without electricity.
  • lena luthor, catco magazine:
    • look. look. i understand that none of this made ANY sense. i don’t care.
    • things i never thought i knew i wanted: sympathetic crier lena luthor.
    • also super excited to see katie mcgrath climb mehcad like a tree.
  • kara danvers, catco magazine:
    • danvers family tradition planners.
    • ‘uh, screw that, come here! bring it in.’
  • sam whatever her name is, lcorp:
    • i love you and i am excited for you to raise your child with alex if you manage to not end up dead.
  • okay i tried to do a proper list, but instead here’s an essay about my feelings about kara danvers, sad space orphan:
    • one of the things i desperately wanted out of last season was some coherence behind kara’s feelings and some connection between the things happening to her and those feelings. I TAKE IT BACK, BECAUSE IT HURTS TOO MUCH.
    • kara’s feelings about krypton and her own identity are just. ugh. my heart.
    • last week we got this beautiful tangling of kara’s feelings about the loss of mon-el and the loss of krypton, and this week we got kara stepping through her memories of being the person in the pod (holy shit, do i never want to sit through that again) only for it to flip around to her sense of responsibility for being the person who put someone in the pod this time. the first time psi sent her into a nightmare she saw her mother and thought her fear was losing krypton, but what i’m getting from this, from alura turning into a monster in someone’s dream last week, from kara’s fear that mon-el is dead, is that her real fear is that she’s the monster. kara has no idea how to be a person at the moment, human or kryptonian, because how do you do the things she does, make the choices that she makes, without someone getting hurt? even if that someone is kara herself. she’s been grasping at supergirl, but this week we saw her dipping into kryptonian tradition for the first time since she’s been on earth. that’s a huge thing, and in marrying kara and supergirl into one identity, this feels like a really important first step for kara to take in figuring out who kara danvers actually is.
    • and i am so so glad alex was there, that kara didn’t hide this away from her. that the show is going to explore what being kara danvers means to kara is great, but if they had tried to do it last year, i think they would have failed miserably because they didn’t seem to get what being kara danvers meant. so far this season, i kind of feel like they’ve embraced that, and are using it, instead of just flailing around aimlessly trying to tell us something they didn’t actually know.
    • even if they’re not exactly being subtle about it. kara’s resistance to the possibility that she has human “problems” breaks my heart with a sledgehammer, but then you see her struggling to apologise for being a jerk to lena, and oh, kara, honey.
      • it’s a good episode where kara gets not one but two hugs, because that girl needs them.
Long Day: Part I / Haz drabble

Pairing: Haz x Reader

Featuring: Harrison Osterfield

Warning: light smut

Request - I need more Haz smut babe

ok the smut i write is usually low key so please don’t expect this to be like total smut cause it probably won’t be


The door shut behind you as you stepped into the apartment. Today had been a decent day at work, but your feet were killing you and you had slipped on the sidewalk. By standers were of no help, and the icy weather that hit Toronto was not friendly. 

“Ow,” the croak came out as you placed your bag on the floor. Your ass had taken the fall and now it ached every time you took a step. 

“(F/N)?” Harrison’s voice called from further in the apartment. You looked up from the floor and watched as your boyfriend came around the corner. 

“Hey, babe.” You attempted to smile but it came out as a grimace. Your body screamed as you stood straight, wincing and falling backward against the wall, only making your body scream further.

“Hey, woah.” Harrison moved swiftly as he came to stand beside you, his hands placing themselves on your waist, squeezing slightly - soothing your ache by the smallest. “Are you alright?” He asked, his eyes searching your face for the answer to your discomfort. 

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Vocabulary from Adore U (Seventeen)

These are listed in the order in which they appear in the song.



[joo-vuh-nes-uh nt] 

1. being or becoming youthful; young.

2. young in appearance.

3. having the power to make young or youthful:
    a juvenescent elixir.

1815-1825; Juvenescent is related to the word juvenile. It is from the Latin present participle of juvenēscere which meant “to become youthful.”

“The thought of spring, when it did come, gave to Miss Freeling the same sort of halcyon, salutatory, juvenescent feeling that Richard had, and this made them seem like old friends.”
- Sylvester Judd, Richard Edney and the Governor’s Family, 1850

anonymous asked:

If you have the time, can you pleasey please write " You are my dentist and I have the bigest crush on you and one time you give me too much laughing gas so I end up telling you that AU" Thank you

Okay, so I don’t even wanna think about how long this prompt has been sitting in my inbox. It’s obscene. Probably close to two years and really, I’m just astonished tumblr hasn’t eaten this thing yet. But whatever, it makes me feel guilty just sitting in there with that stupid judging sunglasses face so I wrote a thing. Consider this part of Tracy’s Great Inbox Clean Out. Also, I totally didn’t follow this prompt because I distinctly remember reading at least five versions of this prompt for Everlark at the time this sucker showed up in my inbox. But hey! It’s in the same vein…except it’s canonesque set in the Catching FIre timeline, not AU…and it’d be something like Benadryl, not laughing gas… whatever. Just read.

RATED T: Angst ahoy! You can take it, though. It’s no worse than the books.

Katniss sways on her feet, leaning onto him heavily, and even though her weight is slight, the suddenness of her movements divert their steps. She croons to the night, the medicine having removed most of her usual filters. He never hears her sing. Not since Rue.

Behind him, Effie scolds the cook assigned to their suite and he tries to defend himself. “Must have been the mangoes. I had no idea she’d be allergic! Miss Trinket, please believe me, I would never–”

Peeta keeps walking, jaw aching and fists clenched in the effort to not turn around and scream at the man himself. As they stagger down the hall, Peeta’s eyes close for just a moment.

He’s slammed with it all over again. The terrifying sight of Katniss’ ears and cheeks swelling. The horrifying choking and gasping noises she made as her tongue swelled.

He’d been sure she was going to die. Certain that Snow had chosen to start the Games before the gong sounded, before they even entered the Arena.

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anonymous asked:

Reasons for a vampire to spare someone/going after them. \(*,....,*)/

  • Their blood smells tainted (the character is ill/diseased).
  • Someone else smelled better.
  • It felt as through there were witnesses.
  • It was getting too close to daylight (depending on your lore)
  • They got tired of seeing the fear in people’s eyes and decided it just wasn’t worth it that time.