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Sample sentence #001

제가 그런 거 아니니까 저한테 화내지 마세요. I didn’t do it, so please don’t be mad at me.


  • 화나다: To be mad, to be angry.
  • 화내다: To get angry, to yell (at someone out of anger)
  • 저: I
  • 아니다: To not be


  • 한테


  • ~(으)니까: Because of, so
  • ~지 마세요: Please don’t (do) [verb]

This is an example of how I plan to do most of the sample sentence cards. As you can see above, I have separated most of the sentence into vocabulary, particles and grammar. I won’t break down everything - because if I did so, there is no challenge for you guys, and I also simply don’t have the time to break everything down. However, with each sentence, I will list some things I think you should be able to recognise, and if interested - things you should research into. I will purposely leave some explanations blank just as a little incentive to get to know it better! By doing that, you will quickly start to break down your own sentences! Let me know what you think, and if you find this sort of thing useful! :3

Things Bioware need to fix in Mass Effect Andromeda: SPOILER FREE!!

Hey guys. I’ve been playing the game since release and I’ve decided to write a list of all the things I think Bioware should improve upon in future Mass Effect: Andromeda updates. These are things that I think are reasonable that Bioware could improve upon that aren’t super intensive like changes to story or anything like that. I think the game is great and I’m loving it, it just needs some work to bring it up to standard.


- Add the ability to change complexion, brows, eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape.
- Add more skin tones.
- Add more detail to the eye textures. Characters with paler eyes look fake or scared. Inquisition did this really well so I’m not sure why it didn’t translate.
- The same for hair colours, the dyed ones are too fake looking and its alarming seeing it on npcs as well. Colour wheel for hair suggested by neednerdiness (link to come when i know what I’m doing lol)
- If custom Ryder is selected, Alec’s appearance should also be adjustable (ability to change his features or select default Alec). If not, Alec’s features should change depending on the changes the player makes to Ryder, not on what the preset looks like before changes.
- Change the opacity slider for makeup (to go darker) and add one for tattoos.
(And less likely but add more variation in tattoos and make-up instead of just the geometric/tribal ones.)
- Have unique hairstyles separate from npc hairstyles. This is one Bethesda are at fault for as well, its really disappointing and quite frankly very lazy.
- This ones just for me. I need more outfits, I need a dress! Please Bioware make it happen, I will pay for more clothes.
- The ability to change your appearance!!!! This is so important, it doesn’t have to be canon, it could be a final confirmation like in Fallout 4, or something like the Black Emporium dlc.


- Shorten travel times when viewing planets in a solar system. This does conflict with the real time view you see from the windows on the Tempest but I doubt many people leave the galaxy map when just scanning planets. It is tedious having to wait to arrive at each planet. They could do this by having a quick select for the nexus, aya and outpost planets.
- When returning to the Tempest it should remain on the planet/Nexus/etc until you select a new location on the galaxy map. This is so emails and crew can be checked for any new quests at that location and you don’t have to leave the planet and fly straight back.
- Party banter (and any other dialogue when travelling) frequently gets cut off when other dialogue is triggered to play. This needs to be changed so that one plays after the other to avoid overlapping or missing the first conversation altogether. Uncharted 4 does this really well.
- Every time you open the mining interface, SAM repeats the same dialogue about how you can mine in that area. Its annoying and unnecessary.
- When accepting rewards at the AVP Status Control, multiple awards should be condensed into one menu to save time.
- More skills for your squad! I’m on my first playthrough at 78% completion and my squad are maxed out.
- More Nexus levels! I’m at lvl 20 with -1,666 A.V.P. It would be great if I could unlock the rest of the pods.
- Remove already selected topics from the dialogue wheel. Suggested by stepp3nwolf.
- Better organisation of completed quests.
- Clearer way to compare armor and weapon stats to the ones currently equipped. Suggested by n7biotic.


- Asari faces need more variation, currently it seems they all have the same face model as Lexi. Suggested by citadelsavior.
- The ability to skip the opening cutscenes.

I’ll be frequently updating this!

