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Sense - Stiles Stilinski One-Shot

Hey, just a quick authors note before this imagine begins. I’m sorry to the person who requested it and that it’s took so long, and that it’s so short. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed, honestly I know it’s not by best work and just didn’t know where to take it so I hope you at least like it, if not enjoy it.

You watched over as the group stared at you and Stiles.
“They want you.”
“Jesus. Am I not allowed to spend ten minutes with you? Like, seriously? Is that too much to ask?” He asked.

“Well, you’ve got supernatural stuff going on. So I’m okay with it. As long as you don’t die or anything of course.” You quickly added, making him smirk.

“Look, why don’t I just bring you with me and introduce you?”
“Because you’re all so close. I’ll feel awkward and like I’m intruding on something.”

Stiles’ phone went off and I saw it was Scott. He sighed at you defeatedly and gave you a look which told you ‘sorry’ as you shrugged it off. You were used to it. They held his attention in school, and you held his attention out of it. Well, for most of the time out of school.

Kissing you on the cheek he muttered a quick goodbye before running off to ask what they wanted. And like usual, you resigned to the library so you could finish your homework before the weekend began.

“So wait, these people-”
“Professional Assassins. Well, some.”
“Have a hit list from some weird Benefactor guy-”
“Or girl!”
“And every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills with a list of how much they cost in thousands or millions?”
“Yep, pretty much.”

You sighed, falling back onto the bed as you looked at the ceiling, your boyfriend meeting you as he collapsed backwards too.

“Your life is fucked up.”
“I know. At the moment, you’re the only normal thing in my life. You’re the only thing that actually makes sense.” He mumbled that last sentence, making you turn your head to look at him.

“What?” You asked.
“Did I just say that out loud?”
“Yes. Yes you did.” Your smile grew wide on your face as his cheeks turned red.

“Don’t worry. I’ve said a lot more embarrassing things out loud.”
“Oh yeah, like what?”
“I once told a good looking substitute teacher that he can ’re-enact Shakespeare with me anytime’”. You told Stiles, a small smirk appearing on his face.
“You made that up, right?”
“If you say so.”

You both went back into silence, one by one staring up at the ceiling.
“You get why I don’t want you caught up in all this, right?” His voice was barely a whisper.
“Right. At least your honest with me but I would prefer to try and get through high school without trying to be killed various times.”
“You get used to it after a while.” He playfully added, feeling your fingertips brush across his palm, enclosing his hand around yours.

But the only thought that popped through Stiles’ head at that moment was:
I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to this though.

Sitting on the bed it was a good thing you hadn’t bothered to get changed yet. As your phone rang with the silly selfie popping up, you didn’t expect to hear the breathless, urgent voice over the phone.

“Y/N? Y/N? Are you there?”

Stiles knew it was dangerous and he wanted to protect you. He had already been exposed to this harsh world. He couldn’t stop you from coming into it, but he could prevent it for as long as he could.

“Stiles? Stiles! What’s wrong?” You asked quickly, sitting up straight and already beginning to grab your shoes and put them on.
“The warehouse. Next to the lake. Grab Parrish. We need all the help we can get.”

“Stiles, please tell me-”
“No one’s dead.”

“Okay. Please hurry.” The tone he spoke in didn’t convince you. It seemed to be saying ‘don’t come and stay as far away from here as possible’ but you couldn’t just leave your boyfriend to die. You placed your phone to your ear as you got in the car.

“Hey Sheriff. I need to borrow your Deputy.”

You sat in the car as it came to a stop. Trying to be as discreet as possible, you got out of the car and began to tip toe through the building.

“So you think this is a trap?”
“Most defiantly a trap.” You sighed.
“So, what do we do?”
“I don’t know.” You told him honestly, as he rolled his eyes and brought out his gun.

“A gun?”
“You think a supernatural creature will be stopped by something as mundane as a gun?” He shrugged and simply said:
“Maybe.” Sighing, you continued walking along the doors of the corridor until you saw one with the light shining from underneath it.

“You ready?” You asked as Parrish looked at you as if you were crazy.
“You’re just going to go in there unarmed?”
“Do I have another choice?” You tried not to shout at him, screeching while whispering.

Parrish kicked the door down as a hand grabbed his shirt and pulled him inside. Seeing the pack chained to the wall, the attacker stood over Parrish, who kept thrashing.
“Oh, how I’ve waited for you hellhound.” You needed to do something, otherwise everyone would be killed. Desperately looking around, you saw the construction materials to the side. Legging it over you looked amongst the planks of wood and paint before finding something you thought might work.

“Are you ready to-” the attacker was cut of and fell sideways to the floor, the pack finding you behind it with your eyes closed and holding a metal pole. Your eyes were closed and you’d brought the weapon into your chest, clutching it with such a grip it made your knuckles turn white. Slowly opening one of your eyes, you asked them:
“I haven’t killed him, have I?”
“Nope. Just given him a very bad concussion.” Parrish groaned as you dropped the bar and took two hands to help him stand up.

“I’m sorry, but who the hell are you?” You looked up to find everyone focused on you, the remark coming from the girl you think was named Malia.
“She’s my girlfriend.” Stiles stated with a proud, lopsided grin.

“Nice to meet you. Finally.” Scott smiled as you just stood there in silence for a minute.
“Y/N, hey, do you mind unchaining us now?”

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