So somehow I’ve reached 300+ followers on here, here is a drawing of Blue showing her love. Honestly I’m so flattered, you’re all so wonderful and I’d love to interact with more of you at some point!!

Now here’s the part where I list all my lovely mutuals [you’ll find me following you back on my main ‘reclaimedasset’] and encourage you all to check eachother out, you never know, you just might find more partners to write with! 

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Monsta X - To Watch List

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Due to the increase of Monbebes’ from MonstaX latest comeback I thought I’d compile a list of things you should all watch. 


This is where it all started, the survival show that formed the group. Even though you know how it ends up, bring a box of tissues and put your seat belt on. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles. 

2. DeokspatchX 

This is their first little variety show. It’s fun to watch, you’ll laugh and you get to watch the members become more comfortable with one another. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

3. DeokspatchX²

This is ‘season 2′ of their own little variety show. They’re all adorable. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

4. Right Now! 

Their first very own variety show! It’s fun to watch, you will have most likely seen gifs, clips and other screen shots from these episodes. 

A playlist with all the episodes - they are in order and have subtitles.

5. Monsta X-Ray 

This is a more recent broadcast that can be watched on V App. While this is funny like all their other things, it has a more ‘real’ side to it. There are sad moments, funny moments, and cute moments that make you curl into your chair a smile to yourself.  

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English) 

6. No Exit Broadcast 

Yup another one! This is still currently airing at the time that I am making this post. What can I say, part of the reason I like them is that they let the more ‘real’ side of themselves be shown to us and this program just keeps up with that theme. 

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English) 

7. CH.MX 

This is a ongoing series of videos ranging from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. They are clips from special days, behind the scenes, and other day to day things that they do. 

All the videos - each one has subtitles (more than just English)

8. Special 

These are just other videos that you should definitely see. 

Monsta X on My Kiss…just because they are smooth AF. [X]

Monsta X on Amigo TV… they just know how to have fun and make you laugh. [X]

9. Other 

Take note that Shownu is a regular member of Lipstick Prince and Lipstick Prince 2

On top of those mention there are always the regular appearances on things like Weekly Idol, After School Club + Idol Battle Likes New Yang Nam Show etc. 

{If you are watching any of the videos in the first 4 playlists consider clicking the ‘auto-translate’ function on your desktop in order to get subtitles in a different language.}

Happy Viewing!  ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

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ib things i’ve learned so far

*** these are mostly for the full diploma program but they apply to any class i think, even if it’s not ib. but, if you’re not in the full DP program there will be a few irrelevant things

do your heckin’ homework

there will be times when you have massive amounts of homework and other times when you have very little work, but the bottom line is that either way you have to get it done. learn to prioritize your work and talk to your teachers about due dates. 

also do your heckin’ readings and ANNOTATE THEM!!!

i know reading can get tedious as f*** but one way to make them more interesting is to annotate. i expand on this more later but even if your teacher doesn’t tell you to, you should annotate the readings whether its english or science. interacting w/ the text is incredibly important. it helps you obtain more info and it’s also really helpful when you’re going back later on trying to remember why you highlighted or underlined something.

be open to discussion

i have not had one ib class where discussion isn’t a major part of the class. it’s not always a class grade, but i can guarantee you that discussion will help you with essays, worksheets, and pretty much everything else in ib. your own ideas will evolve as will your understanding of other perspectives, something that ib LOVES to see.

consider as many different perspectives as possible (within reason)

like i just said above, perspective in general is really important to all aspects of ib. try to consider cultural perspective as well as econocmic/class, location (rural/urban), anything else that isn’t your own perspective.

side note: i’m constantly worrying about being incorrect when considering other perspectives, but ib doesn’t care. all ib wants is to see that you’re able attempt to put aside your own biases and privileges to a certain extent and empathize with others. 

use some kind planning system

i know everyone says this but there are still a ridiculous number of people that i know that have no planning/organizational system. there are plenty of apps and different methods you can use to keep track of everything, which is especially important with ib. ib has tons of long term deadlines and projects and it’s really likely that that is how a lot of teachers will lay out their assignments. its crucial to have all of these dates SOMEWHERE. i don’t care if it’s in your bullet journal or the notes app in your phone, but just keep track of them. you also don’t want to be that person constantly asking everyone what’s due today

create your own deadlines

if you have an ia due in 2 weeks, give yourself mini goals and deadlines to keep yourself on track. a lot of ib is independent and self-guided, which means you have to be motivated. reward yourself when you accomplish your little goals and give yourself breaks, but also stay accountable.

*some extra little things that i’ve found helpful*

  • keep a list somewhere of basic reminders. with ib if there are nights where no work is assigned (for me at least), i can guarantee that there is a list of at least 5 things that i should be working on. i tend to remember these things at the most inconvenient times so it’s best if this is kept somewhere that can be easily accessible.
  • experiment!! ib is incredibly individualized compared to other high school classes, so take advantage of it!! in tok ias, math ias, the ee, and other things i can’t think of at the moment you basically get to choose your focus and that can be pretty much anything. take the opportunity to look into something you’re curious about, really interested in, or are considering studying in college.
  • don’t put cas on the back burner. just don’t. make some sort of schedule where you update it every other wednesday or every time you have a softball game. whatever it is, make it a priority. and, anything you can think of will probably work as a cas activity as long as you’re reflecting consistently and meaningfully.
  • create study groups with people in your classes. i genuinely have a groupchat for every ib class that i’m in.

that’s all i have for now, but i’ll keep compiling things like this if you’d guys like!! i’m going to try to be a lot more active and i can make posts/elaborate on any of the things i’ve mentioned above, please just shoot me a message!

xox annie

Body and Mind Health Routine

2.6.17 006

Hey, guys here is a list of things you should be doing every day or that I highly recommend for every day. Hope you enjoy and no this isn't particularly studying stuff but it’s really important reminder or even a checklist you can go through to make sure you can do better in your work and keep your body healthy

1. Brush your teeth twice and floss every day. Just do it, it’s like 5 minutes max

2. Drink drink drink! Keep hydrated try this app called “Plant Nanny” it’s where you grow a plant and every time you need to give it water it reminds you to also drink water

3.  Workout or even walk if you can. yes your a super busy person trying to succeed in life and everything seems overwhelming but if you take at the very lease 10 minutes to go a jog you will thank me

4. Wash your face + moisturize No you don’t have to moisturize but I would highly suggest it. Keep your skin looking young and healthy

5. Eat healthy Yes, healthy food is expensive especially if your in college but try your best because even when I’m eating healthier it motivates me to get shit done not shit in front of the tv munching on some pasta

6.Take a deep breath Have some you time. Just take a few moments to breath do some meditation or yoga or listen to some music. Five minutes won’t cost you what you’ll think it will really help you

7. Don’t stare at the computer screen Every so often get up do some jumping jacks, look out a window, get the blood pumping, rest your eyes.

8. Manage your time wisely If. you. wait. till. the. very. last. moment. you. will. want. to. kill. yourself. I’ve had at least three mental breakdowns due to this and I’m learning from my mistakes. I literally started crying and couldn’t breathe in a classroom because I didn’t understand what was going on and it was due the next day.

9. Drop the negative people Trust me if they don’t hype you up about your amazing test scores, or that you shed a few pounds they are not worth it. Surround yourself with people that have the same interests as you so you can motivate each other

10. Think more positively Don’t complain as much. This one hits right at home with me because I’m always complaining no matter what and I’ve been on a minimal complaining mission. Think about all the things you can do.

 Other things that aren’t necessary but definitely nice and relaxing

1. Paint your nails

2. Take a nice bath you can do so much from relaxing to studying; bath bombs make it even better

3. Shave your legs tell me doesn’t feel amazing to get into bed with soft legs

4. Grow your eyebrows I made a little serum to help me achieve the naturally bushy but amazing eyebrow that are actually natural. Mix a bit of aloe with caster oil and a little bit of oil whether it is almond or coconut just a drop will do the trick. Just make sure it’s okay and good for you and doesn’t have any negative side effects

5. Maracuja oil is a multi-beneficial oil with a whole ton of good stuff for you. Yes, im only 14 and I don’t have wrinkle but I put that stuff all over my face and neck to help me in the future.

6. A tiny bit of makeup can go a long way. You’ve been up later studying or doing whatever or you just have dark circle under your eyes. Take a bit of orange color corrector and pat that into the skin followed by some concealer.

this is just a list of things my astronomy professor has said that i think everyone should know
•supernovas.. yeah they explode really good
•newton was such an asshole the dude went home for spring break and came back to school all “guess who just invented calculus!”
•i want you all to know that the guy who discovered pluto died before they revoked its planetary status so its all good
•also they sent his ashes to space so it could fly beside pluto how cool is that? maybe you all can discover something too and have its rights revoked but as an apology they will fly your ashes to it idk
•um the homework portal was down by the way but i got a lot of emails of outlandish excuses on why yall didnt do your homework so im gonna read a few
•the way we measure the hotness of a star is a ranking of OBAFGKM or as i like to call it One Boy, A Fucking Great Killer Mess
•i know it says no phones in the syllabus but i want you all to take a picture of this meme i found to help you remember the star patterns
•do you like my hair braid? i was teaching my daughter how to braid this morning so i dont want to hear any bad criticism okay shes trying her best
•one of the guys from queen is an astronomer so if you think you dont have time to go back to college just know.. legends only


Mizuki Himeji Wallpapers

I mean…


Like, it’s totally cool and valid and creative and amazing to write your sole survivor as an other-worldly, ethereal Angel of Death™,  Angel of Vengeance™, Angel of War™, Angel of Destruction™, where her enemies lie blood-soaked in her wake and whatnot, but like,

Can’t we have a least a few cinnamon roll Soles out there? And you don’t even have to use the dumb Shaun-is-your-son vanilla backstory! And what I mean to say is-

I am a smol, kindly southern woman, and all I want is a Deacon/f!Sole fic where Sole is not able to keep on par with the banter-meister. Where Sole is easily embarrassed and hates it. Where Sole can’t mow down rows upon rows of humans with little to no emotional backlash, or even kill them at all. Where Sole doesn’t agree with everything Deacon and his faction do, and it causes some friction between them. Where Sole is paralyzed by fear during some honestly life-threatening events and potentially compromises the safety of the mission or worse. Where Sole has no idea how to handle a gun. Where Sole has to fight to draw her own moral line in the sand and can’t push herself to be like other wastelanders. Where Sole’s pre-war upbringing is a hindrance to survival and not always an asset. Where Sole’s practically undying compassion puts the life of her friends and settlers at risk. Where Sole’s timid and giving nature elicits irritation from some companions and patronizing lessons from others. Where Sole’s humble nature causes problems that only give more validation to her companions’ protests. Where Sole isn’t self-confident, and her failures only make it worse. Where Sole can’t help but cry at inappropriate times. Where Sole can barely make it through the moments when she wants to give up. Where Sole smiles at a lonely surviving postcard with a cute picture of baby animals on it and puts it in her bag. Where Sole takes time to soak in the little things that make her happy. Where Sole refuses to give up certain standards of living and being that she’s accustomed to despite how irrational it is to keep them. Where Sole exhibits interests other than wanton slaughter and the trite pass-time of reading. Where Sole finds a complete set of baseball equipment and forces her friends to play. Where Sole sets up a community basketball court. Where Sole delves into interior design, Commonwealth chic style. Where Sole makes clothes for settlers without much to call their own. Where Sole paints giant murals on the sides of settlement buildings to satisfy a creative outlet while unintentionally injecting a sense of wonder and whimsy into a place that lost it’s wonder a long time ago. Where Sole takes time to teach her friends about the things she enjoys. 

Gosh dangit! I just want a Sole that’s easier to relate to! :’( And more Deacon fics. 

Always more Deacon fics.

anonymous asked:

Non tog related.You said that sjm lack worldbuilding .Can you list things that every world should have?

I’m not the best person to answer this question, but I think it’s important to establish solid rules and follow them. You can just say “fuck this, I’m going to do whatever I want”. Be coherent. However, I’m not an expert (I don’t write a high fantasy and I’m a character driven person) so I recommend you reading a writing blog.

one thing I dislike about my chart is having Venus retrograde in the 12th because I have muddy and unclear values, including how I feel about my own worth. I don’t really know what’s important to me…I’m very apathetic to what is “supposed” to be appreciated. This sounds ungrateful, but I don’t know how to explain it. Doesn’t help that my Venus is in the 12th; to begin with my views on what I appreciate and what I hold valuable is lost somewhere. Can’t help but feel selfish because I’m self-absorbed in my own world, like I spend a lot of time self examining and asking myself “what’s important to you? why don’t you care?” it’s kinda hard because the list is very small and I feel guilty because there are things I should have on that list that any decent human being would have on theirs  

Tony rushes in. FRIDAY, good girl that she is, already has the lights on and is babbling away, but she lets Tony take over. “I’m here, Sugarplum,” he says, moving towards the bed. “How you doing?”

Rhodey sighs so deeply Tony’s a little concerned. “Fine. It’s all in my head. You don’t have to come running every time I scream a bit.”

“That is the saddest sentence I have ever heard, and I have heard some of the shit that comes out of my own mouth,” Tony says. “Scooch over?”

Rhodey painstakingly and laboriously moves himself so he’s firmly on one side of the bed, and Tony wishes he kept his mouth shut and hadn’t asked. The bed’s big enough, he still could have gotten in even if Rhodey was in the dead center, there’s no need to make the guy move when moving is a momentous act now.

“Wanna talk about it?”



“I said no, Tony,” Rhodey snaps, then takes another deep breath, this one more reasonable. “Shit. Sorry, I…sorry. I know, I’m being an ass, and…”

“And that’s what happens. You see me complaining? You’re okay, Rhodey. Feel free to tell me to piss off. My skin’s thick enough to take this.”

“Is it?” Rhodey asks.

Tony sighs now. “For you. Always.”

“I don’t wanna test that. I don’t want to snap at you. I don’t want to…”

“You should sleep,” Tony says, interrupting, but keeping his voice soft, so Rhodey can talk over him if he wishes. “I’m here now. Try to get some more sleep. And then…maybe we can talk about the shrink thing again?”

“Never thought I’d hear Tony Stark…” Rhodey mutters.

“Yeah, well, have to grow up sometime,” Tony says as lightly as he can. “I hear emotionally healthy coping is a part of that.”

“Bullshit,” Rhodey murmurs. He sounds tired, and not in a good way. In an exhausted, broken-down way, like he’s barely able to play along with Tony’s rambling anymore. “Plenty of adults don’t manage.” He pauses a moment. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Again.”

“Okay, Sugarplum,” Tony says, adding it to his list of things to talk about. “How about sleeping now?”

“Yeah.” Rhodey’s eyes close. “Hey, Tony?”


“If you…slept in here…you wouldn’t have to come running in the middle of the night.”

A pause, the room feeling suddenly like the air is made of glass, like one word will shatter it.

“Nevermind. Stupid idea. Forget I said anything.”

Tony shakes his head, even though he knows Rhodey’s eyes are closed. “Not stupid,” he says. “Never stupid. You’re a genius after all, Colonel Rhodes.” He wants to lean down, kisses Rhodey’s head, but restrains himself. Not yet. He adds it to the list of things they should talk about. “I want to stay.”


“Yeah, Sugarplum,” Tony says, but he knows Rhodey is already mostly gone, wonders how much of the conversation they’ll have to repeat tomorrow.

“FRIDAY?” Tony asks, voice barely a whisper. “Lights.”

They dim, and Tony settles beside Rhodey. he allows himself to touch Rhodey’s arm, one hand gently landing there, keeping contact as his eyes close and he too falls into sleep.